Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – New Version

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov


– New version –

This is a requiem of the old “New Age” and a Manifesto of the New Age of the Universal Law of Ascension.

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The Witches’ Sabbath (The Big Billy Goat), Francisco Goya

Here are ten main reasons why the Western, predominantly American New Age movement, but also in Europe, has declared total bankruptcy – intellectually and morally – and why these people have no chance to ascend in the days to come.

Reason 1: All lightworkers do not understand why the nation state is the main cause of most evil on earth.

All lightworkers, with the exception of this author, have failed to properly analyse the current Orion order and reject all its forms of social life and individual manifestations. In particular, the New Age movement has failed to explain why the nation state is the most insidious form of Orion organisation of any sentient civilisation, which is the root cause of all wars, civil unrest, exploitation, poverty, slavery, international extortion, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking, mafia structures, etc.

At the same time, all lightworkers have failed to create a new utopia for humanity and to envision how this civilisation will live in higher dimensions by observing true spiritual principles. In short, they failed to recognise the creative potential of human thought and that they can shape this and any other reality. Ultimately, they succumbed to the Orion interpretation of life as a purely biological species, subject to a very slow, painful and highly accidental evolution, betraying their original soul mission.

This is a huge topic that covers almost 90% of current international politics and daily news and also includes deep transcendental knowledge. Unfortunately, even the most critical and knowledgeable alternative media and sources such as Global Research have failed to explain to the people why the nation state is the main obstacle to any true evolution of humanity into a transgalactic species. Firstly, because they do not believe in this goal, and secondly, because these critics are intellectually incapable of transcending their very narrow-minded human education and recognising the inherent creative potential of the individual as a multidimensional spiritual being.

They therefore only preach the legal improvement of the nation state, e.g. the strict application of outdated constitutions introduced centuries ago as a panacea for all ills, as propagated for example by the popular US website infowars.com. In other words, none of the current alternative thinkers have the bold intellect as well as the indomitable spirit to transcend the limited earthly reality and become a true visionary.

However, there is no comprehensible reason why the light workers have not recognised the pernicious role of the nation state as the main vehicle of human separation from the Whole, if we assume that they recognise the transcendental dimension of life and want to overcome this very separation of current humanity through Ascension.

Even worse, none of these alternative thinkers and journalists, and certainly not the New Agers, have the necessary intellectual background to even recognise that the nation state is a very recent social phenomenon that has been installed by the dark rulers (who must now abdicate and are basically already a thing of the past, known also as “powers that were”, PTW) in order to organise the masses uniformly and enslave them in the End Time, and that it only emerged after the Second World War as the Leviathan of the Orion NWO. Before that, most nation states had very limited power over the people, and there was a very healthy skepticism among the Western population against the creation of a large state controlling all people as “Big Brother”.

George Orwell was the first to recognise this danger, which is now a terrible, omnipresent reality, especially in the USA and Canada, which, together with the UK, are the three most controlled Western countries in the world, especially because they claim to be flawless democracies. Germany, after the end of the Second World War, is a defeated vassal state in which both national self-determination and individual uniqueness are very much suppressed, especially now that this country is in a hopeless war against Russia against its constitution, historical experience and all reason. This holds true practically for all EU nations.

This is a huge topic that I cannot go into here. Suffice it to say that the current Orion monetary system (see below) has grown into a pervasive metastasising cancer in modern society and economy and has only been able to manipulate people’s lives after the creation of the pervasive, powerful nation state. The tax system of the state is the most effective modern system to enslave the people by impoverishing them (remember that the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their years of wandering in the desert was because they did not want to pay 10% tax to Pharaoh!) and by criminalising them with the help of constantly new, contradictory and totally unnecessary laws that make it impossible for even the most honest and upright citizen not to transgress them and be guilty and even go to jail.

This system is also the basis of all central banks (see below), such as the ECB and the FED, which is a private institution, although it has the authority and obligation to control the prices and inflation of the entire American nation and even the rest of the world by manipulating interest rates. The private FED, which is the pinnacle of financial fraud, has so much power because it benefits enormously from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service of the USA), which is a government institution and is enforced by a massive and very corrupt judiciary system (see below). The ECB under Draghi has contributed significantly to the current impoverishment of all EU countries, as I explained in great detail in this article: How Mario Draghi Destroyed Italy

Furthermore, all decisions about defence forces, wars, raising taxes, creating huge national debts, etc. are made exclusively by the Orion elite in power (0.001%), which would not have gained so much power over the fate of the peoples if the nation state had not become so large, non-transparent and over-controlled. At present, the EU has fully taken over this function of the nation state and has disempowered the Europeans even more effectively than the individual nation state, which is now mistakenly seen as a refuge of freedom against the arbitrariness of the Brussels bureaucrats (Hungary under Orban, AfD in Germany, etc.).

People have forgotten that there were times in the late 19th and early 20th century when there was a huge and very powerful intellectual movement of anarchists who came up with some brilliant ideas as to why humanity does not need nation states. The anarchists were the forerunners of the newly enlightened humanity on all new 4D worlds where there will be no nation states. A transgalactic civilisation of multidimensional entities cannot exist in the straitjacket of nation states, that should be obvious to anyone.

None of these ideas have survived the current brainwashing of the masses by the MSM and Orion education system (see below) and the deliberate marginalisation of all supposed intellectuals in the West by the nation state.

This whole array of topics is very important for any true human gnosis, as most of the subversive tactics used by the dark intelligence agencies and the western cabal, including the channelling archons from the astral plane against the New Age movement, have very successfully cast these topics with some very dark and derogatory ideas against the few light bearers and thus have completely polluted the minds of most light workers. These include the idea of NESARA, the existence and imminent introduction of hidden wealth funds allegedly initiated by St Germain under the current Orion order, the alleged dispossession and substitution of the ruling cabal by other obscure secret brotherhoods, the alleged existence of a clandestine resistance to the Orion order of the nation state to help lightworkers get out of this cesspool, etc., etc. False spiritual hopium for the New Agers!

You know all these New Age idiocies that were introduced back in the 90’s and the sources for them, so I don’t need to mention their filthy names. It’s bad enough that many of these articles still appear on most New Age websites and blogs and no one is outraged except this author. This is because the overwhelming majority of lightworkers do not understand or appreciate the purity of human intelligence as the driving force of evolution and ascension.

Had the lightworkers in a sovereign rational as well as logical way clarified their understanding of the nation state as the main instrument of enslavement of humanity and completely rejected it as a categorical system of collective human consciousness, none of these errors and dark machinations would have been possible and many lightworkers could have participated in the ascension process with clear minds and ascended with us in the days to come. Now they will have a rude awakening from their deep, anti-intellectually fuelled 3D illusions.

Fortunately, it is never too late to engage in right thought and then individual ascension can come about more easily, as clear thought is the purest, highest frequency energy in the universe, as well as on Earth, and the most powerful driver of human ascension.

Reason 2: All lightworkers do not understand the nature of money and cannot recognise the insidious effects of the Orion monetary system

No other Orion invention has defiled and enslaved humanity more than the system of money. It has permeated every human thought and emotion in such a dark and negative way that only the radical elimination of money as a concept and not just as a functioning system of payment and exchange will allow for the true evolution of the new human race.

I have been working intensively on the nature of money since the mid-1990s and have written extensively on this subject in my five German books on Gnosis, most of which are translated into English, in my latest English book on the same subject and in numerous other publications on my website. You will not find a comparable, all-encompassing treatise on the nature of money in any other ancient or modern esoteric writing, and if you read what all the Nobel Prize winners in economics and finance have said about money and the existing Orion money system, you will be disgusted by their mindless ideas and comments.

Read all the articles in the section Economic Collapse

It is important to emphasise at this point that the inability of lightworkers to truly understand the nature of money has contributed, more than any other problem, to their infestation with dark Orion ideas and postponed ascension. Because money plays such an important role in human life today, there is not a single social form or personal relationship that is not affected by money or the lack thereof.

All the basic human fears that are an integral part of the archetypal structure of the soul when it incarnates on earth are closely linked to money. Greed, self-esteem, fear of any kind of lack, addiction to instant gratification, all kinds of manipulation, etc. are closely linked to money and the way it controls human life. The Orion Empire of reptilians and archons knew very well why they introduced money on this planet. It was the most effective means of enslaving humanity in the End Time.

When these dark ones finally fail, it will be entirely the success of this author as Elohim and Logos God to have recognised the true nature of money and paved the way for its elimination in the new 4D worlds after the Shift. You can only create successfully if you have first fully clarified all the negative and dark aspects of the current 3D matrix in a stringent and careful analysis. And that means, first and foremost, having an intimate knowledge of the current false economic teachings and how they are being deliberately applied in practice to enslave humanity.

Only in this way can the current End Time scenario be understood and safely overcome. I predicted this scenario with excellent precision more than a quarter of a century ago and developed successful strategies to alleviate the plight of people in these difficult times.

Read here: Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia

As far as I am aware, I am the only one who has recognised the importance of this task and created viable solutions before the people realise that they do not need money after ascension, but definitely a new fair monetary system in the transition phase that will free them from the shackles of the Orion monetary system and facilitate their ascension:

The New “Astral” Currency Is Coming – International Edition

My intellectual endeavours to abolish the Orion money system began in the 1990s when I was urged by my soul to invest in the stock markets and investigate the fraud behind every form of speculative investment. The aim of this practical involvement in money speculation was to recognise the various forms of hidden fraud that permeate the nature of money and ultimately lead to the enslavement of humanity in the End Time. Since I have dealt with this problem at length in my many articles on economics, I will be very brief at this point.

Money is an abstract, virtual reflection of the properties of energy perceived by the human senses as space-time. It is based on the intimate knowledge that energy has only two dimensions / components – space (e.g. as surface = 2d space) and time (frequency) f. Space and time are reciprocal variables – as space increases, time/frequency decreases and vice versa.

Please also read this recent publication on the physics of the imminent shift that discusses the reciprocity of space s and time f:

A Physical Model How to Explain the Imminent Manifestation of the New Earth and the Current Destruction of the Old 3D Matrix

When central banks like the FED print money out of thin air, they actually increase the amount of money in circulation, measured by the amount of banknotes in circulation, which in turn can be measured as money by the surface of the printed paper. This is the classic definition of inflation, which is now being deliberately obscured by the introduction of digital currency.

I know too well that this is a gross oversimplification for didactic purposes, as most money currently circulates not in the form of banknotes, but as virtual numerical sums on credit cards, which already shows where the new financial developments in the new 4D worlds will go when the current Orion monetary system is freed from its deliberate errors committed by the archons just to enslave humanity.

Read here: I.N.F.E.R. – Interdimensional Network for Financial Energy Remuneration

But this approach very accurately describes the real problem with human understanding of the nature of money at the level of the personal ego, the only level at which most humans can currently function as partially sentient beings.

Inflation of the money space, measured by the surface area of printed paper in the form of banknotes, leads to a corresponding reciprocal decrease in the value of money, which is measured by the frequency (= absolute time or time) of money. This is the basic axiom of the theory of the Universal Law, about which I have written many volumes. The value of money is measured by the quantity and quality of the material goods that you can buy with money. This is because money itself has no intrinsic value, but is always measured by the material goods you get for it in order to live comfortably in this harsh, inhospitable material 3D world.

For example, if you could buy a house in Metro Vancouver BC for 200,000 CAD only 10-20 years ago, now you need at least a million. This is the classic form of inflation for real estate. Especially since 2003, when the prime mortgage fraud and the subsequent crisis in the US and North America began, this inflation of real estate has almost quadrupled. It has run parallel to the excessive printing of money out of thin air by the Fed and all other central banks such as the ECB. Therefore, the frequency of money is measured by its true value to buy durable goods. If twenty years ago you could buy 5 houses with one million CAD (f = 5), now you can only buy one (f=1).

According to the theory of the Universal Law of energy (and money is a virtual image / substitute of energy), the frequency is proportional to the amount of energy, while space as inflation (expansion of space) is reciprocal to the amount of energy. It is therefore not at all surprising that the excessive printing of money out of thin air by all central banks began with the appointment of the reptiloid Alan Greenspan as chairman of the FED in 1987. It was the year of the Harmonic Convergence, which initiated the last decisive phase in the planetary ascension process. While we were beginning our light body process, the dark banksters were doing everything they could to fully enslave humanity with their worthless Orion monetary system and thus prevent the ascension of humanity. These historical developments have not been understood at all by the New Agers.

Greenspan significantly lowered the interest rates, thereby inflating the dollar and enormously increasing the amount of money in circulation according to the theory of monetarism. Especially after the financial crash in 2008, when his successor, the “helicopter Ben“, Ben Bernanke, lowered interest rates to zero for the first time in human financial history, the global economy is in a permanent recession (apart from China) – officially four major recessions after the Greatest Depression since the well-known Great Depression before the Second World War, which began in 2008 and is still ongoing.

