Interim Energy Report Prior to the Official Opening of the Portal 11.11 at 11.11 GMT Today

by Georgi Stankov, November 11, 2012

On November 9 I had another cc-wave the whole day long as I expected when the portal 11.11. will be fully opened. I am always the first one to fully participate in any portal opening 2-3 days before the actual date. This is an invariant pattern to this procedure of opening major portals. On November 10  I was processing a lot of disappointment, frustration and simple physical exhaustion, mainly coming from the PAT members. It is always like this – first comes a huge energy descent from the Source into my field that also fills in the tanks of ascension and then comes the second phase of cleansing human dross through my field, which is actually the more unpleasant part of each ascension test-run. 

The new aspect this time is, compared to the last abortive test-run to ascend on Oct 31- Nov 3, that the energies are of a much better quality, more pure and more prone to trigger ascension. This is at least what I sense so far, so that there is a fair chance that we will reach the threshold this time and finally ascend physically.

I am now speaking of myself as I watch very carefully what is happening in my energy field, from where I gauge the global situation. This time my physical exhaustion is much less pronounced than the last time(s), although I am processing a lot of dross and it is still very strenuous. It can’t be otherwise, as now I am the nexus, through which all the energies coming from the Source are flowing into the unity field of the PAT and the web of light.

I must say that my resolute decision on behalf of the PAT, as unanimously confirmed by all of you, not to participate in any artificial religious dramas and only to shine the light we are as ascended masters, has decisively contributed to the establishment of a very straightforward and lean ascension scenario, which is now much easier to perform. There was indeed a great competition behind the veil which ascension drama should play out after we appear. And as there was no unanimity among the ascending souls, most of them belonging to believers, it was left for us to make the final decision, as was the case with the dropping of the fence straddlers in early August.

As we will appear in front of humanity immediately after our ascension, we were actually the one who had to make this final decision about how the upcoming drama of massive revelations – and it will be a huge drama, this I assure you – should play out for humanity. We might have as well decided to play another, new religious passion as in past incarnations, when we have been embroiled in such religious scripts. This would have been a possible alternative scenario, but each such script would have demanded for a further engagement with the plight of the masses of religious believers.

Now we have made a clear-cut choice and have disentangled ourselves from all religions in a decisive a priori manner. This was a pivotal decision that will heave our ascension ship much quicker and easier this time, as we no longer have any bonds with the masses or even with our relatives and friends, who may still cherish certain religious concepts even if they are officially atheists. This decision was the ultimate elimination of all rest fears that might have lurked in our subconscious as Dorie’s HS correctly commented in her last message.

From what we have been told by the HS of Dorie and April in their last messages, the chances are really very good for us to ascend now. I am very sure that the higher realms will use this potential and optimal situation to make the best of it, which means in the first place our physical ascension and that of the ascending portion of humanity to the 4th dimension, as the web of light is going up and takes all entities who were encompassed in this web. It will be a great setback for everybody if our ascension does not take place this time.

In the past it was always about achieving the optimal harvest of souls, and the longer we stayed on the ground, the better the harvest was. Now it will be the opposite – any further delay of the first wave of ascension would be definitely a severe setback for the whole ascension process. I do not believe that source and the higher realms will fail to use this optimal situation in the best possible way, after the last test-run to completely sever humanity from the dark energetic influence of the archons has been so successful. After all, there is no time to wait any longer.

Therefore, for the first time since the PAT has connected the dots more than a year ago, I see a very realistic chance to ascend physically, as all other possible alternative scenarios are an inferior version of this one. I do not believe that source and the higher reams will allow this to happen this time.

Below I have put a link to the latest message from a reliable source, which only recently commented very lucidly on human sexuality as published by myself on this website. This time it comments coincidentally about our major topic – how the infinite astral probability alternatives operate and under which circumstances one of them may be experienced in a state of incarnation.

I am now happy to announce that this night (Nov 11) there was a massive purging operation from the higher realms the world over and that all dark human entities were neutralized and imprisoned. I  participated very actively in this huge and very successful cleansing operation and remember many details. I assume that many of you also remember this event in the dream state and will report on it.

