The Dialectics of the Battle Between Light and Dark Prior to Ascension

by Georgi Stankov and Joe Hein, October 15, 2013

Hallo George,

having followed the latest information that you posted, and considering the history during the past 2 years, I have the following question.

We have been told on numerous occasions during the past two years by the HR that we have defeated the dark entities, only to be attacked again or drawn into “battle” yet once more. The question of the continued appearance of dark entities makes me think, that maybe the current dark masters (4th dimensional negative, Orion/Reptilian) are getting outside help. The HR have made numerous “miscalculations” und underestimated the dark forces since the beginning.

So if the dark side does get outside help, ie. keep replenishing dark entities into our time lines (or move entities from other time lines), it would mean than we could be here for a while still.

Of course it could be us, that as we keep moving to new time lines, having to clear them one by one of dark entities.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

I just read a very good message that addresses this issue:

The more we ascend to higher frequencies and open to higher dimensions and  parallel realities, and the veil disappears, the more we enter in contact with other alien beings and civilisations. Most of them are benevolent or neutral. Few of them are malignant.

Now, as far as our situation on the earth is concerned, those dark entities from the Orion / Reptilian empire and the dark archons behind them that have interfered with humanity for ages and have enslaved it, must be somehow energetically linked to the human souls. They need this as to sponge energy from us and survive or even thrive, because they, themselves, have separated so much from the Source and their soul monads that they do not get much personal soul energy anymore and need external sources. This is the energetic background for our human enslavement by these dark entities, of course with the consent of our souls as to make this experience of powerlessness – as a contrast to the unlimited power of our souls as creator beings. Otherwise, humans are of no value for these dark entities as biological species. That is why they – be they reptilian shape-shifters or greys – have no reservation to slaughter us as animals and to instigate perennial wars.

Having said that, I personally do not believe that new dark forces are being recruited from the universe these days to come and help these dark ones as they will:

1) not be allowed by the forces of light to enter the earth as they have created a cordon sanitaire around it, especially in the current End times and

2) because these dark ones have nothing to gain from coming here.

Why? Because they are now rapidly losing human souls and can barely survive without them. Read the latest Asama Mahatari channeling that also confirms this fact.

What is currently happening on the earth is that there are much more dark entities in the astral planes than human souls to feed them. This has always been the case, but they were rather indulged during the last 20th century when the human population of incarnated souls began rapidly to grow and these dark entities had all of sudden much more soul energy to sponge on. They became lazy and complacent in this respect and this is their primary cause for their actual demise nowadays.

It is also important to mention that due to the higher numbers of incarnated human souls the power of the dark ones also increased in the last years and decades and this energy input they used to install the new world order, which they have now established on the lower 4D earths. Unfortunately, with very few human souls, below the necessary threshold of 500 000 soul slaves per timeline as to be able to keep this form of total enslavement over the human population for very long.

They will lose very soon control over the human souls in these lower timelines due to lack of enough human soul energy – these human souls will begin to revolt against their masters, which are the actual human slaves of the dark ones, and chaos will reign before liberation can come. This is the experience these unripe souls still need and want to make and they were never part of the ascension process. This revolutionary scenario on the lower 4D earths of the NWO is a pre-planned development and is very closely monitored from the HR, make no mistake about this. Ultimately, the dark ones will lose these timelines, just as they are now losing this one(s), where the higher evolved souls have gathered on their way to ascension.

With the creation of numerous timelines and the retrieval of many human souls through death experiences after the MPR hit the lower twelve 4D earths, these dark entities are now rapidly losing their soul inventory, so to say. Please observe that this loss commenced in May with the separation of the 3D earth and then every ten days there was a MPR on a lower 4D earth that eliminated huge numbers of souls through death experience. They returned to Celestria and the dark ones remained alone on these timelines with very few souls to control and feed on.

The only souls with huge energies are those in the current interim timelines above the destroyed 12th level of 4D by the MPR on October 11th. Hence they now come to us in the hope to find new victims and that is why this end time is so crucial and the people are so vulnerable as Asama Mahatari points out in his latest message.

