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November 20, 2012

Dearest Georgi,

WHAT a family of Light we have in the P.A.T – such bright stars!…everyone deserves a loving mention! but for now, Thank You, Kevin and Marilyn too, for your great encouragement! We are weary, YES! but not defeated! … 

Dear Jerry, we have always loved your input – please don’t give up! Thank You, Paul, for your incredibly moving music – “Beautiful World” – I just want to keep hearing it over and over!… your voice, so gentle!.. it brought tears to my eyes and tingles to my body – I KNOW it was straight from Source.

Thank You, Arnaldo, for your “treat” for Georgi – You have said ALL that the family would have wanted to say to our great Captain!… and to you, Georgi, we say, YOU had the vision to “CONNECT THE DOTS!”… You KNEW we were out there, scattered around the world-waiting-for a Grand Master to lead us on! Your love and amazing dedication to us, your strong leadership and intelligent instruction, has made us a powerful force-one that does not give up!… and, after all, its a BIG job driving out the dark on a planet and heaving that planet to a higher dimension!… Have a feeling we’ve all done this before!!

Love and Light, Ella.UK.

Dear Ella,

I am humbled by your praise and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your moral support in these last very difficult days for all of us. But we will endure and will be glorious at the end. We are already glorious, but we will soon enjoy our success without pains. This is what all of us now long for.

With love and light
November 20, 2012


Thank you for sharing your amazing visions of the future technology, especially the awesome visuals I got when imagining the scenario with the anti-gravity vehicles. I think many people miss the point of envisioning these things, even if they don’t happen as envisioned or maybe not happen at all. Setting these archetypes, forms, dreams into the system is critical regardless of outcome as nothing can manifest without this. Soon we won’t have to endure the interminable time delays that we must experience at this level of physical existence regarding manifesting anything.

It’s difficult to talk to other people about a variety of subjects at a meaningful and substantial level. The concept of “renaissance man” or more appropriately ‘renaissance people’ (as at least our PAT ladies have demonstrated their ability to equal or surpass the male counterparts) is apparently not acceptable in the Orion society. We are not allowed to have expertise in multiple areas at the same time and certainly not allowed to publicly express our ideas in that regard or we will risk being cast out and ostracized being labeled ‘nut jobs’ ‘arrogant know-it-alls’ and the like, instead of trying to better themselves and living to a higher standard by introducing this possibility into the system. Why can’t we all be renaissance geniuses openly sharing and learning from each other? Why should I set the bar lower to accommodate anyone? Someone out there must be very very afraid that our PhD’s are bigger than theirs, LOL.

Please tell Chris about your vision, it is so cool, I know he will appreciate it and thank you for the words of encouragement through our continuing pain and thanks for sharing your renaissance self with me Georgi!

My best,
Dear Marco,

I am glad that you liked this vision. It has uplifted me also, even when I wrote it to you. Very soon every one of us will be a full-fledged renaissance genius and much more as an ascended master. But one must now firmly believe in this and develop his visions in the Now as if they are already reality in this 3d-world. In fact they are existing in the higher frequency multi-dimensional reality.

With  love and light

Dear George,

I am writing to this address as they seem to be holding up the computer again, it is so funny how they operate like two year olds, isn’t it. Maybe they think they are all going to Mars with the biggest loser ever. Well whatever their mental breakdowns are I really don’t care but just wanted to send a nice email.

We of the PAT and all others who read the site daily just love this place as it brings so much peace and comfort to our lives and days. I love to sit here every morning with my favorite stuff, coffee and read until my hearts content. It fills each one of us up with our dearly needed daily supply of comfort. You know to there really is so much on the site now that even if you do not publish daily, there is so much to go back and read over, it is such a nice energy boost for all who want it.

I hope your days are going smoother and with less pain. I am feeling today it seems the waves. Wow George, I can really feel this strongly as it goes through me kind a like water waves, wow this is different as in way more intense and it just got a lot stronger than since earlier, hell even 10 minutes ago. I am sitting here writing this and it is like when the waves wash up on the shoreline it feels, I feel them come in and over me and I can feel them going out and recede. This stuff is wild, just keep it coming and bring on the dates.  I can not wait to experience this whole process, it is getting more exciting by the day.

Well I will leave here for a few and write back soon, just to say how great the conversations are as of late on the site, the transcript from Joe was fabulous and boy do I completely resonate to how he sees us. I knew it, puts me at least in perfect perspective to myself as to who we are as a group. Well, I always knew we are a band of Angels and so he told us the same thing. I know that there are many Angels all over this most beautiful planet and I am so pleased to be one. We will be celebrating real soon so everyone get lots of sleep as the party is about to begin and there will be no stopping of our celebrations period.

