La Nuova Gnosi: Il Salto Evolutivo dell ‘umanita’

Neue Gnosis Evolutionsprung der Menschheit zu Beginn des 3. Millenniums, pdf

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind at the Beginning of the 3rd Millennium, pdf

Georgi Stankov, 2000

translated from English into Italian by Daniela Lupo, 2015

La Nuova Gnosi – pdf, 198 pages


Short Summary

This book establishes the foundation of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law. In the meantime it has been translated in English and can be found as serials on this website (see link column, categories). As the term “gnosis” is not very popular in English, it can also be described as Scientific Esotericism, contrary to the popular esotericism, which is currently practised by many channellers and light workers of the New Age.

The term “Gnosis” comes from the Greek language and means “knowledge”, respectively the “science of knowledge”. Under knowledge, the ancient Greek philosophers understood the human knowledge that transcends the visible reality on earth and establishes a spiritual bond with the invisible worlds, which create the visible reality (Heraclitus, Parmenides, Pythagoras etc.).

This gnostic view of the world determines entirely the teachings of the founders of Western Philosophy, Plato and Aristotle, and culminates in the Neo-Platonism of Plotin, which is a synthesis of Platonism and Peripatetics and is the most congruent gnostic system, Western civilisation has developed so far.

Gnosis is thus true philosophy. The Metaphysics of Western philosophy followed this tradition for a long time. This notion was repudiated in Modern Times when Positivism and Neo-Positivism emerged in the late 19th and the early 20th century and replaced the transcendence of philosophical thinking with the narrow experience of the visible, outer world, gained by limited human senses. The philosophical approach to this experience followed essentially the evaluation of experimental evidence in scientific research.

The reason, why modern philosophy negated the transcendence of human experience, was that it was unable to catch up with the putative successes of experimental science and to furnish the philosophical principles, according to which any kind of knowledge – be it introspective or empirical – is acquired by human beings. The inability of Metaphysics to establish a firm gnostic and epistemological foundation for the rapid growth of new empirical data led to the loss of social importance of any kind of philosophical thinking in present-day society.

The Crisis of Philosophy began at the dawn of the 20th century, when the old grand systems of philosophical approach to society and science, as developed by N. Hartmann, Dilthey, and other, scientifically orientated, universal thinkers, failed to incorporate the latest achievements of modern physics and biology and to give them a sound methodological explanation from the holistic point of view of human consciousness, to which these thinkers had dedicated their philosophical systems. Their philosophical ontology could not cope with the rapid increase of detailed and highly fragmented knowledge, which empirical research was rendering with an exponentially growing speed in the stormy days of scientific discoveries.

Instead of rationalizing old Metaphysics, the new wave of neo-positive thinkers, such as Russell, Whitehead, Boole, Poincare, Wittgenstein etc., simply discarded its “irrational abysses”, and substituted the holistic approach of ancient Greek philosophy, which was still preserved in the teachings of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, and Kant, with particular mathematical models, borrowed from the newly emerged experimental science.

Most modern philosophers could not however keep pace with the new abstract concepts of natural sciences and lost contact with any exact scientific thinking. Instead, they resorted to historical plagiarism and philosophical eclecticism – in other words, they ended in intellectual escapism. In this way, they left the playing field of exact science and dwindled to an intellectual quantite negligable in our times. The Grand Schism between Gnosis, as originally developed in philosophy, religion, and teleological thinking, on the one hand, and exact empirical science, on the other, was cemented in the second half of the 20th century.

This is the reason why nowadays very few people have a correct idea of what Human Gnosis is all about. The present-day esotericists of the New Age, which call themselves in self-proclaimed high-esteem “light workers” or simply “channellers” have no idea of both Science and Gnosis. The conventional thinking scientists, who currently dominate the intellectual scene, have, themselves, no idea of spirituality and philosophy, and the few philosophers, who could have held the banner of true holistic approach to science and knowledge, have disappeared from social life.

This is the disastrous intellectual situation on this toxic planet in the End Times prior to Ascension in 2012.

The present gnostic book, which is dedicated to the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, also known as Ascension, at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, must be evaluated at the background of this despicable spiritual reality. It is the first book of altogether six books that discuss various philosophical, transcendental, gnostic, and scientific topics and problems from the holistic point of view of the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law.

The New Gnosis of the Universal Law is the first transcendental system of knowledge in the history of mankind, which integrates modern science with philosophy. This intellectual achievement was accomplished by the author by blowing away the agnostic citadel of empirical science from within. He proved that all scientific concepts are derived from the Primary Term of human consciousness and are thus an apriori knowledge of any sentient being.

He proved irrevocably what has already been known in antiquity: Science is not a random collection of scattered empirical facts, but a re-membrance of what the incarnated human soul has always known. The three-dimensional reality, we experience on earth, is a hallucinatory idea of the narrow human senses and the mind and is artificially created by the incarnated soul to collect unique experience within the limitations of a physical vessel in the material density of this planet.

