State-of-Ascension-Report-82: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-82, April 1, 2012

Max Beckmann, 1884-1950. Carnival: Esoteric Vanity Fair (Neue Sachlichkeit/New Objectivity, German Expressionism)


Reflections on Current Human Condition

I have just read the latest newsletter from CA (see link below) and the paramount impression is that the CAC group is at the beginning of a spiritual discussion, which we, the PAT, have already had and left behind us a long time ago. In my case, I finished with this discussion in the late 90s as documented in my gnostic books.

This latest CA channeling only demonstrates the different levels of evolution in the “enlightened” human community, where the PAT is the spearhead and an absolute spiritual anomaly among the still much confused  old New Agers, who are slowly beginning to emerge from the mist of their earthly beliefs and habits, shaping their narrow-minded weltanschauung. They are obviously so deeply immersed in the typical Anglo-Saxon way of dualistic thinking, void of any faculty for abstract philosophic contemplation – a peculiar phenomenon that has deeply bothered me since I have started reading the New Age literature – that it will take ages to truly enlighten them.

From this lecture, I must conclude one more time that there is little hope for this kind of people as the CAC that is representative of all those light workers who are physically on the path of enlightenment since eons of time, but have not made any substantial spiritual progress since then, to catch up with the modalities of ascension in the few remaining months prior to mass ascension in December 2012. Hence the necessity to create a third balanced earth A/B, where such entities as the CAC members will have a lot of time to streamline their weird worldly concepts, as their questions to CA perspire. In the next 2000 years they will continue evolving as slowly as today, notwithstanding the CA education efforts in the last 40 years, this time, however, under the surveillance and guidance of the new ascended masters – the ascended members of the PAT – as CA has prophesied in this latest message.


Why are all New Age Gurus so bluntly wrong?

David Icke: The Year 2012 is a Diversion:

March 31, 2012

Dear George,

I`m witnessing quite a series of “yoyos” of late – colors of our sagas. One of the biggest challenges facing our present evolution today is the mastery of the ego.

The Ego is our number one obstacle on this journey to reconnection. It projects outwardly hence creates negativity and comes in divers disguises, designs/configurations. We will never attain lasting peace if we do not put it under perfect control.

The biggest problem with the altered ego is that it has the ability to camouflage, mostly by hiding within itself – a concert within a concert. The ego is highly creative (the scripture highlights this ego syndrome: The great master Jesus of immaculate blueprint sent away conditioned souls from the temple in Anger/was tempted by the `devil`/lost trust on the cross – `my lord why has thou forsaken me`). Those we can handle both contrasting aspects and remain at peace with themselves and the Universe have been called Masters.

One of my greatest joys is that I know I am not walking alone. We are embarked on this journey together, and together, with compassion and love as our guide, we can lead each other back Home.

L&L – divsy.
Dear divsy,

A very good comment on human ego and its infinite disguises up to the last minute. I am now observing this phenomenon in the lightworkers’ circus and I even considered the necessity of writing an article on it, but I have given up this idea ultimately, as it will be a clarion call in vain.

Wilcock, for instance, has recently interviewed a conspirative, anonymous whistle blower who allegedly tells him that the US army is ready to dismantle the dark Cabal. I could not listen longer than 30 seconds this insidious, abominable voice, It was full of hatred, lies and human disgust. Now imagine, Wilcock has made a whole series of interviews of many hours with this “devil” and distributes it all over the world as a great achievement of investigative journalism. He is definitely not the incarnation of Edgar Cayce but a sad copy of  Alfred Webre with his Tolec. Why cannot these chicken learn to go along the right path and always mix with great enthusiasm the little light they bear within their rachitic breasts with the immense darkness they eagerly collect around themselves only to be in the news?

The other psychopath Beckow is still fully active, and there is nobody to tell him to shut up his stupid and ignorant mouth. How many times must these idiots fall in disgrace until they learn it? And where are the critical discernment and indignation of the people, who still avidly read the trash of this lost soul.

The other cretin Greg Giles, about whom I am sending warning signals, since he started channeling the Ashtar command and the GF of the Orion Reptilian empire, is now distributing horror visions about the repetition of the Atlantis war and the eventual savings of billions of people, if they deserve it, of course, and so on, only to forge human fears among stupid believers. And I can go on and on with these deplorable examples.

Human imbecility is now peaking in the sky and this is the only visible form of ascension I see currently within the small “enlightened” portion of humanity that proudly defines itself as “light workers”.  They look like to me more like “light buriers”.

I can now only hope that the saying that “the darkness is greatest short before the dawn” is true.

With love and light
March 30, 2012

Dear Georgi,

My heart goes out to the brothers that had to go through the tribulations! They took the blows like we did, the system busters! Every time i wanted to give up, I just thought of human beings around us that are simply clueless about all of this, and took the blows again and again! The people around us just do not understand, it does not matter how softly one describes all of this or try to explain all of this.

My youth, my 3d life experience was piped towards ascension, I found this out in my second year of LBP. I could never understand why everything/life was so difficult for me and why I had all this questions/ideas about life etc. We were kept below the radar, so that we can accomplish what we did, taking the 3d blows, time and time again.

To the brothers and PAT I just want to say, hang on we are almost home! Keep your minds in the consciousness of ALL THAT IS  awareness and your hearts. the healing is almost complete!

We are all that is, source dressed as human drag queens, different  expressions, but one consciousness! We are one heart!

