Ascension Will Become Easier

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 10, 2013
first published in English on October 13, 2013 in 

translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,


I live with you at this time and walk with you through the last fogs, accomplish the necessary breakthroughs with you, and create with you a new world that exists far away from this time. We are truly one, we, the human race on the surface and the humanity of the inner earth. So it happens now that we stride towards the stormy time. And with every moment we get closer to the end, the reality beyond this world becomes more tangible.

We heralded you a “wonderful autumn”, and it already unfolds its power for all who can see. It is the time in which the glory of God and the depravity of the darkness show in pair, and it is up to each one of you which side he will choose.

Transformation, the alchemical process, whereby a soul is purified, creates for a short period of time a state of simultaneity. It is the moment at which the sparks of the processed metal break apart in all directions and the moment, in which the metal is rapidly changing its shape and structure.

A process of transformation of a world is always accompanied by infinite options – until the very end  – and only the strongest and most experienced light warriors can follow on the spot with an open mind and in full consciousness this process and breathe into it the necessary strength.

So it happens these days that the darkness powerfully rears and does not want to succumb, that the revived and unexpectedly strengthened dark forces prepare for a big strike, and that this coup will turn out to be a great misfortune for those who will unleash it. Actually a multitude of new holograms has been created and in this way the most vile beings of the dark ones, who still determine the fate of this world, will find themselves at a level, at which they must cope without one enslaved being and a humanity ready to serve them.

The number of 500,000 human slaves required to build this world of abuse and subsequently to maintain it cannot be achieved because of the new hologram levels! This DIVINE ENACTMENT was pronounced, so that these entities can begin to stride towards their “self-destruction” in this situation, to instigate a war “everyone against each other” and thus to eradicate themselves completely.

All existing soul fragments of the deceased dark entities that will then return to the subtle worlds, will be absorbed by the primal source of all Being and every and each individual Being /existence of these entities will come to an end. This means that they will dissolve into the unconscious and can no longer perceive themselves as an individual. After some time these soul fragments, which the Creator has retrieved, will be individualized again, will be breathed back into their individuality and they will start again on the lowest rung of life, with a new cycle of incarnation, which will stretch over millions to billions of years, until they reach again the human creational level in order to remember what they have missed today.

(This is a very rare procedure in All-That-Is, as all souls are created to be immortal and indestructible in their individuality and is only applied to the most derailed and distorted souls in this universe under exceptional circumstances. There is a lot of gnostic literature on this subject. Hence we must assume that the latest heinous actions of the dark ruling cabal on the twelve 4D earths have shown that these souls are irreparably rotten and must be destroyed in their current personality structure. This is a new and very significant decision as it was initially not planned to destroy these dark souls but to help them evolve. This recent decision, which is also new to me, proves how malicious the ruling elite must really be and why we had to fight such a prolonged and fierce battle to save humanity and help a small fraction of it to ascend. This also explains the many delays in the ascension plan and the necessity to create numerous timelines that thinned out /diluted the dark ones and thus helped many human souls to liberate themselves from their claws. Note George).

A truly endless story finds its continuation, and verily: those, who you define today as the “evil guys of this time”, are meant by this, those, who operate in the false appearance their abominable game with all humanity, yes, these ones will be affected. The reprobate will now receive from the Creator a unique lesson as to come closer to the realization of the knowledge that they are also made of the sparks of light and love.

The unteachable now receive from the Creator the lesson that all Life should be honored and valued, because it seeks perfection and fulfillment in God. In this way the energetic balance between, those who today carry foreign loads, and those that have encumbered it on them, will be established.

This fact means that the ascension process will unfold from now on more lightly and more fluently for all those who are prepared for it. This holds true, even when the whole environment is engulfed by a huge storm and stricken by great dramas. The ascending humans will observe at these scenes as people who look at a fish that looks backs at them from an aquarium.

Indeed, the worlds are separated and the space- and time-levels exist simultaneously and are perceived by the light warriors of the last hours in their last hours on this earth in that way.

It is essential  to know today that a new easiness is now entering your lives and that the arrival in the light is paved, as the sparkling flight of your individual transformation is complete. Today only the finishing work to your perfection is pending, so that you can glide in full gloss and join your family in the Being, which we collectively define as ONE vast, inextricable cosmic family.

While this time raises questions upon questions, facts are created that answer all the questions and do not let new questions arise, since the rate of transformation has reached a level that can no longer be reached by the human mind.

Manifestation of the new world and farewell to the old days. Now the ground is ready and the moment for it has arrived.

I am with you, forever. Indeed, at all times it was so, it remains so and is so now.


Addendum, October 11, 2013:

After I read the mail post from George, he reported to me about the MPS (Vision Map of the USA), which he and Carla (Elohim message) have experienced simultaneously and independently of each other, I dedicated myself again to the editing of this message. When I finished with this work, I looked up at the clock – 2:22 pm.

Interpretation by my Higher Self (HS):

The number of six has acquired its original sacred significance; 9 as a complete, perfect number that unites all opposites, and through which all that is wrong is returned back into the divine order. The masters go ( number 22 as a master number) after they have completed their work on this level and their pathways (number 22 as the number of the pathways and as the number of divine diversity, as well as the number of the infinite manifestations of creation). End of interpretation.

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