The Explosion of Mind of a Hungarian Crystalline Child (17)

by Magyar X., September  26, 2012

Dear Georgi, Fellow PATsters,

I do not mean to be childish or negative. I did NOT surrender to my ego as the first wave of starborns, I made a sacrifice, coping with whatsoever torment it entailed, I regarded it a joyful challenge, lacking the opportunity to unleash real-time action scenes in physical reality, this was the closest substitute and at the same time an indispensable factor for awakening. Do not get me wrong but I reside within an ordinarily-operating human body with a relatively mediocre outlook, multiply defying existential laws on Earth, as I am able to observe true 3D multidimensional floaters (in nature 4D but as our vision is degraded by a dimensional factor) with my two physical eyes and possessing a wide variety inhuman abilities, unheard of such as instantly indulging into a state of trance, traveling into 3 dimensions/realities just in 2 seconds no more, which results in getting glimpses/imagery-scenes/visuals which are memorable though by the physical mind impermeable and thus inconceivable, indescribable.

As a powerful addition to this:  miraculous numbers on license plates, anywhere I may roam on the Net, in the shops or on the streets. Such remarkable instances include the magical numbers (111, 122, 144 222, 333, 777). Four cars in a row combo hit with the numbers fitting  as well, and on one occasion the whole two-digit sequence (11,22,33,44..99) opened up before me and I was truly impressed by its manifestation in front of my eyes. Is it coincidental? The ascended master of numerology supporting me?  And this occurs very frequently and been like this for months, with a bit bluff, anywhere I look. My beloved numbers appear, with physically reasonable excuses, one way or another. You may get the pattern from this. and I found that sleep deprivation which I pursued a year ago was pretty helpful in kicking open my mind, experimenting with digital stimulant drugs, my awareness sharpened and ultimately come into a full cycle of the so-called spiritual awakening process. Ridiculous enough that I have, by the last days of this cycle, come to realize how to act naturally and function as a member of society.

May just be an expansion of my mind which swallows everything that is required in order to keep up the appearances ANYWHERE. There is no reason to conceal my identity and whereabouts, I was incarnated onto Earth in Hungary, and am currently 17 years old, this fact however means nothing, has nothing in common with my true origins.

It is without any doubt that I extremely intensely went through the LBP and my circulatory system is streamlined with alternative higher-frequency energy-circuits. even if I wanted I could not deny it anymore, there are too many factors, external and internal, coinciding with what you are describing, experiencing. I resonated with each and every symptoms ever mentioned by you, with higher-lower intensity indeed, not to mention your previous articles which I could expand with my in-flowing thoughts if I’d take the time (I suspect these intuitive, sentimental insights to be coming from the Source through my HS obviously) or simply apply them (each sentence in a paragraph) with concrete examples, perpetuating its irrefutable variety. The walls, boundaries of this not-so four-squared reality are literally crumbling and my mind wanders whenever I am confronted with another lesson to suffer through in an allegedly intellectual high-school, I can observe this phenomenon slowly but surely in every aspect of life, complex and general.

What I have observed is that they are not miserable at all and they do not lack creativity at all within their own boundaries. They have a definite style but are terribly simple-minded and more importantly,predictable. What I’d also like to point out is that they are unaware of the concept of what it means to “lose-a-thought-unrelated to linear reality unbound by time and space you are holographically experiencing” or get lost in your parallel thought flows consequently lose a remarkable idea which may later pass through your mind again, provided that a similar thought flow recurs.

Simplicity of the human mind,  that is all about it, unless you come to realize and thus activate without further ado your integrated universal consciousness. My mind has already broken free actually, flapping its wings on probation for so long, so I judge “wandering” to be an ignorant, incorrect, outdated term for this, as I regard it by now my normal condition and no efforts whatsoever I have to invest in order to detach from this reality to which I could never relate to the full extent and with honesty. I disregarded anything that was dumb, below my level of intellect, and I am thankful for you especially for paving the spiritual way, I absorbed, grasped the intellect of each of your articles I have read.

I was so horribly ignorant a year ago that I disregarded your website due to my mental enslavement and dark influence back then, but for some reason, as I evolved more and more, I was redirected onto it and has been in my primary scope and literal-paradise ever since. This website for me is the preliminary heaven on Earth, providing the best conditions to feel in heaven even if you are bounded by a holographic illusion. Have you telepathically learnt me that what is true and false in this physical reality? I seriously believe so, if not, then the knowledge/untouchable intellect is included in the light-codes we are receiving (or were receiving in the near past). Which cleanses us of dark dross and disposes of obsolete belief systems, obsolete thought patterns which our HS/Soul renders negative and identifies as destructive, hindering interference/disturbance. Unconditional respect and unselfishness emanates from this website which I integrated into my mechanism I automatically know that the most of unenlightened, incapacitated, captivated, led-astray Lightworkers provide false, fear-based, egoistic, materialistic articles and unbiased channeled messages. I truly resonate with your fact that the knowledge which they absorb through extraterrestrial sources are not integrated into their minds so as to DEVELOP themselves and actually profit from it.