All the Nobel Prize winners can’t explain why the economy didn’t take off, even though there is so much inflated cheap money circulating on the markets that should have been used to stimulate economic growth long ago according to Keynesianism. Instead, we have the worst and longest period of austerity in human history, which has impoverished a large part of the Western population.

All these “conundrums”, as the main man in charge Alan Greenspan cleverly put it at the time, are due to the complete ignorance of all the experts and even more so all the light workers about the true nature of money who have done nothing about it. The ruling banksters are only making fun of them. Human ignorance is the fastest way to enslavement.

Now the banks have raised interest rates again because inflation can no longer be hidden, so that they can impoverish the world’s population once and for all and drive it into the NWO in the End Time by introducing worthless digital currencies. The Ukrainian war and the war in the Middle East have vastly contributed to this heinous goal, and we ain’t seen yet nothing. Wait until the entire world trade collapses. This is how the dark cabal intends to prevent our ascension through a global crisis this year. In vain!

As you can see from this historical example, you cannot build a future, enlightened human society unless you have thoroughly investigated all the pitfalls and traps of the current Orion monetary system. And this is exactly where all light workers have failed miserably and have become easy prey for all kinds of dark Orion machinations, as one can read on the internet. This was the first great “fall from grace of the New Age movement”, but not the only one.

It is therefore quite logical that I have already created the new Astral currency in 2016, which will make life easier for ascending humanity in the transition phase after the planetary shift. This shift will be triggered very soon by my ascension as an Elohim Soul and Logos God in cooperation with the Source (Central Sun), of which I am the human representative.

The introduction of the Astral currency will be accomplished from the quantum field, from where I, together with help of all incarnated souls on the earth, will take full control of the digital banking system, expropriate the rich 0,001% cabal that possesses 90% of the world wealth and reallocate it evenly among the people with special preference for the ascension candidates. This new higher dimensional technology will be part of a much bigger package of higher dimensional technologies that will improve dramatically the quality of human life in the transition period before the three big ascension waves will take place. I have discussed these immediate measures after my ascension in this recent pivotal article:

How We Shall Transform the Old Orion Banking System and All Communication Means From the Quantum Field After Our Ascension and Thus Liberate Humanity

The most important measure for the introduction of all these new advanced technologies is the acceptance of the new Divine Constitution with which humanity will abolish the nation state (see previous chapter):

Divine Constitution of the Universal Law For Ascending Humanity

Since the 90s, immediately after I discovered the Universal Law in 1994, I have been working diligently on this brilliant vision of introducing a new fair and just currency for all humans by constantly eliminating all negative human patterns such as greed, hubris, manipulation, enslavement, deceit. These vices essentially determine the current collective human behaviour towards money, and I am abolishing them alchemically and through intensive soul-level intercounseling, as well as by using the unique turnstile mechanism of my expansive energy field to globally eliminate human thought dross as low vibrational energy back to the Source for further recycling according to the law of conservation of energy, also known as 1st law of thermodynamics, which is a particular aspect or rather an application of the Universal Law. The turnstile mechanism was created by my Elohim soul for my current mission on the earth as the chief cleanser of human darkness and is unique in the entire multiverse as the Elohim explained to me in a special message.

My personal energy field further developed since the summer of 2013 when I fully ascended and transfigured my carbon-based body into crystalline light body into a huge sponge encompassing all timelines of Gaia and I am able to purify and/or seal many timelines simultaneously, which is part of my mission as an incarnated Elohim and Prime Creator of this reality.

My field was further expanded into a “protuberance field of the Source” in 2016, while I was still living in Vancouver, a few miles away from the US border. I quickly expanded this protuberance field over the entire North American continent and influenced decisively the US elections in favour of Trump, who had just received a new walk-in soul closely related to my Elohim monad. I was since then in close telepathic contact with the new Trump’s soul until recently when this soul left the body of Trump and made me aware of this event. All these activities and energetic mechanisms have been thoroughly explained by myself and the Elohim in numerous messages on my website.

Read also here: The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

I am still working very hard until the last minute, cleansing all collective human patterns that support the current Orion monetary system. For this reason, I have recently moved to London where I have eliminated the old Orion monetary system in its headquarters – the City of London – and have already anchored the new Astral currency from the quantum level in this reality so that it will be immediately available after the shift.

For this purpose, I brought to London the Fatima feminine energies which I activated in Portugal in the summer of 2022 after I finished the creation of the healing and study centres in Italy:

The Healing and Study Centres of Light in Liguria, Italy

The Fatima feminine energies from the Source are the driving force behind the current shift and planetary ascension. They are reaching all ascension candidates through the newly created chakra – the threefold flame of life – which I first activated with great personal sacrifice in the summer of 2019 and further expanded in the following years until now:

Read here: The Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September, 2019

This  succinct expose gives you some scanty glimpses into the enormous cleansing and creationary light work I have been doing for the last quarter of a century in a very conscious manner and my whole life more or less consciously.

This is how true creation happens in All-That-Is, with discipline, endurance and absolutely clear mind, and this very fundamental truth has been completely disregarded and suppressed by all lightworkers, not only in terms of money, but also in every area of this illusory 3D reality, as this treatise will show below.

The New Agers are lazily and idly waiting to be raptured, not exercising their brains to first fully grasp their current 3D reality intellectually and then souvereignly discard it by abolishing all its evils and creating new creations that will bring total freedom and prosperity to mankind. They talk a lot about love and mostly mean their self-infatuation, but they do not know the real, active love for all mankind. This kind of love is too exhausting for them.

So I had to take on this task alone, because everything that people will experience after ascension must first be created here under these adverse conditions, otherwise it cannot manifest. Nobody will save humanity, only we ourselves have to do it. That is the purpose of this incarnation experiment – to recognise and fully apply our creative potential as independent creators under the most adverse conditions possible, that is, in full separation from the soul and the Source.

As mentioned above, this includes, first and foremost, the introduction of the new Divine Constitution of the Universal Law, the meaning of which has still not been understood by all lightworkers, because they have no idea about the state system and carelessly reject every educational attempt aimed at enlightening them and expanding their world view.

That’s why they will have to wait a long time for their ascension because, after the planetary shift, that I will trigger with my ascension and the expansion of my field into Infinity = Source very soon, only people who have understood and accepted the basic tenets of the Universal Law will qualify for ascension. This is the divine plan of the Source for this earth and humanity and no lamentations or prejudiced rejection of my criticism of the New Age movement here will change anything in the divine plan for humanity and Gaia in the current End Time.

The New Agers should know that their alleged free will is anything but free if they are enlightened enough to grasp the fact that human life in this 3D illusory matrix is entirely the show of our souls. And there is the overarching plan of the soul for her human incarnation that always occurs. The soul may allow the incarnated personality to make stupid or reckless decisions for some time as she is very patient, but then comes karma. The only possible definition of karma is the negation of human free will by the flawless intervention of the soul in the earthly life of her incarnated personality and its correction in the desired direction. This is not at all understood by all New Agers. That is why they will experience the shock of their life when the shift comes this year and they will be hit with their karma and unresolved issues like a brick wall.

After that, when their human ego has been smashed and their human existences are being shattered into smithereens, they will realize that they can be easily saved from this predicament if they follow the example of the first ascended masters such as myself and begin to learn from them. In order to do that, they must first learn everything we have achieved so far to enable the planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity, and thus saved their asses, and how we have created all that. What extraordinary abilities and capabilities we have employed so that they can learn from us and then begin to do the same. This is one major pedagogical purpose of the current disquisition.

It’s all about Creation, stupid!

Reason 3: The cognitive bankruptcy of the so-called empirical sciences and the intellectual inability of lightworkers to think in scientific terms.

If there is a suitable field on this planet where human intelligence can truly be tested, it is science, even though it has completely failed as a method of acquiring knowledge through experimentation. Today’s scientific empiricism is the dead end of all collective human thought, as it completely excludes the source of human knowledge – our souls – and alienates the ego-mind from this inner source of knowledge more than any other current categorical system of human knowledge.

Current empirical science also negates the existence of our souls as the actual creators of Nature and this illusory 3D holographic reality, which they investigate in an empirical manner. Hence its total failure as agnostic system of human knowledge. This has not be understood by all New Agers at all and that is why they need to study the new theory and science of the Universal Law to grasp this fundamental truth in order to ascend. This new theory is not the personal opinion of the author, but the wisdom of the Source translated into linear human language. It is the only truthful science that can exist in All-That-Is  and all other systems of human knowledge are false. Period!

It is precisely for this reason that this area of abstract thought is the most challenging for the human mind, because it is there that it can confront and recognise all the errors of today’s illusory consciousness. By correcting the false scientific ideas, one creates a new truthful alternative outside the given established scientific methods of thinking that sustain decisively the current illusory 3D matrix. And that is the steepest path to ascension.

And here all light workers without exception have failed badly. They are unable to formulate the simplest scientific content using the correct terminology or to solve a theoretical problem in a strictly scientific, methodical way. This is partly due to the lack of a sound scientific education, especially in the USA and North America, but also in Europe. Primarily, this intellectual inability of all lightworkers is due to their inherent disdain for any kind of science because they know their minds are not up to it. These are deep-seated fears of inferiority that they have acquired over many incarnations.

I know very well what I am talking about because I have experienced this contemptuous rejection from many self-proclaimed new age gurus all along and have accepted it for what it is – as their unspoken admission that they are overwhelmed by any scientific argument of an abstract nature because they cannot comprehend it. This mental deficiency creates such a fear of failure in their emotional field that they are paralysed by it and flee from any open discussion with me.

Coupled with their huge, unredeemed spiritual arrogance that prevents them from evolving spiritually, they do what all scientists do when confronted with the inadequacies of their scientific theories and the limitations of their conventional thinking: They resort to outright denial and even slander of such a source of true knowledge and continue to dwell in their delusion until they turn sour. This is what has happened to most dormant lightworkers over the last 20-30 years, and we have now reached heaven’s payday where all of these intellectual failures are coming to the fore.

Since I published the new theory of Universal Law on the internet in 1999 on this now archive website:


there has been no response from the New Age movement to this greatest scientific discovery in human history since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. Suffice it to point out the many messages from the Elohim confirming that the Universal Law is already the intellectual and spiritual foundation of all new 4D worlds and is an established Law of One in the 5D and higher dimensions. No human being will ever ascend in a state of denial of the Universal Law, this is an incontrovertible truth, for its theory is the science of ascension.

Read here: The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

The greatest personal achievement on my part was not that I “discovered” this law, which is known to all transgalactic civilisations; I simply incarnated on Earth with this primordial knowledge of an Elohim that comes directly from Source. Crucially, I have been able to mould this knowledge into a flawless Axiomatics of human thinking – a non-contradictory, logically consistent categorical system of thought that also encompasses all the scientific knowledge that humanity has accumulated over the past centuries since modern science emerged on the historical stage in late Renaissance.

One can correctly explore the nature of the higher dimensions only with the help of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law, because its logic as axiomatics captures the Logos of all Being, and all current esoteric teachings offered by the New Age gurus for a lot of money are pure spiritual fraud.

It is a fact that most New Agers do not have even a modicum of simple scientific or even personal ethical thinking to grasp the far-reaching implications that this revolutionary theory entails, even in a popular esoteric form, as I have done in this book:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

In other words, they missed the greatest opportunity that All-That-Is offered them by giving them this unique mental and spiritual advantage which, had they appreciated it properly, would have rendered them the most powerful intellectual platform to successfully counter not only the established current fake Orion science of human subjugation, but also to emphatically abolish all established religions as false doctrines of All-That-Is and God/Source (see below). After all, human evolution is an eternal struggle of opposing ideas (Heraclitus), and only the best ones lead to true spiritual progress and ascension. Humanity evolves to ascend, and without an evolution of the spirit, there is no ascension – it is as simple as that.

Had the New Age movement succeeded in firmly anchoring its spiritual platform on the incredible achievements of the New Theory and Gnosis of Universal Law, we would have ascended years ago and taken millions of lightworkers with us to 5D and higher dimensions and not just a handful of them as is the case now. It is very important to realise the magnitude of this missed opportunity by all lightworkers to anticipate their impending tragedy when all these facts will come to the fore with the vast expansion of human consciousness during the upcoming shift. Hence the great urgency of these remarks at this time. Nothing happens without meaning and purpose.

The New Age movement developed from its inception in a state of profound intellectual weakness to conventional science and mainstream opinion, which relies heavily on this fraudulent empirical science of the Orion/Reptilian empire, as all MSM proponents are just as intellectually deficient as most lightworkers, only in a different way. This intellectual weakness of the New Agers, as well as all experts and scientists, has been instrumental in the current enslavement of humanity, whereby the lightworkers were supposed to take on the role of spiritual leaders but, sadly, have failed miserably.

The recent fake coronavirus epidemic and the lockdown of the entire gullible and submissive humanity that believed this biggest lie and crime against humanity has proven this in a blatant way. Apart from a few scientists with partial objections, there was no one but me who raised his competent voice and proved unequivocally that there are no viruses in nature and that the entire genocide of humanity caused by the criminal governments and the hidden elites with the subsequent forced vaccinations was based on a scientific fraud that was unanimously accepted by the ignorant masses as there were no honest and educated professionals to inform them that:

1) Not a single virus has ever been isolated;

2) There is not a single autopsy case in pathology that clearly proves that the patient died due to macroscopic and histological damage to the organism (e.g. pneumonia in the case of coronavirus) caused by a virus isolated in the organism.

