Energy Update -January 8, 2012

by Georgi Stankov

I can only say for my part that yesterday was a very bad day, in fact the worst since Dec 23 and surely the most transforming episode since long time. Today I still hear its bad echo and hope that the force of this last wave will relinquish in the course of the evening. If you have fallen in full despair yesterday and have had a glimpse imbued with dread into the abyss of the most utter existential void, you would know that this was a very special day of catharsis that I have personally very seldom experienced in my long life as chief human dross cleanser, and something that most humans never dare to encounter. 

Such downloads of purest soul energy are like a death kiss that transforms the human psyche and mentality fundamentally and evaporates all past negative emotions, prejudices and wrong beliefs like a south wind an early spring snow. If you have gone through this catharsis, you must have died and resurrected again like a phoenix from the ashes.

Energetically, I would qualify this wave as another ascension test run or rather as the next incremental ID split hub. Yesterday I had a massive cc-wave with a severe headache in association with another very nasty cleansing wave, which is typical for an ascension test run. The worst day since Dec 23. A lot of humanity’s dross was released yesterday and today through my energy field and it started last night and is still ongoing today.

The novel quality of this energy download was that it completely demolished the whole structure of my psyche and restructured it again, while I went through all depressions humanity has ever experienced in its downward history since the Fall of Atlantis and probably much earlier. Forget all the pains Jesus had allegedly taken upon himself on the crucifix. What  we now go through is the only real martyrdom  and our sufferings last much longer than the few minutes of this hypothetical entity, celebrated by all dumbed down Christians in their Orion tainted passion dramas.

While my psyche was restructured, my body was trembling all the time as if I were in the most severe crisis, which one would only experiences when his beloved has died or when one is condemned to death. The most auspicious aspect of such a catharsis is however that this all happens without any external stimulus or event that could have justified such a profound cathartic response.

In such moments the higher self descends into the human structure of the middle self and the lower self, which regulates the physiological function of the body in an unconscious manner and you are physically completely exposed to this energetic change. You realize how helpless you are as an incarnated entity.

From the very low number of emails which I received yesterday, I conclude  that most of you have gone through this terrible catharsis that only very few individuals are brave enough as to agree to experience in a physical vessel. I hope that after you have recovered somewhat, you will report about the last two infernal days.

At the beginning, I was very angry with my HS when I sensed and anticipated what was about to come yesterday. I have explicitly said to her that I no longer want to process this kind of nasty waves, but my soul does not care a dime about my wishes. These are the kind of days when “I make three crucifixes” when they have passed, to quote a popular German saying. Now that this energy download is almost over, I realize how important it was for our ascension and how much nearer it has brought us to this long awaited event.

This latest veritable catharsis, which I have not experienced myself for a very long time and thought that I was over with this kind of transformative waves, was a unique pinnacle of energetic transformation as I am sure some channels will confirm in the next days in a disguised manner as usually. If humanity has been hit only by a fraction of these extremely powerful and transformative energies from the source, they must leave very soon their old, fear-based behaviour habits and mental illusory constructions and open finally for the higher dimensions. The old external Orion matrix must crumble very soon to my estimation as the collective inner-soul dimension of all incarnated entities has already fully replaced it. This is what I sense has been achieved yesterday and today.

By all this continuous build-up, I will not be surprised if ascension through detonation of the PAT supernova is just around the corner. This time it will come without any preliminary announcement – just out of the blue, This is the best strategy, given the terrible record of failed predictions of the higher realms in the past.

They must be in a terrible hurry as Gaia is actually vibrating within the 5th and higher dimensions, but it has still left its major portion in the 3d-dimension as to help many slumbering humans to awaken and participate in her ascension. But she can not sustain this “bi-polar” condition for a very long time. Hence the energetic urgency these days behind the veil that we all sense since Dec 23. This crescendo pattern points to the erratic preparations of the HR for mass ascension, while we are still in the photon belt and in alignment with the Great central sun.

The present earth will then slowly evolve to the balanced earth A/B in the next years and we may begin to visit this timeline as ascended masters if we wish and if it is opportune. If you analyse carefully the channeling messages in the last days, they all address this  timeline, as most of the humans that are about to awaken now will remain on the balanced earth A/B. The topic “mass ascension to the new earth A” has been virtually deleted from their messages for two major, predominantly psychological reasons:

1. The few million human beings that will ascend with us to earth A when we will trigger the PAT supernova and merge with the source will awaken under complete new and profound different conditions. Therefore, it is impossible to relay this new experience in verbal messages at present.

