Vivisection of the Energetic Situation on the Eve of the PAT Supernova

by Georgi Stankov and April Bender, March 12, 2013

Dear Georgi,

What do you make of this latest message from GaiaPortal? At the onset it appears to be further confirmation of the ascension scenario we’ve been discussing, but you’re so much better at translating GaiaPortal messages.

Thank you also for posting the Energy Update today. It was wonderful to read about the recent experiences of PAT members, as this is always the best confirmation we can receive.

Regarding the miracle of Pentecost – believe it or not at the time of taking down that message, I did not make that connection. No wonder it sounded so amazingly familiar! Not just from the Promise that was given/shown to us way back when, but it is also right there in your material as well. Thank you for lifting that up as the entire message had an even more pronounced effect on me after recalling that and reading your reply. I know it might seem weird that this happens to me, but when I take messages down from HS I do so from a blank slate perspective. Intentionally leaving it all behind so as not to taint or manipulate the information. It is only afterwards that I go back and look for any connections, patterns, etc…, which you are so wonderful at clarifying and summarizing for us.

The earthquakes here in the States continue in uptick. Yesterday California had a 5.2, later reduced to a 4.7 with hundreds of aftershocks, all in the same area. The Salton Sea area is not looking good. Illinois, Oklahoma, and Colorado also had small rumblers again. More sinkholes have been announced/opened up, but you won’t find them in the MSM. I take this as additional confirmation that the ID split is gaining momentum.

I saw last night on Drudge Report that there are rumors that the Queen isn’t as healed as the Palace is letting on. And of course, we have Conclave that began today.

The fuse has been lit.

Hope you’re having a good day and are feeling OK. I’m still feeling well, no more headaches or physical discomfort other than fatigue. The energies remain high, electric – and I can’t wait to see what unfolds over the remaining course of the month.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

I like the GaiaPortal message very much, especially the following statement:

Many will feel a sense of “falling apart”, or “blowing up” of individual world views, and, particularly in those who have self-termed “Light Workers, the “Grand Removal of Light-worker Blinders” occurs in these next days.

In fact I even considered this morning to write an article about this topic before this GaiaPortal message was published, but with respect to the latest Manuscript of Survival -part 281.

This topic affords a careful elaboration on my part.

At present most LW have just entered the initial stage of the most intensive phase of the LBP, which the PAT members have already completed before they came together as a group two years ago. Some of them even many years ago. I personally entered this last most intensive and transformative phase of total reprogramming of old human patterns and rebooting as early as 1999 – 2000.

As I have a very good memory and have in addition written two books at that time about the LBP, I can very well evaluate these stages as I have the basic values to compare in my head. In fact this is what I am now gauging very carefully with respect to the energetic progress of the masses and the small community of LW. As I feel  physically very well after I was finally released for the first time from my cleansing activities after I issued my last decree (in this way I also answer your last question), I have the easiness and relaxation to follow these energetic processes at the collective level without any major disturbances, although the incoming ascension waves from the source are still very powerful and intensive.

The point of departure for a better understanding of the current state-of-the-art of the collective LBP is the information we received from Dorie’s HS on March 8:

What is now happening within humanity is just like what happens when you install a new program on a computer – you access a new program to download, try out, and interact with, but you can’t use that program until the download is complete. You can visually see that the program is downloading by watching the progress bar. You have an idea of what you will experience because you have heard from others about the program and what it is all about it. BUT you cannot experience it until the download is fully complete.

And that is where humanity is at in this very moment. Their downloading is not fully complete. While they are downloading what it is you are sending them, in order for them to fully experience the new program that you have sent them, their system will need to be rebooted.

The old survival and other Orion programs that are so deeply rooted in humanity, which not only the masses, but also most, so called “Light Workers” are not at all aware of, are now eliminated with a rapid speed and completely substituted with the new multi-dimensional operating systems, which we transmit to them in form of Adam Kadmon DNA codes from the source. I know this very well as these energies flow through my field and I sense acutely the reactions of the masses and the LW community to these transmissions. I follow, so to say, the progress bar of their reloading with the new programs and why they are totally blocked now and have no idea of the coming Ascension Supernova of the PAT and ID split this month.

