The Fall From Grace of the New Age Movement

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, September 5, 2012

The proverbial “Fall from Grace“ of the New Age movement began at the very moment when this selected community of indigo star seeds, breeded in the toxic atmosphere of the Orion matrix since the end of WW2. decided to neglect their intellect and substituted it with their dubious, unquestioned feelings, which they falsely interpreted to be coming from their “sacred“ hearts. In fact, the hearts of the New Agers were just as poisoned by the Orion matrix as their minds. As they put their intellectuality aside, they were in the classical dilemma of not being able to analyze their feelings in an abstract way and thus became an easy prey to their weird esoteric sentiments. The latter built the fertile ground for many faulty ideas that now circulate on the Internet and compromise the small “enlightened” community of mankind. 

One prominent New Age blunder is that one has to neglect his common sense, being the only bridge to this despicable Orion reality that helps the incarnated entity to anchor its personal soul energy in the field of Gaia. This is the first and most important energetic prerequisite for any meaningful light worker’s activity on the ground – to infuse high frequency light energies in the darkness of this planet and its equally dark human population. As the New Agers failed in this first step, the fall from grace was pre-programmed in their further sojourn on the earth.

Most New Agers from the first indigo generation (born shortly after 1944) up to the last one (born shortly before 1987) believed that as long as they dwell in some obscure imaginations of what spiritual life should be, this would be a sufficient condition to become an enlightened person. None of them, I repeat, none of them, bothered to acquire universal education and specialized knowledge in science, philosophy, politics, economics, history or even literature and arts and to go the tedious path of learning first hand the infinite blunders and deceptions of the present-day human cultural heritage, before being able to straddle new spiritual paths. Instead, they picked up at random some scattered pieces of weird facts and second-hand esoteric (not true gnostic) knowledge and believed that this is sufficient to win in the cosmic lottery.

I can quote quite a few prominent New Agers’ names and their writings on the Internet scene to underscore my statements, but they are not even worth mentioning, as their actual spiritual achievements are approaching asymptotically the zero intellectual value. You cannot have a true and powerful spiritual renaissance unless you subscribe to immaculate intellectual and ethical principles. If one reads with an open, scientifically educated mind the incredible trash that has been produced by numerous light workers about the soul and the soul realms, dimensions, frequency ranges, the nature of energy, the illusion of space-time, quantum fields, linear time, simultaneity of events, etc. in the esoteric literature since WW2, as I regularly do with a critical intent, one can get really dizzy from the incredible stupidity, ignorance and mental confusion of this small community, which preposterously claims to “work for the light”. Hence the term “light workers” which bears a striking resemblance to the more sober political term “lumpen proletariat”.

Like all scientists, all present-day New Agers and esotericists have no sound cognitive and epistemological foundation, upon which they could build their vision of the multi-dimensional reality of the higher realms and thus reach with their limited thinking beyond the veil of forgetfulness. This is a principal deficiency they cannot surmount, no matter how much esoteric trash they produce or channel on a daily basis.

It is not sufficient to read about some hidden facts, the mass media tacitly omit or suppress, and become an enlightened person. What is the educational effect if you know about the Orion/Reptilian empire and its most common and primitive means of deception such as the substitution of elected politicians with reptilian shape-shifters and human clones to manipulate the political system and enslave the helpless electorate, unless you do not have a deeper knowledge on the underlying basic economic and energetic intentions and strategies of the PTB as to how to dumb down humanity?

One cannot escape this vicious circle of perennial social and economic enslavement, before one has established firm intellectual concepts about basic ethical and spiritual values, which are currently not an issue in all present-day channellings and other falsified esoteric messages that circulate on the Internet, as these must be deeply rooted in profound philosophical ideas. Unfortunately, all channellers and light workers nowadays do not even know how to spell the word ”philosophy”, be they Suzanne Lie, Ute, Mark, Berlinghof, Tyberonn, to name some of the better channellers and omit the most dumbed down ones from the “Greg Giles and Orion company”.

The problem is not only the extremely poor quality of the messages, which should be embarrassing to both authors and readers, but the clear evidence that humanity is left alone in its profound ignorance, because its alleged spiritual leaders are just as stupid and ignorant as the slumbering masses, only that they are participating in another esoteric dream. We are complaining about the narrow selectivity of human perceptions that makes the masses blind to any transcendental realities and developments. But I can diagnose the same perceptual selectivity and narrow mindedness in all light workers, whom I have encountered, read or dealt with so far.

If they are, for instance, not fully in the LBP, they do not even realize that there is such a phenomenon and that this is the gateway to personal cosmic ascension. Even the concept of cosmic ascension beyond the 5th dimension is completely unknown to them. As they do not realize this energetic background, they automatically fail to comprehend the role of mass ascension to the 5th dimension by the end of this year and hence the dynamics of the two ID splits of the three earth timelines that will occur in the remaining four months of this year. Ultimately, they do not grasp the inner logic of the current End Time scenario and thus are blind to all cosmic events, which they have made the main topic of their lives and writings as self-proclaimed light workers.