For a moment I could feel through your heart-aching pain as you come across the low level of intellect in the crowds, constantly fighting for them, attempting to save them, while they are hopeless, puppet-like  fence-straddlers pulled on a string by the Puppeteer PTB unconscious of their selves and free will, chakras essentially sealed, which makes it impossible to comprehend a vibrating sequence of  truth-revelation just by reading the most intellectual and revolutionary (in a very positive sense) on Earth.  PTB is the Thing of the past anyway.

I also came to realize that I overestimated the music I sent you in my first and previous message, and I apologize for that. F After your message, I literally got disgusted, appalled by it. I highly appreciate your efforts of stimulating me towards the right path. It was a mere sentence but a very insightful and intellectual message for me, which clearly validates, once again, the telepathic communication. Your words, Captain, work a charm literally. I was surprised by the nausea I received before I attempted to listen to those tracks (Project Pitchfork) once again, it is as if my HS or some superior force rejected it, saying: rubbish, destructive, dulling, outdated for me. Don’t do it.

Things/activities for me have become incredibly quickly outdated, obsolete shortly upon realization that they are NO LONGER of value for me, as I proceeded towards absolute enlightenment, taking up new concepts, theories and throwing them away just to be substituted with an even newer, more sophisticated one. (Disposing of a thousand books in your case, which you mentioned in an article a few weeks ago; basically the same with me but books are rather like ideas, concepts and a wide variety of stuff on the Internet). I listen to music for the sole reason of inspiring myself into altered states of perception which makes cleansing/energetic works, succumbing to my soul’s intellect ultimately.

Techno and all the associated musical genres have some gems though, apart from a few exception they indeed lack any creativity and dumb down the youngsters and adults alike, promoting, encouraging a primitive, zombie-ish way of thinking/mentality, saying: the less you use your brain the easier and more enjoyable the senseless life gets. They are right in a sense, they are not supposed to evolve are they? WE are chosen to evolve in this incarnation, not them. Their souls are stagnant, let us be honest. Now, this is what I call whole-hearted ignorance and mis-education

I can not prove all what is inside me and I sense this message is composed entirely in vain, but having nothing else to do in these final days (all my interests I pursued are degraded and the usefulness-frequency is getting hypocritical and thus I emit anything that lacks intellect). In the higher realms however I am very actively collaborating in a dream state, I swear on that. Today dawn for instance, around 4-5 AM my soul-spark was enraged and suggested, by the interrupting tempest, effect amplified  lightning strikes, that this reality is not what it seems anymore. Something else has changed, not merely what has been remarked and detailed in your brilliant and up-to-date articles. The PAT is the only true source I trust on this matters.

And of course, as the day progressed I was still sucked back into the void in which I have been for a few months now, spent the whole day in a labyrinth/nothingness lost between this physical reality and somewhere on the way to the Source I suppose. Is it not exaggeration to say that this world is clearly falling apart? For me it would have nor reason neither rhyme at all to carry on here, no such thing as “forward”, being now fully aware of the fact we deserve more than this, after our painstaking, sweaty efforts and endeavors for years, in your case, for decades. I have done what I could, with relatively little success. We have a common goal, which is: to make this world better and expand our consciousness, consequently exploiting our true infinite creative potentials which are suppressed in the constraints of this physical vessel. There is a dark force lurking and governing which everyone should admit, even Outsiders, as totally logically, this system, be it reptilian/human is quite inefficient and is statistically on the verge of collapse and getting worse by the moment.

Not to mention the Illuminati and the governmental conspiracies in order to decimate the Earthly human population. Something logically must happen, everyone should come to realize this simple fact, which for the ordinary Joe would require enormous determination I am well aware of this. The high discrepancy between the age group of PAT-members is remarkable. I also had a chance to differentiate heaven and hell, beyond any expectations, entering the dream-paradise of the higher realms, on one occasion, in the same dream scene there was both heaven and hell present all at once, it is a bit peculiar and self-contradictory, but since duality owns everything it should be a common thing.

Once I felt like I was truly a living, pulsating, celestial star irradiating light. To experience such a thing without illusory perceptions and narcotics, I must have heaved myself up to the Source itself or not much dimensionally below that, right? Then, like a fallen angel, landing again on impending Hell on Earth, tormented to suffer another day through which is only garmented and made up for the euphoric/hyperactive/stray, unexpected, raging, revolutionary multifarious, unprecedented, biased visual-mental-emotional insights and visions I am intercepting from the higher dimensions in the form of emotional atmospheres/imageries/specialties always from a different aspect as I live for the NOW, and in school I detest the recurring atmospheres which I tend to explore and exhaust all at once and possibly never return to it. I still strictly believe that my SOUL itself either originates from the Source or is mysteriously some kind of hybrid. Did you also mean that the charming characteristics for Arcturians/Sirians and so on were also made up by the dark ones, leaders of the former PTB?

