5D Design

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 10, 2013

first published in English on September 13, 2013

translated by Björn Kurt


Today I perceive the people as being completely reckless, stupid and oblivious. Oblivious, as their ruthlessness does not come from their malignancy but is an offspring of their dullness and stupidity. (End of report)

Loved Ones,

this is what it is suffering from and therefore these people will be given the opportunity to gain awareness. A keen human eye and an open human heart can hardly bear in these days what is revealed to him. Too massive and too drastic are the events which have now arrived on the upper levels of the 4D earth.

Me, being the guardian of the bridge between the worlds can see what is becoming apparent, what has arrived and what consequences the people which have chosen the “demise” are now going to face.

How could my heart remain unaffected or my soul unmoved?

Let me tell you: Never before in the history of humanity that I helped shape and influenced, there was so much shadow! And I tell you this: Never before in this history, there has been so much light. Light that is being released through you, who were ready to overcome it all, so that now you are about to inherit heaven.

The unconsciousness and the unsuspecting oblivious life as if nothing has a purpose and everything is of random value is the axe to which people will have to bow by the billions. It is the yoke people have to carry and to board the rattling train, which takes them down to the mines, where they will realize in the dark underground the full extent of their own lack of love and light. Only at that point life can be reclaimed. For who negates life in the fullness and splendor of this time, requires the lack, which reigns in the shadow world in order to stand straight and answer in an honest way the questions of eternal life.

And I see how the queues of the undecided and how the regiments of the enslaved push to the water holes, and I see how they cry because they realize only now that they were deceived and cheated because they have been cheating themselves. The appearance of a full life collapses now as all free riders of Ascension find themselves on the level of descent in the lower dimensions of existence. To see this is more than a burning pain for me because finally, as a man among mankind, I had to live repeatedly through this, had to experience this repeatedly and had to endure this repeatedly. And this experience leaves an imprint on all those, who are ready for Ascension.

For you are all old and wise souls and all of you are equal to us Ascended Masters in every fiber of your awakened consciousness. Nothing distinguishes us unless it is about the individual expression of the specific characteristics of each Being or about the missions which brings us to various worlds.

Although, by the grace of God everything is possible until the last moment, many opportunities remained unexploited and many “Lifeboats into the light” are returning empty.

Now Ascension continues and enters the next phase, which is: the establishment of new realms of light for the ones ascending and the creation of new shadow realms for the doomed ones. This is what is to be reported today and noted, as all people have taken their decision.

We are one and we will find us again in God while for our brothers and sisters of light, a leaden curtain of oblivion lowers down again to create a dense illusion of time and space. Prepare yourselves, be ready at all times to leave this world – because the way is open to you.

I am

Two hours later my brother Karl, managing director of the publishing house of the light world, tells me about his dream he had the night before:

I’m in Carinthia, in my hometown. I tell my mother she should quickly put everything in a safe place because in 10 minutes an incredible hurricane / tornado / cyclone is about to come down on us. She thinks it is a joke and goes on ridiculing it. I also go to our neighbour and warn her and the 80 year-old woman nods knowingly. I look at the sky and see in the distance the dark clouds building up quickly. Then I turn to the right and directly in front of me the huge funnel of the hurricane with its incredible suction power touches ground.

I run to take refuge in the neighbour’s house under a door frame as I see the tornado with all its destructive force heading towards the house. As it closes in I think “it is all over now.” After some moments, in which I have lost all notion of time, I open my eyes. Actually, since I am still alive everything around me should have remained standing as before. The house and the other houses around. But everything is gone and has disappeared from the face off the earth. Nothing is to be seen. Nor a single bricks nor all the neighbouring houses with the people from the village – just gone.

The soil, the earth looks like freshly plowed, the sky is wonderful to look at and a pleasant climate with sunshine fills the air and I marvel at how I can still be alive. The spirit is bathed in peace, it is quiet and sunny, just beautiful – although nothing at all is left. Only the old lady has survived along with me.(End of dream )

Loved Ones,

This dream confirms the message given above and the messages of the last days (Descent of Mankind Part I & Part II, Babaji , note JJK ) and gives you a sense of how Ascension occurs. “Look, in the sky!” and “nothing will happen to you!” That is the message of the dream and the other message is that those who negate the warnings out of stupidity or complacency, out of ignorance or negligence shall remain in their world.

Karl’s mother stands for these people and the elderly neighbor woman stands for those people who ascend who know what is going on now. She is not dismissing Karl’s warning as empty talk of a nutcase but is well-attuned to the event in a devoted way. “10 minutes” stands to indicate the proximity of these events. The “1” meaning the single man goes into the “0”, into the ALL-THAT-IS CONSCIOUSNESS. The Ten defines the return of mankind into the divine order. This dream allows you a very real insight into the processes how the actual Ascension may occur and defines how life on 5D feels like after your Ascension. The Ascension will be most spectacular and you wont be able to stop marveling with wide eyes.

Descent and Ascension happen at the same time this is the dream’s message and it shows who will ascend and who will descend. Nothing is like before, all houses have disappeared and it is futile to look for other people. So it is now done and the work in this divine design is completed.

Loved ones,

the unimaginable will become reality. No stone will be left standing. And You shall be unaffected by all disasters like Karl in his dream. Trust, rely and never doubt. And never again dismiss Ascension as a flight of fantasy of your own dreams. Who perceives the instructions of the heavens (in the dream embodied by the warning of Karl for his mother) will be given everything. Who ignores it, will never be able to feel the new soil and see the new sky on 5D earth.

With these words, I bless you, who you can wrest these words the true content, you, who chose the light and has adopted God as his anchor. The more the Ascension process seems to drag, the more surprising and suddenly it will reach mankind.

Blessed are those who are prepared and take refuge (as Karl in the dream under the door frame which symbolizes stability) and stand prepared: By preparing their hearts for God so the transfiguration may take place.

I am infinitely close to you

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