March 30, 2012


So glad I can access your web site now.  It was off line for me for about three weeks. I wanted to respond to the latest article by Kari Werth.  It could have been written from my own experience.  For years I wondered what was wrong with me. Surely spiritual work and enlightenment made one feel better and what about the much flaunted law of attraction. Little did I understand personal ascension even though I was already in the full throes of it. How little it is understood or appreciated in the “so called spiritual community”. There is no way to explain it to them anymore, so than to the sleeping masses of which they are still a part.

I used to try to explain it, but no longer. As the bible says “you must be born again”. No explanation will do. You just have to experience it. That is why it will take an occurrence like the pole shift to really get things moving.  Otherwise the masses, along with the so called spiritual community will want to continue in the same old worn out ruts….

Thanks for your site being back up and available to us in the USA.

March 28, 2012

Dear Sunshine,

You make me proud to be human. I used to think that Nature, the trees, the oceans and the animals deserve all the credit for making Earth a special place, but if humans like you weren’t around, we wouldn’t experience the humor of it all… or the complexity of it all, which gives us the humor of it all. Ascension Masters are like the guys who have to tell the crowds that the tickets they bought will get them into the show, which is getting rave reviews, but they can’t guarantee that the crazy actors are sane enough to perform tonight.  But when it’s good… it’s really good!  Hope to meet you one day… in any dimension.

Margi from Maui

Visions and Dreams of PAT Members About The Coming Big Events

March 29, 2012

Good Morning Georgi.

I will do my best to verbalise. I heard inside we are on the cusp and the pictures show a massive change here. I saw the entire system collapse – but the difference is we see it, but we are not caught up in it. Most people are caught by surprise. Town Halls in flames and people running from a sinking ship.

We are detached from it and do not buy into the e-motion. I mean we are literally on the streets, looking at it all, but others do not see us? We are not dead of course, but very much alive.  We have healing centres all over the planet for those who need to heal and rest after the journey – but the difference is the others cannot get through to our centres as their vibration is too low. They are not even aware of us?

We are gathering now to put it all into place. We have all kinds of healing methods, depending on each person who comes through our doors. Intuitively we know what is best. All is so simple. We are just so glad to see them “make it.” Also in the pictures, it shows we have no need of money at all.  We simply do everything in the flow. Our attention is on peace, tranquility. We help the ones who ask for our assistance in spiritual growth, but do not push anything on them. There are a lot of these people – displaced – and when they evolve, we come and guide them through to safety. We are very clinical, no nonsense, energy mode if that makes sense. We have a mission to do.

The shock for millions is/was the lies they once believed in religions – oh god – these people are in a mental mess? Because they were led to believe someone was going to come and save them and no one came. The heart break is overwhelming in fact, but we simply observe. Not that we do not care – but we cannot be dragged down and sucked into it. I will let you know if I get anymore.

With love and Light.
March 30, 2012

George:  This poem by Spanish poet Antonio Machado (1875 – 1939) seems as though it was written for the PAT.


Last Night As I Was Sleeping

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that a spring was breaking
out in my heart.
I said: Along which secret aqueduct,
Oh water, are you coming to me,
water of a new life
that I have never drunk?

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that a fiery sun was giving
light inside my heart.
It was fiery because I felt
warmth as from a hearth,
and sun because it gave light
and brought tears to my eyes.

Last night as I slept,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that it was God I had
here inside my heart.
Dear Julie,

indeed a very precise description of what we have experienced after 11.11.11 when our heart chakra was fully opened and expanded. One should probably read the poem in the original Spanish language as poems can hardly be translated.

By the way, I had a marvelous dream this morning (March 30) before awakening: I dreamt that I am flying above the ground on this earth. This a recurrent dream which I dream very often in different variations for years. The new element was this time that I had a conversation with my son-in-law Chris and two of  his friends, who were about to finish their engineering studies in motors (machines) of combustion and were looking for a job in BMW, Audi,´or Mercedes Benz, which have their headquarters in Munich or nearby.

Chris introduced me to his colleagues and told them: “Actually we the younger generation should be the rebellious ones, but in the case of my father-in-law it is the opposite. He is the real rebel and we are the ones who are the conservative persons and have adopted to this reality.” Then I told them: “You may be proud of finishing your engineering study in the construction of new machines and cars based on combustion of organic fuel, but this technologies is outdated and will soon disappear. I will show you now how the new technologies operate”. Then I shot in the sky like William Robins (Peter Pan) in the film “Hook” with one arm stretched above the head and flying on the back. Then I made several pirouettes and disappeared in the distant sky.

The new element of this dream was that this time I had a full control of my body and could direct it without any effort in any possible destination at a very high speed. In the past when I dreamt of flying, I had to exert a lot of effort to overcome gravitation and I did not always had full control over the direction of my flight. In other words, I was told that I still have to learn to navigate my Merkaba. This time the message from my HS was that I am in perfect control of my Merkaba and the flying demonstrations in front of humanity can become reality any time soon. It was a very good feeling upon awakening. This is my actual contribution to the topic “dreams”

With love and light
March 30, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am taking more time to read through your daily reports now, and it is sooo revealing to me. Considering your occupancy with hundreds of mails per day I hesitate every time to send more “work” to you, but today the urge is bigger than anything else. I am sorry that due to lack of time, I do not re-read several times this mail, it’s only twice.