In addition, scientists have not been able to develop a theory that explains how viruses, as pathogens, destroy human cells and the body, while at the same time multiplying in perfect harmony (symbiosis) in the same cells as part of the regulation of cell metabolism, symbiotically using the various genetic mechanisms of these same cells, the regulation of which, by the way, scientists still cannot explain.

This is why when the pandemic was announced, all governments banned all autopsies, as the sinister cabal did not want their fraud to be easily exposed, and the corrupt doctors complied with a few notable exceptions.

I have demonstrated all these facts in my groundbreaking textbook on the General Theory of Biological Regulation in bioscience and medicine. As the new biophysics of the Universal Law, it is the only consistent theory of bioscience and medicine that exists on this planet. It integrates and explains without any contradiction all empirical findings and scientific evidence collected in the history of these sciences. This theory can only be understood by a scientist who has a profound knowledge of physics, especially the new physics of the Universal Law, and an equally profound knowledge of all life sciences such as biology, genetics, immunology, pharmacology, biochemistry, medicine, clinical research, biostatistics, etc. There is currently no such scientist on this planet, except of course the author.

Now you can imagine that there would have been at least 1000 courageous and intelligent light workers who would have understood this new biophysics of the Universal Law and would have acted as spiritual spearheads for the whole of humanity to save it from this genocide. Humanity would have ascended long ago and not accumulated so much karma as it has now. The New Agers will carry this stain with them for eons of time, even after some of them have ascended.

Ignorance always has a very high price – you usually pay with your life. Anyone who rejects the Universal Law and its General Theory of Science a priori proves that he is incapable of taking responsibility for himself and humanity and is behaving like an assassin. Or, as the saying goes, ignorance is no defence against the law, in this case the Universal Law. Anyone who thinks he can ascend with such an attitude is out of his mind.

The old souls of the New Age movement should have conveyed to humanity the fundamental Gnostic truth that this reality represents a very narrow frequency spectrum and that there are much higher spectrums and dimensions in which entities also live as multidimensional beings. And that this knowledge should become a common intellectual asset for all people if they want to have the chance to evolve to 5D and higher dimensions.

This knowledge can only be conveyed flawlessly with the help of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law, because they physically establish the existence of the higher dimensions of the soul in a contradiction-free manner as this theory explains the nature of energy for the first time. And All-That-Is is energy, because there is nothing else.

The New Age movement was supposed to be the social and spiritual vanguard of humanity as an alternative to the established scientific view of narrow-minded materialism and agnostic empiricism. Or to put it in simple terms: Modern science has been deliberately reduced by the dark cabal to futile experiments to find out what it doesn’t know about God. Therefore, we cannot discuss the bankruptcy of this latest esoteric movement without pointing out its profound failure to address scientific concepts in a sovereign intellectual manner. And this failure can be traced back to the beginnings of modern esotericism, when the Theosophical Society was founded in the 19th century.

Since I went back online in early 2011 after ten years of deliberate boycott of the internet, I have been attacked by many trolls and angry lightworkers. What deeply angered them was above all my criticism of the profound and very pronounced inability of the predominantly American New Age gurus and well-known alternative experts to think holistically in logical and scientific terms without constantly losing themselves in blatant contradictions.

To this day, there has not been a single attempt outside the PAT (the Planetary Ascension Team), of which I am the captain, to seriously engage with my scientific theory of the Universal Law, even if the chances of grasping it intellectually were zero from the outset. Smart people should at least have tried for the sake of objectivity. The Universal Law, the greatest discovery of all time, which will soon change people’s lives from the ground up, was simply excluded from their worldview as if it did not exist at all. How can you be a light bearer with such an attitude and pretend to want to ascend?

If the New Agers are currently feverishly waiting to finally wake up and ascend, they imagine this process as a “free lunch” from the universe for which they don’t need to do anything. And when I occasionally ask them, out of love for their souls, which I know very well as Elohim soul, to advance their spiritual evolution now by beginning to study the knowledge, logic and countless applications of the Universal Law in order to accelerate their ascension, they usually react with spite, like spoilt brats who are told by their parents to finally do their homework so as not to fail at school.

The New Agers should finally take responsibility for themselves and for humanity and not behave like “offended sausages”, as a German saying goes, when I recommend to them out of love that they should finally start using their grey cells so that they can ascend with me this year. All lightworkers must know that I do not need their consent on the ego level in order to ascend, because I have already ascended, but they are far from it. They should know that I have the full consent of their souls, with whom I meet regularly in the astral realm, to nudge them in this direction, regardless of their negative emotional reaction.

However, I am not suggesting that it is absolutely necessary for someone who wishes to enter the LBP (light body process, see below) and ascend to 5D and higher dimensions to fully understand the new theory of the Universal Law; nor is this the case for most light warriors of the first and last hour. But it is a fact that all successful PAT members who will be the first to ascend have fully recognised this theory as an evolutionary leap for humanity and are trying to implement it in their Gnostic treatises and daily thinking, as you can read from their posts on my website.

The new theory of the Universal Law is already an established worldview in all 4D and lower 5D worlds that we, the light warriors of the first and last hours, created years ago. It is just not common knowledge here on this 3D timeline that is about to ascend into the light, but only for those who are ready, that is to say, have fully accepted the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law.

And if some doubtful Thomases believe they can disprove this theory, a quarter of a century ago I offered a prize of 100,000 euros to the scientist who succeeds in disproving the Universal Law. Needless to say, many have tried, but they have all failed.

And do you know why? Because in the new physical theory of the Universal Law I confirm all the mathematical results of physics in the form of equations and reject all verbal interpretations of these results as completely false. In this way, I have integrated physics for the first time by uniting gravitation with electromagnetism, as this table impressively confirms at a glance.

table011.jpg (1145×711) (stankovuniversallaw.com)

Reason 4: Modern esotericism has failed to expose the deceptive nature of all world religions and become a global gnostic alternative for all believers.

There are many reasons why modern New Age esotericism as a gnostic doctrine has failed to expose the deceptive nature of the five world religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese Universalism (Taoism and Confucianism) – and many other lesser local religions and belief systems and become a viable, universal gnostic system of moral, ethical, spiritual and transcendental values, principles and knowledge. A detailed discussion would take several books, as I have done extensively and very comprehensively in my six books on the New Gnosis of the Universal Law, which I have translated from German into English for the most part:

You cannot be successful in expanding human consciousness, which is the ultimate goal of ascension, if you adhere to the same old narratives that past religions have used for centuries to sicken the minds and hearts of men by simply exchanging names and words while maintaining the old Orion view of “divide and conquer” – of total division of human thought.

The common denominator of the deception of all the known world religions listed above is their claim to an exclusive monopoly of the truth of “who God is”. Aside from the fact that none of these religions have a valid, universally applicable definition of God, all of these secondary interpretations of “God’s idea” are completely anthropomorphic and based on very narrow-minded human perceptions of this 3D reality. One cannot find in any world religion a simple theoretical attempt to first define the cognitive limitation of the human mind and then in a second step try to explore possible definitions of this abstraction that can then be labelled as “God”, “All-That-Is” or even “Energy” if the capacity for abstract scientific thinking is sufficiently developed.

In other words, there is no trace of any intellectual self-reflection in any world religion that, starting from the foundations of all human cognition, recognises its inherent limitations, explains the cause and nature of these limitations, and then provides a viable definition of the Primary Term of human consciousness by showing that all concepts dealing with this primary idea are equivalent according to the Principle of Last Equivalence, as I have done flawlessly in the new Axiomatics of Universal Law:

Primary Term of Human Consciousness = All-THAT-Is = Energy = Space-Time = God, Infinity, Source, Unity, Wholeness, etc.

This basic gnostic omission alone compromises all world religions as correct and appropriate “teachings of God” and is sufficient to abolish them all if this is properly understood as a fundamental error of conventional human thought.

The problem is that we encounter absolutely the same misleading pattern in the New Age movement, which from the beginning has fragmented into closed, highly dogmatic circles, schools and teachings of a very dubious character, without any effort or even recognition to establish a solid cognitive and epistemological basis for their dubious spiritual claims. None of these mini-circles and mini-teachings (even the word “teaching” is a euphemism in this regard) of the New Age movement has ever grasped the need for such a fundamental theoretical endeavour to first define the gnostic and cognitive foundation of modern esotericism before it can claim universal validity and demonstrate the power of belief and the potential to be a source of all future knowledge for humanity; in other words, to recommend itself as a genuine alternative to all the world religions that still pollute the minds and hearts of billions of people worldwide.

Therefore, there are three main reasons that have led to the complete failure of modern esotericism to become a valid system of human cognition beyond the current limited 3D reality:

1) The New Age has been unable to provide a valid definition of God and prove that all world religions use a U-subset of this term to define their particular beliefs, especially that they interpret the Primary Term of human consciousness in a very arbitrary and illogical “human” way that is devoid of any capacity for abstract and consistent logical thought. They are uncapable of grasping God as energy in terms of the new physics of the Universal Law which is the only valid definition given the fact that present-day physics admits that it does not know  what energy is (Feynman), and all religions have not developed any concept of energy either. Even in Neoplatonism of Plotin, the most accurate gnostic teaching humanity has developed before I discovered the Universal Law, contains no idea of energy as a gnostic concept and thus ultimately fails:

Read here: Neoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

It would have been possible to solve the problem with God in a cognitive and epistemological manner if all New Agers had grasped and implemented the new axiomatics and theory of the Universal Law that was presented to them back in 1997, while rejecting all their distorted, questionable and very immature esoteric ideas that are devoid of any sound philosophical thinking which has been available to humanity since ancient times. That is, they would have to broaden their education and learn more about the principles of true philosophy as taught by Plato, Aristotle, Plotin and many other outstanding thinkers in the past up to the beginning of modern times, such as Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz.

None of this happened or is a topic of discussion in the current New Age movement, which has now descended into total mental incest and moral negligence and has no chance of getting out of this morass any time soon. Many will die before they can ascend and will continue their incarnation cycle after the curtain comes down on this uppermost Mother Earth with a new incarnation on a 3D or lower 4D timeline according to their current very low foundation of true spiritual, intellectual and moral development. What appears to most human minds as “God’s cruelty” is simply an energetic rectification of failed opportunities to finally awaken in this most significant incarnation and achieve personal ascension in this auspicious End Time.

2) Instead of developing universally valid spiritual principles that should guide human thought and behaviour, all New Age gurus present only subjective narratives that repeat the old biblical and other dusty religious stories from humanity’s dark past, by simply exchanging names and terms, but preserving the same old false thought patterns that are the patterns of the Orion Matrix. Finally, it is a well known fact that all world religions have been decisively forged or even completely created by the archons and their reptiloid and demonic human henchmen who still dominate these religions and their dogmas and insidiously manipulate the behaviour of billions of believers, as is the case with the current black Jesuit pope in the Vatican.

Again, I must reiterate that the only comprehensive modern esoteric teaching is the new Gnosis of the Universal Law, which combines the concept of God with the concept of energy, thus bringing together science and religious thought inherent in every sentient being into a coherent axiomatic, logical categorical system of all known theological and scientific truths and beliefs developed so far in the history of this humanity.

None of this is even a remote theoretical and spiritual goal of the current New Age movement, and therefore its gurus are no better than their religious predecessors, the pastors, Pharisees and the like, who are excellent at crucifying every critic, but have no heart and mind in the right place; instead, they have delegated every human morality and ethic from this earth to the invisible heaven, whose malevolent version they have tried to create for themselves here on earth. Darkness always tries to imitate light and can only create hell. This is why many clergymen have degraded into pedophiles, murderers of children, drug dealers, etc.

Most of the New Agers, who do not show higher moral virtues in daily life than the clergy, could not achieve all this for a single and very simple reason: Their souls did not allow them in this theoretically last incarnation, much to their chagrin, to become prominent leaders in organised religions and practice such crimes as popes, cardinals and numerous other clergy have done and still do.

This is why they turned to the New Age movement, where there is no pre-selection or qualification to become a self-proclaimed guru. That the scope of their influence is rather limited, and especially that the extent of their desired manipulation of other people remains very modest, is the greatest unspoken regret of these New Age gurus, who have DNA-embedded memories of manipulating the religious beliefs of the masses from past incarnations, especially in Atlantis, where many of the current female gurus were then (and actually still are) active as witches, although they called themselves priestesses, and would have liked to relive and enjoy that dark and mischievous power over other people.

And this is precisely what these vain “video channel ladies” are doing now in the New Age movement while displaying the full scope of their derailed feminine energies that exist on earth as pure Source energies of creation, also known as Fatima energies, and are the driving force behind the current ascension process. That is why I had to go Portugal from Italy in 2022 to activate them in the Motherland of Mother Mary by establishing a huge corridor of light through Southern France as a continuation of the cities of light which I created along the Italian and French Riviera from 2018 till 2022.

