The Dialectics of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, May 9, 2013

There is broad consensus that the global enslavement of humanity has accelerated since WW2 and has reached an unprecedented level in the current End Times, where the “National State” is exerting an almost unlimited power on every aspect of daily human life, beginning with state taxes, employment, health care system, pensions, social benefits, or most of the time lack of them, surveillance on streets with hidden cameras and on the Internet and so on. This list can be extended ad infinitum. 

One cannot even fly on an airplane without being stripped off naked and screened deep into his intestines. When I first started flying regularly in the 80s, there were absolutely no controls at the old Munich airport and we were even allowed to land inadvertently on the main runway with a small Chesna plane, which we could have easily packed with explosives on our private airport, from where we regularly started that could have been sufficient to blow away the whole Munich airport. The fact of the matter is that at that time nobody thought about such a possibility.

Not that there was no terrorism in the 80s or even earlier, we had in Germany the RAF which killed with precision many dark financial and political cabal, but not normal citizens as the state terrorists from the secret services do. But at that time the mass media had not yet put the people under the current collective traumatizing neurosis of being an easy prey to all kinds of hypothetical, in reality, national secret service terrorists, although death due to terrorist acts today is the rarest death cause in all death statistics worldwide.

In the last several years humanity has been compressed into a straight jacket by the psychopathic ruling cabal in order to increase their harvest for the catastrophic earth B, although on the other hand they want to coil as many humans as possible as to lower their numbers. This schizophrenic strategy has been caused by the fact that the Higher Realms knew that they have only one real chance to prevail over the Orion /Reptilian order –  by increasing the number of incarnated human souls on the ground in the End Times and thus stretching thin the PTW as in this way they could no longer control the masses effectively because of their limited numbers.

But this over-population on this small planet led to an unprecedented heating of the social atmosphere and made life on earth more difficult than ever. The overall state control of the people increased to such an extent that the younger generation nowadays has no idea how life on the earth could be without the Big Brother -. the national state – constantly watching you.

Many activities and social functions that simply did not exist 10-20-30 years ago and are absolutely unnecessary for a decent human life, now belong to daily life and are considered indispensable by the younger generations, although they were deliberately introduced by the PTW to compartmentalize human thinking and increase the level of enslavement, their entrapment in the material world, like Gulliver during his travels, who was captured by the tiny Lilliputs with infinite small threads and could not move.

The various methods of increasing Orion enslavement encompass all aspect of human life, beginning for instance with our children, who are treated with toxic psychotropic drugs for their normal agility and transformed into zombies, with their parents, who are criminalized by the state and deprived of their children because they are found to possess several grams of marijuana in their pocket, while the national state and its secret services are the greatest drug dealers in the world, with the innocent civilians and children who are killed by drones in a “clinical” manner ordered by this US president from his Oval office, only through pushing a red button, or even without pushing it….

The idiocies of this humanity leading to its total enslavement have reached indeed an unprecedented peak and the next level could logically be the NWO, if one extrapolates linearly into the future from the present-day disastrous situation.

And yet humanity has never been further from this dire destiny than today. From a higher vantage point of view, humans are now more liberated and independent from the shackles of this material Orion matrix than they have ever been in the past. How should we reconcile this striking paradox?

And why did the higher realms allowed that the dark cabal could reach such an overarching power over humanity since 2001 and were able to push the whole world in a perennial subversive war against hypothetical Islamic terrorists that have never existed, while in fact unleashing a war against each and everybody –  against Hue-manity as sentient human beings? Nobody is sure today if he/she will not be the next one to be bombed by the mad, psychopathic criminal cabal sitting in Washington D.C., Langley, London or Brussels, less so in Moscow and Beijing, although these Asiatic entities also belong to the same dark flock. Not to speak of the numerous murderous petty satraps on the black continent or the mad military huntas in Latin America.

In other words, how comes that the HR allowed that the dark cabal could reach such a higher level of subordination and social enslavement of humanity in the End Times when they could have easily derailed their plans if they would have only supported more actively with Christed energies the hippies and the flower power movements in the 60s and would  not have so quickly closed the heavenly faucets for this enlightened rebellious indigo generation that allowed the dark cabal to infiltrate this remarkable spiritual renaissance in the 60s and derail it with drugs and empty material consumption? I know what I am talking about, as I have lived through these times, and only recently Jerry also reflected on this deplorable social development in the 70s and 80s..

The key to a better understanding why the HR allowed this escalation is that they had to cleanse a lot of dark karma in the current population of incarnated human souls before ascension and this necessitated a significant over-heating of the social atmosphere, where everybody could be confronted with his demons in a heightened fashion and thus more rapidly dissolve past negative dross. The gross of this cleansing overload was of course burdened onto the PAT, who have nothing personal to clear as we all have ascended many times in other incarnations and are only here as midwives for the birthing process of Gaia and the new Hue-manity.

