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Letters to Jerry 
February 10, 2013

Dear Jerry,

I was so deeply moved by your letter “Peace That Passeth Understanding” that I had to weep and I do not remember when I have done this for the last time in my life. I feel that something very deep and very beautiful has just happened that transcends death and transmutes this, for most humans, dreadful experience into divine bliss. This mystical metamorphosis that is now unfolding in front of our eyes points towards what is awaiting us and humanity very soon.

I will pray that the calmness, the “ataraxia” that has encompassed your mind and feelings with the death of Anita will hold on and carry you in the coming days till you will also be able to leave this earth and unite in all eternity with Anita. It is coming, it is almost there, I feel it.


Dear Georgi and Jerry,

Yesterday my heart just broke as I read of Anita’s passing. Jerry, as I read your description of Anita passing away in your arms, I instantly connected to all the love that you both felt for one another in this lifetime, and what an extraordinary love it is! And as saddened as I was by this news, I tried very hard to understand the dynamics of it. There had to be so much more to her passing than we could possibly understand, for certainly Anita is a beloved member of the PAT, and I just knew that somehow her passing surely held an important meaning to our ascension. I went to sleep with this thought and had THE most amazing Ascension run experience EVER!

I fell into a deep sleep last night, something I haven’t been able to accomplish very often in the last few weeks due to the intense cleansing we’ve been going through. During my ascension test runs, I am always in a deep sleep, but then something awakens me and so that I am half asleep half awake, feeling the sensation of leaving my body. I see all these different signs and symbols flashing before me. So I”m saying to myself “this is IT, this is IT!!!”

I continue watching all these different pictures and images just whizzing by me, while my excitement continues to grow! I saw scenes of beautiful exotic places and animals… It was just amazing at the same time because the imagery was so colorful. I saw people in the mix, and then I heard my HS say, “these are all the places you will go and the people you will teach!” And I was breathless just watching what was planned for me!

I then heard another voice say “all downloading complete” And THEN, I saw Anita!!! She was soooo beautiful Jerry!!! SOOOO bright and so tall, I couldn’t even stand back far enough to see her! Her Light then transformed into rainbow colors and when I looked again she was at the center of the PAT’s web of Light, pulsating brightly. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in lucid dream state! Again, I heard HS say, “Why did you ever worry silly? This was all planned, things are exactly as they should be and are right on course.

And Georgi was there too, his energy very strongly felt within the web…. He was at the center vibrating along with Anita. Georgi, you then spoke to me, and I am not remembering the words, but just the feeling and reassurance you gave me that the time of our ascension is at hand!

My dear brother Jerry, your Anita is everything that you described and she IS leading the way to our ascension!

With sooo much love to you!

Dear Dorie,

thank you for your very beautiful dream. I have forwarded your email to Jerry. What I wanted to tell you today, but haven’t had the time yet due to Anita’s death and the priority to publish the post about this event, is the following:

I dreamt very chaotic this night, but I remember that we were working together. We had to change the mindset of the masses in tandem. We did it by encircling them in the web of light and then attracting them to us and swirling them around like in a vortex. The transformation of the people was very smooth and we worked very quickly and concentrated. The overall impression was that we did a terrific job. That’s all – not as beautiful as your dream, but obviously I have no time in the dream state to make such kind of visitations to beautiful HR resorts.

With love and light

Hi George!

I want to tell Jerry how much we all LOVE you and Anita. You have been the most shining example of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for all of us. I have been blown away by the most beautiful energies and colors coming from Mt. Shasta since Anita’s Ascension.There are no words to describe what I have seen as the magnificent welcoming of Anita to the palace of the Ascended Masters.

She is with them, Jerry, waiting for you in resplendent beauty. Anita is The Divine Feminine and the wayshower to the ascension. Jerry, you will soon be joining Anita for the reunion of sacred energies and the sacred marriage, which will restore the balance to the planet, with the rest of the PAT following. The stairway to heaven has been opened. We are all being welcomed to our long awaited and imminent ascension.

