We Are The Change

by Eric Janovsky, October 30, 2011, Copyright 2011


The Creative Power of Our Thoughts

First of all we need to understand the power of the consciousness and how it moulds our reality. This is the first lesson of understanding how we can change the present cycle we are living in.

Most people are beginning to realise the power of the mind and how easy it is to control situations and our environments and ultimately the outcome of life itself.

Scientists today are starting to learn that our consciousness creates matter. So in effect we create our own reality. We are all controlled much more than we think and if only we knew the rules of our consciousness and how we have come by the life we lead, we would be more in control of the world and it would be a happier place to live. We would have far more abundance, there would be no starvation, and no wars, religions would unite. We would understand that we are not alone and never have been.

You see we have only ourselves to blame for the way our lives and planet have turned out. We have bought into everything that is offered. We have all contributed to everything around us. And I mean everything. I mean the wars. The starving of millions. The suffering of nations. Even natural disasters. Everything bad on this planet has been created by our thought processes.

In other words, we can say that our collective consciousness has created the reality we live in. Now whether there are groups at the top of society with the understanding and knowledge of how to control the masses of people, or whether everything that has happened on this planet is a direct result of our collective consciousness, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how we understand this works and how we can take up the challenge of change.

What we all need to do is change our thought patterns and not be dictated by our environments and ignore what we digest daily from the mainstream newspapers, daily news articles and magazines and anything else we might read. Don’t get me wrong its OK reading, but remember do not let the imaging of what you have read control your consciousness, don‘t dwell. Whatever thought process you adopt and you keep that thought within your mindset, you will turn the thought into reality. As a species we all need to grow up and realize that we have made this mess and we alone can only put it right. So we have to raise our thinking patterns to a higher frequency and not be dictated with all that is around us.

Now picture different groups of people around the world. Picture different countries and cultures and even the people in lands that have not the resources to feed themselves. Do you ask why they just keep going around in a constant cycle and never getting anywhere. How is it that certain groups are OK but other have not got the surroundings to support them or feed them. Think of all the wars around the planet that have been ongoing for decades and decades. Perhaps some of the wars have been orchestrated or manipulated for greed and for support of the war machine. But again, we have only ourselves to blame for letting our minds accept this way of thinking and buying into this negative projection of energy.

Our thoughts create the reality we live in. So therefore we have created our planet and the way it has been shaped over the past 10 000 years. If we have had civilisations before, and my research has informed me we have. Then we have gone through the same old mistakes as usual. We have destroyed past civilisations by the same process.

THOUGHT CREATES MATTER. Remember that. Embed those words into your minds and think about before you go to sleep. Remind yourself that whatever is on your minds, the possibility is that your consciousness will create the matter and turn it into reality.

You can now see why we are all living the way we are. With all the papers we are reading and different types of TV programs. This is all moulding the life we live.

Think. Imagine you are living in a very small village that offers only a very limited choice of luxuries. You struggle every day to make ends meet. You live in a ramshackle of hut. You only just get by each day. You live in the absolute bare minimum. With this in mind, what are your thoughts each and every day. You are feeding your consciousness with the ongoing cycle and the life you have manifested just goes around in the same old cycles.

With the knowledge of how our thoughts create our reality we could change the outcome. It doesn’t really matter how scarce the surroundings are, the trick is to continually feed your consciousness with a different picture so the outcome is not the same. We can all change the current paradigm, but we need to know the rules and how to change it.

Our thought processes have a lot to answer for and create more than we can imagine! We all have this gift and if only we all knew how to use this we would all be in abundance. However the way things have taken course has led us into this reality and we all need to awaken from this slumber. If we carry on with this current paradigm, the planet will not be able to support us and nature will take its course. You cannot carry on indefinitely with all this negative energy sapping up emotional pockets of consciousness which in return create negative manifestation of matter. The law of karma will intervene as has always happened in the past and mother nature decides herself how to correct the energy flow.