In addition comes the huge disappointment that still reigns among the LW community when past promises such as those channeled by John Smallman (Saul and Jesus) were not fulfilled on Dec 21 and threw this man with a faint heart into total confusion and despair as his last conversation with Jesus perspires.

I recommended this person to use the title “Why Jesus Must Lie” for his latest dialogue with his “Jesus” source, who presented the failed ascension test runs on Dec 18 and Dec 23 as the greatest success for humanity in obvious contradiction to all his past promises and prophecies in the last year or so. I have not received any response from John Smallman yet (my comment has been published though).

These channeling guys are so feeble that when they are exposed to a pure, honest, critical comment virtually dissolve in front of your eyes and disappear from the surface only to continue with their channelling of past shit like pre-programmed bio-robots. Their common trait is that they are not able to critically oppose their higher selves, which they actually channel under various auspicious names and are too fearful to demand clear answers instead of chewing the old, fluffy bullshit all the time .

2. There is a pronounced tendency in the last days to discuss only the future of that portion of humanity that will continue this incarnation on the timeline A/B for obvious reasons. If you follow their argumentation you will gain the impression that humanity will reside for some more years in this timeline of slow evolution, before some of them reach the threshold of personal ascension to the 5th dimension. Nothing is mentioned about the imminent ascension of Gaia and the first wave of ascension candidates with us to the new earth A.

This postponed event of paramount importance should be kept secret after so much failed promises in the past, but also because otherwise the current deliberate deceptions of the higher realms that humanity had allegedly ascended to the 5th dimension on Dec 21 cannot be sustained.

Another important factor why all sources from the HR are tacit about the imminent full ID split and ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension is that this event will only affect a tiny portion of humanity, such as the PAT. As its members know perfectly well what they should expect in the near future, they do not rely on external channeling  sources and these sources do not channel messages for us, but for the masses that begin now to awaken slowly. This explains the significant deterioration of the quality of such channelings compared to several years ago as they are meant to reach these spiritually uneducated masses.

This trend is paradigmatic in the last message of CA when it talks all the time about the timeline A/B, where all members of this spiritually failed group (CAC) will reside for a long time, while it is absolutely “tight lipped” when CA is asked about ascension to earth A and tries to avoid this topic as the devil the incense.

Therefore, I recommend you not to read these messages any more, except for curiosity to gauge the level of current confusion among the few light workers, who are now in a full disarray, as none of these messages have any relevance for the members of the PAT.

As mentioned by myself on numerous occasions, and supported by yourselves, the only somewhat reliable source is GaiaPortal, were it not too cryptic.

Its last message as of January 8 confirms in the first place our impending ascension when we will trigger the PAT supernova finally and ascend Gaia ultimately to the 5th dimension, thus triggering the final ID split. We will of course ascend much higher than Gaia and will merge with the source

“Establishment of new protocols for transmission of Higher D Energies into the New Gaia has been completed. Further adjustments will be made as Gaia projects forward via the finalized timeline.

Some will call this period that of “homeward bound”. That is correct. The home has been prepared appropriately by the New Gaia, and each of her Hue-man inhabitants. Short period of adjustment will be necessary for those unaware of their presence on this timeline. All has been accounted for during transition.

Fellow travellers meet energetically first, follow by “in the body” illusion. As Inner Beings connect, planetary uplift occurs in an instant.

Waiting is over.

Time to begin… Anew…”

The last sentences:

“As Inner Beings connect, planetary uplift occurs in an instant. Waiting is over..Time to begin… Anew…”

are a fairly precise description of the PAT supernova, leading to immediate ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension. But one must know this to interpret these sentences correctly. How many LW know about the PAT supernova and how the mechanism of ascension of Gaia operates? Which power will heave this planet to the 5th dimension and what is the role of the PAT in this whole process? Virtually nobody outside this group. Even when they read our website, they do not get it.

And it is good so, as we would have had otherwise much more ignorants  that would have  meddled in our mission with their unqualified comments as Divsy, for instance, has done for a long time, before I used the brakes. As long as you are not involved with your physical body in the regular ascension test runs and feel the energies streaming through your personal body field, you cannot have any proper idea how Gaia and humanity will be heaved to a higher dimension. You will not know that the greatest effort does not come from God, Jesus, the GF or other preposterous ephemeral entities, but from the ground crew of the PAT, who themselves are the true conduits of the Source  – the “Inner Beings” as GaiaPortal defines us.

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