What Am I to Do Now That Ascension Has Not Yet Occurred?

by Jerry R James, April 19, 2013

I believe these latest ascension waves are for the purpose of cleansing once again the dross of the masses. In particular the fear factor involved in not being taken care of by the government or society etc. This was shown in the reaction to the Boston incident. I believe we are now clearing for the masses fear and reactions to events such as these. If the masses cannot handle their fear concerning an incident with two small bombs then how would their reaction be to our appearance as ascended masters. 

So the HR will continue to allow these sort of incidents to occur and will conduct ascension tests runs each time to gauge the readiness of the masses for ID split. And guess who acts as antennas for these tremendous energies poured out on the earth. The stress on our bodies is immense and now it is more than the usual suspects which are the indigos generally aged 45-65. Younger and older are now feeling it also but still not as severely. So I am addressing mainly the concerns of the indigos. I developed these questions to myself from a series of e-mails that I had with Georgi and these responses are for me and perhaps for others as well.

Will these waves last forever? No nothing lasts forever. When Anita was going through her illness, I thought it was so long and never would it end. It ended although not in the way I had hoped it might. And now it does not seem as if the 3 ½ years was long at all. We made the best of it, while it lasted and did whatever we were able to do. So that is what I am doing now as well while waiting for next events to unfold.

Will I physically die before ascension happens? This is possible, but not probable .As George always says however this would be a better alternative than staying here. Although these waves are strong our bodies do seem to recover from them. So if you die physically during the ascension process it will not be from the waves, but another condition that could be worsened by the physical stress of ascension. I am guessing that most of these underlying physical weaknesses have already surfaced at this stage and more rejuvenation is now taking place.

Will my financial condition become so bad that I will be homeless etc.? This is possible but not probable unless you do not take advantage of safety nets that are available to you. I remember well the dread of becoming homeless when Anita first became ill and I just went through bankruptcy. I did not feel like working and she did not also. Besides that I was sure ascension would happen at any moment. That moment was 2009.

Since that time I have worked part-time as I am able Even Anita in her condition worked for a while part-time. It seems we were able to rise to the occasion when needed. I have a skill which is accounting and am able to work small jobs with flexible hours from home. It is not a new earth job and I know that but other people do need the service and are willing to pay for it. The HR do not allow me to have any extra than immediate needs but I am able to stay off the streets.

So you may lose your home and most of your possessions but still stay off the street. Many others probably have skills they could use to work just enough to get by. Other options may be continuing to rely on spouses or others. This works for many especially those whose spouses don’t experience LBP. Some like Tim may not mind living on the street and this might be his solution for now. Everyone it however needs a backup plan since we don’t really know how long it will be. I think even though it may seem otherwise HR does provide us with solutions but it may not be what we were looking for. Just follow the crumbs that are provided.

I am so ill should I see a physician, dentist, etc.? This is a question only the person asking can answer. In my opinion our bodies have not reached the point of being able to heal themselves in most cases. I think whatever we define as a healer may be able help conditions that are not directly LBP and especially those of us suffering them for years know the difference as LBP comes and goes at odd intervals, unlike other disease. I do believe we should still do regular maintenance such as dental care if we have the money.

Will my diet make a difference? This is one that I have really struggled with. I am not fat but eat most of the time like a child. For instance cheese, ice cream, potatoes etc. I used to eat more raw and green. But from what I am hearing from others what we eat does not affect our LBP. Having said that I think if we are obese or diabetic that we don’t need to watch our diet. I think I will try to be more conscious of my diet and see how it works.

Will exercise help? My experience is that I am not able to exercise and cannot perform the yoga, tai chi etc that I used to. I just cant. But I have noticed that brief walks do not only lift the fog but also help with the fatigue.

Should I bathe and make myself presentable to the world? Yes except for a day or two bathing and regular body maintenance help with the LBP.

Should I just give up this ascension business and as Georgi’s wife said “lead a good hedonistic life”? I asked Georgi about this and he said that he knew how to live this life but the symptoms he suffered did not allow him to and I agree. I cannot hold down a normal job or interact with people on a regular basis. But when Anita was alive we enjoyed going to coffee shops etc and even though our head was dizzy many times we sometimes held hands and marveled at the other people who thought of this experience as normal. To us it as extraordinary not only because she had been so ill but because we were still able to do it. I still go to these coffee shops and it helps me even though my head is still dizzy. So if you can live the good hedonistic life go for it, but I think the LBP once begun will continue. We can and should still try to enjoy small things as best we can.

We really have no good choices. We must just continue and by doing so we are fulfilling some unknown purpose. I think by participating in the ascension process as we all have we have assured ourselves of a place in glory whether through the ascension process or through traditional physical death. I am tired but I will go on some how some way until we are all safely home.

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