But this energetic stipulation also created a new more toxic atmosphere of augmented dependence of the whole humanity on higher levels of energies, be they of dark or light origin. This energetic constraint forced humanity to establish a more coherent society of individual sentient beings, who for the first time realized in a very deep manner that they are inextricably linked to each other and to Gaia, including to her nature and climate and that any decision, be it individual or collective, should be measured as to how beneficial or detrimental it is to the ecological balance of this planet. The latter was already in a very precarious disequilibrium since the ignition of many hundred nuclear bombs under its surface, in its oceans or in the atmosphere during and after WW2.

In other words, the energetic constraints that were imposed on each human being and on humanity as a whole were significantly augmented in the End Times. This new energetic trend led on the one hand to a clamping down of personal freedoms and on the other to a significant reduction of any major insidious decisions and actions of the dark cabal that could have caused a total annihilation of the whole humanity, including themselves.

That is to say, the stakes were raised very high, both for humanity and for the dark cabal as to how they should handle the End Time’s energies. The cabal chances to continue enslaving humanity in a steeper curve were enhanced and at the same time they were hampered to commit too big crimes that would have contradicted their self-imposed political correctness that was initially intended to keep humanity in a state of total docility, but in fact also put the ruling cabal in a kind of a straight jacket of pseudo-morality that hinder them to become too reckless.

This is the dialectical aspect of the current End Times, which also explains why the ascension scenario had to be postponed so many times and why the awakening of the star seeds and all those souls that were selected as potential candidates for mass ascension was so tedious and painful and had to take so many setbacks.

The dialectics of all cosmic energies comes to the fore when one considers that from the point of view of the ego-mind, his surrender to the soul prior to ascension or to clandestine, manipulative archon forces from the astral plane that will send him to the catastrophic earth B is more or less the same process of personal incapacitation, only with opposite ends. But the underlying conditions on the ground are largely the same.

What appears to be a growing enslavement of humanity by the dark cabal in the name of the national state as they define it in order to appease their freaking mania of controlling everything and everybody and feel somewhat safe in their hypertrophied existential fears, being fully separated from All-That-Is, is at the same time the process of inner liberation for the majority of humans that will ascend or go to earth A/B.

How comes this mimicry in human life that makes it so difficult for so many people to discern, where enslavement ends and true enlightenment commences? When one is complacent with the Orion order and dwells most of the time in its comfort zone, this attitude is manifested most of the time as the usual conformism we observe ubiquitously.

When one is truly enlightened and has reached the highest possible level of spiritual evolution in a physical vessel, as is the case with the PAT, one stops changing this reality by combating social injustice in a rebellious manner. Superficially regarded one seems to have adopted the same docile attitude to the “stings and arrows of outrageous Orion fortune”.

But in fact we know that any true change only comes from within and beyond the narrow spectrum of this illusory 3d-holographic model. Our fulcrum of change has shifted to the higher dimensions by raising our personal frequencies during the LBP and then through transmitting huge amounts of high intensity, high frequency source energies that is responsible for all transformation of 3d-earth to Gaia and humanity to Hue-manity.

This service-to-others, which the PAT has performed in a paradigmatic manner for the last two years, unnoticed by the small and still largely slumbering New Age community and by the rest of the world, makes us appear as if we were passive dreamers on the fringes of society, who are still fully embedded in their petty social lives as anybody else on this planet. Well, this is part of the current collective blindness of humanity that has to be erased with ascension.

But there is also another aspect of this process of transformation: Most humans, who are now conditioned to follow higher forces – be they satanic, as in the past, or the recently incoming source energies, which we will personify as future ascended masters – will have no problems to follow another higher authority, as they have never learnt anything else. This is contrary to you, who carry the personal structure of rebels, who are the most unique souls in the whole universe, courageous enough to enter hell and blow every repressive system from within by defying any external order.

Most of the humans now are not there yet, and it is good so. Hence the higher realms also need a high level of complacency as to coach the incarnated human personalities to their new life in higher dimensions, which will be so different from this one that, indeed, most humans must be led by the hand like toddlers at the beginning.

This pivotal observation furnishes also the key why there will be no revolutions before ascension, but only one huge collapse of the whole holographic model that will thrust humanity into a state of complete shock and utter immobility, before they can be guided by loving angelic forces to their new world and be able to awaken as completely new sentient, energetic beings, with a crystalline body and a hugely expanded awareness.

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