As most of them do not grasp the energetic dynamics of the ID split and its ramifications (as proven in my two previous articles), they cannot comprehend the functioning of the multi-dimensional operating system which is now established in all ascension candidates and transforms them to a completely new energetic, transgalactic species in the near future after the ID split, when linear time will be eliminated for ever as a hallucination of the limited human senses. But how can these New Agers understand this transformation (expansion) of human awareness, when they still have not realized that “linear time” is a synonym for “space/distance”. As long as one has not grasped this semantic and conceptual blunder of the human mind, one will never be able comprehend the multi-dimensional simultaneity of All-That-Is.

And why don’t they understand the multi-dimensional nature of All-That-Is? Because they have not spent any thoughts on the nature of 3d-space-time, which they perceive as their only reality. But in order to deal with the illusory nature of space-time you have first to question your current limited human senses, external and internal sensations, and mental perceptions. And I do not know a single light worker, who has performed this intellectual work in depth. All New Agers have not grasped first, where the limitations of the human mind come from as to start contemplating in a second step, how they can be overcome to acquire an expanded awareness.

As our crystalline PAT member Aegil recently discussed in his excellent essay, these people have no idea of consistent, logical, axiomatic thinking, which eliminates all thought patterns and idea gestalts that are N-sets and exclude the Whole as an element and thus automatically and unconsciously follow the old Orion thinking of separation and compartmentalization, even though they juggle with pretentious, empty words, such as “unconditional love” and “emotional right brain”. Why don’t they use for an exception their whole brain and intellectual center (5th chakra)? Because it is too strenuous and they may come to the conclusion (in case they are honest enough, which is very rare among New Agers) that they have remained the same cretins before they decided to enter the Aquarius age and tarnish their stupidity and faint hearts in rosy colours and fluffy esoteric down.

These comments of course exclude all crystalline children, who have never been attracted by the stupid, weird ideas of the older indigo generations and follow their straight path of cognition indomitably and without any compromises. Many of them have published excellent essays on this website, and it has always been my pleasure to support them on their way to intellectual perfection wherever I can.

Thus one comes full circle back to the LBP and begins to understand it (or eventually not) as a necessary upgrading energetic process that transforms in the first place human consciousness and abstract thinking and only then the carbon-based body to a crystalline one. Our intelligence is not in the body, but it has always been part, an U-set of the cosmic spirit. This truth, which most New Agers obviously fail to grasp, was known to the Neoplatonist Plotinus 1800 years ago.

And how can one fully understand the LBP as a personal experience and its overarching energetic imperatives for human awareness, if one has no idea about the biological regulation of the physical vessel as a low frequency, dense energetic U-set that is created by the higher frequency energies of the soul, flowing through the body chakras? Only then can one talk about light codes and upgrading of the current two DNA-strands to twelve strands and more.

The problem is that most channellers and esoteric writers have no scientific idea how the genetic code operates at the physical level, from where they should depart to discuss the upgrading of the human DNA in the course of the LBP. They have never heard, for instance, of the known process of “splicing of DNA”, they have no idea of the supramolecular, polyene quantum structure of the DNA double helix and how it is regulated by the high-frequency software program of the soul, which cannot be measured yet with material instruments as it is beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. They have absolutely no idea how proteins and other building elements of the cell are created from the genetic code. They have never heard of such processes as the “targeting of proteins” in the endoplasmic reticulum and in the cytoplasma, which is still an enigma to the conventional bio-science and first solved by myself in the General Theory of Biological Regulation of the Universal Law, just to name some of the numerous intellectual achievements of this incredibly sophisticated and consistent bio-theory, but they, nonetheless, repeat like parrots the stupid stuff they channel about human DNA, mostly from the lower Orion astral plane.

Unless all these technical and theoretical problems are solved and fully integrated into the personal weltanschaung in a conscious and active intellectual manner, nobody can truly grasp the function of the personal LBP and the PAT as a collective cosmic mind and incredible force that is able to heave a whole planet and its population to a higher dimension through the process of inserting higher frequency energies in the field of Gaia and the astral matrix of humanity until the threshold of ascension is reached.

This is the principal energetic mechanism of extremely complex cosmic processes, which one can easily comprehend if one has a clear idea of the true nature of Energy = All-That-Is, but these processes must inevitably remain incomprehensible to the light worker as long as he has no physical and scientific background and has not been educated to think in a logical and consistent manner, as is the case with virtually all light workers currently. This is the intellectual hurdle that separates those who really know from those, who know not, as I wrote in a recent article. And it will stay so to the very end of this reality, which has almost arrived.

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