From King Leopold’s Genocide in Congo to Christian Satanism. Reflections on the Crimes of my Reptilian Family

by Jon Roberts, December 15, 2012

Hey Georgi,

I just read one of your latest postings by Glen Ford. This post hit a nerve in me as King Leopold II is a relative of mine through my maternal grandmother Leonore Smart and brother of high level Cabal member Bruce C. Smart Jr. as we have discussed in the past. This reptilian faction of my family comes down from the “black nobility” in Robert the Bruce > House of Bruce > House of Burgess, which was the house Leopold from Belgium. Just another dark arm of the Royal family. 

We have talked in the past about how Bruce is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and CEO of the National Population control center out of DC. They are still carrying out the insidious agenda that King Leopold was working on, but instead of lining them up and shooting them like in the old days, they now administer vaccines. He is working with Gates and call them self-philanthropists.

I grapple with how to feel about this. On one hand I get so angry and go into that line of thought, which I feel is the response they want. I don’t want to get bloodthirsty over this, but I know that I will play a role in freeing the Milky way from service-to-selfers control. I say “service-to-selfers” as I feel saying reptilian would be unfair to the positive reptilians and would leave out non-reptilian, human entities who are involved in the whole control scheme.

I believe these dark “people” think there is a negative Ascension in this for them. Working with entities like Moloch, I believe they are promised this negative ascension, if they can sacrifice enough to qualify. I don’t want to be negative and give way to anger, but part of me can’t wait to get a hold of some of my family and hear that cage door shut. They are fucking up Big Time!  Of course, when the cage door of Earth B shuts, I plan to be long gone.

People have to understand how prevalent Satanism is in all this. They don’t want to just kill people, but trap their souls too. They need to feed off this “Jerry Springer” energy, as I call it, as they go against Evolution and cannot naturally produce the energy they need. So they steal it…

Hence them making up Christianity and the Jesus myth. Just another ploy to siphon good intentioned energy away from the masses and keep them enslaved. It is ingenious really, have people think the whole way out of this mess is redemption through Jesus, when in actuality this worship just perpetuates their control. As bad as straight up murder is, it pales in comparison to the priestcraft that enslaves souls through their distorted free will and choice of a satanically manufactured redemption. Which in this case was created to snuff the legend of Apollonius and all the greats his work incorporated.

The truth is, as I have come to it anyway, that ourSun was formed in the constellation VirgoSince all religions have roots in ancient sun worship, this was perverted into divine man saviour myth of the Son, being born of the virgin when in fact it was our Star being formed in the Constellation Virgo.

Just like all good lies, it has its origins in truth. Constantine and Eusebius would have never been able to sell the Jesus Christ myth, if they did not do this with Hesus and Christos, ugh. I am sorry if I sound like a broken record Georgi, I just feel like the PTB has something yet more insidious up their sleeves and I would bet dollars to donuts the Vatican is involved and it has to do with the manipulation of people’s free will.

Aka, belief in a bullshit saviour created by satanists. We know that Catholicism is the engine that drives negative entities in the after-life and they feed of this energy, hence the need to keep swelling their ranks. This shit needs to stop. Sorry for the rant.

As my buddy said to me the other day…

Mutate or Die!

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