During the last cleansing wave Oct 31-Nov 3 we eliminated all dark archons and other alien entities from the 4th astral level. Now we did the same with the dark human entities on the ground. In particular I can confirm that all khazars, zionists, relatives and families of former nazis, etc. who are in their majority clones or hybrids of the Nordic (blond) type, created through genetic engineering by the Orion alien forces in their underground bases and occupying most of the CEO positions in banks and corporations or leading the dark secret services of the elite, were incarcerated and put either to jail or in asylums. This you should understand figuratively, as only their souls were retrieved from this earth and put on the timeline of the earth B under the surveillance of the forces of light and could no longer do any harm to the people with their inherent, heinous activities.

Now one should consider that 99% of the wealth of humanity was until now in the hands of 1% of the dark elite, which constituted of such clones or hybrids of the Nordic type. In addition come the shape-shifters and some reptilians who have incarnated in human bodies. These all were detained last night and fully eliminated from the rest of the incarnated human souls.

This time the cleansing operation was very swift and highly successful. It was accomplished without any great effort on the part of the PAT and the forces of light, as these pitiful entities have no longer the support of the archons from the astral plane. Without these energetic roots, these dark human entities are very weak and vulnerable and have no possibility to resist the forces of light.

I dreamed all the night in a very lucid state and remember most of these cleansing activities as summarized above. I was for instance also involved as a medical doctor in the treatment of some of these psychopaths by employing a new and very effective soul therapy based on energies coming from the source in order to save their souls from total decomposition in case they show no inclination of probation.

In addition, the energies in my body field were so powerful that I got giddy due to their higher rotational kinetics on several occasions in the night and had to wake up. This is also the reason why I remember my dreams so well as I continued fighting the dark ones in a awakened state between the sleep phases. I had to mitigate the vertigo with a special breathing technique and to calm somewhat my energies. Notwithstanding this enormous energetic stress, I woke up this morning very invigorated, in a combative and highly elated mood as if I have had a huge adrenalin peak after a successful, dangerous adventure.

Now when I evaluate this information, I come to the conclusion that a lot of cleansing work has been done this night prior to the official opening of the portal 11.11 at 11.11 GMT today. For me this portal was fully opened on Nov 9. and the last two days were very unpleasant with a series of the usual cleansing cc-waves with a headache during an ascension test-run. However this night the energies were of a different and much more harmonious quality. In fact this improvement commenced last evening and is still ongoing, notwithstanding the big battle we have fought last night.

After we have been so successful with the elimination of all dark human entities on the ground who actually represent the current elite, now the big transforming events will stipulate at the societal level.

One of the functions of the new energies of this portal is that they will lead to a full merging of the energies of the incarnated personality with that of his higher self, also described in many channelings as the unification of the twin flames. This will take place till the sun eclipse on Nov 13/14 and after that the overall energetic situation on the earth will improve dramatically.

Taking all this into consideration, I am very optimistic that the PAT will now ascend after the portal 11.11. has been fully opened, as there are no longer any dark adversaries on the ground to hinder our appearance in front of humanity. The rapidly awakening masses will either be in a state of complete shock after the crumbling of the old matrix and their habitual way of life and thus in a terrible need for a Saviour, or they will simply awaken and will welcome our coming.

It could even be possible now that the ID split and the shift of the planet A/B will happen this month. In this case earth A which is part of the planet A/B will shift on Dec 21 further on to the 5th dimension with that portion of humanity which is ready for this event. The new technologies will be introduced before that on planet A/B. The new earth A already exists as a blueprint, so that there will be simply a merging between the ascending earth A and its 5d-blueprint. The new technologies on earth A are already existing in the blueprint and will be much more advanced than that on planet A/B.

It all depends now on whether we will ascend in the next few days after the energies of the portal 11.11 have fully reached the masses and have exerted their beneficial effects on their minds and psyches. I am very optimistic personally that this will be case.

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