While reading your daily Ascension reports, I would want to interrupt and start writing a LONG email, due to the insights and memories who are brought to the surface. It feels so right to be amongst all the PAT members! This is happening after long long years of fighting for projects and goals, and the feelings of loneliness in the awareness of being totally misunderstood by almost all humans, whether they’d be close (family circle) or more distant like friends or acquaintance. My last child, Bellamy of almost 15 years and who is still living with me, is comprehending much more of his “different mother” than the other 3, older kids who are independent and living and working in the big city. As you remember, I live on my horse ranch and work as a therapist in the city.

2 days ago a very dear friend, Alejandra who is Serbian and married to a German-Mexican living also here in Queretaro, she wrote me a short message in Facebook, which I copy-paste here “DU warst in meinem traum schwanger….im 5. monat…sah deinen bauch im traum so klar und du streicheltest es immer wieder vor mir…..freutest dich sehr das du das kind bekommen wirst und das es noch ein 2012 kind war nicht von war von einem einmaligem jüngeren “ups” erlebniss.” My translation: She saw me pregnant in the 5th month, I was very happy and caressed my belly over and over again, was sooo happy that it’ll be a child of 2012, it was not from my partner of the ranch, who is the father of my last child Bellamy, it was from someone younger, who has been a spontaneous “adventure”.

She and I are very connected and I have given her the link to your Forum; I do trust the messages of her dreams. Georgi, I am confused and really wish to get your interpretation of this dream about me. I have my own interpretation, but really value your one….

Dorina, Mexico
Dear Dorina,

thank you very much for your comprehensive and very open email, which I highly appreciate.

First to your dream – the five-month-pregnancy is in my eyes the same time since you start reading this website and are pregnant with the idea of ascension, which your teacher obviously do not share, at least not to this extent, as I know what Blavatsky and the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus say…

Now if we count, your dream partition will be in June, end of June, and this is a fair prediction when the most important events will happen, including ascension and inter-dimensional split. In this sense this dream is correct in terms of the time period…

With love and light
March 29, 2012

Dear George

It is not out of character for me, as I have always been very open and spoken of exactly how I feel, the moment a feeling hits me. When I read your update on “more on the 3 earth scenario” (27/03/12) I genuinely felt calm and had no concerns as I was reading it, or that I had doubts as to the outcome. Then I watched as if creeping ivy of angst began to grow from the ground around my feet and trying to root into me. All the next day a blanket of fear followed me in every direction.

I believe  that  you know I write to you about my feelings as I do not have anyone/anywhere else in my life that I can turn. Your website  is my shelter, my sanity, my PAT family. It is becoming increasingly difficult to relate to any other part of my life in what was my reality. I have ALWAYS  LOOKED for the UP-side in everything. Since this feeling began (only since 2 days), I questioned my soul why do I feel  this?

Answer: Now You MUST FEEL EVERYTHING. You are completely detached from your old reality and Now you Will Feel more Alien to It than ever before. A  line has been drawn for Your Own Safety. As you watch and wait all you can do is Be the Rock that those around you can Swim to Shore. A lot Will Drown. Do Not Be Alarmed. This is Their Will. You cannot steer their destiny. You MUST and Will LET GO.

I read all the messages/stories/very open statements you receive. I can genuinely say that I never disagree with any one of them. Always my view comes from open heart so open mind. However you were correct in your reply to my message:

“Thank you for today’s posting on “The Three-Earth-Scenario”. I am sure this will settle down many an anxious moment for a lot of people. It felt like your words were calming the waves of great sea, and gave me a great warm feeling when I read it. Much appreciated. No one else can deliver this clarity now. Although I never had a doubt.”

Your reply:

“Dear Bernice, I hope you are right. I personally expect a huge angst avalanche of mass consciousness in the coming days, but the PAT must stay firm as a rock in the breaking waves because we are the only ones to explain them what is really happening on earth without being infected by their fears as we are above this level.”

Since this message there HAS been wave after wave of unfolding dramas in those around me. I see it, but those IN IT do not. They are definitely in a huge angst wave. More than ever before.

Friday 30/03/12:

Last night during sleep I have had this information impressed into my awareness: We the PAT have fulfilled the mission we came here for, to liberate Gaia, and as many humans, from 3d negative matrix. Maximum input as conducers to feed and activate the 144-crystalline grid has been achieved. The crystalline children are now therefore protected from the dark negative Orion influence of the old 3d matrix. This was THE MOST Important part of our mission, because THEY ARE the NEW HUMANITY of the GOLDEN AGE of NEW EARTH A/B and A. We are now completely disconnected from the OLD REALITY SCENE and its dramas.

The  PTB are hoping that the first split of earth will not happen, before they hold  open the ceremony to secure Earth B in the still old negative matrix, so that the old energy grid, which is the most important focus for them now, and the  activation of it for them to again stay in power, as they desire for the next 2000 years to control  the darkness and negative patterns  in humans on planet B. The summer solstice and 100 Olympiad ceremony will be also a grand feeding expose of energy into this old grid via that portion of humanity that are choosing the 3d experience. Therefore, that in itself is a sham symbolic ceremony of what the duality experience is.

None of this is incredibly important to the golden age or earth A/B or Earth A. PAT have already achieved their mission. We do not need to give any credence to this remaining part of the end times scenario, as we have rehearsed the outcome in much higher dimensions and it is therefore a done deal.