Let us think of another example of human consciousness in work. Just imagine a normal day in UK or US. It does not matter where because the outcome will be the same. First thing in the morning your thoughts are processing what you will be doing for the rest of the day. Your mind reminds you of the chores you need to do to get by the end of the day. Whether it is stressful or not, you are already conditioning your consciousness and creating your reality for the day. And also last thing at night you do the same, in fact any negative scenes you may have bumped into during the course of the day your mind is working overload and again you are structuring your mind with brain conditioning. This is typical consciousness working against us. We have been conditioning ourselves like this for thousands of years. We need to make a break from this cycle and create a New Paradigm.

Let me give you another example of the consciousness working on a smaller time scale. OK let us say we are watching the news and they are reporting about a war going in somewhere in the world (at this time there are 47 wars ongoing in this moment in time). The reporter shows us images of a war strewn landscape with trees obliterated, houses blown apart, looking like old ruins, children running scared and crying, hunger setting in and food shortages everywhere, food aid not getting to the points, smoke bellowing from various buildings, cars ablaze and people cowering on every corner. I am sure you get the picture.

So, anyway, where do you think our thought processes will take us. Shortly afterwards you would be thinking about this and more than likely a few thoughts of the graphicness would filter through during the course of the day and further conditioning our minds to create a reality out of yet another negative thought process. You can see why this particular vision has been created time and time again by embedding in our consciousness.

THOUGHT CREATES MATTER. We are shaping our lives every day. Day in, day out. How many times have we seen these images streaming through the TV? How many times have you contributed without knowing what you are doing? The subconscious is all powerful. Nourish it with the right food!

With all these examples, its pretty easy to imagine why we are going through these continuous cycles of living. We just go around and around. The cogs are turning around each day and nothing changes, it’s the same old cyclical event time after time. All around the world, whether its wars, starvation, working, living – it’s the same old.

So what can we do?

First of all we need to combat any negative thoughts that seep into our consciousness. For every negative image you see on TV, in magazines, newspapers and various other sources of information you need to replace that image within your consciousness, with a reversal of what you have just watched or seen. So in other words if you have just seen the news with the graphic scenery as I explained earlier here “images of a war strewn landscape with trees obliterated, houses blown apart, looking like old ruins, children running scared and crying, hunger setting in and food shortages everywhere, food aid not getting to the points, smoke bellowing from various buildings, cars ablaze and people cowering on every corner!”.

Get to work on your mindset and reverse the image, picture in your mind beautiful landscapes with trees full of bright coloured leaves, houses with bright colours, children playing, beautiful clear flowing rivers, people talking being happy, just imagine everything in abundance. Your consciousness will soon take over with these positive images and create a better reality than the other thought process you would normally adopt.

This small act of thinking and transference of positive energies works every time. The stronger the intent, the more of a reality you will create from thought. So try to visualize these images as clear as you can. Now sometimes it is very difficult to train your thoughts in a different route, whilst taking in disruptive and negative images. But trust me, practice makes perfect. Do this also last thing at night and first thing in the morning. THOUGHT CREATES MATTER.

I remember reading a good few years back about a man who was a small time thief. He was just a petty thief who spent most of his time in jail. Now every time he got caught, the judge would sentence him to a few months in prison. Shortly after his release he would go back to stealing again and get caught almost immediately. Now this chap went to all sorts of help with various groups to break out of the habit, but kept finding himself back to square one. Back again. He was asked why he kept stealing, but couldn’t answer as to why he kept doing this time and time again. He knew it was wrong but something took over in the act of stealing. What he did say was that in prison he finds it comfortable and free of any hassle. And that when he was released he would often think about the hassle free world of being in prison. Now what this man was doing was conditioning his ‘mind set’ with his consciousness of being in prison. Whilst he was out of prison, his consciousness took over in order to get him back, where his sub-conscious mind wanted him to go. So unbeknown to him he was being steered towards what he had fed his mind with. He conditioned his mind to go back to prison with these daily thought patterns, thus creating what he thought into his reality. He could not break the cycle no matter what he did.

This is a perfect example of how we become trapped into our own reality. Our thought processes are continually repeating themselves again and again. We create what we have been doing for years and years. Yes, it is difficult to get out of the cycle. But we must change the cycle in order to evolve as humans and not be dictated to by what is presented to us each and every day.