As long as the LW are fully immersed in the energetic transformation, they are severed from their HS, as has always been the case with the PAT during huge ascension test runs, and can barely comprehend what is happening to them.

The progress bar in this case is what the Manuscript of Survival is regularly announcing as it is addressing this portion of humanity. It is not channelled for the PAT – we have our HS for this purpose – nor for the masses, which are far behind this small community of half-awakened LW souls. I stress “half-awakened”, as this is the key to an understanding of the latest GaiaPortal message:

The latest missive of the Manuscript of Survival as of today summarizes the current level of energetic progress of the New Agers, most of them star seeds from the GF, as follows:

For many of you, the upheavals you have been experiencing lately, indeed are maybe still in the midst of, will signal an important departure from much of what you have looked upon as an integral part of your life. For now, everything that does not serve you anymore will be slowly but surely extracted from your life, but as most of these things have very deep roots indeed, it will not be a very swift process. You see, much of this are issues that have been allowed to bury themselves deep, deep within your psyche in some way, and as such, this extraction process will not be without its challenges. For, as we have talked about so many times earlier, your whole human set up has been designed in such a way it craves stability more than anything, and now, that is the last thing you can expect. So these bouts of energetic cleanups coming in now will have you all tossing and turning from all of this intense removal, so the very ground beneath your feet will seem to be less than stable at times too.

Let us explain. As it always is with these energetic immersions you are once again in the middle of, they will seem to disturb so much, and your equilibrium will be almost guaranteed to be lost for longer or shorter periods during all of this. We speak both of the more emotional processes, but also of purely physical ones. So you will feel yourself stumbling more than once during the next few days, as everything you have on the inside, and indeed also on the outside, will seem to be endlessly shifting around, and in addition it will do so seemingly out of synch with everything else. So expect to lose your footing in more ways than one, but know also that if, or rather when, you find yourself falling to your knees in some ways, you will always be able to get back up on your feet.”

It has always been a leitmotif in my numerous critical articles on the wild, esoteric debaucheries of the New Age movement that these people are actually at a very low level of soul evolution. This is partly due to their chronic intellectual stupidity (it has become an esoteric maxim that when one becomes a light worker, one has to abandon/sacrifice his brain first on the altar of the New Age), but also to a large extent due to the fact that these people have not yet fully entered the most intensive phase of the LBP. During this phase the left brain portal is fully opened and the ego-mind substituted / expanded by the Logos/spirit of the higher realms. This is the level of spiritual unification, which most of the PAT members have achieved long time ago and fully completed In January 2013 when the entire PAT connected to the Source.

The mindset of the New Agers is instead still extremely compartmentalized, which is very easy to diagnose when one reads their trifle articles, their boring messages full of esoteric self-aggrandisement and their idiotic comments on the Internet. In addition, their emotional bodies are in a total cacophony as their heart chakra has barely opened in the last months after we have opened the last major stargates 12.12.12 and 12.21.12.

In other words, their ability to harness their weird emotions and analyse them in an intellectual, spiritual manner, which means in the first place in a logical and abstract manner, is the best indicator – the most precise progress bar – how little they have downloaded from the necessary package of ascension programs. Therefore, it is not at all surprising to me that your HS was eager to inform us that these people will need another six months till September before they can ascend to the new earth A, in the lower levels of the 5th dimension and will need quite some time to adopt to these new conditions, contrary to us.

In this sense, the missives of the Manuscript of Survival are a very good daily indicator how far the masses of LW have progressed in their current energetic evolution /LBP, leading to ascension to the 5th dimension. My conclusion is – not very far. I commented approximately two months ago on this dichotomy in the energetic experiences of the rest LW compared to that of the PAT when I analysed one past missive of this source.