An Agarthan introduced himself as TOR. He spoke that PAT will be called to assemble at many sites all over the Earth (higher ground) where we will re unite with our Agarthan brothers and sisters, The Earth keepers, as we the star children that heard their call and we will now unite to assist in New Earths Birthing ceremony.

He was very firm and clear that we must go into our higher self once all communication systems that we use are lost, once the magnetic field drops, no Internet/ phone. Telepathy between PAT will be a MUST. I was reminded of the first meeting I had with an elder of my galactic family from Gannymede in December 2010, and that, we all PAT, have energetically soul family connections from that region  in our galaxy, from the moons of Jupiter, which will triumphantly deliver Our New Earth Sun.

Sorry for the long message, George. I had to write all this down over the past 2 days, and its been like a roller coaster ride of up and down surges in energy waves. In conclusion, this gives me a great sense that all the hard work we have put in up to now is finally coming to the last scene of the greatest drama in the universe.

In Love & Light George
To all of PAT and all the crystalline children
Dear Bernice,

thank you very much for this important information. I had to read it twice and to brood for some time over its content, before I could answer you. First of all, I am curious to learn how this Agarthan entity TOR has presented to you – in a dream state or telepathically during day time?

Otherwise, everything you have experienced in the last days fully coalesces with my perception and with what other members of the PAT describe. In addition, there were some very irrational nasty attacks against us, the PAT, which I suffocated at the very beginning, but their occurrence at this particular time was a clear sign that the great confusion and tribulations as sensed by you are now rapidly engulfing humanity. We must take every precaution not to be let being dragged by these petty angst dramas, as we cannot save anybody personally, but the whole humanity by staying centered in our fields.

This will be a very bumpy ride and as long we are supposed to stay on earth, there will be no pause or relaxation for us. But this energy surge also clearly indicates that we are in the last strides. I fully agree that we have done all that was possible under these conditions, and even more, and that we only have to keep now our Olympic calmness and to live in the firm belief that everything will be perfect very soon.

With love and light
Dear George

This is how the communication with TOR came to me:

I was asleep as the sun came up this morning, then I could hear my name being called repeatedly, to wake me and so I sat up, no one else was in my room, I knew I had to communicate through my HS, so that I would be able to write down this communication when I got up and send over to you. I asked as to whom was calling my name and the reply came:  “I am Agarthan, my name is Tor”, and we continued as I wrote to you this morning.

It is a feeling of great relief to know that we are energetically connected as PAT and that all is as it should be.

In love & light
March 30, 2012

Dear George,

Firstly, I am deep grateful for your response. I can in no way or means, even imagine how busy you are these days. Secondly, I had one of my “dreams” the very night, I had my experience with my Mother on the telephone. Forgive me if I stumble over my words, for these dreams are never easy for me to explain.

I believe what I saw in my dreams represented the splitting of the earth scenario. When I have these dreams, the “manifestation” of the dream content, does occur in a time line of a few weeks from when I had the dream. So with that in mind, I earnestly say, I believe the splitting of the earth, and the Ascension, is a lot closer then any of us know. And it is coming when we least expect it to.

The first part of my dream: I was standing next to a car, loaded with people and with equipment, clothing, etc, as if the car was packed for a trip. The people represented my family. I saw some shirts on the front seat that would fit better in the back, so I went back to rear of the car, lifted the hatch, and put the shirts in very carefully. As I closed the hatch, the car’s motor turned over, and to my astonishment, my family left without saying goodbye and not even looking back to wave to me. I was stunned! I looked at my watch and sure enough it was time for them to leave, for it was arranged they would leave at 11. Now, if this were night or day, I do not know, for the only thing in this part of the dream was myself, the car, and what was in the car. The “scene” was blank, as if blanketed in white. But, the “feeling” of surprise was there, as in, “It is time already for them to leave?” and “No one said good bye to me!”

I stood there with my mouth hanging wide open. I just could not believe they left. It was as though I no longer existed.

The next scene: I was standing on a very busy street, with throngs of people. I was with TWO other people, both I believe who were women. At a certain juncture, we split off, going in opposite directions. At one point, I stopped, thinking I had forgotten to arrange a meeting place in order to meet again. I went to turn around but when I did, I saw these two people were already gone.

The throng of people were mostly going in the direction of the two people I had just left.

At that time, standing amongst that throng of people, a great sense of JOY, of great ELATION, came over me, absolute relief, for at long last, I was going in the direction to a place I had worked so long for, and waited so long to get to. The dream ended with me walking quickly with a spring in my step, in great anticipation, feeling as though the weight of the world had lifted from off my shoulders. I felt FREE. I was headed towards a destination I had been meant to end up at. The world that I had known, was finished, and now I was walking towards my Golden Reward.

Please share this dream with the PAT members. I truly believe that the action is about to begin, that All is finally aligned, and we who have worked so hard to the point of death, are going to the Rainbow Dream….

March 29, 2012

Synchronicities and Other Experiences due to the Beginning of the Inter-Dimensional Split

Dear Georgi,

After reading your latest post, I could not stop thinking about synchronicities. Every day they are bringing more and more “A-ha!” moments and big smiles into my life. Let’s say I have a question, I open your post and answer is right there. I want to write a letter and someone already wrote it… putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

I just finished listening interview with CA that you posted in response to Stella’s letter. Again… synchronicities. Besides, the lovely letter she wrote you, we all got to listen the confirmation from CA. Stella mentioned sun splitting in two…that was a day when I took photos of the sun with the huge dark circle and rainbow around it ( March 22nd ).