Love and Light,

Hello George and PAT,

I felt like sharing a couple of thoughts. One of the great symbols Anita, among the many that I don’t dare speak of, I wasn’t privileged enough to know her for a minute, is represented by her very mortality and that of the PAT, the toughest most stubborn Ascended beings the universe has ever known. We are trying, and I believe succeeding as a group, at transcending our mortality to replace it by immortality, to turn limitation into non-limitation and we are doing this in an energetic plane, where this does not and (believed) cannot exist.

Every time we have attempted such feats in the past, we had to or maybe were forced to vacate the body first. We then always returned to educate, but we were never as successful because we were no longer “one of them”, no matter our pleas that we were very much them and apart of who they are and could be again with just a choice.

Anita’s dream to see that reality through was too much for her body to bear and very politely asked her to leave, only to return better than ever when this “pops off” to greet us in kind to show us our reflection in her reflecting back at us. I swear she is whispering to me now and I have never met the women, correction Angel, thanks Anita, the most beautiful radiant angel, correction. With Lavender and pink energy errrr wisps with a masters blue aura, again, thanks Anita. She’s also saying she does not “see” any more PAT members vacating the physical as we all “seem” to have the ability to “stay” and see this through. DOD (date of departure) is unknown as the inner realms are quite chaotic with activity. As she reiterated, there is no time, so it could be this now moment or a now moment in a day, week, month, you get the point.

We kinda of see things in this respect yes Anita and I.

Earth A frequencies will be housed by those that know who they are –for the most part. Those who have integrated all their “selves” (PAT– absolutely). Earth A/B frequencies will be housed by those that want to learn who they are in a more stable secure way, but will never be “human” again on earth or otherwise.

Earth B frequencies will be housed by those that want to stay human (consciously “dead” or “alive”) These are not to be judged *apparently a big point*, but allowed to be ALL human-ess has to offer, but they will not interfere with our grid.

I guess that’s all we have to offer at this moment.

With SOOOO Much Love,
Anita and Garrett

Dear George,

The letters to Jerry and all the thoughts of the PAT on the site today are just so beautiful and very peaceful. I too, George, thought very quickly that Anita was our chosen one to start the process for us all. I cried again, while reading Jerry’s words and how wonderful of a life he has had with her. I have it seems been crying quite a bit these last days, I definitely felt and have felt all these days of cleansing as we do, that is our position, so we will most definitely be doing it up till our own hour.

I liked so much, I believe it was Susan’s letter, of how she is still viewed by all around her, I am still being received as if I am the anti-christ and her words said it perfectly. But I can say though that I can distinguish now between healing energies and cleansing energies and how today I am full of the healing ones it seems. I am fine with all of them either way as it all has to be done and I am so thankful to be one of the PAT as this is and will always be a tremendous blessing and gift from Source…

Love and Light Always,

Dear George,

We are now in the process of figuring out what happened/is happening these last days. It is definitely big and important.

Before sending you the previous mail, I turned off my computer and prepared to go to bed really early, because I was very tired. But I had this urge to check something again, so I turned the computer back on. Due to a router problem, it usually takes one or two minutes for the Internet to start working after the computer has fully started up. So, I launched the Internet browser but to my surprise I was able to load the PAT site and read the new article about Anita, without having any Internet connection at all – I was not able to load anything else until this period of one or two minutes allowed the connection to be established. Very interesting. I was sent to the site very precisely to receive this information, like you said, I knew immediately in the Now it was time to read and somehow ended up doing so.

I hoped to get some good rest, but as you probably know this is false hope, and I was awake in bed probably more than I was asleep. There was also a heavy incoming wave, and I was able to analyze and notice the symptoms. I was awake during this whole process which lasted less long than the waves usually do, but it was very intense. Some symptoms came and some left, until I finally managed to fall asleep. It was very difficult to think clearly, and all kind of strange things went through my head.