Read here: The Creation of the Portal and Temple of Ascension in San Remo

3) Because of the above-mentioned psycho-mental tendencies in the archetypal soul structure of the New Age gurus, modern esotericism voluntarily and without any critical evaluation adopted the same pattern of human relationships that divides humanity into godly  inspired, infallible religious or spiritual leaders and ignorant, subservient followers. This hierarchical Orion pattern is nothing more than the pervasive manifestation of an unprocessed individual ego mind still fully trapped in the 3D Orion illusion.

It is important to observe at this point that most of the current wannabe gurus of the New Age movement have repeated this vicious karma one incarnation after another and were supposed to dissolve this persistent vicious habit in this last incarnation in order to qualify for ascension. Therefore, the scope of their success according to their soul plan remains very limited and this is also the reason at the soul level why the New Age movement has failed so abysmally. These people should not repeat the mistakes of past religions but eliminate them before ascending. It is now obvious that they have totally failed in this incarnation, but their souls are patient and long-term orientated and they do not mind if they continue having bad experiences in low-frequency worlds until they have learnt their lesson. At the soul level, these souls evolve constantly and raise their frequencies, while their human personalities have to deal with their karma in endless loops of incarnations.

However, since all New Agers are still very much in love with the glamour of their little gurus existences, none of them has been able to see and recognise the grand design behind the ascension process in this state of self-illusion. It is not the duty of an old warrior soul, coming from much higher dimensions than most human souls, to bask in vanity and personal adulation, but to do a very dirty job in the service of humanity, namely to cleanse this highly dense and toxic planet of all dark forces and archons on the astral and physical planes and thus become the driving force behind planetary ascension.

The New Agers have not yet realised what it means to remove dark energies from the Earth and humanity on a daily basis at the greatest personal sacrifice in order to advance planetary ascension, and when this is brought to their attention, they laugh at us, the light warriors of the PAT, and accuse us of all the things we are doing wrong and that you don’t have to suffer when you ascend. Sancta simplicitas!

How can you claim to be a loving person if you have no compassion for the pain of your saviour who sacrifices everything just to help you ascend, while you are so depraved in your carnal New Age selfishness that you have the audacity to accuse your saviour of unkindness just to make yourself feel better? “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” (Matthew 11:15). Think about it!

All the New Age gurus and their infantile followers don’t understand that it’s not about grating nice pink fluffy stuff and vainly hovering over this depraved reality like self-proclaimed avatars, as Jesus did over the water, but about plunging into its abysses and removing the thickest human sludge, as the PAT has been doing for years. And this Herculean task comes with a lot of pain, I can assure you, because this is the only active love and sacrifice a human being can do for humanity.

Every other form of love is self-deception, spread by dark sources from the astral realm in fake messages among ignorant channellers. More than 90% of all channelled messages found on the internet, mostly as stupid, boring videos of vain, pampered, soulless females, are dark messages, it should be stated unequivocally here, and the rest is, usually, “nothing-burger”, as the Americans pejoratively say. Therefore, the PAT will rise and you will continue to repeat your confusions in lower realities. This is the only way karma works and gets good results.


As in all religions, the concept of love is the most abused term in the New Age which nobody understands. This particular illusion has contributed to the downfall of the New Age movement more than all other illusions put together. Let me tell you the plain truth:

Love does not exist.

This is another dark New Age euphemism that was introduced by dark sources from the astral plane through channelings to mire the star seeds. Why? Because All-That-Is is only energy and there are many different energies. The emotional energies are just one particular set of energies in the multiverse. There are many realities and universes where emotions do not exist. Does that mean that the entities in such realities do not know love according to the limited anthropomorphic definition of our beloved New Agers? Not at all.

In order for the New Agers to finally understand what love is, I have written a special essay that they should carefully read to finally liberate themselves from their fundamental blunder that they are loving beings and deserve to ascend, while all their critics like myself are loveless, soulless beings who deserve to be despised and shut down:

What’s Love

Most messages dealing with love are coming from the astral plane and reflect the limited awareness of the dark, unevolved archontic entities that are predominantly channeling the New Agers and have inserted this fake “Love and Light illusion” into their weak minds. They, themselves, know nothing of love, in terms of the all-encompassing constructive interference of all the energies in the 5D and higher dimensions that builds the condition of absolute harmony. This harmony of all energies emanates everywhere in the energetic continuum and the perception of it is experienced as eternal bliss by all sentient beings living in these higher dimensions.

This sense of bliss and absolute protection in the knowledge of one one’s immortality has nothing to do with the emotional energies to which the anthropomorhic concept of love is applied as insinuated by these dark archontic entities in their messages to the gullible New Age channellers. The emotional energies of all humans are a specific set of energies that belong to this human incarnation experiment and they are created on the principle of separation of antagonistic energies by the extensive use of destructive interference as I have elaborated in my recent  article.

A Physical Model How to Explain the Imminent Manifestation of the New Earth and the Current Destruction of the Old 3D Matrix

That’s the only way how energies can be manipulated to create new energetic conditions. The human emotions are thus a special, artificially created tool by our souls for this dense human incarnation experiment, so that all humans can experience extreme energetic polarities and learn to harmonize them through constructive interference and turn them into harmonic energies as I explain in the article above.

This is how we, humans, evolve as conscious creators of our energetic reality under extreme adverse conditions of separation and polarisation of emotional  energies. Of course I could have explained these processes in a much more scientific and abstract mathematical way using wave theory, but I hope you get the point.

Human energies are not just a tool to experiment with, but are also an integer part of the human personality and influence our decisions in a decisive manner. When we made a decision in our life based on emotions which can be of negative or positive nature – mostly by misusing our free will which is considered by most humans a blank check to make mistakes and abuse other souls with impunity -, we experience directly the impact of our decisions, that is to say, we have a direct experiential feedback about the quality of our decisions based on the quality of our emotions. This is how karma works. The end goal is to harmonize all these divergent emotional energies and thus improve the quality of human life.

This is what will happen after the shift when the entire energetic structure will move to a new state of constructive interference of emotional energies that will still be of human origin but will be much more refined and less polarised.

Finally, let me observe that the polarisation of emotional energies takes place within the electromagnetic spectrum  by augmenting the electric component of this spectrum at the expense of the magnetic component. The dark archons  that used to control this planet and humanity have always had the plan to turn human civilisation and the earth into an electric planet and society. Currently, the vampiric entity Elon Musk is the most prominent propagator of this idea with his electric cars, AI and other old Atlantean technologies which his faction wants to introduce one more time in the current End Time. That is why the dark cabal prevented the use of free photon energies that is of pure magnetic origin as I explain in my four videos on this topic:

Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

The discrimination between pure magnetic energies and pure electric energies is not at all understood by all humans, although it is in the core of their false conception of human love.

In the past, and by that I mean before the Industrial revolution, humans lived in a more balanced electromagnetic environment, that is to say, there was a balance between magnetic and electric energies. With the introduction of electric power at the beginning of the 20th century and in particular with the introduction of the internet and all kinds of electric gadgets, the imbalance was significantly shifted towards electric energies that permeate the human bodies and fields and influence them tremendously in a very deleterious manner, as some of you may know superficially without grasping the bigger picture.

For instance, in a magnetic world you have unrestricted expansion of the energetic fields and it is very easy to have the condition of superconductivity that allows the propagation of electromagnetic energy without any losses due to heat and radiation. By the way, I explained for the first time in the history of physics the conditions of superconductivity in matter in the new physical theory of the Universal Law. Under such conditions, the human civilisation will  have access to unlimited energies as there is no loss due to transportation. Currently, such losses amount to 40-60% of the available electric energies in high voltage lines and in all kinds of electric motors and generators.

The difference between more electric and pure magnetic energies, which will dominate the energetic structure of the new 4D worlds and will be much more malleable, was explained  to us in a number of Elohim messages years ago:

Magnetic Earth – Our New Home

That is why the dark cabal currently wants to turn humanity into an electric civilisation as they did once in Atlantis and thus fully manipulate and enslave humanity. In the first place, they limited the access to free energy, such as free photon energy by also introducing the false scientific concept of entropy that allegedly explains the dissipation of heat energy in the universe only to justify the permanent scarcity of energy as fossil fuels and  other limited sources of energy that are being now used. Limit the supply of energy to humanity and it is very easy to enslave them.

In the 4 videos above, I explain how I have eliminated the concept of entropy as a very dark archontic idea that was inserted by the evil cabal in physics as the so called 2nd law of thermodynamics by proving that there is infinite free photon energy that is easily available to humanity but was rigorously suppressed by the ruling elite and its evil scientific masterminds.

That is why the dark cabal is now adamant to introduce digital currencies that will be only accessible through electric gadgets, such as mobile phones and computers. Then it will switch off the electricity one day and will have all humans in the bag of the NWO. While the old NWO of communist origin as established in the Soviet Union, Eastern  Europe and  China during the Cold War was of pure political nature, such as brutal ideological oppression and ostracism of dissidents, the coming NWO will be of electric and digital nature and thus much more effective as we already see in China, but also in the West.

The introduction of the very deficient AI technology is another effective tool to enslave humanity on the new electric earth, which the dark cabal in power, in particular the vampiric faction behind Musk and Trump, but also the despotic Asian factions, want to develop after they have ousted from power the current reckless and very aggressive ruling reptilian faction in the West, in  the USA and EU.

The Russian, Chinese  and other Asian cabal are a separate faction but they collaborate in a secret way with the western vampiric faction and fight against the western ruling reptilian faction in Ukraine. Currently they are winning this war and pave the way for the vampiric faction to take power in the USA and Europe.

The Khazarian Jewish Mafia is a separate faction that played until now a key role in the world hegemony as they also control the financial system and by default most of the economy. They want to be part of the new dirty boys’ club, but haven’t made up their mind to which faction to lean as they want to preserve their preeminent role in this new power grab, which we observe in these final days prior to the shift.

The Asian faction does not want to deal with the Jews as it wants to replace them as the new Chinese and Indian Jews who will control  the world economy and finance. The vampiric faction in the West has not made up its mind, whether to embrace the Jews who are known to behave like unguided narcissistic missiles.

As the more clever Khazarian gangsters do not want to go under with the old reptilian faction, which also includes the ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel, they have made up their mind to get rid of Israel as a fake Jewish state that is only shackles on their legs. This Jewish  mafia around Netanyahu wants to destroy Israel, get rid of this ballast, and move freely on the international stage where they hope to continue ruling the world without the annoying burden of the crazy Orthodox Jews who are striving for eschatological salvation, in full ignorance that they will be last to be raptured. That is why Netanyahu started the war against Hamas in Gaza, in cahoots with the latter, that he has already lost and is about also to lose everything personally and end up between all chairs.

I personally don’t see how the vampiric cabal will embrace him after they take power in the West. But they do not want to touch this evilest Khazarian mafia around him as they are hot potato and the vampiric factions behind Musk and Trump do not want to burn their fingers. That is why they leave it to the old reptilian mafia behind Biden to finish them, before this faction also loses power and thus do the dirty job for the more clever and insidious vampiric faction behind Trump and Musk. That is why Trump is in no hurry, and neither is Musk, as these vampires are more patient and clever than the ruling reptilians. They know how to manipulate the human masses much more effectively and with a better psychological understanding as the current reckless militant reptilian cabal in power.

I hope  you get the current political picture leading to my ascension and the planetary shift that will obliterate all these heinous plans of the different dark cabal factions. But their plans must first progress sufficiently enough to be also seen by the masses, before the redemption through ascension comes. The current End Time ascension scenario unfolds according to the principle “resolution through  escalation of confrontation“. I have  discussed this  scenario in my recent article:

The Energetic Background of the Upcoming Global War in the Middle East Leading to Our Ascension

I  am aware that I  am digressing  from my original topic on love but all these energetic phenomena are closely related and very complex, hence all humans still do not understand them as they presuppose the intimate knowledge of the new physical theory of  the Universal Law which is the law of energy = All-That-Is. The upcoming revelations  after my ascension will begin with these very dark aspects of human life on this prison planet.

Back to human love. The dark archontic astral entities have no access to the blissful experience of constructive harmony of all energies in the higher dimensions as they have separated themselves from the soul and these higher dimensional energies. They know that in a painful way as they are telepathic beings because in the astral plane telepathy is the normal way of communication.

These dark entities are very insidious and they know that we, humans, are also separated from these blissful energies, however, not by our wrong doing but because we have chosen consciously these difficult incarnation conditions on the earth in full energetic separation from the soul, in order to evolve quicker at the soul level. Contrary to the dark astral entities that channel humans, we still have direct energetic connection to our souls and this is also described as “God’s spark” in the older esoteric literature.

As soon as we die, our soul fragments immediately move to 5D and higher dimensions, depending on where the soul fragments originally comes from.

