The American New World Order of Proctology

by Georgi Stankov and Daniel Akkerman, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

Dear George,

To highlight once more how ridiculous the American empire in its last moments is, one should read this news article: Everything is clearly moving towards the events, this time far more certain than ever before.


Dear Daniel,

Yes, I am following this new insane trend. The USA government is now on the way to build the New World Order of Proctology (NWOP) for all citizens. From another perspective all dark souls now seek their rabbit hole to hide, while the powerful source energies reveal all mean secrets of humanity and some of these dark entities believe to have found their rabbit hole in the assholes of the normal American citizens. This new trend is indeed of great symbolic power beyond normal human sarcasm.


Dear George,

Excellent, I can see this scene in one of the greatest comedy plays shown to humanity as soon as we start to appear (as ascended masters) on the various parallel earths. A good laugh will be one of the best ways to remove all old NWO remnants from the human mind, and to open them for the higher dimensions.



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