A Medical Chat Among Colleagues on the Psychopathic Symptoms of Cosmic Awareness and its Human Crew

by Marco Deim MD and Georgi Stankov MD, October 18, 2012

Hi Georgi!

Thanks for posting the Cosmic Awareness impostor’s statements.

I personally don’t waste any time with them since the information they have provided has been of such low vibration and completely useless, it’s even so toxic it can’t be used for fodder… so it’s basically less than shit.

I laughed through most of it because whoever was making those accusations and characterizations, didn’t even realize that they were contradicting themselves just by the very nature of the low vibratory presentation and the lack of simple logical analysis of what they are stating. This is where you excel and honestly surpass any other person I have ever met, so I’m not comparing them to your abilities, but certainly the many examples you have shown and proven is something to aspire to and apparently this Cosmic Awareness impostor doesn’t have the awareness or equipment to complete the task he is supposedly charged with… another ball-less moron.

Although I don’t waste my time with this bullshit, I do totally understand the necessity of you publicly addressing this, and I strongly support this decision in every way possible.

I hope you are well otherwise, I’m still just hanging in there… Thank you for being you George, you made me smile!

My best to you and your family,
Marco NYC

Dear Marco,

thank you for your validation on the CA attacks against the PAT and myself. The most despicable aspect of this whole scam is that these morons do not even bother to read our website as not to make such apparent mistakes like declaring that I am plagiarising their allegedly important information.

It is a matter of fact that this entity of Berlinghof has been alternatingly used by light channels and dark channels in the last years. When there was an important information to convey to us, as was the case with Valeri about the three-earth-scenario which I already knew almost a month ago but had no external proofs, Berlinghof was used as a vehicle to transmit this important information. It was however not comprehended by the CAC themselves, as we both have discussed it at that time when you were also indignant about their stupidity, as this information was beyond their mental and spiritual horizon.

If it were not for us to grasp the importance of this decision, because we, the PAT were the architects and decision makers of this new balanced earth A/B, they would have never realized the magnitude of this decision for the whole humanity. Given their recent confused questions, it is my impression that they still have not the faintest idea what will come next and how the big events will unfold.

In this respect the CAC makes though no exception, as this ignorance is epidemic in the whole LW community. After that this moron of Berlinghof has completely succumbed to dark influences, and especially after his marriage with Callista, and since then he only channels dark, fear-based information. This was the reason why I was hesitant to fully discard this source early this year, but after March the downward spiral was so evident that I had to intervene and make my critical comments, which this GM (group of morons) could not bear to hear.

This was exploited by the dark archons that have now taken full control of Berlinghof and they used him as a vehicle to dumb down this group, which was already debased, but also to start their attacks against us, knowing that they have lost the war against us and can only instigate some small skirmishes, which are merely the death convulsions of these dark ones.

With love and light


I tried to locate the full statements of the Cosmic Awareness impostor as I just realized it was only an excerpt.

The impostor making these statements must really feel threatened by you/us/the thought pattern we are presenting due to his extraordinary length of the responses and statements.

Look at the imposter’s past responses regarding some critically important information or questions, they are utterly confusing and extremely brief, one or two sentences as a response.

When it comes to you and the PAT, we get paragraph answers that are ridiculously defensive. This only proves how retarded this person is, but also proves that he didn’t even bother to read or analyze his own statements. I mean could he be any more irresponsible?

There should be a ‘critical analysis’ function button right next to the spell check one… he may need it wherever he is going since its obviously not 5D.

Oh and just a random question thinking about all this, do you think there is any other ramification for lying on such a grand scale and fraudulently impersonating Cosmic Awareness? Is it just you, having to account to yourself at a higher level of awareness energetically or do you think anyone else is involved at overseeing entities facing the lies and being responsible for them?

Marco  NYC

Dear Marco,

you should go one more time to the CA Forum and watch a video with Berlinghof. I also saw him for the first time in a video yesterday and my immediate clinical diagnosis is that he is a highly psychopathic person. You are a physician yourself and I would very much appreciate to hear your visual clinical opinion on this person. I believe that he is fully under a dark spell and that he has severe mental and psychotic deviations, just as I diagnosed the same with Greg Giles when I first saw his photo half a year ago. I am very clairvoyant in this respect and my “clinical eye” never fails. It is part of my higher education as a healer most probably.

Now given the fact that this man is indeed highly psychopathic – watch carefully the distortion of his perioral muscles and mimic which is almost demonic – it is not difficult to explain why this entity succumbed to this dark propaganda.

Short time ago they had an internal eclat with two of their Forum moderators which they  expelled as they dared to have a personal opinion, which CA disliked (you can read the details on the CA Forum) and then CA issued such a venomous tirade against these two persons that you can hear the devil himself. One of them has the name of “anarchobanjo”.

The irony of this whole affair is that only half a year ago, this same CA (or probably another more positive source under this name) admired the intuition and mediality of this person in another channeling. Hence my impression is that the memory of the GM (group of morons) is so short that they forget everything between two visits to the toilet, which is for me the valid definition of “cretinism”. In this sense the term “moron”, we both use for these people, is an euphemism.

It is difficult to explain their idiotic behaviour other than to consider it the product of idiots (the tautology of the idiot)  who are fully intoxicated by the dark archons that this moron channels under the name of CA.

