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On Jerry’s “How To Survive the LBP”

June 23, 2012

Dear Jerry,

absolutely loved your article!!! It was a superb, humourous twist on a very tough truth (as is the best of humour, i.e. George Carlin, Bill Hicks) I actually did all but two of the points (not the church and not the relatives) and really did make up with an ex and now live in his house, completely supported (financially and practically) by him, with no strings, no sex, no demands or expectations of me. He now understands the ascension scenario and is ready for me to ascend and knows he will follow in due course. Thanks for the laugh, Jerry. I look forward to meeting with you soon,

In love and light, Gail
Dear George

Thank Jerry James for his article, written with humour which has never been needed more on this planet, that’s the one thing we can count on as a life force ‘our ability to make ourselves look ridiculous’ especially the falling apart ‘mental eunuchs’ that learn nothing from their self inflicted ineptness. People suffering from this affliction should apply a dose of the following at least once a day; to remind them just how to come to terms with this fact from Monty Python The Universe Song From their film ‘The Meaning Of life’

Personally I take a few doses of Python regularly each week; it has got me through these past 3 months

much light & humour
Dear George,

Since we have nothing left now but possibly humor to somewhat ease our pain and our fatigue, this is my favorite cartoon about the fallacy of 2012, which I’m sure you have seen:

Perhaps Heaven is laughing at us stupid Humans who think in Orion artificial time. I guess we’ll never get it through our thick heads that numerical dates only mean something to us. Thus, we are the laughing stock of the Cosmos for that and so many other reasons.

I had some other humor this morning . . . sometimes I open my garage door (along with the kitchen door) about two hours before sunrise to ventilate the house. This morning, my garage was already filled with the putrid stench of a skunk. Such is life in 3D!

Another twist on cosmic humor . . . it is considered “acceptable” to gorge ourselves with poisonous food, air and water, thus accelerating our demise, but delivering a hollow-point to one’s reptilian brain stem is considered bad form.

I’ve given up trying to make sense of anything!  However, I will continue to chase Heaven’s rotten carrot on a stick through the end of this year, simply because my stupid Human brain still doesn’t accept that dates mean nothing.


I laughed my ass off when I read Jerry’s post! Take it from a ‘psychic’ who knows that in order to deal with having a special ‘gift’ in this fucked up world, you have to have a fucked up sense of humor to go with it – especially when your clients only want to know if they are going to win the Orion lottery in order to buy more Orion happiness! I make jokes at the expense of myself everyday! This is how I survive the LBP. The minute we start putting ourselves into a box that says “I only do this and I only do that, and no I would never do that because it is WRONG, is the minute we LIMIT ourselves in our own creations!

Awareness doesn’t mean we have to become prudes!

For god sakes people LAUGH! When you look around at the illusion we live in, what the hell else, besides ascending, are we able to do at this point? ‘Lighten up’ is not just a phrase about ascension you know!

We’ve already expressed so much of our frustration and indignation about this world on our forum…its time to transmute, transform, and finally LET GO of this bullshit with HUMOR!

In love, LAUGHTER, and light
June 24, 2012

Thank you George for all the forwarded emails that you sent. My soul told me to write this satire yesterday as I sensed everyone was hurting. I did not expect so much thanks. As I got up yesterday I thought of all the hurt that I had experienced for the last 12 years and how I had misunderstood the events. My sickness, a horrendous rollover accident, bankruptcy, loss of family, friends everything and then to top it all and the most hurtful of all my wife’s cancer and caretaking for three years.

The hurt was almost too much to bear and then suddenly it became almost funny in an odd sort of way. And I decided to write about it in a satirical funny way instead of the dire that you usually hear. As if what more do I care. I have ridden it all I have faced it all. And I think of a Bible quote that says “Oh Death where is thou Sting”. For truly what else is there, but this time our death will be different and not really a death at all but a glorious birth. And only those who have gone thru this would know and will ultimately be found worthy.

I found your correspondence with Loren funny as well. I have met many Loren’s both on the Internet and in person in the last twelve years. Many people are seeking things. And ascension or PAT is just another one of those things. Everyone is hurting  but that does not mean you are going thru LBP. It is just impossible to know unless you are experiencing it. But one key is if someone says they have decided to enjoy life or sex or anything like that now. As if we decide consciously to forfeit our life. Oh how many times have I thought what would I do if I had really been able to make a conscious choice and the answer truthfully is be a part of the masses. I cringe when I say that but I think that would be my answer.

George I am glad that your symptoms are easing quicker than expected. I thought they would. I won’t bore you with the details but the wave on June 21-22 was huge. I know because I have built up some resistance to them by now, but this one literally mowed me over.

Today I just don’t care what the date of our ascension is. It just does not matter because I can see out into the future a few days as I always have seemed to be able to and it has already happened there George.


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your openness and I do fully concur with you that the most liberating thing on this planet is to laugh about one’s own misfortunes. Nothing resolves the tension better than a true sense of humour. With this attitude one is indeed immune to all delays and stings of the soul and death is a welcome salvation. This was the reason why I also published the song from Monty Python – The life of Brian.