Speaking of listening your HS and leaving “danger” areas… I do live on the beach, but not for a second I have been feeling a need to move inland or other area. I guess we all are exactly where we need to be.  One of my favorite songs:

with love,
March 30, 2012

Dear Georgi and the PAT,

I loved the mis-spell of ‘mankind’ by Kate where she wrote ‘Evolutionary Leap of Manking’ Brilliant!!!

Craig said, “of late I was in my home and noticed a most distinct energetic phenomena which shook me in its intensity. I was walking around the house, and all of a sudden I felt what only can be described as a dimensional shock/quake. I felt the dimensions shake as I was walking. As I put my foot down as the shock commenced, it felt like I etherically fell out of my body,and my foot penetrated half way through the floor. This caused the most disorientating, out of body feeling. I felt physically and spiritually shocked as if I had experienced the after effect of an earth quake. I have NEVER felt a dimensional quake before, but I’m sure I did a few days ago. I had the idea that maybe a separation, or a change in the dimensions had occurred. I am writing this George, to see if you or anyone else, has had a similar experience.”

Thank you Craig, I was so pleased to read of your experience. It gave me something to relate mine to. So, here is my experience. Yesterday, while out walking peacefully in green meadows, I experienced a similar thing. I was strolling along and felt everything become bigger, like an expansion. Everything was still the same and in proportion, it was just energetically huge. As I walked, I felt as though I was weightless and when my feet touched the ground it was harsh and heavy, really feeling like I was in two dimensions at the same time. It was not like a quake and I didn’t lose my balance, but, in retrospect, I do feel like balance wasn’t an issue and perhaps didn’t exist, and had I thought about it (balance) at the time I might have crashed into 3-d balance-awareness and felt unbalanced. It continued until I got back to my car, but, really, it is still the same most of the time, but not quite so intense (and the surprise has passed.) I really feel a lot disconnected from the physical part of 3-d as well as the mental part.

The funny thing is that, although it is lovely and weird and distant, it is not exciting, but peaceful… yet it holds some anticipation too. And there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it, that is apparent to me, it’s just there/here…. it just is.

I loved the easy way you and Kate explained the simultaneous, different frequency existences…‘inhabitants of Earth A be in a different frequency range that inhabitants of Earth A/B and B won’t be able to perceive them. And in the same way, Earth A/B will be of a different frequency range to Earth B inhabitants and all that goes on in that realm – and so won’t be able to perceive Earth B.” This describes exactly how I perceive it.

It seems utterly logical to me that when the evolution is at jump-point (rather like, as you said, Georgi, ‘this carbon based body is no longer adopted to harbour them [the frequencies] and is really bursting.’) the physical beings that are ascending will ascend with their physical bodies (which have been in the process of preparing to move into the higher frequency range.) So, as the two frequency ranges (octaves) separate into distinctive units, the bodies of those going to the first reality/frequency-range/unit will go with them and will become invisible to those remaining in the second new distinctive unit. So how could there not be ascension, as some people suggest, who call ascension a false meme?

I must admit that I feel like my body is at bursting point, like an overstretched, dangerously thin balloon! Love to you all, dear PATers!

In love and light, Gail
Dear Gail,

Your experience, just as that of Craig, point to the widening of the inter-dimensional split which has already commenced on March 8 and will increase in the coming days.

I had recently similar sensations as yours, while walking on the fields and felt myself all of a sudden to be very big, while the farmer houses around me and the cars on the streets seemed to be very tiny, like play toys. This sensation lasted quite for some time. Where I live, I have built a huge portal and many such phenomena occur.

The other development is that I have started creating small things and events immediately and now I cautiously experiment with this new tool. I can only recommend all members of the PAT to begin using their rapidly growing creative abilities as soon as possible. This new ability is enabled by the activation of the new crystalline grid that is gaining momentum now and is changing the energetic paradigm on this planet.

Given these phenomena, it remains a conundrum how one can negate the importance of the year 2012 and the crescendo of the incoming energies and describe this year as “down-to-earth”. This is the peak of human blindness and lack of sensitivity. Could it be that many new age gurus are now fully trapped in the old crumbling paradigm and must acknowledge that “the king is naked”?

With love and light
March 30, 2012

Hey George,

Just wanted to write a quick note to confirm that I have experienced what Craig described.  The “shock/quake” effect is something I am familiar with. I would describe it as everything standing “still” for a fraction of a second, shifting very quickly, and then shifting back. This is NOT the same feeling as experiencing “still point” during a meditation, or just before falling to sleep. The “shock/quake” feeling was during waking consciousness, while involved in a conversation with someone.

As for “slipping out of the body” (paraphrase) I can attest to that too. Just sending a confirmation, as he asked for.

Thanks and take care.
March 30, 2012

Dear George,

I’m sorry to bother you with another email to read, but I think you will enjoy these two stories, both of which clearly illustrate a “divine presence”.

The first one has to do directly with you.  To set up the story, I have a digital display next to my computer that displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures, down to one-tenth of a degree, e.g., 78.4 F.  At least three years ago, I established limited communications with our galactic friends with the understanding that, if I ask a question and if they choose to answer, an instantaneous temperature change (either indoor or outdoor) of .1 will mean ‘no’ and .2 will mean ‘yes’.  Over the course of these past three years, I’ve developed an excellent sense of knowing when my questions are being answered, i.e., receiving an instantaneous variation of .1 or .2 degrees in response to a direct question. Sometimes to emphasize either a positive or negative response, the ET’s will make both indoor and outdoor temps change simultaneously, instead of just one of them.