The greater reality behind the veil, which science attempts to explore in an empirical manner, is already known to the soul. The incarnated human entity can always establish an open communication with his soul and get this, or any other, information from her. The opening of the human mind is to simply re-member the true reality behind the veil of material 3d-space-time, which is the only object of study of present-day science. Hence its total agnosticism.

This is precisely what will happen with all human beings after their Ascension in the 5th dimension in 16 months from now on. Therefore, the present discussion is not an abstract theoretical disquisition on philosophy with no practical relevance, but a guideline on how to shape the individual destiny and that of mankind in a creative and sovereign way. Only those human beings, who will open their minds and hearts to this truth, will qualify for Ascension; the others will most probably die and enter the 5th-dimensional earth in a new incarnation. This is the cosmic scenario for the End Times.

These are the major topics that have been outlined in this book. It was essentially written in 2000, after the author had already entered the last and most intensive phase of his Light Body Process (LBP), and was finalized in 2001. At that time, earth and humanity have just entered the period of most active energetic transformation, which was underpinned by the creation of the new crystalline 144-grid of astral high-frequency energies on earth. The 144-grid is the vehicle of Ascension of mankind and the planet.

Each year since 2000, the 144-grid has been built at the rate of about 8.5% with respect to the numerological star portals, 01.01.01, 02.02.02.., through 11.11.11 this year, when the 144-grind will be completed by approximately 93% and the First Wave of Ascended Masters can take place. It will be completed on 12.12.12.

Around December 21, 2012, the mass Ascension of humanity and Gaia into the 5th dimension will be accomplished within 24 hours to three days in an incredible cosmic act of Divine Grace. After this energetic leap, mankind will continue with its evolution as an enlightened civilisation in an open dialogue with the higher realms, where the souls dwell between the incarnations, and with the numerous ascended civilisations in the infinite solar universes (While Gaia ascended with the help of the PAT (planetary ascension team) at the 12.21.12 portal, humanity was still in a big slumber and the final ID shift of all incarnated human personalities had to be postponed to a further date.).

This book is thus a prophetic vision of the future destiny of mankind, which will very soon become a reality. It is a highly inspiring work, written in a close dialogue with the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence in an almost automatic manner, however under the full intellectual control of the author, who is responsible for all statements and forecasts.

This circumstance makes the book so unique, as it presents the author as a sovereign creator under the spiritual guidance from the highest astral realms. This is contrary to the behaviour of most channellers and light workers nowadays, who slavishly follow the channelled messages of their astral sources and are not able to develop a critical discernment with respect to the stuff, they are transmitting.

None of them display a true intellectual curiosity to learn more from other sources. This is so, because they have never learned to be independent critical thinkers. They do not know what it is to be a true philosopher and scientist at the same time. This is the kind of synthesis, this author has been searching throughout his whole life and has ultimately achieved in all his books, published on this website. This holds true in particular for the present book on human Gnosis.

In order to broaden the horizon of the reader, the book begins with a short survey on the history of human religious and teleological thinking. It explains why the scientific “proof of God”, being in the core of all religious experience, could not be furnished in an irrevocable manner by all known religions and esoteric teachings so far.

After that the book proceeds with a short introduction into the basic statements of the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law in terms of Human Gnosis. It explains how human consciousness creates the hallucinatory idea of Space-Time with the help of the limited senses and how this primordial idea is multiplied in an infinite way in all facets of current compartmentalized collective human thinking, which will be abolished for ever after Ascension by the end of 2012.

The human incarnated entity is regarded for the first time in the history of human Gnosis as an astral-energetic system which obeys the Universal Law. The scientific concept of U-sets, the sets that contain themselves and the Whole as an element, is introduced, and the interdependence between the soul and the incarnated entity elucidated from the point of view of the new physical and mathematical axiomatics (see publication). The various energetic sub-systems of the entity, such as mind (spirit, consciousness), psyche (emotional body), and chakras are discussed in detail.

In this context, the subjectivity and objectivity of human weltanschauung is explained for the first time in the history of human philosophy in a clear manner. This has been the chief failure of Western philosophy so far – it is unable to discern between the relative truthfulness of different subjective opinions, because it has failed to establish an objective, universally valid criterion for truth. This has been achieved for the first time by the author, who developed the new axiomatic method of human thinking, based on the Primary Term of human consciousness.

After the foundation of the New Gnosis has been established, the incarnation cycle of the soul is elucidated with respect to the energetic structure of the higher realms of Creation. This leads to a thorough explanation of the energetic background of the Light Body Process. Much new scientific information, based on the General Theory of Biological Regulation as presented in volume III is given for the first time. This information cannot be found in any other esoteric book on this subject.