The most ridiculous trait of all these self proclaimed LW is that they believe that with a good will you can have your destiny under control. This illusion can only dwell among those who have not yet entered the LBP. This is actually the litmus test for personal evolution and this is the boundary that make a simple and open communication between us and the rest of the New Agers virtually impossible as they sit in another, different bubble – the still Orion bubble – and cannot escape on their own, but only if faith/soul bursts their bubble. I still hope that we will see some big events this month, but even if they come in July, so what?

With love and light
On Loren’s Fall From Grace 

June 23, 2012

OH DEAR…I am beyond shaking my head at the article written by Loren on the Evolution Movement (Find Your Truth???, indeed). I suppose it’s futile to wonder when Loren disconnected the dots, or if she even saw them to start with. She obviously put some pretty rose tinted glasses on to gloss over and discount the obvious. This crap monetary system, the genocide of the pharmaceutical industry, the media, the need to control every human thought or any ounce of creativity…But wait! There’s also the religious system too that will spoon feed you their dogma on a silver platter while you gobble it up. Whatever you do, DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF, no, hand that part over to someone else who is more qualified to do that. This is what this is about, taking this shit system down and having gone through the perils of discovering it.

I am a very youthful 50 year old, and my body has been going through the mill, for sure, since 2001 (quite probably earlier by a few years). I could not understand what it was that was happening to me… I thought I was losing it. I chalked it up to having an extremely sensitive system and being born with numerous allergies as a baby and continuing to have them as an adult… No shit, allergic to this toxic environment. Yeah.

Loren, wake up for christ’s sakes. I am certain that you still read this website, or will for sure after the last posting on you. How can you accept a system that is rife with violence and torture and say you’ve found the truth…?? I do not need to go into the history of the Catholic Church or Christianity in the self-righteous wars that have been fought in the name of your lord, Jesus Christ. You sound like a cheap TV Evangelist in America. Religion always was and to some extent still is, a way to control the masses, and if you can’t see that you need to change the prescription of your glasses, or any other prescription you’re taking.

Thinking for yourself is what the PTB has always feared in the masses, why else would they go to such extreme, extremes making sure you don’t see the BS they have perpetrated on humanity? I’m hoping your ‘search’ for the ‘real’ truth isn’t over, because it’s larger than all of this – For that, I am grateful. GET REAL.


Enjoyed reading the Loren postings. I read her website, her mind will split in two if she isn’t cautious. I don’t suppose it would make her happy if she knew I just spent the last 2 hours reading Gnostic philosophy after following the links on her website. She writes one thing & leads people to something entirely different. Those old gnostic guys don’t think much of her bible & Jesus.

It was delightful afternoon of reading! Thanks.
Love & Light

she (Loren) reminds me of a cartoon song called Poor Unfortunate Souls. She will be much disappointed in herself for falling victim back into “Christianity” even after being guided out in the first place.

Hi George.

…. I find it an irrelevant point to expend any energy on the Loren issue and if I recognize that she is a sovereign being, she can believe whatever she wants, go about it whichever way she wants and let her determine things for herself.  I am past the point of “convincing” or “arguing” anyone about anything  anymore and in the true spirit of the world I want to be in, a world that works for everyone she can attune her reality to whatever vibration she chooses.

It has been only out of the spirit of teaching and advancing others that we have all been caught in these situations towards others, talking to them, arguing with them, telling them what’s “right”, exposing the lies, etc. etc.  Ultimately, we have been caught in a vibrational tug of war matching the energies that we have been negating, defeating our own purpose, exhausting ourselves and even validating (by our acknowledgment) the existence of the non-existent.

“I am the way and Light…” does not have any reason to be stated, together with every other teaching by Jesus (which I do recognize as a teacher and an ascended master and a light of love that lighteth every man, woman and child) to anyone that already is that, the Light and the Love:  You just say, “yes, so what?”  “that’s right”.  It only has meaning to a consciousness that doesn’t believe that, an ego in lack, sending it on a mental trip, for as long it chooses and for as long as it’s needed and until it does (or not). The simple answer, that who I consider to be my teacher, once said is that “Jesus wasn’t Christian.”

It’s very simple and there is no need to be caught in the same argument that many others have been caught in, philosophical ideologies, schools of thought, elegies, epigraphs, epitaphs, “Confucius says.”

In closing, I see again in situations with others, the Divine Beings, the Infinite Energies of Unconditional Love, in animal form, humans, with ears and cuspids, standing up, talking, loving one another, because it is the form necessary for them (me included) to sustainably exist and occupy the earth plane.  (And also how racism mistakenly feeds itself).

In Light,


Dear Nik,

Thank you very much for this eloquent presentation. You are absolutely right from a  higher vantage point of vie, but we must still consider the one billion Christian believers who may learn something from the Loren’s story when the time comes and their religion begins to crumble. Hence all these weird stories have still a function to fulfil under the current human condition.



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