Captain and Navigator

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 18, 2013
first published in English on August 20, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


I am finishing a speech to all the leaders of the world. Obviously all came to hear this speech and, against all expectations, I have spoken plain text and have shown to the politicians their shameful deeds. Bewilderment, dismay, anger and hatred are expressed on the faces of the politicians. When I return back to my place of honor in the front row, before I have finally taken place, I turn around and see how a once powerful head of government of an European state, who has legally been convicted and “has stashed” since then, shows me his fists and signals with a contemptuous smile: “For this I will break your neck.” (I wake up).

Loved ones!

This dream includes the last message from (“Visits to 5D”, note, JJK) and underlines one more time the part of the proclamation that absolutely nothing can happen anymore to the light warriors who ascend to 5D. This former politician (Berlusconi, comment George) embodies the powerless elite that can only resort to hollow threats as a reaction to what is happening now. Signed out, as this once powerful politician nowadays is, are now the dark elites for you who ascend. With this, everything has been said.

Have faith in this truth and still remain vigilant. Pay attention in particular to your tension between patience and determination as to hold on them at the right moment. Thus you can react to every situation immediately, clearly, relaxed, in a natural and fearless manner.

Ascension is now unfolding with new challenges and new dynamics. And to all who expect this new morning I say: Yes, this can happen and even earlier (than expected) because the waiting for tomorrow includes ascension in the Now, but it will not be the same way for all people. Which means, certain events may always lead to postponements and changes – yes, still.

Affected are all those people who will remain in this period due to their tasks and assignments until the very last moment in this space-time structure, those, who, so to speak, will ascend with the last light ship, once all the tents are wrapped up on the upper 4D earths. We are aware of how much you expect and long for the new world, for the new life, and how much your patience has been stretched as long as you have not yet arrived in the Kingdom of Peace, which holds the (eternal) patience for you.

Therefore, I would like to point out that in the most auspicious moment of humanity, when the first human being (Carla, comment Georgi) has travelled in her entirety to the other world of the 5D, one should control his nerves, exercise patience and preserve serenity.

The transformation of this world in all its limbs should take place for you in profound peacefulness, hence certain delays are still possible and even likely. Those people, who ascend now, should be able to arrive (to 5D) and eventually come back under full protection. For this purpose, it is important to keep the energy of the almighty Ascension Flame on the earth.

Which means that there must be until the final stage of ascension always some people who hold the energies on the earth for their ascending siblings. A solid “ground station” is the basis for the success of the ascension process, until there will be no need even for this, when new conditions will be created for it.

A captain is only as good as his navigator.

Therefore, it depends now only on the “ground- or board specialists” and how they support all those, who will escape into the vastness of Being.

The ascension process has achieved a new dynamics – at all levels. This means that the separation from the worlds of 4D will occur before you will ascend in great peace and solemnity that is appropriate for such an event. You shall arrive, yes, and I say unto you, you have already arrived, even though this fact has not yet solidified in your perception. The power of darkness has no power over you, because you, the light warriors, have already left the battle ground of this world at the behest of God.

When is your ascension a mere imagination? When you think you can slide with your unsolved themes, with worn-out shoes and tattered clothes into 5D. When is your ascension the only and unaltered reality? When you have completed your homework and have polished, prepared and refined your heart for God. You know the answer. Have the courage to give it to you.

You, yourself, are a self-authorized God. You are the one, who knows that even the final steps into the faith of God, before you can see the light of God, must be done by yourself. Know yourselves, then you know God, know God, then you recognize yourselves. For it is still time, because you, who are still on the remaining upper 4D worlds, have the opportunity until the very end to open fully your heart and let your soul be filled with God’s light – so that you may obtain entry into God’s kingdom of light.

While the dark forces have won a temporary victory on their assigned holograms, the Light Warriors have entered the portal into the light forever and have escaped the worlds of time and space.

I am the one who liberates everyone with my God’s lightsaber from the dross of space-time – now and forever. Truly, I am infinite and omnipresent.

I am

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