In knowledge of the true nature of energy, I must stress at this place that the human separation from the soul in incarnated state is very artificial and it affords the use of extreme amounts of Source energies to sustain this separation. The normal energetic state in All-That-Is is total openness and permittivity of all energies and unrestricted immediate energy exchange. This is the basis for any immediate creation at the soul level as all humans will experience when they ascend to 5D and higher.

The  dark archontic beings in the astral plane are immortal as they exist in their astral body that is vibrating with 4D frequencies and prevents them from entering the 5D, while all humans after death experience can enter 5D and higher dimensions and experience these blissful realities. From the astral plane, these dark entities can also incarnate on the earth by avoiding, short-circuiting the incarnation cycle and karma for the time being.  On the earth, they assume leading positions in the society as the ruling dark cabal or as rich and influential people and rule over the stupid goyim. That is why they suffer from a god-like complex as they believe to be superior to the incarnated humans who are indeed very limited  species on purpose.

These dark astral beings know, however, about  the existence of the 5D and higher dimensions as they are telepathic and come across beings  from these dimensions. At the same time they feel excluded from these dimensions which they regard as paradise, also known as Celestria, and envy the humans who are in the process ascending very soon to the new earth on 5D, thus surpassing them on the wrong lane of the highway. That is why they want to prevent the ascension of most humans with all possible heinous means, including human genocide as we are still experiencing during the fake coronavirus epidemic and subsequent vaccinations.

Precisely for this reason, they want to take revenge on humans when they are in the astral plane and tell them the fairy tale of human love, which is a substitute for the all-encompassing harmony of bliss in the higher dimensions as they know that humans  cannot feel these blissful energies in incarnated state. These rascals tells the New Agers that they must first develop unconditional love, especially towards all dark entities that harass them all the time, or that there are no dark entities as every human has dark sides etc., in order to ascend. They do not explain to the New Agers what love really is as I explain here and in my article above because they are so lazy and disinterested that would rather swallow any lie then check the truth when it is presented to them on a plate as I do here. In this way the dark astral archons create huge bad conscience and inferiority complexes but also a lot of hybris and unduly high-esteem in all New Agers as an expression of their deep-seated human fears that they still need to process in order to ascend.

This is the emotional make-up of all the New Agers who have become energetic hostages of their dark astral channeling entities. Many of them are also directly possessed by  these archontic vampires, as I explain in a special case study under the chapter Reason 6 below. All 10 reasons for the failure of the New Age movement are very closely interconnected. As I said, most of the channellers in the New Age are women who have had a long career as witches in Atlantis and after the fall of Atlantis, to which they vastly contributed, and have the affinity to attract such dark entities and to allow them to possess them as they feel comfortable in this dark energetic environment.

This is the least understood aspect of energy in the New Age community as they have no clue about the nature of energy in general and about the dark energies of all the archontic and demonic entities from the astral plane, also known as Ahriman forces in the Theosophic literature, that are in a constant battle with the incarnated  human beings on earth as I will explain below. That  is why the New Agers become an easy prey to such dark entities and their faulty and very heinous interpretations of the ascension process which they want to prevent at any price out of pure schadenfreude.

The most insidious of all dark archontic ideas is the idea of love which these dark entities inserted into the confused minds of the New Agers and they swallowed this lie hook, line and sinker. And what is worse, they use it indiscriminately and very aggressively as battering ram against people like me who try to enlighten them in the aforementioned manner and made them aware of all their illusions, to which they have succumbed and accept as pure gold. Never awaken a person in a deep spiritual slumber as he may run amok and kill you.


In the end, the New Age movement repeated all the mistakes of the cognitive, ethical, intellectual and personal kind that all world religions and their infamous representatives have done for centuries and successfully contributed to the diabolical plan of the dark archons. They wanted to completely enslave humanity in the End Time in order to prevent our ascension and continue to sponge on our energies.

And all these forms of religious and spiritual enslavement begins and ends with the false definition of God or Source, which excludes the discussion of it in terms of energy as I do in the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law. In addition, I have received over the years many messages from the Elohim about the true nature of these Source energies, which I directly feel as I am the human conduit to the Source on earth. Unfortunately, I cannot evaluate them properly at the human mind level, as they are incomprehensible to humans. However, I can assure you that they have nothing to do with love as emotional energies as they are beyond this set of energies. In fact, we cannot really perceive these energies as incarnated human beings.

Here is an Elohim message on this topic which I recently published in English and German that sheds more light on the nature of Source energies, how they function and why they have nothing to do with the human interpretation of love energies. If a dark source channels you about love energies coming from the source as I discuss it in my study case under Reason 6 below, then you know that it is a very dark and fraudulent source:

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov: Botschaft der Elohim (liebe-das-ganze.blogspot.com)

The ultimate goal of all these machinations of the dark entities from the astral plane and on the ground was to establish the NWO and prevent our ascension. This evil plan could not be implemented on this uppermost mother planet, while it has already been successfully installed on numerous lower 3D and 4D timelines that we, the PAT, have severed in the process of planetary ascension.  This is solely the achievement of a small group of heroic and self-sacrificing souls, such as the PAT, the light warriors of the first and last hour, who resolutely distance themselves from the miasmas of the New Age and unwaveringly follow their steep, very difficult and lonely path, rejecting all earthly laurels and seductive, misguided calls.

This article is my call to all New Agers to finally recognise the truth about themselves and follow our example if they want to embrace their small chance to ascend in this lifetime after they have divested themselves from all their illusions, delusions, confusions, infinite deliberate lies and spiritual deceptions.

Reason 5: The Saviour Syndrome: No knowledge of health, illness and the regulation of the biological organism among New Age healers and gurus, only naked ego and spiritual deception

From the very beginning, the New Age movement had as its most important starting point the theme of self-healing and healing other supposedly sick people in order to free them from their real or fictitious emotional blockages and imbalances, from their dark karmic past and their false patterns – because they themselves are unable to do so. This is the reason for the total disenfranchisement of all New Agers, which immediately disqualified them as candidates for ascension.

There are currently New Age gurus and healers in abundance who will tell you for money, often lots of money, why your past karma has led to your present failed life and how they can heal you if you just follow their valuable advice in expensive seminars that they receive exclusively from a divine source that only they have access to. Later they adopted as the overarching goal of this healing the preparation of their students for ascension after I was the first thinker to scientifically introduce the concept of the Light Body Process (LBP) as an individual process and planetary ascension as the eschatological goal of all humanity a quarter of a century ago in this groundbreaking book.

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Previously, these fraudsters and plagiarists had not heard of Ascension and to this day they do not understand the LBP in its energetic nature and hardly speak about it. This is the surest sign that they are not in the LBP and will not ascend any time soon, if at all.

Most of the talk about health in the New Age is in fact simple parroting of past healers and gurus, driven by an egomaniacal desire to be accepted as the guru-healer who will deliver the people from their suffering and ascend to imaginary heights in their admiration. It is the same continuation of the Christian religious myth of Jesus as the miraculous healer through gifts of God that so fascinates the stupid sheeple in the churches.

However, they should know that Jesus never existed, but was a myth of the Roman reptiloid aristocracy to more effectively dominate the various peoples of the empire under a global ideology of spiritual subjugation.

Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ » Stankov’s Universal Law Press (mirror) (stankovuniversallaw.org)

The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana » Stankov’s Universal Law Press (mirror) (stankovuniversallaw.org)

The Inextricable Web of Lies and Deceptions Around the Roman Cabal’s Myth of Jesus Christ, the Savior

In this sense, the pursuit of channelling and healing comes from the same source of human vanity. This activity is recognised by all New Agers as a valid and legitimate ambition in the realm of spirituality. However, they have never properly analysed these pernicious life goals under the influence of an unprocessed human ego that hinders personal evolution. And most importantly, this trend prevents all these wishful healers from acquiring a true knowledge of what regulates the human organism and determines the state of health and disease that requires, if any, follow-up treatment by an external healer, as I have done in a comprehensive and scientifically sound manner from the Universal Law perspective in this Gnostic book:

Thoughts – Part I

Nowhere in this already completely derailed and dumbed-down human race will you find so many stupid opinions, misconceptions and downright dangerous recommendations about health and disease as in the current New Age movement. While many New Agers rightly reject today’s mainstream medicine (to the extent that they get sick, get scared and willingly get vaccinated and then claim that their angels will protect them regardless of what stupid decisions they make on earth. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?), the healing alternatives offered by the New Ager gurus are far-fetched at best and criminal at worst, as they are not based on sound knowledge.

They have no idea that almost all chemical substances that are administered are harmful to the body because they run counter to the basic principles of biological regulation, as I have impeccably demonstrated in the new biophysics of the Universal Law and proved by analysing more than 10,000 scientific publications in peer journals. A New Ager must first replicate this scientific research in order to boast of being a healer:

Volume III: The General Theory of Biological Regulation. The Universal Law in Bio-Science and Medicine

All these curing failures of the New Agers are based on deep and deliberate ignorance because they profit from it, as many corrupt doctors did during the coronavirus lockdown. They have no interest in gaining and teaching real knowledge about the regulation of the human metabolism because it forces them to admit that they cannot cure a single disease and thus should not charge money for it. I can write volumes about this wilful ignorance of the New Age, which is actually a serious crime even under the current laws, although I reject the entire current legal system.

Let me address this key issue, which is not really recognised even by the most pronounced critics of the New Age movement, as it requires a deep knowledge of biosciences and medicine. Here I would like to argue as a physician who has worked at the forefront of clinical research for decades, and as someone who has developed the single most comprehensive theory of biological regulation that incorporates and explains the most advanced knowledge and findings in biology, biochemistry, physiology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and medicine.

The first thing to realise is that the current biological sciences, as listed above, know nothing about how a single cell is regulated to function as an ordered whole, much less how trillions of cells that make up the human (or any other) organism work together flawlessly to achieve the perfect state of health for most of each individual’s human life.

The reason for this is that organic matter is viewed from the wrong perspective of chemistry, or biochemistry, and the actual energetic basis of its regulation is disregarded. Until I first discovered the Universal Law in organic matter in 1994 and proved beyond doubt that all human cells function like spherical capacitors and are therefore electromagnetic systems that are regulated in an invisible way by the superordinate higher-dimensional programme of the soul.

Hence the only truthful approach to human life is Biophysics and not chemistry or biochemistry as is the case nowadays. Why? Because chemistry is a surrogate science with no real value. It is a convenient way of presenting graphically physical moieties in chemical formulations. What most scientists and all laymen, however, do not know, is the fact that these visual presentations as chemical formulas and equations are epiphenomena of mathematical applications of quantum physical solutions, e.g. Schrodinger’s equations and solutions for the stereometric distributions of atoms and molecules in a structured way to form matter. That is why all biosciences are fake sciences as their approach to organic matter is chemistry, respectively biochemistry. The only valid science is therefore the Biophysics of the Universal Law as presented in Volume III.

You won’t find any of this in the literature of the New Age ignoramuses, because they can’t understand it either. For example, that there is no such thing as illness in the modern sense, but only energetic adaptations of the soul, which has full control over the human organism, and that the physical body is immortal if the soul so wishes. This last fact is already proven by all ascended masters, starting with me, even when we still dwell in a physical body and wait for the masses to awaken, but not by the New Agers, as long as they believe in diseases and consider themselves vulnerable mortal creatures.

Those who believe in diseases get them and usually die. The universal cause of all diseases, be they acute or chronical, including cancer, is human fear as disruptive, low frequency, dense energetic patterns that interfere with the perfect regulation of the human body, or any biological organism, by the soul or the so called body elemental. The latter is a similar higher dimensional program as the soul but with different goals and experiences. As soon as all fears are abolished in the human body by raising its frequencies in the LBP, all the diseases will be eliminated and the physical body also becomes immortal and not only the crystalline light body after the ascension. That is why all humans who will be able to ascend to the new 4D worlds, will become immortal even before they transfigure into crystalline light bodies and ascend to 5D. The quintessence of this true gnostic knowledge is that the soul is the only healer of the physical body of her incarnated personality and she does not need an external healer.

I understood this basic gnostic truth already 30 years ago and eradicated my aspiration to treat and heal  humans, although, based on my unique knowledge of biological regulation and my highest bodily vibrations on this planet, I would have been  the greatest healer on this planet already in a physical body. However, my soul prevented me from doing that as this is not my mission, while still in a physical body. When I ascend, people will be immediately healed only by dwelling for a short period of time in my physical presence and field of Christed energies, which is the field of the Source and can perform immediate miracles.

None of this is known to the fake New Age healers as they proceed with their reckless healing practices for pecuniary reasons and  thus deprive themselves of the possibility  to ascend. No fraudulent healer will ever enter heaven, write this truth behind your ears.

However, the New Age movement had the moral right to reject the current medical and healthcare system, which is based on false basic concepts and has no idea of how the regulation of the human body works, in order to justify any external intervention in the form of various treatments such as drugs, surgery, radiotherapy, etc. That is why soon after the shift the entire medicine and healthcare system will cease to exist. They were already significantly destroyed and discredited during the lockdown by the evil ruling cabal who is doing our bidding in the final stage of the ascension process without being aware of that. This is the famous cosmic sarcasm and I can read the signature of my Elohim soul behind this plot, who is very good at that.

