The Elohim: You Are Experiencing Today (June 24, 2013) the Biggest Shift to Higher Dimensions Since the Beginning of the Ascension Process

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, June 24, 2013

Energy Update, June 24, 2013

Dear Carla,

just to confirm that today (June 24th, Midnight on the US West Coast) the energies are extremely heavy and there is another huge shift upwards. Yesterday was a calm day for me altogether, with the usual ups and downs. But today is what I expected as an energy quality from the announced three-day event. It is a real squeezing and my body is under great pressure, though not much different than at the peaks of previous major ascension test runs.

I have just published two messages from Jahn, and Björn will also translate two more, which I will publish tomorrow.

They address your latest information from the Elohim. I will be happy if you have time today to write down the latest message from the Elohim, so that I can read it and  publish it as soon as possible.

With love and Light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your note to let me know how you have been experiencing these energy waves.

My experience has been similar, although I have been very nauseated this time, instead of the usual headache and vision symptoms. After reading your energy update, I realized that I too am noticing severe fluctuations in family dynamics where outbursts are wild, aggressive and irrational.

I have already reported the effects of Saturdays burst of energy, where it was so powerful that it literally overloaded my circuits and I fell asleep while driving. Apparently I am not the only one who had this problem. A friend of mine is a 25 year old economics student from Mexico City and he also fell asleep, while driving around the same time I did on Saturday (1:00 pm). Other friends were also extremely tired and had to lay down and sleep around this same time.

So I decided to ask the Elohim what had happened and here is their message.

I look forward to your insightful impressions. Please feel free to edit as you wish, I am not feeling very well and may have missed something.

With much love and light,

The Message

“Dear Ones,

There is a great shift among all timelines and dimensions, the biggest shift of all noticed by you and which you now inquire about. This shift expands timelines along a sacred path, where what you call Christ Consciousness was instantly, fully, permanently and irreversibly infused into this flowing expression of Oneness.

Your open recognition of this event was as we anticipated. There are others who also perceived this sudden expansion, your director is one.

The sudden flooding of initiate energy, the Christ Consciousness energy, sparked the reaction to create what can be likened to a nuclear fission reaction, whereby the applied energy reaches critical mass and suddenly releases new particles through an initial division of original intent.

A multiplication of energetic imprints follows, creating an outward expansion, where All-That-Is spreads into the space-time continuum. All is interconnected as new timelines are created to lovingly accommodate each Human expression of God in All-That-Is as each is now on a highly refined path to ascension in this moment.

New pathways forge new impressions, new decisions, and each is offered again a myriad of choices that were not present prior to this moment.

The timelines of which we speak are of the upper 4th dimension and also the lower 5th dimension, where several of each are feathered in fluid form, where open gateways from each exist laterally between each timeline on the 4D, as well as laterally between each timeline on the 5D. There are also vertical connections between each timeline between dimensions, whereby one may travel from any 4D timeline to any newly created 5D timeline as chosen by the soul.

This phase is critical to the overall ascension process of humanity as souls are offered new and more refined choices for upward growth of spiritual endeavor. The cull continues, gently, along new avenues of refinement and one chooses preferred placement according to each soul’s choices along the path of evolution.

This expansion is not only about timelines, but also about the human body. The human body has always received and processed information through the five senses within the limited aspects of mind and personality. This new event has gifted you with an expanded awareness that will change your perceptions and conclusions of life experiences beyond your previous abilities. This newly activated circuitry will take some time for full integration and in the meantime you may notice irregular behaviour in some, while adaptation occurs.

The soul will fully and beautifully coordinate the integration of this new input which the body, mind and personality are now receiving and we ask the mind to remain open and accept this input it is receiving on each and every level, whether unconscious, subconscious and conscious.

An open conscious acceptance of these energies and processes in this moment shall move you more easily along the ascension pathway to the final realization of your current objective of ascension.

We wish you great love and infinite joy as you reach for the stars on this day!

We are the Elohim!”

Dear Carla,

excellent validation of my energetic experience today. I would have been surprised if the Elohim would have reported anything else with regard to the today’s wave. This is indeed the biggest shift to higher dimensions since the beginning of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity. The exhaustion which many people experience is the result of this ascension bout that is also refining and upgrading the MOS of their bodies and the expansion of their awareness. I also feel that my senses are becoming more active and perceptive, although my whole body is numbed by this powerful wave.

This ascension process is now occurring incrementally, but still with a very rapid pace and we must soon see some spectacular results from these huge energy infusions. I am sure that by the end of this week humanity will have changed dramatically and then anything is possible.

I will publish this message immediately.

With love and light

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