The Collective Telepathic Mind of the PAT

by Eugene du Plessis, October 19, 2012

You know, Georgi, you talk about the PAT synchronicity and it would not be fair if I didn’t say this: I have countess times seen this in the communications of the PAT. The events and experiences are often as if another is privy to each others details and are purposefully duplicating messages in different written format.

It so commonplace now to read the similarities and synchronistic events transpire within the messages, that I simply know the other members know and don’t often post my experiences. This is how my frame of mind is thinking, and how that changed since Aug last year !!!

I also know and believe now that, although we have it in our mission contracts to serve as the PAT, that we also have to manifest this reality as per the scientific process within 3D,  play it out, but also and simultaneously we are working outside the localised rules of manifestation and doing a multi-faceted and collective manifestation in a multi-dimensional way at the same time.

This is truly amazing. We have thus connected to our multi-dimensionality in a 3D construct of understanding as it were. Although we are aware we have multi-dimensional selves working in the higher realms, we were not conscious of it before. But now it’s changing – has changed!!! We are starting to get glimpses of this as we are systematically dissolving from 3D linear time and vibrational energies.

We are as a collective PAT a cohesive unit of singularly focused intent and the DESIRE, IMAGINATION and EXPECTATION, which are simplified requisites to manifest in 3D, are and have taken shape over the past year and a bit, as to I believe create further this family or soul understanding within the PAT consciousness – hence these very clear, symptomatic observations we encounter in the lives of the PAT members.

This congruent, jointly focused expectation from the PAT has now, at this advanced stage, reached that over-flow stage. What is so interesting is that its manifesting multi-dimensionally and the time lines merging is like a painting from Picasso at first glance to probably many an outsider LW, frowning from a distance, but not to a PAT member whose consciousness is now quickened as a result. The LW masses will probably soon become privy as a result of their consciousness linking into the PAT’s collective and planetary mind and resulting in understanding the “scar face” painting.


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