Lots of Love and Light,
November 20, 2012

Dear George,And it is so good to hear from you too!!  It is really a true delight to connect, always.The energetic roller coaster could beat any of their man-made counterparts. It seems the PAT have been experiencing the full spectrum of ups and downs these days. Interestingly in my dream from the night before last (November 18th/19th) with the PAT, someone suggested we all take a trip to a roller coaster theme park in Ohio called Cedar Pointe.

Now that I have caught up a little, I should tell you of my other dream that night. I was watching you and following you from an out-of-body or invisible perspective. You were just by yourself, traveling around all sorts of various places of civilization, both bustling with population as well as aged deserted areas, with total focus on several tasks at hand. Your outfits changed frequently to reflect your surroundings, almost as if to stay disguised. In one scene, you were in a grotto-like old darkened room. Two swords were sheathed side-by-side in a waist-high stone ledge. To retrieve the “true” sword that was designated only for you, you had to pull out both swords simultaneously with some effort, distinguish the true sword from the false sword, and put back the false sword, at which point you were granted full claim to the true sword. (All this was just a general understanding in the dream, not really related to me verbally.) This you carried on with you to your next destination. I think your wife appeared in one scene and she was either ascending and/or descending a staircase/escalator.

In another scene, you boarded an empty subway train – you had the entire train to yourself. The absence of other people provided the perfect opportunity to use the train as a mode of “hyperspace” transition. I experienced the train starting, then gaining faster speed until everything was a blur and I felt the force of intense speed very lucidly. This hyperspace mode was supposed to result in something massive – your complete bodily ascension perhaps, or a transition to an altogether different dimension – something big. But instead, the train seemed to hit a plateau of speed and failed to make the next crucial leap; so it slowed down and eventually stopped. The doors opened to what appeared to be the same subway station with the same crowds of people walking around. You got off and I wondered whether the dimensions had possibly changed or not. I could almost sense the existence of an alternate (supposedly higher) reality and tried through mind power to transform this reality to the alternate one, but I was unable to effect the actual change; things remained the same as they had been before the train ride.

Then, in yet another scene, you entered a small and very crowded old or vintage-style bus.  You had a bag or two with you and looked very tired at this point. All the seats appeared to be taken, so you either got off (less likely) or stood without a seat (more likely). I was looking for open seats too and noticed one worldly young adult girl reserved for herself two seats so that she could spread out her belongings and comfortably chat with her friends sitting in front of her. She made some comment to me (I think) that she felt entitled to the two seats because she paid for them, no matter how crowded the bus was. But that’s about all I remember.

In another dream, the PAT was gathered in a classroom or meeting room. I realized that at the head of the room was a peculiar middle-aged lady with a large nose and dark hair who was posing as you, or filling in for you, or something. I wondered if it could be you in a different form, but as I watched her, my conclusion was that she wasn’t you at all. That is all I remember.

Strange dreams… Unfortunately my interpretations are not too optimistic; for instance the dream with the train suggests that this shown portion of humanity has no desire to change, and we can’t change them and their reality until they awaken themselves. Their energies are still much too dense and resistant. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”, and the masses would rather wander back into the desert.  However the part involving you with the true sword is something positive. I’m not certain what it represents, but it reminded me of the scene from the book/film, “The Sword in the Stone”.  Anyway, it seems apparent that you still are very active attending to crucial matters that no one else can do.

Oh, and I read Travis’s post from 11.17 in which he relates a dream involving a propane tank.  Ha – I had a dream last night clearly showing a PAT member’s house with a propane tank next to the house!  I remember thinking, hmmm, that propane tank is placed awfully close to the house…

Upon waking and still in a relaxed state, my higher self wanted to assure me that we are completely finished with our previous mission involving humanity but must still stick around until the very last second for the sake of all subtle energetic influences and potential timeline shifts that will happen between now and then.  It is still possible for our physical ascension to complete itself before mass ascension, but ultimately the perfect timing for this won’t be decided by the higher realms until it is already upon us.

We are so close, that waiting in standby mode is becoming easier, and the days are more fluid. It won’t hurt, but will only help, I feel, to keep my thoughts charged in this direction.

With love and light,
Dear Michelle,

you are obviously much better informed on my dream activities that I am. My dreams are very tense and exhausting these last days, not as vivid as yours, and I am happy to wake up early in the morning.

Today is another huge energy surge due to the opening of the portal 11.22 and it is another hard day for me. I do not think that we have finished with our job as I am  under the same pressure as I was this whole year. My sense is that there is still a lot of work to be done.

With love and light
November 20, 2012

Hi George,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our fun little email exchange the other day. . . you have no idea how grateful I am for you for keeping me somewhat sane and hopeful in this insane “reality” we are in. I wanted to reaffirm some things you said today…  the synchronicities always amaze me. . experiencing heat in my body, particularly at night. . last week around the solar eclipse I found myself waking at 4 am drenched in sweat. .The most striking thing was that last night I too had the definite feeling that I was leaving.