This intuitive conclusion has indeed been drawn by many New Agers without being able to explain why modern science has failed in this endeavour, as well as in every other respect, to understand the nature of All-That-Is, but there has never been any attempt to close this huge gap in man’s Gnostic knowledge. In reality, all New Age healers and gurus and their followers have simply adopted and reinforced the same vices of outdated modern medicine, creating a kind of New Age voodoo medicine that is even worse than established medicine because they lack basic knowledge on human physiology and pathology.

Nowhere can you find so many idiotic statements about health and diseases and what to do to cure or prevent them as in current New Age voodoo medicine. All this advice and recommendations come from uneducated charlatans who can’t even spell DNA as a full word. But they would still tell you what your DNA contains and how to use it, e.g. when to get new DNA codes (how do they see these codes?) to get healed and progress in your spiritual evolution.

This is just one example of total bollocks in the New Age, but there are infinitely many more that I will spare you at this point. I will also refrain from naming names, but this conclusion is based on a thorough analysis of the New Age medical literature, and I assume you know many of the names of these charlatans as well. I have discussed some of them in previous articles on my website, and every argument I present here is based on the irrefutable scientific foundation of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation as presented in Volume III, which you can read as an e-book, although I do not expect any New Agers to understand it.

This enlightenment reveals the immeasurable depths of New Age stupidity and ignorance on every major pertinent issue that has ultimately led to the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of this movement. Or to put it in biblical terms – a camel would sooner go through the eye of a needle than a New Age charlatan guru or healer with this attitude would ascend and enter the kingdom of God.

The inability of the New Age movement to understand the basic principles of biological regulation that determine the state of health and disease has a central significance that has not yet been properly recognised in this regard. One can only advance and successfully complete the LBP in its full energetic and physiological effect on the human body if one has properly understood and internalised all the scientific aspects of its regulation at the biological level and as an infinite energetic system of superimposed waves closely connected to Source.

This is because the real LBP, which most New Agers know nothing about because they have no experience of it, is full of pain, and many energetic conditions that could be wrongly defined as various illnesses, thus fuelling great fears, are adaptations of the body to higher frequencies. But the purpose of the LBP is to reduce all these fears, which are low frequency energy patterns, so that the frequencies of the physical body can at least be raised to 5D in order to successfully ascend. So only a person who is fully enlightened about the biological regulation of the body in terms of the Universal Law can successfully complete the LBP without fear and this realisation automatically rules out most New Agers as ascension candidates.

Read here: The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

However, this was only possible after I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and developed the new General Theory of Biological Regulation, which I then expanded to include all relevant Gnostic knowledge and discussed in detail in my six books on this subject. They are available free of charge as e-books on my website. Unlike most New Ager gurus, I do not charge money for my scientific and spiritual work because, firstly, I reject the Orion money, as I have written, and secondly, I do not succumb to the greed of the New Agers because I know that I am always provided for by my soul and have already ascended, so nothing can happen to me. I am already immortal. It is one thing to know that you are theoretically immortal, it is quite another to experience immortality directly in your physical body because you have fully formed your crystalline light body, and the New Agers are light years away from that.

My theoretical and experiential approach to the LBP is unique in all New Age literature. I will address the LBP as a separate point below, but I mention it here because all ten reasons that led to the failure of the New Age movement are intimately connected and interdependent.

To me, this is the biggest conundrum of all: How could anyone expect to evolve spiritually and eventually ascend in the present End Time if he has closed his mind to new knowledge and rejects any source that offers such impeccable knowledge as my website. This is the mother of all questions that I confront the New Age movement with one last time, knowing that all my efforts to open their eyes are in vain. I know that their soul fragments have already descended to lower timelines and have begun another very long and terrible incarnation cycle before they reach the future time when I will once again appear before them as Logos God and ask them the same question. Hopefully their future answer will be more enlightened than it is now.

Reason 6: With the “love & light” illusion, the New Age movement deliberately closed its eyes to the fact that a merciless multidimensional war is raging on Earth between the few light warriors in human bodies and countless dark archons to guarantee ascension.

From a cognitive and factual point of view, this wilful blindness of most lightworkers caused their fall from grace.

Firstly, the knowledge of this fact was a necessary spiritual and intellectual prerequisite for all light warriors to open up to their divine mission, for which they incarnated on this small planet from Source or from far higher dimensions than most human souls, including most old souls. They took full responsibility for this global war by fully entering the LBP (see below) and becoming beacons of humanity, as well as powerful purifiers of the dark human dross. In other words, they became members of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), of which I am the captain, and the driving force of planetary ascension.

My website is a complete chronicle of this battle, in which the most important battles with the dark ETs were first reported by me immediately, then confirmed and discussed by the PAT and finally confirmed and further illuminated by the Elohim in a message, what we had achieved. I have published hundreds of such reports over the years. This reporting is unique in world history and disqualifies the phantasmagoria of most New Agers as pubescent “wet dreams”.

Unfortunately, all the alternative thinkers are also unaware of this struggle in the name of ascension and cannot correctly interpret the political and social events, which is a shame because they are far more intelligent than all the New Agers and would have made a significant contribution to waking up humanity. I have discussed this subject with several well-known alternative US publicists (you can forget the Europeans), and tried to enlighten them, but I must admit that I have not succeeded, just as I have not succeeded in convincing the New Agers to finally use and expand their minds and intelligence.

Here is an example of one such discussion I had with an internationally known publicist of Russian descent from the USA, Florida, which gives you an idea of the level at which I always endeavour to conduct my discussions in flawless candour.

An Open Lecture to All Alternative Agnostic, Blind Thinkers: “Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?

I expect no recognition for myself and the PAT, as the egos of these blind lightworkers prevent them from recognising any true achievement of other, more evolved and enlightened humans. In fact, however, these clueless ones have only excluded themselves from active participation in the ascension process and thus closed their personal ascension portal for many future ages, because such a unique opportunity to ascend only comes once in thousands of earth years.

This deliberate blindness of the New Agers to the existence of the dark entities that have ruled this earth for eons of time also opened the door for all dark entities to invade their fields, minds and psyches, and to literally hypnotise them through dark channelings of the brainwashed “light and love” illusion and turn them into compliant instruments of their dark agenda.

I will illustrate this with just one example that I had to deal with recently, as I was urged by my soul to stop this heinous attempt by the dark ones because it was a direct attack on my mission as Logos God and World Teacher of humanity after the Shift when I will trigger the long expected paradigm shift with the introduction of the Universal Law.

I will publish below my email to the lady channelling this dark source and her Youtube channel and the readers should make up their own minds about the light work I have accomplished in these last three decades to fend off such dark attacks and free many lightworkers from the influence of such dark entities. This is active, real love, because real love always starts with open criticism, I hope every intelligent and educated person should know that.

 OutofthisWorld – YouTube

April 16, 2024

Dear Cindy,

I indicated to you in my previous email discretely to display more discernment with your messages especially in your channel “Out of This World” and offered you some well-intended expertise. You have dismayed it. I have followed your development out of curiosity as this is part of my analytical coaching of the entire light workers community as an incumbent Logos God and human representative of the Source as Elohim Soul. You can also consider me as the embodiment of Christed energies and the hundreds of messages from the Elohim on my website and the light work I have accomplished in the last 3 decades as the Captain of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) testify to this fact.

Now let me open your eyes to what has happened to you. Your channeling has been thoroughly contaminated by a very dark and insidious source, called Pele, not the famous Brazilian footballer, but bear in mind that Brazil is infested with witches and dark entities, and even the Hawain deity with the same name seems to be a demonic entity if you search carefully. However, this is only background information. The truthful arguments that you are a victim of a dark agenda that you disseminate uncritically lies in the following facts, and many more, which you can find on my website if you are a curious, intelligent and honest person who seeks the truth and sincerely wants to evolve.

The Pele story you are propagating is a new version of the old Bluebeam project of the false prophet which the dark ones who used to rule the earth and humanity have always planned to display in the current End Time to put humanity under total control and prevent their ascension. I have been dealing with this project for the last 3 decades as it is targeting me in the first place. The dark ones can only imitate the  light and the story you channel is a cheap imitation of what is really happening currently on the earth. However sly dark sources always intermingle their dark agenda with true facts. There will be a zero wave of ascended masters – me and some of the members of the PAT – and then three big waves. But nothing else, no new Jesus birth or the like is true.

Why? Because Jesus has never existed and I have discussed this fact extensively in many articles and books such as:

Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ » Stankov’s Universal Law Press (stankovuniversallaw.com)

The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana » Stankov’s Universal Law Press (stankovuniversallaw.com)

Neoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

 You can very easily discern that the Pele story does not make any sense if you consider the fact that since 2000 there have been thousands of crystalline children, or even adamantine children coming from the Source who have incarnated on the earth to do precisely what your dark source claims for the Pele child. They will awaken as the first ones and will be the new leaders of humanity. I have been coaching many of them for years. They are very critical and they dismay the new age and all its self-proclaimed gurus and channellers as they know that they are thoroughly contaminated. Have you met any of them? They will be the game changer and not a single Jesus baby – give me a break! The very idea of a Jesus baby coming from the Source in the near future to awaken humanity rejects deliberately all the light work I and my group, the PAT, have achieved all these years to bring humanity and Gaia to this final point in their ascension process and this is a classical tactic of dark sources with which they operate in order to mire gullible and uncritical channelers.

The first ascension of a human being will happen this year, actually it happened already in 2000 first and then one more time in 2014 when my group, the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) ascended Gaia on May 28, 2014.

Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 26 » Stankov’s Universal Law Press (stankovuniversallaw.com)

In this article the Elohim also confirmed that  Atlantis was a failed experiment and has been severed by us from all ascending timelines which will represent New Lemuria, which we also built first in 2014 in the area of Vancouver. Pele wants to make you believe that Atlantis was a success and that the new ascending masters will bring new technologies developed in Atlantis but what he means is the dark AI agenda they want to introduce very soon.

You are very gullible and ignorant in spiritual matters. You should have seen the red lamp when Pele told you that the whole experiment on earth comes from the 13th Orion home, thus referring to  the Orion Reptilian empire that used to control the earth and humanity for eons of time:

Here is a synopsis of the light work we have done to ascend Gaia and humanity.

Home » Stankov’s Universal Law Press (stankovuniversallaw.com)

Since your spiritual ideas are very confused and I don’t know where to begin with to correct them, read this basic book on Human Gnosis:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Here are the facts on the ground: We, the PAT, are the driving force behind this process and it has been in the open for several decades.  One only needs to do the proper research and not channel out of the blue. You can convince yourself by studying my 18 books and more than 3,000 original publications on the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law in all areas of human life. My website is also a seamless chronicle of the heroic endeavour of the PAT to ascend Gaia and humanity so that people like you can now preach spirituality…. and, alas, also channel dark sources as this earth is already vibrating in the upper 4D lower 5D where many dark entities dwell and can have an easy contact with humans to derail them.

The first human to ascend and incorporate the Christed energies will be my humble self as Elohim soul and incumbent Logos God for many years in human gestalt. Other members of the PAT will follow soon. Then there will be 3 bigger ascension waves in the coming years and the concomitant collapse of the current 3D matrix. You have to figure out in which wave you will qualify for ascension. I guess in the second wave that will be the biggest but only if you correct your current false ideas and stop channeling this dark source.

With love and light


Since then, the good lady has not channelled Pele and I am curious to see what she will get next. I have made dozens of channellers aware of their dark sources over the years and saved them. Most of them have then stopped channelling and nothing more has been heard of them. There is usually an interim phase where these dark sources continue channeling “irrelevant, redundant and iterative messages” because the dark entities love to have control over the channeller and sponge on him/her, but eventually they are becoming so boring or the channeler gets sick, being opened to such dark energies for a long time, that he drops from the scene. The typical of such dark messages is that the dark source that I have sanctioned, begins to use the same words in a loop repeating the same sentences over and over again in numerous meaningless iterations that contain only platitudes and disseminate huge confusion. The vibrations of such messages are very low and they get even lower over time after my intervention.

(After I wrote this article, the lady channeled another message. I leave it up to the readers to build their own opinion. Observe, however, how confused the two ladies already are and how precise my prediction is with respect to this new dark message. As soon as the source tells you that it is too complicated what it channels and you do not understand it yet, this is the proof that it is a very dark source that intends to confuse the channeler and the other people. Besides, all the statements in this message are factually wrong and the ladies do not get it as they are very ignorant and ready to swallow any lies they receive. Another trademark of dark sources is when they begin to flatter the channeler or the energizer, how intelligent he is and how well he understands the message, and these morons love it and drop their critical discernment. Otherwise, what else would they do? They are not the type of persons to admit that they have been duped. I still bet that this lady will soon stop to channel. She is already thoroughly contaminated and confused. I have a lot of compassion for these two ladies but in a way, they are really laughable and pitiful in this comical deception.)