By the way, I have expelled these dark entities today in a Christed meditation from this earth and astral regions and I am very eager to see if Berlinghof will continue to channel this dark trash or even if this entity will ever channel. This is an important experiment for our growing power as Earth Keepers to begin controlling the events on this planet in anticipation of our ascension.

With love and light

Oh my! Why did you make me watch him…LOL

Ok, so my disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist but…

I watched Berlinghof for about 25 minutes in the video, as long as I could. I had a hard time getting past the retarded robot voice,( it reminded me of my channeling session with Linda Dillon years ago when she, while ‘channeling’ in the robot voice had an urgent message to interject from Sai Baba (the recently deceased demonic pedophile, and yes I observed this first hand while in India) to tell me I was St. Mark, Galileo Galilee and Paul Atreides of Frank Herbert’s Dune…while my ego was flattered, I had to control myself as not to laugh hysterically out loud, all this for the small price of $200.00. And for $200.00 you too can be told you are a super-being that controls the Universe, but oh wait, you already are and you didn’t need to pay for it! )

With Berlinghof, the terms paranoid schizophrenia and shared psychotic disorder come to mind. I was trained in advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and since then I automatically notice certain things related to what people say and how they say it, its hard to turn that off after you are trained. Anyway, this was the very first thing I noticed with Berlinghof and sadly he presented all the indications or deception and lying, his body could not hide the signs even as he was being manipulated by whatever dark entity.  I am also able to assess medical and psychological situations almost instantly after observing someone even briefly. I questioned this ability and myself initially thinking I might be delusional until I made the connection with you and the empirical confirmation later that my assessment were always accurate and you are dead on with your assessments as well, you have a great eye and apparently the same skills.

Its incredibly disappointing and concerning that this man that alleges connections with Cosmic Awareness is as a complete moron, an empty vessel that is easily manipulated and you can also easily see his weakness in this regard. In the video I saw  (http://rainbow-phoenix.com/blog/tag/berlinghof ) you can see a dark shadow superimposed over his body that is clearly manipulating everything he thinks and says and is robotically controlling his physical body and mind. He made a Freudian slip and one point and used the word ‘orgasmic’ instead of ‘organism’ (too much Callista I guess) and he gritted and fully bared his teeth while saying this and correcting himself, the demon controlling him started to leak through the Berlinghof facade. I’m trying to be as objective as possible, but Cosmic Awareness represents to me the highest purity possible and I view this deceptive comedy using CA’s name as sacrilege of a sort, like defiling a child or something…unspeakable disgust. I suppose that’s my personal hang up and I should just laugh it off and accept Berlinghof is where he is and not to take it personally, but I can’t get over him falsely using the archetype/logos of Cosmic Awareness to present this bullshit to the world.

I will pray for them.

All my best,
Marco NYC


Dear Marco,

thank you very much for your assessment of the psychotic disorder of Berlinghof, which is so obvious to a skilled clinical eye that it is surprising why so many people cannot see the facts and get mired by such psychopaths. If this is the trademark of our current human civilisation, then we have every reason to wrap it up as soon as possible and destroy this Orion-Archonic matrix, where such human individuals are only the incarnation of the most insidious dark energies in the whole universe.

Just like you, I have a very sensitive antennae for such kind of psychopathic aberrations and can smell them two miles against the wind. But I am glad that you confirm my opinion about this entity  based on his behaviour on the video  It is extremely revealing and, with each day as the energy frequencies on this planet augment, such demonic behaviour can longer be hidden. This will be the real hell for all those entities who have so far lived well in mimicry with the dark background  of the old Orion matrix. Now that it is crumbling, their mimicry can no longer  be sustained. These human entities are like the reptilian shape-shifters of the current elite, who can no longer sustain their holographic camouflage of human beings and have begun to disappear from the scene. Let us hope that the next wave to disappear will be such esoteric charlatans as Berlinghof. They are indeed a disgrace to humanity

With love and light




Sorry about the multiple emails.

I just wanted to thank you guys especially Dorie and April for so openly sharing their HS dialogues and encouraging everyone to personally strengthen and rely on their own connections to themselves. It always fascinates me how the higher realms work and just how little I know about anything…. just when we needed some eye-opening and some perspective, you kind Ladies just literally floated down like angels into the PAT public dialogues and inspirationally share your most intimate aspects of yourselves, and dialectically complimenting Georgi in perfect symmetry, reminding and encouraging all of us to do that same. You guys are truly amazing.

Just in case someone other than you reads this, I also want to state that even though my comments to you and the possible crudeness and judgmental statements are of course from the highest level of love and compassion I have.

I’m honestly praying and sending positive intentions to anyone at all that is in a low vibratory space at this time… my dream is that everyone, EVERYONE, gets to 5D or higher and we all live in a happy place, how amazing would that be… I’m a Sagittarius so I tend to be a little idealistic and prone to fantasy, but I also must accept that some peoples path’s are not to move into higher vibratory places.

Marco NYC

Dear Marco,

on behalf of Dorie, April and myself I would like to thank you for your appreciation of our relentless fight for full transparency and spiritual enlightenment beyond the limits of the human ego-mind, even though sometimes our revelations may evoke the impression of being a kind of “a soul exhibitionism”. But this will be the path that humanity will have to follow, if these souls really want to ascend as high as we have already ascended, as the coming months will reveal.

With love and light

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