This morning I woke up with this complete feeling of detachment from 3d. I was telling you about this feeling of neutrality that came over me on Sunday that has persisted through today. I have absolutely no feelings about anything anymore, nothing. I find it curious because I was having feelings for a man I met several weeks ago, but because i have been spending most of my time in my multi-dimensional world, I can hardly remember anything about him, he sent me an e mail expressing his desire to talk to me on the phone and I couldn’t imagine what I would have to say. I have been existing in my “real” dream world for so long, that 3d has become unrecognizable. I have no idea what I am doing in 3d any longer and I can’t account for any time in it.

I’m also having this weird experience with food. I no longer can determine when I am hungry, no 3d food sounds good. When I do eat, I have no sense of being satisfied. I don’t want it anymore. I don’t remember during the day if i did eat, or what or when.I also find myself dropping things or forgetting how to work simple things. It feels as if I am losing my 3d body. As I am writing this, I feel really spaced out and even typing is beginning to be a challenge.  I am also seeing all sorts of blue portals and glorious light in a sky that supposedly is having torrential rain and wind. My experience and what I am reading on the weather report is completely different, feeling like this is part of the imminent ascension that we are experiencing. Hope you have a beautiful day George. . as always, see you soon!

Love and Light,
Dear Fiona,

I can confirm all these weird sensations that clearly indicate that we are no longer part of the 3d-reality or that it is dissolving in front of our eyes. The only thing that has remained unchanged are the physical pains during the coming waves. When these stop we will have fully detached from this world.

Today is such a day when I was hit one more time so severely that I believed this morning that I will ascend. The intensity is still very high and anything is possible from now on. Nov 22 is another auspicious date when many things may happen.

With love and light
November  20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

For a simple test of Ascension; one of the key elements to a person having ascended before or partially-ascended before, believe it or not, is the ability to read. People who have tried speed reading in the past and had little success at it, all of sudden find themselves being able to speed read, at sometimes astounding rates. It helps to do it consistently to be able to increase the rates.

One of the elements that Jerry forgot to include in the LBP is the ability of the skin.  It gets rashes, dizzying hot spells (such as you get), and boils. I had a nasty one right on the Mons Pubis (puncturing it was almost like going to the hospital!) and now another one has formed on my right leg thigh.

I must admit that Arnaldo Ronaldo’s message to you, from Portugal, has everything that person can say to you, Georg, and I concur with it fully.

I am going back to Neoplatonism and Christianity to finish where I left off translating. The book is, at this point, almost half translated.

In Love and Light,
Dear Henry,

I have just woke up from a midday nap after I was hit so hard by another ascension wave with extreme skin burning, stomach pains and peak intensity that I indeed thought for a while that I will be gone by now and actually it is still not finished yet so it can happen anytime.  I can hardly think and rapid reading is a Chimera in this state. This wave opens the portal 11.22 which seems to be extremely strong. I am always hit several days before such a portal is fully opened.

If you have read my latest publication with Marco on the Internet trolls, I did not intend to publish this email as I do not like praise, but did it only on purpose as I am pissed off by the nasty emails of these Internet trolls and thought this is a good idea to tease them a little bit.

Woh, the wave seems to peak again and I am so hot inside and outside that I will stop writing for now.

With love and light
November 20, 2012

Dear George,

I have read your article on Internet trolls and I am in total agreement with your analysis of these perverted creatures. They do not even realise that they are doing more harm to themselves then they ever can to you by writing and sending these animalistic, hate filled emails. They are only increasing their fears by doing so.

They can not affect an individual ,such as yourself, who does in no way contain the same fear based mind and emotions that they indulge in on a continuous and constant basis. These waste-contaminated haters of the light that we shine have no idea that their hatred will always be reflected and deflected back to them by a light-based individual and will only affect fear-based human-monsters like themselves.

Full of fear they don’t even realise that they are only destroying themselves and not at all those whom they seek to destroy and influence with their filthy minds and emotions. Like vampires who desperately try to sink their teeth and suck the blood of others and change them to be like how they are, these are Internet vampires who try to get underneath your skin by emanating all of their unconscious fears onto you hoping that you will in turn also truly emanate their fears and become as filthy as they are.

Unfortunately for them, just like how vampires can’t sink their teeth into someone wearing tough golden armor all around their body, these human vampires/drones can’t affect the emotional or mental state of a conscious being who radiates the most radiant light on this waste-filled planet.

Ultimately I simply have to laugh at the sheer foolishness and idiocy of this underground drones. Humanity may be dumbed down, but these human beasts are far from being dumbed down, they are simply the most zombie like animals one can find on this ignorance-infiltrated planet.

I simply only have to laugh and shake my head.

Love and Light
November 20 , 2012

Hallo George,

Here is something that will make the future visualization easier, and Chris is working for the wrong company.

Please watch this:

I hope we have a Chinese linguist among our PAT team, I wish to know what these people are saying.

in love and light,
Dear Joe,

thank you very  much for this video – My vision was something like this, but much more sophisticated of course.


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