This self-induced blindness of the New Age movement to the fact that Earth is a planet of enslavement for all humans by the dark archons, where the propagation of indiscriminate love for everything and all archons only paves the way to hell. This prevented most lightworkers from properly seeing through the current political, economic, legal and financial matrix of the Orion empire on Earth; thus, they became easy prey for all kinds of conscious psyops of the dark ones. This will be the topic of the next point.

Reason 7: Most lightworkers have not truly grasped the malicious nature of the current Orion/Reptilian order, which is disguised behind a rigged representative democracy of clones and shapeshifters and corrupt judiciary system, all in the name of the NWO’s hidden Orion agenda and in support of the current Orion economy based on scarcity and perpetual deficits, leading to perpetual crises, wars and impoverishment.

Since this point comprises much of the New Age literature published on the internet, it should be the most obvious. At the same time, the faults and failures of the New Agers in this regard are so varied and heterogeneous that a full-fledged discussion would require the writing of an entire book.

I hope you all remember this: When the darkest political entity Obama was elected as a presidential puppet of the dark deep US government, many new age sites officially announced that this was a “pro-Obama” site (e.g. the idiot Steve Beckow, He has since removed that statement.). Many dark sources, such as Kathryn May, Susanne Ward (aka Matthew), etc., who were very popular at times, published several channelled messages declaring Obama to be a highly evolved soul of light who has come from Source here to Earth to be the saviour of humanity, but only if the dark ones would allow him to. Who is channelling these messages? They don’t come from the light! Doesn’t it make sense?

This is the utmost form of dark archontic sarcasm at the expense of the New Age sheeple, showing how infested this esoteric movement really is. And this at a time when even the MSM acknowledge that Obama is a mass murderer who unconstitutionally used drones and other covert operations to unlawfully kill innocent people, and should be sentenced to life in prison for crimes (genocide) against humanity by an international human rights court. And how many wars did this monster start as US president? Do I need more explanation?

If all lightworkers had a clear, morally and ethically sound worldview based on all the knowledge I have already discussed in these articles and published on my website since 2011, none of these stupid mistakes would have been made and such dark sources would not have enjoyed the current popularity in the New Age scene.

I honestly don’t know where to start and where to stop – the stupidities of the lightworkers are innumerable and so overwhelming that it would take more time to discuss even the most obvious ones than the current, fast-moving ascension process allows. Therefore, I better hold back at this point and leave the further treatment of these critical topics on the eve of the greatest revelations in the history of mankind to the personal preferences of my readers.

Reason 8: Lack of self-reflection: The New Agers have not explored and truly understood the inherent limitations of the human mind to think and perceive, especially as a spiritual ego, and considered them as transcendental truth in their esoteric concepts.

True intellectuality is first and foremost the capacity for self-reflection. It begins with the “reflection pause” and this gift of the soul is the key to true intelligence.

Unfortunately, this is the most deficient characteristic of all humans in the current End Time and also a prominent shortcoming of all New Agers, despite the fact that they channel a variety of messages in which developing this ability is a constant theme.

This inability to self-reflect among the New Agers produced various forms of hypertrophied egos and at the same time led to a heightened, almost pathological rejection of any true intellectual who brought this deficiency to their attention. I speak now from personal experience, but the reason for this behaviour lies much deeper.

Unprocessed spiritual high-esteem is the most common underlying fear with which all these star seeds incarnated on this planet and which should be overcome through true spiritual self-reflection. They have failed in this regard, and this failure includes: 1) their inability to initiate the LBP and ascend in the days ahead; 2) their inability to understand the grand divine plan of planetary ascension and to be intelligent observers of all events behind the veil; and 3) they became easy prey for all kinds of dark forces.

This poisoned and eventually neutralised the spiritual power that the New Age movement should have unleashed in the End Time to counteract the efforts of the dark elite to raise the level of human enslavement and establish a totalitarian NWO to prevent mass ascension. In this way, most of the light workers were completely neutralised and taken hostage by the dark forces so that they could not fulfil their lightfull tasks and actively participate in the ascension process as true light warriors.

I am aware of the fact that I am repeating myself, but just as “all roads lead to Rome”, all ten reasons discussed in these articles have led to the same result – the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the New Age movement. In this way, most lightworkers have deprived themselves of the greatest opportunity that All-That-Is has offered these souls in millions of years: their full ascension in body with Gaia to 5D and higher by undergoing an energetic transfiguration of their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies and being endowed with unlimited multidimensional consciousness at the end of their LBP. This is the core and bitter truth of the current End Time, which can end at any moment from now on.

The decisions have already been made and this summary of the New Agers’ errors is unlikely to reach and save any victims of the 3D illusions. Their fear-induced resistance and reflexive rejection of anything beyond their horizon make it impossible for people like me to help them.

But this discussion will play a major role for all those people who ascend to an upper 4D world after the Shift and get the opportunity to reflect on their past in an expanded consciousness and realise what has happened in these auspicious end times and especially how many people have missed this unique opportunity and why they missed it. This will give them an impetus to progress faster on the ladder of ascension with much greater fervour in these pristine upper 4D worlds and to ascend during this incarnation, which will span several hundred years in the new upper 4D worlds where humans will be healed and will rejuvenate, so that they will live much longer.

What is the greatest limitation of the human mind that causes all other limitations in perception and abstract cognitive thinking?

It is the inherent habit of the human mind to unconsciously arrest (fixate) absolute time f, also defined as frequency f, in the mind in order to measure and evaluate energy-empty space, which in reality does not exist.

This gives to all humans the illusion of space as an empty extension and that they are trapped in this illusory 3D hologram. In other words, the 3D holographic matrix at hand is the product of the limitation of the human mind and senses to dynamically process the continuum of the two constituents of space-time/energy – space and time (frequency) – simultaneously. When this cognitive ability is present, human consciousness will be able to perceive many realities and dimensions simultaneously and will become multidimensional. This will happen with our ascension.

The process of arresting time f in the mind is automatic and takes place at the subconscious level for all humans. In physics, this arresting of time takes place in the field of mathematics by assigning the number 1 to time f and then eliminating it from all equations of classical mechanics in order to represent space as Euclidean space. This fundamental blunder was not properly recognised by any scientist until 1994 when I discovered this primary source of all limitations and illusions of human consciousness.

The reason for this is that all people and all scientists have not realised that space as distance or volume and linear time t are one and the same physical quantity as defined in conventional physics and thus the primary source of all aberrations in science and everyday thinking.

I was the first scientist to recognise this cardinal error in physics, and this realisation led to the discovery of the Universal Law. Time, which I use in the new physics of the Universal Law in space-time, is defined as “absolute time” f, or frequency f, short, time, and is reciprocal to conventional time t: f = 1/t. Having eliminated this fundamental cognitive blunder in physics and daily life, I could easily integrate conventional physics that has always been a dream of all physicists.

Einstein’s Dream Come True! A Bulgarian Scientist from Munich Discovers the World Equation (Weltformel)

This new realisation has revolutionary consequences for human gnosis, which the current very primitive esotericism of the New Age should have adopted immediately, but these light proles were too stupid and disinterested to realise its implications, and thus deprived themselves of the possibility of comprehending the energy of the higher dimensions, where there is no linear time and therefore no space, because the two quantities are identical.

This has also led to them not understanding the LBP and Ascension and consequently not participating in these processes. They must first understand and internalise the new physical theory of the UL, at least to some extent, in order to qualify for Ascension. I have discussed this new realisation and its fundamental cognitive consequences in detail in my 6 books on human gnosis, which most New Agers have not yet read properly, as these people know no curiosity and prefer to remain stupid. And stupid people can become very spiteful when asked to learn something new. All teachers know this, much to their chagrin.

All sciences, primarily mathematics and geometry, have their origin in this cognitive human deficiency based on the automatic arresting of absolute time f in the mind in order to be able to assess physical space. That is why they are false sciences. Please understand that space and time are canonically conjugated constituents of space-time that cannot really be separated, and form the dialectical nature of space-time (energy) as unity. This also applies to physics, which is applied mathematics and geometry to the external world. This hitherto unknown mental process in the human mind is explained in detail and its implications discussed extensively in the Tetralogy of the Science of Universal Law (Volumes I -IV), so I will not go into this topic in depth here.


I recently published an article on the physical model of ascension, the manifestation of the new earth, which also discusses this topic very precisely:

A Physical Model How to Explain the Imminent Manifestation of the New Earth and the Current Destruction of the Old 3D Matrix

Suffice it to emphasise that the concept of 3D space-time and the perception of this 3D hologram is based on this intentional deficiency of the human mind, created a priori by the incarnate souls who are also the creators of our physical bodies and this 3D reality. Behind all human illusion and incarnational experimentation in dense 3D realities is a divine grand design that begins with the intentionally limited consciousness of the incarnated personality… and ends with her ascension.

It is also important to emphasise that so far no esoteric teaching has been able to recognise this primary source of all human illusions from a scientific, physical and theoretical point of view and anchor its esoteric ideas on a solid Gnostic foundation. It was only after I discovered the Universal Law and elucidated the inherent cognitive mechanism behind all limitations of human perception, i.e. only after I established the true epistemology of all scientific and general human knowledge, that this fundamental flaw of the human mind as such was discovered. And all this was achieved through a unique, profound self-reflection that you cannot find anywhere – neither in science, nor in modern esotericism, which was supposed to do just that.

Only after the human being has understood the basic mechanism of the human illusion, namely the sole perception of this 3D hologram and the deliberate blanking out of all data and energetic impulses from other parallel, multidimensional realities, so that the human being can focus on and interact more realistically with this incarnational experiment on this 3D plane, is he truly ready for ascension – for the return home.

For with the transfiguration of the current slow-functioning carbon-based brain to a crystalline brain of immediate, unlimited perception, the mechanism of all human cognitive limitations – the automatic, unconscious arresting of time in the mind to assess space as the only dimension (component) of space-time – will also be eliminated forever and we will open our consciousness to numerous other realities after linear time and space are eliminated.

Therefore, I recommend my readers to watch these 4 videos where I have presented this process in a popular-scientific way. In my opinion, these are the most important scientific videos on the internet. In addition, the music is my soul portrait composed by my friend Paul Armitage from Vancouver, BC. He also composed “The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team” in my commission and I consider him without reservation to be the greatest living composer. In his previous life he was Edvard Grieg and wrote a book about it.

These 4 videos are the highest vibrating videos on this earth and watching them leads to a significant leap in physical energy frequencies. Once you have understood the content, you are ready to ascend. Most of the images in these videos are original recordings from Austria and the Czech Republic, which I visited in winter 2019/2020 and were realised with the help of a German professor:

Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

Therefore, the dissolution and disappearance of the current Orion 3D matrix and reality will not occur through external collapse events, but through a qualitative leap (expansion) in human consciousness – by replacing today’s carbon-based brain as the hardware of human thinking with a crystalline brain (hardware of light) within the framework of the LBP. The outer collapse of the old 3D matrix will only be the consequence of this expansion of human consciousness. As we are on the cusp of this major event, it is worth discussing it again from a theoretical perspective.

We have now reached the fork in the road where our consciousness is beginning to expand and we will see the outer world, the current façade, seamlessly replaced by a new, much more evolved and malleable 4D and 5D reality. This applies to all Light Warriors of the first and last hour, essentially the PAT, who will ascend to 5D and higher, and to a limited extent also to those who will ascend after the Shift to the new 4D worlds we created as Logos Gods in the new Golden Galaxy long ago. The new 4D worlds will still simulate space and linear time, but their perception by humans will not be as fixed as it is now.

At the same time, the vast majority of people will experience sudden external collapses of the current system and plunge into an endless series of social and natural disasters until they learn their lessons and gain deeper realisations. Most of the lightworkers will experience this terrible fate and their souls already know this outcome. Hence their current deep disappointment, coupled with irrational aggression, anger and spiteful toxicity that they are now emitting, which we, the light warriors of the first and last hour must alchemically process for them as the professional cleansers of this planet and humanity. They should actually be grateful to us for this and not brutally use their toxic aggression, disguised as false love, as a misguided argumentative battering ram against us, the true light beings.

All of this should have become common knowledge for all lightworkers so that they can prepare themselves for ascension. However, for the reasons mentioned, it has not happened so far, and therefore we have had to plan for a great many delays so that we can reap at least a modest harvest this year and in the years to come.

One of the shortcomings of the New Agers is their inability to truly understand the LBP  as the driving force of Ascension and to open themselves mentally, intellectually and emotionally to this unique and important process of soul evolution. This will be the topic of the next point.

Reason 9: Most lightworkers failed to understand the Light Body Process (LBP) in its energetic complexity and as the primary driving force for personal and planetary ascension.

This has been a leitmotif of all my writings on my website. Over the years, I have written and published some pivotal articles on the LBP to improve the deep ignorance of lightworkers regarding this important energetic process, which is not only the driving force for personal ascension to 5D and higher dimensions, but also for the planetary ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy.