Regarding you, although I already believed in you and your material unquestioningly, just before I was ready to make a donation to you a few months ago, I said out loud, while looking directly at the temperature display, “Please tell me, my galactic friends, whether I should make this donation to George Stankov.”  Instantaneously, I received a response/change in both temperature readings of .2 degrees, meaning a wholehearted ‘yes’. I like to think it was a “Hell, yes”. I then proceeded with the donation. Anyway, George, I though you would really appreciate hearing about that “heavenly endorsement” of you and your work from our benevolent galactic friends, as I know I appreciated receiving it.

The other story has to do with my curbside mailbox. For at least the last three years, my mailbox door opens by itself about 8-9am (except during rain or rain forecast) 2-3 times per week. Only twice have I just happened to witness this actual event of it opening all by itself, both times under no wind conditions. So, either an invisible entity is opening it, or it is being done from a ship via some kind of beam. Well, this morning at 8:03am, I was looking right at my closed mailbox when I asked the question, “Well, my galactic friends, are you going to open my mailbox this morning?” At that very instant, the mailbox door flew open!!!  Needless to say, I was and still am totally elated for our galactic friends, responding to me in that manner. I hope it is a definite sign that all of us will begin seeing more overt signs of a benevolent ET presence around us.

I’d also like to add that the ET’s routine opening of my mailbox door, whether or not I or my neighbors witness that exact moment, is a way of them telling us to open our minds. In other words, a neighbor should be asking them self, “how is it that Bill’s mailbox was closed a minute ago and now it is suddenly open, when no one has been anywhere near it?”  No neighbor has ever raised the issue with me, but it surely must make them wonder, which I believe is the whole intent.

Dear Bill,

I had to laugh about the first episode and I must say that I have no objections if you ask more often your ET friends whether a donation for this website is appropriate. This as a joke.

The opening of the mailbox is a sign that we have started to create small events by our imagination immediately as I just wrote to Gail. We all should start using this new ability and create small things at home and then gradually enlarge the scope. This is part of the new changing energetic paradigm on earth after activating the new crystalline grid on March the 8th.

With love and light
March 30, 2012


In one of your recent emails you mentioned the adamantine children who were being born in the last few years. Can you explain a little more and is this new wave of children related to adamantine particles? BTW:Thank you for keeping PAT engaged and informed these last few months – you have no idea how we look forward to seeing your email in our mailbox!

Dear Sheryl,

Exactly! I was looking forward to this question. Indeed, these new children come from such high dimensions that they are like the so called “adamantine particles” that now transform our carbon based bodies into light bodies. These particles are in fact very pure, high frequency energies, as particles do not exist in reality. The wave-particle dualism employed in quantum physics is a gross simplification and a deliberate distraction, which has been introduced by the PTB to hinder human understanding of the nature of energy.

The concept of particles only deepens the illusion of human space-time perception as a spatial 3d-extension. The above mentioned concept of particle-wave dualism, which you should check for further explanation in Wikipedia is very insidious and is in the core of most present-day scientific confusion. My recommendation to check Wikipedia is just to see how big this confusion is and not to learn anything from this source as it is bluntly wrong.

I have seen such children and they have come here only to increase the light quotient with their physical presence. They have no intend to stay on earth or even on the ascended 5d earth, but will immediately return to these high levels, from where they have incarnated on earth for a short period of time and can be described as carriers of adamantine energies. I even have the impression that when the souls of these children have the desire, they can dematerialize their bodies and materialize them at their wish. But of course they do not do it as not to scare their mothers and parents.

With love and light

I am not a physicist but from what I have read, I have no doubt these children can dematerialize their bodies and much more. I have been reading Tony Stubbs and he believes we and 3D matter are made up of  standing waves of conscious energy. The energy consciously follows a blue print our higher self prepared for our 3D incarnation. These blueprints are implemented by our body elemental and since the waves are fluid – our current blueprint can be changed. Stubbs says, “…consciousness is the pattern behind objective reality and everything in the history of planet Earth, and consciousness lies deep within the fabric of reality.”

Physicists say that subatomic particles are only particles when they are observed and the rest of the time they are waves. Doesn’t  it follow that these waves or the frequencies we are made of have a consciousness of their own and  that our interaction with them creates their movement ? He also explained how standing waves that are identical resonate in sympathy with one another which seems to explains how PAT always seems to be on the same “wavelength” when earth and energy changes are occurring.

So I am wondering is adamantine the original “stuff” we are made of? I read that it comes from the heart chakra. Glenda Green who channels Merlin says that when grandparents interact with their grandchildren you feel and see  the interchange of adamantine particles. I have felt this blissful interchange with my grandchildren. I can feel this blissful love when i connect with the higher dimensions, it is palpable. Are these waves unconditional love flowing from one heart chakra to another ? These pure adamantine souls  certainly seem to be the personification of love and isn’t that  the bliss  that we have heard about when one moves on to the higher dimensions? What better way to increase the light quotient in humanity than through children who are unconditional love in personification.