The next morning, some time after waking up I drank something, then first felt a strong nausea, and then puked mostly clear liquid, with some yellow blobs. I do not remember the last time this happened, but it is many many years ago. This may have been due to my stomach getting upset from earlier, but the effect/reason stayed the same. Once I was done the nausea faded quickly, and it felt like this was the final release of all 3d darkness, cleansing, dross, and all similar things. It was a great sight and feeling to flush it all down the drain.

This was much like some sort of death experience, except I woke up in a world which may appear similar to the human senses, but it still is very different. Surely, it is not full 5D or ascension yet, but there is a remarkable change, as if not just detached from 3d like before, but (nearly) completely disconnected. A sort of continuation from not being able to attach any emotion to 3d anymore as I told you yesterday. It feels much lighter. Moving is easier, no longer do I experience exhaustion, etc.

Then I went outside for a walk. It was quite cold and the people were walking around in their thick coats, but I had not nearly as much clothing as they did, and wasn’t wearing a coat. But many of them were feeling cold, however for me it was almost like a hot summer’s day. There was some nice sunshine which I experienced for the first time in a while. Most people would lock eyes with me for a short time, and I could really see through them to their souls, and just a few were intimidated and looked away. I had a very flexible and broad awareness across the entire planet. The people are also celebrating carnival en masse, which is funny because they are not fully aware of what they are really celebrating.

Jerry reported “a surge of different energy”, this feeling developed when walking and it is the only description I can give it. GaiaPortal also posted about “an upsurge” in 4D and 5D activity, which is clearly felt. It is like the progression of the ID-split just took an enormous leap forward, 3d now being just minimally present. But there is also more, this is definitely not the full story. I am also very convinced, Anita opens the way for our ascension like Jerry wrote, but it still feels like there is even more to this energy, something very significant.

Perhaps it needs a little bit more development before we can find out, but it shouldn’t be long. HS tells me not to worry about this right now, and take some short rest, first so I will do that. Maybe it is not vital to know, and we can just wait and let ascension happen.

What I do begin to receive is the idea that Anita was the first ascension, which released a lot of energies. As soon as these energies are integrated, there is room for additional energies, and also more than before. So the next time ascension happens, which should be this upcoming week, it should be more than just one or a few going. This will in turn release many more energies, allowing many more to ascend in the next batch, with a kind of exponential increase.

Again my full Light, Love and Support for Jerry, You and all other PAT. Of course also for humanity.

Love & Light,

Dear Jerry

I read this morning your message to George that Anita had died and it was very sad news, however as others have mentioned in their letters as have yourself, I also did not feel sad. I didn’t really know how I felt, so I asked my HS some questions and I received two answers that resonated with me very deeply. They were that Anita is with source and that everything is as it should be. It is now evening in Perth, Australia and I had only recently read your reply to George.

The truth is, I wanted to pass this on to you earlier with my condolences but I knew it was a possibility that they were the last two things you would want to hear at this time. Especially the “everything as is should be” line, so I waited till now and I am glad that I did as I was able to read your beautiful letter, which confirmed what I had felt.

I am very glad to hear that you are at peace and also hope that it lasts for you. I love the way you describe your relationship and I can say that I have never seen anything that comes close. I can only imagine how much you have made Anita laugh over the last thirty seven years given your sense of humour. I have no doubt that you two are the template for relationships in 5d.

Take care and warm regards

Dearest Jerry,

I received the heartbreaking news of Anita’s passing with the greatest of sadness.

I am in awe of the tremendous courage, which you both have exemplified throughout your shared ordeal and for the ongoing courage, which you, Jerry, are inspiring me with since the loss of your beloved Anita.

I pray that your most selfless devotion will be bountifully rewarded very soon.

With Love, Light and Gratitude to you,

Henry Bizon (UK)

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