In this particular case, the reader profits from the deep and vast knowledge of the author in bio-science and medicine, especially with regard to the bio-regulation of the human organism. This information is substantiated by the personal, unique experience of the author, who is in the most advanced stage of the LBP, which any human being can achieve on this planet. This fact qualifies him to be among the first, if not the first, human beings, who will transform their physical bodies this year to crystalline light bodies and will appear as Ascended Masters in front of humanity in order to promote the LBP and Ascension to many people by personal example.

The intimate interdependence between LBP and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind in the course of Ascension is explained from the point of view of the physical laws of constructive and destructive interference – precisely, how each individual progress in the LBP contributes energetically to the Ascension of Gaia and humanity. This interrelationship is currently not fully comprehended by most light workers, which are considered to be enlightened personalities. For the vast sleeping majority this topic is a non-entity (see also “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“).

Probably the greatest practical asset of this book is the elaboration of the mental, psychic, and somatic aspects and symptoms of the LBP, which are barely covered in the current channeling literature of the New Age. This information is extremely valuable, as it is verified by the personal experience of the author, who has observed and registered it in an objective and dispassionate manner from the higher vantage point of view of an experienced scientist and clinical researcher.

This holds true in particular for the function of the seven human body chakras, about which a lot of nonsense has been written in the past. The opening of the seven body chakras initiates the LBP. This is a very complex theme, which presupposes a detailed knowledge of bio-physics, biology, and medicine, as these disciplines have been integrated into the new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law.

The last chapter of the book is dedicated to world religions. The author explains, why they have failed as gnostic systems of knowledge and could not develop a correct idea about the upcoming Ascension in the present End Times. This historical and teleological disquisition rounds up the basics of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law as presented in this book.

The book also contains two lucid essays on current topics, which will be very soon in the centre of collective human interest:

1. “The Psycho-Energetic Basis of Human Intransigence”

2. “The Astral Dynamics of the World Economic Crisis in the Eve of First Ascension”

The author uses the Greek term “Parusia”, for the First Ascension Wave, which is erroneously translated as the “Second Coming of Christ” in Christianity. This concept was first elaborated by the Neo-Platonist Origenes in the 3rd century, but was criminally forged by his translators in Latin, such as Hieronymus, so that Christian theology was unable to develop a proper teleological idea for the current End Times, although this theme is central in the New Testament, beginning with Paul’s epistles and ending up with John’s Revelations. This topic is extensively elaborated by the author in a special philosophical study “Neoplatonism and Christianity“, also available on this website.

Both essays are a prophetic anticipation of what humanity will experience in the course of this and next year. The author is very proud of this intellectual achievement, which was accomplished as early as 2000, when nobody could even imagine that these events will ever happen on this planet. Now they are already reality.

This achievement was possible, because the author is the only person on earth who can consciously operate with astral probability alternatives in the highest dimensions of Cosmic Providence from a scientific point of view, while eliminating all deleterious three-dimensional influences on human mind and psyche. This huge theme, which will become central to humanity after Ascension in the 5th dimension, has been tackled by the author extensively in his last book “Thoughts“, also published on this site. This topic is currently unknown to all light workers and protagonists of the New Age.

The first essay is a synopsis of the morality, precisely, of the lack of morality, and of the numerous spiritual deficiencies in present-day humanity, and explains how these vices hinder the LBP and Ascension. Suggestions are given as to how this deplorable state of the collective human mind can be overcome in the End Times. The upcoming events will brilliantly confirm this prophetic analysis of the human condition, done almost ten years ago.

The astral dynamics of the collapse of the Old World Order is currently not understood by most human beings. Even the few enlightened light workers are not able to grasp the full scope and multidimensional dynamics behind the upcoming events that will radically reshape humanity. To this end one needs a profound theoretical knowledge in economics, history, psychology, and transcendental physics in the new form, in which these disciplines are extensively elaborated in the scientific books published on this website.

Thus, this website is a “digital university” of incredible depth and scope, which no current educational programme at any university can match. At the time, when the author was a dissident in his native country Bulgaria, he established the first clandestine free university as an alternative to the official communist ideology. Such universities were known at that time as “flying universities”, because the participants had to change the place of gathering all the time, as to escape arrest by the secret services. In this sense, the educational programme of this website has the spiritual potential to teach every user how to learn flying, respectively, ascending to the 5th dimension.

Most of the precise forecasts for the End Times, which the author has listed in the second essay, are already in the making and are heading to a final culmination in the fall of this year. These economic predictions have been further substantiated in the prognostic economic overview for the End Times, published in the collection of lectures (see also 1999-Forecast).

The theoretical foundation of this book is further expanded in four other books in German and in a recent book in English, all dedicated to Human Gnosis.

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