Now please observe the following basic fact: When we fought the dark ones in the past, we have not killed them as we cannot kill them – they are as immortal as our souls. Our victories are measured by the number of souls we have energetically liberated from their demons or by the number of dark connections and patterns we have dissolved during our cleansing activities.

The dark entities continue to exits in the astral planes, but now have a limited or no access to most humans as they have risen their personal frequencies and are thus energetically better protected. Ultimately a dark entity can only sponge on an incarnated human soul if she allows this and as now an awakening takes place and the original sovereignty is acclaimed by the people, these dark ones are powerless. That is why we now need a collective awakening and revelation. before we can complete the ascension process. But this does not say that the dark ones are not still there and that they have given up trying to catch some new victims. In fact they are now more desperate then ever. This dynamics has been very well described in Jahn’s messages as of late.

This is the reason why we now experience a huge surge of nastiness from the dark ones and the rest of their minions on power on this timeline that will render the rest fuel for our ascension and final separation (ID split). The dark ones have now only a few slaves, whom they can still manipulate as we liberated many human souls from their demons during the last epic battle at the equinox portal. This happened at the astral planes, while their incarnated personalities still display past dark features, even more so now than before as they cannot cope with the new freedom. These are the dark cabal still on power.

Through these few souls, the dark archons from the astral planes must now make one last desperate effort to recapture the masses of souls that are now exponentially liberating themselves from all negative dark patterns and influences under the huge waves of high frequency source energy that flood earth and humanity.The dark ones can do this only by creating mayhem on this timeline and instigating huge collective fears as they have always done in the past with great success and have thus dominated humanity. They do not know any other tactics.

The difference this time is, however, that we, humanity and Gaia, have entered the higher 4th and lower 5th dimensions, where such tactics no longer work as they do not have the support of the new crystalline grids. The old electro-magnetic grids of the Orion matrix have been abolished in the meantime. The MPR on this timeline will not be a simple reversal of the magnetic poles with a deluge as it happened on the lower more dense 4D earths, but will be a complete alteration of the magnetic structure of the atoms that build the tissue of this holographic model, as the Elohim have also explained for the MPR on the 12th earth in their latest message.

Under these energetic conditions such an attempt to recapture humanity as fodder for the dark ones will end up with their demise to a lower timeline where they will be alone without any human souls to feed on, while the human souls will use this imminent surge of darkness and nastiness to go through their rest fears and to emerge purified on the other side of the firewall – that is to say, to ascend or move to the upper balanced 4D earth. This final earth will be free of dark interferences from the astral planes because it will be sealed energetically from such, just as the lower timelines where the dark entities dwell have already been sealed from this timeline. This is happening with each MPR and a catastrophe on a lower timeline that also propels us higher to the 5th dimension (see multi-stage propulsion rocket model of ascension).

Epic victory over the dark ones, as we fought at the equinox portal, does not mean their annihilation, but the separation of the wheat from the chaff. We have now one last battle and separation to fight and then we can finally ascend. This battle will be the most severe one, but this time the forces of light and all angelics will fight on our side as we should not be too much exhausted and wounded before our immediate ascension and will not suffer this time as much as we did during the last epic battle at the equinox. This support was also assured by Jahn’s sources and it makes a lot of sense.

That is why I now concentrate my whole attention on the recent attempt of the criminal Obama administration to start a nuclear war as the last impending dark attack on humanity that will fuel our ascension will come from this group of dark cabal on the earth. The British cabal are out of the game and the Russians have sided with the forces of light now. It is only a matter of several days before a new attempt will be made from the US-cabal and then this will lead to their final demise and separation from this timeline. The MPR will come to contain this attempt as it already happened on the 12th level of 4D earth. Here it will be accompanied by huge transformations of the earth’s crust for the better. We will make use of our newly established abilities of bi-location and will simply move to other safe areas and /or will immediately ascend, depending on the final ascension strategy. As Babaji has announced, it will be only a matter of several days as all events will happen at the same time now because all timelines have been exhausted due to the many delays in the ascension scenario – the cosmic break after equinox being the last big delay.

I am glad that you asked this question as it helped me streamline my ideas one more time before this last dark event will be unleashed.


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