We will reach bifurcation which ever way you look at it. The current system cannot sustain itself much longer. If we carry on with the wars as they are, we will ultimately run out of money and we will have global collapse. Already USA are trillions of dollars in debt, which is mathematically impossible to pay off the debt. So at what time do we say enough is enough, we need to change the Paradigm.

Our thought patterns will change this. As I am writing this article, the USA has doubled its military expenditure in just one decade!! What are we going to do with all these machines. All we are doing is feeding the war machine. The war machine is the biggest racket on this planet. This is typical of what we are all engineering with our minds with the War Machine.

We see negative images on TV and various news articles, we in return instill fear into our consciousness and we subconsciously buy into the war machine without realising what we are doing. We feed the machine day in day out. Take note of the previous examples of what happens when we watch images of negative content. Use the tools that I have suggested to switch your ‘mind set’ into positive vibrations.

To say the world is our oyster is an understatement. The universe is diverse with all different types of life, it is unimaginable. We must adopt the rules and know how to use them before we can be invited to the world above. With our current thought patterns, we will always be suppressing ourselves from further knowledge of what other secrets we have in the Universe.

Yes, our thoughts have kept us out of reach of many things that we could have been privy to. We have suppressed ourselves to the extent that we are acting with robotic minds. We have become controlled robots in our own little world which is neither reality or fiction. It is sort of a play, and we are dictating how the play unfolds, but with the wrong mind set. We need to change our thought patterns towards a positive outcome. And we will.

We must all move into a creative stance, not a permissive posture. I know its very difficult to do with our past life experiences, but it can be done. We have to develop a much bigger creative imagination to win over what we have created in front of us. If we sit on our laurels and wait for the times too change, it will be a disaster waiting to happen. We have got to change pattern of thought NOW.

Ask yourself what sort of life would you want your children to have? Look at what we have now, and imagine if we carry on with the present cycle, what will it be like in 20 or so years time. Don’t choose victim hood. Make your stand and make a better humanity. Take your thoughts to where you want to go. Your limitations are only within your mind set. The only thing that will be lacking is the ability to trust that this process indeed can reach a positive outcome. Thought released will return in manifestation in a reality more magnificent than we can all imagine. Please understand that THOUGHT CREATES MATTER. Its up to us what type of ‘matter’ we want and deliver.

Don’t allow yourself to dwell on what we see everyday on TV and the other sources of information, but turn your thought towards what you would like to experience. We have built a fantasy land around us and seems almost impossible to break the mould, but break the mould we will.

We watch TV play with computers listen to radios and all other types musical gadgets, that we have no time to really think about why we are here and where we are heading. Just sit down for a few minutes and think of all the distraction we have created here on planet earth. We need to feed ourselves with some other source of food for nourishing our consciousness. At the moment, the type of food we are taking in daily is not what it should be. Do we want to become robots adopting a 9-5 routine living each day as we pretend this is how it should be.

Don’t kid yourself. There is so much more than we have given ourselves, but only we can awaken our thought processes in order to awaken us. Let us not become the laughing stock of the galactic family. They know we can do this and have handed down clues for all of us to see. Just ask your thoughts, to take you where we should be.

Yes, I know with the realisation of how we got here and where we could go is a big shock to the system or even ego. But what I tell you here, I believe, is true and can be researched within the confines of your own home. With the way the Internet is used, it is one of the biggest libraries we can ever explore. The truth is out there and ‘the truth will set you free’.

Remember this is our reality. We created it. We can change it. We alone can alter the course of our lives. Don’t be lazily caught up in what is presented by outlets, which are beyond our control. Yes, some have been presented in a way that we have no control over what we witness. But it doesn’t mean we have to buy into what is on offer. You can visit a shop with all sorts of goodies that tempt us into buying. If you don’t like the sound of it. DON’T BUY INTO IT. Take your thoughts elsewhere.

Only you are in charge of your thoughts. Don’t let the negative side hi-jack them again. It is your choice, as I have said you can create your reality just like you create your dreams most nights, but if you do not realize your power and how you can change the ‘play’ then your life will become like a flag blowing in the wind – just like a passenger on a train going around in circles. So visualize the world you want to be in and take control of your destiny. Anything you can think of becomes a possibility.

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