When we were fully thrown into the cleansing battle last year and the beginning of this year and physically depleted by the most powerful and debilitating cleansing waves of ascension, at that same time all LW had an easy-going time according to this source. Many of them were deeply disappointed because they did not feel anything on Dec 21 and thereafter and began to doubt the validity of the ascension process.

Now we are more or less released from our cleansing activities after the declaration of the last decree, while the New Age community is since that time fully immersed in the last most intensive phase of their LBP-cleansing. One has only to read this and other channeling or esoteric sources very carefully to make this infallible diagnosis.

This is the only reason why I regularly read these weird, stupid texts – only to gauge the level of energetic progress among the LW community as to be sure that we have finally reached the threshold of mass ascension.

And the latest results of my empirical studies are very positive and optimistic. We have already reached this threshold – for the first time since the PAT came together two years ago. I knew that in February we were not yet at this level, but then the scenario was also a different one – to ascend in small groups successively and independently of the collective level of energetic progress.

But we then performed better than we had anticipated and forged the evolution of humanity to a much higher level than the HR had ever expected to achieve in these End Times. Thus we became one more time a victim of our success and had to turn around the course of the events with our last decree, which switched off our last Saviour programming from this human incarnation. The other LW are now undergoing similar reprogramming at a much lower level. That is why I am firmly convinced that this time there will be no delays any more.

Dear April, it is very important that when you receive messages from your HS that you are in a blank state as not to distort the purity of the messages with your expectations and opinions. That is why the dialogue with your HS is so productive, also because I too participate in the evaluation as an external observer. In addition I am telepathically connected to the collective consciousness of the PAT and thus also to your HS and can validate one more time the correctness of the information in a direct, vertical dialogue with your HS.

This is how I came quickly to the conclusion that your HS wanted us to use the brake and sever our Messiah complex as to save our Selves from the perennial drudgery to try awaken all slumbering souls on this planet and to accelerate our ascension process with the last decree. This is no longer our duty.

One last word to the impending natural catastrophes. We have talked a lot about their inevitability during the ID split, but as I do not want to concentrate on this negative aspect, I have deliberately refrained from commenting on this issue, although your HS warned us discretely in her last messages.

The earth is trembling now everywhere and to neglect these signs means to be deliberately blind. This is what the mainstream media now excessively do. On the other hand, why should we bother about these impending natural catastrophes when they will not touch us? In fact we are the only security for humanity that many of them will survive these calamities with only material losses, if they begin to open themselves for our spiritual teachings.

But it is absolutely correct that mother Earth is announcing her birthing labour and pains before the ID split and the PAT supernova, and this is the next clearest indication that we are on the verge of our ascension.

I hope that this elucidation has answered your questions, even if you may have not expected precisely this kind of answers, as was the case with my elaboration on the Pentecostal miracle, which I deliberately introduced with respect to future Christian readers of our website after our ascension. But one must make a clear-cut vivisection of the current extremely volatile energetic situation on the earth as to know how high we have climbed on the ladder of ascension.

With love and light


Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT and detailed response. I greatly appreciated it! You really are truly wonderful at synthesizing the Whole. You’ve confirmed a great deal for me, thank you. I also very much enjoy hearing your observations on how the LW community is progressing, using Manuscript of Survival as just one example. I too, try and keep tabs on how they are doing/developing but sometimes the messages are so mixed or all over the place that it’s hard to get a clear read and many times I get frustrated and exit out of the page before I finish reading them. However, the messages do seem to be getting much more cohesive lately, another great indication as you so aptly point out.

And I agree with you 100% about not giving too much weight to future timeline B activities/upheavals. It serves no purpose for us. However as you say, there are definitely some confirmatory indicators appearing/manifesting to take note of.

Thank you again Georgi, I really appreciate the time and thought you took to fully respond to my email. Moving through another busy day here at work, your note was the highlight of my morning and has helped set a most wonderful tone for the day!

Much love and light, April

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