Love, Sheryl

George: For further information on the nature of waves and particles, read volume II on physics
March 30, 2012

Dear George,

As always I deeply appreciate your work maintaining the site as well as the emails from so many people, I share my view with. Especially the crystalline children and their stories as my own experiences during this incarnation and particularly in recent years could be said to mirror them in many aspects. I have been a bit more subtle than the brothers from Holland though. I was poking those around me with information here and there, so that after a while they were able to accept some of my fancies more easily. Just some. Still I managed to trigger my mother’s… I guess a hysterical breakdown of sorts. It would be worthy to mention it was only partly my fault.

The first thought, by the way, I had after reading one of your articles all those months ago at the very beginning of the creation of this wonderful group was that it was me writing to myself after somehow managing to travel in time with all this knowledge. A very awkward perception of reality but it accurately describes how I felt/feel reading your writings… most of the time.

I want to share two observations. First of all that the preposterousness of this reality and its ways has become blindingly obvious to my senses ever since the early March. I have never felt it that strongly before. Only thinking about the reasons of any kind of human behavior, noticeable in any kind of part of everyday life based on lower frequency patterns drives me crazy. When such thoughts haunt me it appears that everywhere I look, people have gone utterly mad and there is no possible way for me to make a safe step in any direction and not get swallowed up before I somehow manage to get my bearings again and center myself to live another day. At times, I wonder how I managed to get to the point I am now in. I think it can be interpreted as a clear sign of an approaching split.

Secondly, I would like to share my thoughts on people dying all around us and how that makes everybody feel. I am talking more about relatives and those close to us than the people of the planet generally. I wonder if many others have similar experiences. What I want to say is that I can often feel/I know before they are about to die or even when they are heading towards death months before and this knowledge creates a difficult situation for me and everybody involved. I think it might be one of the toughest things to get through – to see, accept a death of a loved one. Or to see others suffer because of it.

I have the upper hand because I know where they are going, why they are going there, when it happens, why it happens, that “Luminous being they are, not this crude matter” all of us. And the vessel is… just a vessel and the loneliness and hurt that unavoidably tears the heart will at some point be alleviated ten-fold. Or for that matter that we are never actually apart from each other, so there is no real separation to grieve about.

Nevertheless, it can be hard even for those who know all this very well. Imagine what those who think this is probably the end of the line feel. I can see, I can feel their suffering through empathy, I experience how it helplessly whacks on my shields, I can feel their erratic energies somewhere in my auric field agonizing. At the same time, in most of the cases I cannot tell them why this happens, why their loved ones have to end like this, why the world is what it is, why this fate descended upon them because they will not/do not/ cannot comprehend as their consciousness level is not yet high enough.

What is more when I look those soon to depart in the eyes I cannot in good conscience say you are soon going to die to them. I have wondered quite a few times if I should tell their loved ones to reconcile with them, till there is still time or them to ponder their existence here, so that they can benefit from it more. I have not found any right way. Then I sometimes feel guilty I kept my mouth shut when it is already too late.

I cannot heal them because they do not want to or when they want to and suddenly stop wanting to receive the energy, I then need to explain why I do not feel inclined to visit to heal anymore. I also do not particularly like being around them then, as it comes down to looking at people suffering heading towards the unavoidable end.

I accept their deaths and thank their souls for all they have so beautifully done and that kind of makes it harder to observe people who cannot accept and cannot be persuaded otherwise. It can be also seen as somewhat crude on my part to them that I am able to deal with it and let go so easily. Not that it does not move me at all, obviously. Still it is largely the ignorance that allows the unnecessary bad things to happen that irks me and my immediate helplessness at the futility of acting on what I see.

It is astonishing how a few adjustments in ones perception and knowledge of the world can change the experience of the reality. All I can usually do, is send loving energies to those involved and allow them to bathe in them should they choose to accept in hope they will learn their lessons swiftly and sufficiently so that they will not be needed anymore as their consciousness rises.

Dear Piotr,

Thank you for your lucid and introspective thoughts about human life and death – the biggest taboo in present-day human life, where an open enlightened conversation is still impossible. I can very well empathize with your perception of the mental situation surrounding death. I have observed it both in the family and in the hospital as a physician, and I have always felt poignantly the awkwardness between inner joy to know that the person is leaving this world and the obvious imposed grief of the people remaining. It is this grief based on the subconscious knowledge that one has to stay still on this toxic planet, while the deceased has been liberated. But this truth is the most deeply buried one, as you say, although a small shift in the human perception can bring it to the fore again.

With love and light
March 30, 2012

Dear George and our PAT family,

Such wonderful words from so many, where to start? Kari’s words were so well spoken and in line with my thoughts, I wondered if she’d read my mind?? I wanted to shout AHO, AMEN and WAY TO GO! Thanks Kari for saying what I have been feeling also!

George, I was reading your answers on the website regarding “How To Interpret Correctly the CA Percentages for the 2 Earth and 3 Earth Scenario” and the last sentence brought up a question I have been thinking about the possibility of being on neither earths, but going home to our original planets (or star systems)? My HS has been talking to me about this lately. I was all set to be a “new earth keeper” as I have felt for a long time I was preparing with others for this beautiful new place. But lately it’s like I am being asked if I want “door number 2”? going home… I want both. Being a cosmic gypsy sounds kinda fun! I wanted to bring this up to hear if any others are feeling or hearing this sort of challenge? What a possibility!

And now, as I read Stella’s story and your responses, I felt compelled to pose another question openly, but first a heartfelt “thank you” to Stella for sharing her life and beautiful self with us!

