Forget All Your Sorrows – Enjoy Your Ascension Now!

by Dorie Bowlin, April 4, 2013

Dear Georgi,

As promised I have checked in with HS and here is her message! It very much continues to validate the energies and the experiences of the PAT in the last few days. Some of the PAT are still in the midst of processing and cleansing the energies of the last big battle we just went through, but all systems are still GO! The FOG is lifting and we should have a clear vision of home very soon now!

With very much love and Light to you all!

Message From My HS – 4.4.13 (4.4.4) 

Me: I’m checking in HS. Can you please describe the current energetic energies we are moving through right now and where we are at in the ascension/dematerialization process. Is there cause for alarm that we will experience even more delay?

HS: First of all, let’s get rid of the word “delay”, as that adds to the energy of fear within the PAT. While certainly you have experienced delays in the past, what you are experiencing now is the continuation of your physical ascension PROCESS. Was it slowed down a bit by this last skirmish with the remaining forces of Darkness? Yes, just a “bit”, but not enough to cause a delay! You are still very much in the energies of the last wave that initiated the final steps in the physical ascension process, which began on 3/31/13.

Remember, you are fierce warriors, and after the battle you just engaged in, you might certainly feel like you’ve been in a train wreck! It was just yesterday Dorie that you were so longing for home and so missing the feelings of joy that come from gathering with friends in order to exchange stories and share laughter. You were even sent a vision of gathering with the PAT in doing so! You saw yourself with Georgi and the other members of the PAT walking along a path after battle. You were tired, and your sword was sooo heavy, and the only thing you longed to do was to rest and have fun, at least REMEMBER what it was like to have fun!

What you were being shown in that vision yesterday is that you are missing is the camaraderie of sharing with each other without the constant need to worry over the ascension process or 3D worldly events. What you need to experience at this time is the energy of joy that comes after a long battle has been fought and won! Put down your swords, take off your kick ass boots, and gather your energies together in the thoughts of joy, as the Elohim so eloquently put it just a few days ago.

While certainly the discontemptable energies of 3D are fueling the ascension fires and pushing you further and further into the HR, the energy of laughter and joy will heal those battle wounds, while you share these last few days in 3D with each other in the spirit of celebration for a job well done! As you process all the events that have transpired over the last 2 years, you release the last painful remnants of battles well fought and move back into your dematerialization process full speed, so that the few days remaining in the process can turn into only Just a few moments!

So begin looking at these last few moments here in 3D not as a delay, or as a period of stagnation, but as a time to connect with each other in the energy of excitement and joy for what you have accomplished as brave warriors, who have just fought their last battle and are now heading home!

Dear Dorie,

it is exactly as I see and feel it since yesterday – a silent feeling of inner satisfaction and content for a well done job that is so all-pervading that I do not even need to share it with anybody else.

For the first time in many years, I feel at ease, even with this earth. If I would be able to preserve this mood in the coming days, I really do not care anymore if I wilI stay a couple of more days on the ground. I know that we have made it.

I am now enjoying the scenery without being pushed time and time again to fight fierce battles with dark sinister forces, but just enjoy the landscape and contemplate on the blindness of the bio-robots that are moving around like somnambulists. I particularly like to imagine in what inhuman panic we will throw these sheeple very soon, only to save their souls, who actually do not need to be saved because they are immortal. Reviving this paradox makes me laugh inside about all our tribulations, dramas, and sufferings we took so earnest, which now begin to pale and disappear from my emotional horizon as if they have never existed.

I cannot even get really angry with my wife and  her intransigence and this is definitely not me. As if the air is out and the once inflated balloon lies now flat and useless in the dust. No more expeditions in this 3d-earth, no more adventures. It’s time to go back home.

With love and light

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