Here are some of my most outstanding articles and books on the LBP that fully cover this topic from a theoretical and existential (clinical, psychological and personal) point of view:

The Light Body Process in the End Times
The function of the left and right brain hemispheres in the light body process
How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process
Update on the energies of the LBP

New Gnosis: The evolutionary leap of humanity

The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

My website is a seamless chronicle of these insights, knowledge and experiences about the LBP presented in real time with each ascension test run the PAT has conducted over the past thirteen years since we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and initiated the final, most critical phase of the planetary ascension process.

The basic motto of the PAT has always been: We ascend to higher dimensions ourselves – as does Gaia – and no extraterrestrial power, whether Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters or even Elohim, can help us unless we do the work ourselves here on the ground. If so many ascension attempts have failed since 2011, it is only because so few lightworkers have internalised this motto and lived up to it.

On 22 November 2011, all the light warriors of the first and last hours were beamed by me as the only human connection to Source through their fourth heart chakra and through the sixth and seventh chakra with the high-frequency energies of Source and their left brain portal was opened, which connected them to the 12th chakra and thus directly to Source. Since then they have fully entered the last active phase of the LBP and have been able to fully participate in the planetary ascension. These events are well documented on my website.

In the following years, I have opened the heart chakra of the three waves of ascension candidates and reported on this in real time and also published messages from the Elohim on the subject. After we ascend this year and trigger the shift, there will be three major waves of ascension according to the order in which I opened the heart chakras of the ascension candidates between 2013 and 2015.

It should be a basic knowledge that before you ascend, you must first raise the frequencies of your energy fields and physical body sufficiently and become a conductor of source energies yourself. These energies are then used to cleanse the dense Orion matrix of this 3D reality and simultaneously raise the frequencies of Gaia, which she cannot do alone. As part of this repeated cleansing process and gradual ascension into higher dimensions, each individual Light Warrior’s energy field grows exponentially until it encompasses all of Gaia and all of her many timelines.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this experience is completely unknown to most lightworkers, because none of these dormant beings participate in the planetary ascension process as the few light warriors of the PAT do. They do not even bother to learn theoretically from our experience with the LBP, which is the only universal mechanism to cleanse this planet and raise its frequencies so that it can ascend when the threshold of purity is reached; they have instead dismissed this information prima facie. Many of them even mocked us with envy. They are the free riders of the ascension process.

This is how the New Age community experienced its “fall from grace” and became what it is now – a complete mess of failed existences, as will become apparent very soon after the Shift.

As the small portion of humanity awakens in the new 4D worlds, they will realise for the first time that most of the ranks of the New Agers are empty, while many people who have not cared at all about this infantile and derailed esoteric scene have ascended to the new 4D worlds because they have lived decent lives and have not fraternised with dark archons who have turned them into pathetic mouthpieces – will-less channellers of obscure sources of dark agendas.

This all started with the inability of most lightworkers to understand the key role of the LBP and to muster the necessary courage to tackle this process with full force. They could not overcome their powerful fears and inherent resistance to leave the old comfort zone of their zombie-like Orion existence and leap into the unknown without a safety net with full trust in their Higher Self.

I remember very well when I had an extensive email exchange with Sue Lie back in 2010 and at one point I asked her what her LBP symptoms were after I had listed mine in great detail, only to find out that she had none. After recovering from this surprise, I asked her how she could write and channel about ascension if she didn’t have LBP-related symptoms and therefore wasn’t in the process herself. Since then, there has been radio silence from her side on this topic, which only illustrates how insincere and reluctant most lightworkers and gurus were, and still are, to deal with this key process of the current End Time, especially after the train has already left the station. This did not stop such self-proclaimed gurus from offering expensive seminars and webinars on ascension and dragging the dumb sheep of the new age scene into the mire of their spiritual ignorance.

Have I ever offered such an ascension seminar, even though I am the first person to have completed a full transfiguration into a crystalline light body back in August 2013? And did the glorious group of light warriors of the first and last hour, the PAT, have to participate in such webinars and seminars on ascension before they also ascended a short time later to become the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy?

No, a big and resounding NO!

You cannot buy ascension with money, and anyone who says otherwise is a monstrous charlatan. This is my final judgement on all these failed New Age gurus.

Over the past two decades, actually since 2000, I have written many articles and books to correct a number of misconceptions about this complicated energetic process that have been circulating in the lightworker community since the mid-1990s. I wanted to promote a better knowledge among my potential readers in the faint hope that some of them will learn something and benefit from this priceless (therefore free) information (see the links above).

I have learnt from this futile activity to educate humanity and from these pitiful and unteachable New Agers that most people are so trapped in their extremely narrow comfort zone of bare survival and behave and think so robotically and reflexively that they can never, ever accept that there are energetic states in a human body, that by far exceed their current very narrow human experience in energetic terms and that such light-infused individuals as myself and the PAT, who have direct access to the energies of the Source, are immediately rejected by the New Agers and inundated with the most moronic prejudices just to mask their fears as failures.

The intensity of the energies I receive daily from Source as a massive vortex, almost a tornado, over my crown chakra are so immense and so infused with the most intense high voltage vibrations that make my body shake like I have a fever all the time and dissolve it into billions of particles. An average New Ager could only withstand these inhuman energies for a few seconds before the body incinerates. Therefore, it makes no sense at all to talk to them about the quality of such energy, which is a major driver of planetary ascension, because what the average New Age consumer does not know, does not exist for them either. Where is the difference between the slumbering agnostic masses and the narrow-minded New Agers in this respect?

The real light warriors who are fully in the LBP, the human avatars, know exactly what I am talking about, as they have all been through this social pain of complete misunderstanding and rejection from their surroundings, relatives and friends, especially when they first started with the LBP and were so overwhelmed by these inhuman cosmic energies. After that, you are so transformed by these energies for the rest of your life that it doesn’t matter what some fools think and prattle about their imagine LBP and pains.

I personally arrived at this point a long time ago, and therefore I no longer have any sympathy for all those lightworkers who have deliberately missed out on all the knowledge and opportunities that I and some other enlightened personalities have kindly offered them over the years. That’s why I don’t care if they continue to publish messages infested with dark forces and blatantly boycott and smear my enlightened, very honest and critical articles. This is their dirt, not mine. In this denial, they only prove how much they are still part of the Orion Matrix, which behaves the same way, and have absolutely no chance of ascending with us, the chosen few from heaven.

10th Reason: The intellectual inability of the New Age movement to understand the theory of the Universal Law as the theory of ascension and to recognise its far-reaching consequences for the human worldview, science, new technologies and soul development.

Let us face the current situation with open and critical eyes. There we have a weak spiritual movement, the New Age, barely surviving on the fringes of the Orion matrix, totally incapable of developing and advocating a convincing new worldview, a truly holistic view of the human mind, capable of challenging and rejecting the basic mainstream ideas of this Orion society, and proposing itself as a powerful intellectual and spiritual alternative for a new life in a “New Age” on a New Earth.

Here we have the new theory of the Universal Law, which is undoubtedly the greatest intellectual achievement of the human mind in the history of this civilisation. Earlier civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis knew and implemented the Universal Law, which they called the “Law of One”, in the organisation of their societies before they forgot it or deliberately neglected it under the influence of the dark Orion/Reptilian archons and experienced their total destruction.

This historical fact shows that no civilisation of sentient entities can survive in the long run unless it accepts and fully implements the theory of the Universal Law in its daily life – as a common binding worldview of impeccable truthfulness: In the organisation of society (as social and economic theory), in its spiritual development (as human gnosis), in science and in the introduction of new sophisticated technologies based on free energy and direct creation from the primordial power of the soul (soul technologies).

Read here: How We Shall Transform the Old Orion Banking System and All Communication Means From the Quantum Field After Our Ascension and Thus Liberate Humanity

You have all this in the new General Theory of the Universal Law as presented on my website. And how many Lightworkers have been able to appreciate and practically use this generous gift of Source given to them through me to enlighten themselves, expand their consciousness and thus more easily enter the LBP, and ascend?

Only a handful of the Light Warriors of the first and last hour, also referred to as the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), because they were able to raise their personal frequencies and expand their energetic fields to such an extent that they became very effective transmitters of source energies and massive purifiers of dark human dross on a global scale. They achieved this by accepting the new theory of the Universal Law and its implications, although they could not follow all the derivations of this law in physics. These were only meant for scientists to convince them of the all-encompassing validity of this new theory of ascension and why they must abandon their current failed physical theory.

So these light warriors made the best of all choices and were rewarded with ascension to 5D and higher dimensions and eternal bliss. This is how heaven works and everything else is new age bollocks. There is no “free lunch” in the universe and every success has to be hard-won.

And what will happen to the rest – to the ignorant majority of light workers who not only failed to recognise the existence of the New Theory of the Universal Law, but even decried it as the work of the devil, who wanted to tarnish it and eliminate it by dragging the reputation of the messenger into the mud? In doing so, the New Agers only proved that they still, on the eve of the shift, carry all the vices of the old Orion matrix and are mere impostors in the field of spirituality.

Never before has this truth become so apparent as in these last days, when popular New Age gurus are collapsing under the overwhelming evidence of their dark infestation, and the esoteric scene is devoid of new ideas and has nothing to offer but shock and regret that the time of their home-grown illusions is over.

My website on the new ascension theory of the Universal Law has all the more to offer. To read and understand the eternal truth of the Universal Law, you don’t need to pay for expensive courses and webinars, just focus your mind and read the new Universal Law Axiomatics as an introduction to this Ascension Theory as many times as it takes until you have internalised every single idea and axiom and made it the basis of your personal thinking and behaviour. Start with this:

Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law

There is no one who will do this effort for you, just as no one else can ascend for you. You alone must do it. This is the quintessence of human life, and this truth is becoming clearer now than ever before.

For many years, my endeavour to spread and explain the ideas of the Universal Law has been synonymous with Jesus’ parable (Matthew 7.6):

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; do not cast your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet and throw you down and tear you to pieces.”

In fact, many lightworkers are behaving like dogs, sometimes even pigs as their current comments on these articles prove, and therefore their soul fragments have already fallen away to the planet of the dogs and other lower 3D and 4D timelines. This truth has always been there – you either evolve spiritually, morally and intellectually and ascend or you sleep, degrade and descend to ever lower and denser timelines.

The universe is a single movement and the standstill is not death, there is no such thing, but a sinking into the hell of one’s own omissions. But this very truth is stubbornly denied by most self-proclaimed New Age light addicts, exchanging the unconditional love they have never experienced for mere narcissistic complacency about their total failures as ethical, moral and intelligent personalities.

The new theory of the Universal Law is not the next arbitrary theory like most esoteric rubbish theories that are devoid of any scientific understanding and intelligence. It is the only all-encompassing categorical system of human knowledge available to mankind that contains no logical contradictions and paradoxes – now and for all eternity.

And so it will remain after ascension, for no other human system of thought will survive ascension to 5D because they are all false representations of this illusory matrix. Therefore, the UL theory of ascension is valid for all upper 4D worlds and of course for the 5D and higher dimensions, although it no longer needs to exist in this verbal form as all information is acquired telepathically and instantly, while human language is recognised and discarded as a very slow and cumbersome form of communication in linear time.

Read here: Language as the limit of gnosis

But the basic ideas of the theory of Universal Law – its axiomatics – apply to all dimensions up to the Source, as they reflect the nature of All-That-Is = Energy. Therefore, this theory is eternal, and its validity will never be challenged by any expansion of human consciousness, no matter how multidimensional and all-encompassing that consciousness will be.

Therefore, utilise this divine gift in these last days and study the theory and gnosis of the UL as intensely as possible to raise your frequencies rapidly, as it will be your stepping stone to individual ascension. No other mental and intellectual activity will move you up the ladder of ascension faster, for as you begin to understand and internalise the beauty and open infinity of the new theory of the Universal Law as a method of logical thinking, you will also begin to experience a vast clarity in all your feelings, and your emotional body will experience a tremendous expansion and liberation from your past, spiritually inferior, inappropriate emotional fear patterns.

The new theory and gnosis of the UL is free of fear – it is the only system of thought on earth that is free of it because it is axiomatic and, like the whole, contains no contradictions. All contradictions in human thinking are products of fear.

In this way, human intellectuality (6th chakra) and emotions (4th chakra) merge into a new unified chakra of an ascended master – into the threefold flame of life, which I have been installing and activating in all ascension candidates with the greatest personal sacrifice since the summer of 2019. This chakra is the individual portal of the incarnated personality to the Source, i.e. directly to me. For this reason, all ascension candidates in whom the threefold flame of life is fully activated will immediately recognise me as the one I really am and accept me unreservedly. The others who reject me, will never ever ascend in this incarnation and this humanity will split in two.

The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

How the Trinity Created “The Fountain of Freedom”. The Creation of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal in Italy, Central Europe and in Vancouver, North America in June and July 2019 – Full Report

So be grateful for all that other Avatars like me have done for you and don’t throw the baby with the bathwater. In other words, if you’re drowning, don’t try to drown your lifeguard too.


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