The keywords I recently received from my ghost radar which may be of some significance regarding the final process: structure, pipe, printed, University. Could constitute a sentence which may be of key importance. As I am having powerful visions, a myriad of intuitive insights which some of the fellow participants do not receive with such tormenting intensity (multidimensional, more complex operating system is, I am suspecting, already active more or less within me, thus the duality can not procreate a state of symbiotic equilibrium that is why I am desynchronized and unbiased with this reality). In this curious case I may take it into consideration that I may be the missing link (if I am to contribute material and excerpts from my knowledge physically).

I am still abhorrently disintegrated, confused as a general characteristic trait for me, as I had been more or less in my whole life, it has been quite a ride though with the dark horse and Lords of light alike. Do not feel the darkness and then there will be a light. The people I met up with one-by-one accused me of being incredibly complex. As if there were something within me willing to break out, oh, all these repressed emotions, outrageous sentiments which I could feel pulsating deep within on countless occasions (De Profundis, Ad Astra). Crying had been barely a relief, and I was unable to consciously convert my energies. Even if I sensed INSPIRED rage, aggression, (still being a manifestation of energy) I had always known that by the power of will I can contribute some way to the PAT by converting these energies. You may know how this mechanism operates.

I withdraw from any useless additional activity as I see no reason to develop unnecessary skills here anymore, not like I felt the vital significance of this before coming to a fully conscious realization.  I guess I could easily say that I got the fuel exponentially in higher quantities than the lowest of imaginary requirements to qualify for Ascension, a myriad of slumbering, dormant, inactive sparks within the circuit are activated all of a sudden, a collective explosion of light-bodies.

To all the non-believers: I feel sorry for their weaknesses. Most of their minds are of dew, their egoistic lust and physical joys which they truly do enjoy kicking the notion of creative potential/souls out of sight, dooming it to a bottomless abyss of ignorance. They are mentally incapable, either dumbed down or taking the wrong path (or deliberately led astray) of catalyzed spiritual evolution in the End Times. You must also admit the fact that they are less patient and open to regarding these matters such as meditation and dealing with something with full passion from which you have been cut off, namely the Source (realizing the existence intergalactic portal and the influx of higher frequency energies, and unbiased channellings, as you have surely observed while verbally communicating general folks).

What a powerful blast of will we induce? A few days ago I had doubts whether I am parts of this cosmic/universal process but nowadays I am so addicted to it that I only feel natural and “at home” when I am thinking, writing about, meditating on this. I wrote up transcendental theories out of this world, the same way you did, getting involved with personal evolutionary process which even the majority of Lightworkers fail to realize, ceaselessly, though in a less organized manner. The first wave of Indigo-generation failed and thus we came to compliment them, taking over all their immense energetic burdens, the second wave living up to expectations.

It was not merely my hobby but the meaning of this incarnation, while we are still crawling here in the illusory mist,  knowing that we will take off soon. I could have been still lost, lulled by the temptation of physical paradise but it is as if my Higher self guided me out of the (linearly) inescapable labyrinth of the mind. With our all-pervasive aura shining with a bright white light, we are uninfluenced by negative disturbances emanating from the still-dumbed/numbed down masses. The interrelation between us is now diamond, infallible, non-commuting, firmer than ewer I dare to say as we keep our spirits high. Thus I need not cope anymore with instances of lack of inspiration-panic-attack and being disheartened, doubting the reality that is awaiting for me.

As we operate as a mirror split up into pieces, or so to say puzzle pieces scattered all over this planet, we telepathically receive messages/feelings from each other at times, intercepting, living through a wide range of undulating emotions other than individual ones. Collective consciousness is what expanded my brain capacity besides my stamina and persistence, and I am proud to be a “shard” or “piece” of it. I daily travel along a major ley-line if it is a precondition. Well, there is also a ley line right under my bed, by which I successfully eradicated the forces of darkness a year ago, tormenting me through this electrical power-grid of Ley every night. It is now over without poisonous medications and regulators whatsoever and I wonder why? I literally disposed of the evil and all my fears by crashing them into the corner. What about PAT members which for some reason do not live along a ley line? Will they still be successfully interconnected with the collective PATsciousness?

I already feel like that with my energetic surges/mental spasms I am releasing a high deal energy, so connecting to the collective LB will be no problem, I could even reinforce the less certainly raging ones (PATsters needing some help if their sparks are “uninspired”).  Trip down the memory lane is also commencing, in the form of inspiration, which to me is the equivalent of infinite creative potentials. Out of many things, inspiration is what I had never run out of in this toxic physical plane.

That’s all for now, in hope I did not ruin your morale.

Have a good time,
With a Powerful Energybomb Of Love & Light,
Unknown Soul from the Source still in a human disguise


A fragment of my creativity I extracted into this poetry collection, I dispatch it as an attachment:

MysterySeeker’s Hybrid Poetry & Lyrics Selection ( Volume I).htm

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