Short Energy Update – December 7, 2012

by Georgi Stankov

Today is another tense day. There is a very powerful descent of pure Christed energy from the Source in preparation for the stargate 12.12.12. It began to flow in my field and body in the night with a wave that first hit my throat chakra and caused an acute cough attack and pharyngeal pain. 

Then this morning another powerful cc-wave with a headache started in a seaming manner after my one-week-bronchitis began to recede. Obviously the Source has no time to waste and is playing on all registers for the final preparation of the ID split andAscension next week. I personally do not see any calmness on the energy front, quite on the contrary, but this is nothing new to us.

As this energy will have to flow through the unity field of the PAT and reach the ascension portion of humanity, I expect that some of you will be also severely hit  today. That December 7 is another powerful day that starts a new crescendo of energy build-up till 12.12.12 is also confirmed in the latest Manuscript of Survival 234:

Today (Dec 7) is another auspicious day dear ones, as you will once again receive another important upgrading into your system. As you have already noticed, this is indeed an almost continuous process now, and it will continue to increase as we approach the onset of the full exposure to these life-enhancing energies. You have come such a long way, but you still have quite a ways to go, but this will be accomplished in a very short timespan even after your measurementsFor now, the floodgates are well and truly opened, and what will come in will take you all by storm.

So take some time to breathe deeply to set your mind at ease, lest is should be too overwhelmed by what it see before its inner eye. For now, you will all start to get images or snapshots that will seem to be very out of place with what you are currently experiencing from your outside environment, and for some, they will have a hard time distinguishing between the two. For now, the other side will start to bleed through into this one, and just like oil and water, the two will not really merge well.

So expect some blurriness in the days ahead, as you all try to readjust your sets as it were to this new programming. It might take some time to get used to, and your body may also respond in some unexpected ways. So get ready to be thrown off balance as the layers will roll and merge and separate on and off in this adjustment period. But do not worry, you will soon regain your composure and get used to moving around in a very fluid environment, both on the outside and the inside.”

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