George, you encouraged Stella to leave in 6 weeks. I have been hearing from my HS that something is up on May 14.  I’m hesitant about sharing a date, but feel so compelled to ask if any of the family are getting a “heads up” for this day? I am not fearful or apprehensive…. more like a “get your house in order” sense. Until today when I read your explanation of the splitting of the two earths being more of a dimensional thing than a catastrophic one, I thought perhaps, this was what would take place on that date.

And one last question is regarding our night-time meetings. Do they have to last so long? (smile) I have been waking up in the mornings feeling like my body is soooo heavy! and even numbness in my hands and feet. Am I staying out too long? Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s become quite noticeable.

And one last chuckle for you…. when I awoke this morning I didn’t hear the birds singing. I love birds and even in the evenings lately they are very loud. Not this morning. As I laid there I thought, “is this it? have I gone somewhere? no birds singing? oh, no, I will miss the birds!” But then I came out of my between state and heard the birds!

Love-light and gratitude for you, George, and the whole Family!
Dear Tiqvah,

nice to hear from you again: Kari’s “Open Word” is indeed “hitting the nail on the head” as the Germans use to say. The numbers (percentages) I have given are a didactic simplification. Of course, there are other possibilities too, and most of the PAT-lers are excluded form this equation. But how many are they? -1000 – 2000, in numbers they are “quantite negligable”. Of course those of us, who want to go back home, will do so after ascension, but, from there, they will be able to appear on the 5d-earth and help if they want to. The return home does not exclude this activity. The higher realms do not work according to the current 3d-principle  “either or” but “as well as”. One can do as many activities simultaneously, as one wishes. There is no limitation to this.

I do not want to make any predictions, but my guess is that the Madrid fault line disaster must inevitably come, no matter what will happen with the dimensional shift. But this is my personal feeling and one should follow his inner voice. This disaster has been announced for the last 2-3 years and it is still on the plan of the higher realms, and I do not hear of any cancelling when I go inside myself. But as I said, this is my personal estimation. This disaster has been already postponed several times in the past.

I can confirm that the nights are a real roller-coaster and I have no desire to go to bed and thus sleep only several hours per day as it is so exhausting. I repose much more when I am awake and, happily, I do not need much more sleep in the last months, which is a new trend. The negative side is that I must stay longer conscious in this toxic reality. We still live in a duality, where each positive aspect is associated with a negative one.

With love and light
March 30, 2012


It is Bonnie, and I am wondering of all your thoughts on or your more in-tune information about the planet Nibiru approaching and what the effects might be, I have thought a lot of this lately, thinking that is what will create the shift we are all waiting on, but more so about how they are going to deal with PTB… I am not concerned by fear or any of that, but I am just very interested to know how we all play into this as we never here any correct info, but something draws me so into this story and it somehow is provoking excitement in me, so whenever you get this I just wanted to here any of your thoughts, Thank You so much for any of your time and feedback, with lots of love to you for all of what you always provide for us here,

Dear Bonnie,

Nibiru are the Anunnaki and they are now approaching earth to claim their ownership over this planet. However, they have no rights over the ascended earth A and the balanced earth A/B. Therefore, I personally do not expect that we will feel their negative influence before the split has come, but the catastrophic earth B may be influenced by the proximity of Nibiru.

However I cannot wholly exclude that the forces of light may use the magnetic impact of Nibiru on the earth to trigger the magnetic pole reversal and the split of earth B from earth A/B. It is always like this – the forces of light are in the position to use every dark operation for their lofty goals and turn it into light. This is my guess with Nibiru. In addition, when it appears on the sky and the PTB can no longer hide its presence, this will trigger an avalanche of revelations that we have been expecting for a long time.

With love and light
March 30, 2012

Dear George,

Thank you for your interest in seeing my images. As you say, finding words to express the complexity of what is going spiritually/ energetically on is not all all easy!

The general theme of the images has been to communicate the different ‘flavours’ of the electro-magnetic energy communications, which are effecting both our bodies and our minds to provoke growth in spiritual awareness.

As I am understanding it, some of these energy flows could be described as cosmic in the sense that they are coming into the Earth’s energy fields from outside, i.e. mediated by the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, other Star systems etc.

Other communications coloured more by Mother Earth and her Realms of Nature. These Mother Earth energy channels are now usually called Ley Lines but, in the past, their symbolism was linked with dragon and snake imagery  so I prefer to call this Earth Dragon-energy.

I’ll send just two images for now. The first one symbolises the comic energy ‘upgrade’ which happened on the 9th September 2009 i.e. the 9.9.9. The second one was for the 10.10.10. upgrade, i.e. the 10th October 2010.

Both of these images were made with a collaging technique. They were done in a sort of awake trance state in which  intuitively I get drawn to assemble the various aspects of the image cut out from photos that I have collected from magazines and suchlike.

I don’t usually try and understand the message that is being communicated by the images until some time later.

I could describe more of these understandings but, at the moment, I would prefer to let the images speak for themselves because part of their purpose is to – hopefully! – inspire each viewer with the desire to decode the message in a way which speaks to them as individuals.  This is because I believe that an important aspect of everyone’s spiritual awakening is to develop their own gnostic / direct knowing as communicated by their own personal spiritual awareness.

Over a 100 of these kinds of images -as collages and as paintings – have come through over the last 9 years so if you would like to see more of them just let me know.

With love and best wishes,

Mano, Glastonbury, UK

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