Take Your Destiny in Your Hands and Ascend. Or How to Push the Button of Detonation

By Georgi Stankov and Dorie Bowlin, July 22, 2012

Dear Dorie,

Please read very carefully my latest publication “Say No to Heaven and Ascend” where I discuss a very important issue with Jerry. See if you can get some more information from your HS as this topic is key to our imminent ascension and must be resolved or highlighted immediately.

With love and light


I have read the latest post “Say No to Heaven and Ascend”.  Here is the message that I received from HS–this has been the toughest one for me to receive so far, as I do not have the scientific background to understand what I am seeing or hearing. Perhaps you can help me with what I am receiving.

Dorie’s Fourth Message from Her HS

Many times intense waves of energy have been sent to increase Light Energy on the ground, in hopes that through your transmissions of this Light Energy, it would increase awareness to the point that awakening would occur.

Now the quotient has reached it’s maximum level to the desired energy, which will finally create a ‘supernova’ effect.

In DEMANDING that your HS’s release your bodies as the receivers/transmitters of this energy, your physical vessels will increase to such a frequency level of intensity, that the result will be that of a Supernova being (created/discharged?) 

All of the Light Energy, which the physical vessel is holding, will be grounded into Mother Earth creating the final powerful wave of energy that will be felt by all. Ascension will be the result of your final releasing of this Light Energy into the Planet. 

In essence, you have given the orders, your explosives are prepared, the timer is set, and it is purely a matter now of pushing the button of detonation.

I hope this helps Georgi!



Dear Dorie,

this message essentially confirms what we knew and have extensively discussed prior to the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. We knew already at that time that during our ascension and going through our portals, we will release one million-fold more energy than our normal body fields contain within a fraction of a second and that this energy would be the driving power that will heave Gaia to the 4th dimension, while we would ascend beyond the 5th dimension (cosmic ascension).

This did not happen at that time as the threshold could not be reached, but now the overall energy level on the earth is so high due to our combined efforts during these last 10 months after 11.11.11, that we can indeed easily reach the necessary threshold and leave earth as ascended masters, while heaving it to the higher 4th dimension and thus performing the ID split of the two timelines – the catastrophic earth B with the clones and the dark cabal, including  the off-world forces from the Orion/Reptilian empire, from the balanced earth A/B, which will also contain the ascending version A at the end of this year.

Your message confirms my conclusion that we, all the PAT members, must now consciously take our destiny in our hands and solemnly declare that:

We want to be released from our physical vessels as soon as possible, but no later than the end of this month, at best on July 25th, thus triggering the ID split and the ascension of the balanced earth A/B to the 4th dimension.

I already made this vow today by solemnly declaring to my soul and the higher realms that I am no longer willing to participate in new test runs of ascension, but only in my final, ultimate ascension. Subsequently, I will no longer participate actively in the transmuting of negative collective patterns on the ground and will no longer permit the higher realms to use my body as a conduit of light on behalf of humanity and other star seeds, who have not lived up to their soul contracts, at the expense of my health and at the price of numerous sufferings and pains.

I declared that I will be of much more help to humanity as an ascended master and that my  further sojourn on the earth is no longer an optimal alternative, as I will, from now on, willingly and very effectively block any further cosmic waves to enter Gaia through my body,as I have done today. Thus the only solution now is my immediate ascension.

I urge you and all the other members of the PAT to read my latest article:

“Say No to Heaven and Ascend” 

very carefully and then to follow my example. As soon as we clearly declare and manifest our firm decision to ascend immediately, as otherwise we will no longer participate in the active transmissions of light on the earth, heaven must observe our will as sovereign ascended masters, still in physical vessels, and arrange our imminent ascension. We all deserve this after fulfilling our mission beyond all, most optimistic initial plans and expectations.


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