A Physical Model How to Explain the Imminent Manifestation of the New Earth and the Current Destruction of the Old 3D Matrix

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 15. Januar 2024


In January 2024, we have reached the final phase leading to the manifestation of the New Earth of higher dimensional vibrations and the simultaneous dissolution of all dark low-vibrating patterns that build the texture of the old 3D matrix of human incarnations. When this energetic work is accomplished, the New Earth will appear in a sudden phase transition.

I decided to write this article as more and more evolved humans feel these energetic interactions in the physical body, mostly as symptoms, also as visions and incoherent ideas, but are unable to render an adequate physical interpretation of these experiences and tend to go astray with their simplistic esoteric explanations that may jeopardize their transition to the New Earth.

The most important attribute of the current End Time is absolute clarity of the mind amidst the most intense and divergent emotional sensations that this energetic transformation brings about for us as incarnated human beings. This clarity of the mind can be only achieved when one understands and incorporates the new Axiomatic Thinking of the Universal Law and applies it consistently to every aspect of daily life.

The only applicable physical model to explain these energetic interactions in an objective scientific manner is the wave theory which deals with the conditions of constructive and destructive interference. Don’t be afraid, I will skip all the mathematics as I do not need it to explain to you what is happening now.

Figure 1:

It is important to know that All-That-Is = the Multiverse consists only of wave systems and corresponding levels that overlap, superimpose, and are in a state of constant energy exchange. This is how the multiverse operates as a Whole – from this 3D level to the 12th dimension of the Source.

The current 3D matrix within which this human incarnation experiment has been perpetuated for eons of time is now in the process of rapid dissolution and transformation to a new higher dimensional reality. This is defined as the Ascension process of Gaia as a planetary body and humanity as an incarnated organic species. However, while Gaia has already ascended and the current physical earth will soon experience a profound energetic shift to higher frequency levels, eventually reaching 5D, the old 3D earth will devolve, it will descend to lower frequencies, and separate from the new ascending earth.

Therefore, only humans who have awakened, have completed their Light Body Process (LBP) of raising sufficiently the frequencies of their physical body and adjacent fields such as mental, emotional, astral, and spiritual bodies, and have fully opened and aligned their seven body chakras and higher dimensional chakras will ascend. I have extensively discussed the LBP in numerous books and articles as the forerunner of this process, as the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team, and as the human conduit to the Source being an Elohim soul. Therefore, I assume that my readers are fully aware of this knowledge available in 18 books and more than 3,500 publications, so I will only discuss here the energetic processes leading to the Ascension and the manifestation of the New Earth from a physical point of view.

The 3D matrix of the earth, in which we currently still live, is a very tiny segment of the frequency spectrum of the universe and is embedded in the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions up to the Source  – from the 4th dimension (astral plane) to the 12th dimension (Source). It is the creation of these higher dimensional realms by lowering significantly the frequencies of the Source energies to essentially the frequency bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In a recent article, which  I published in a German website in two languages, German and English, the Elohim explain in a channelled message the creationary nature of the energetic fields of the Source:

Liebe das Ganze, weil das Ganze Liebe ist: Georgi Alexandrov Stankov: Botschaft der Elohim (liebe-das-ganze.blogspot.com)

I have discussed these topics extensively in the new Physical Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law and will only introduce the basic concepts here for the sake of clarity as they are indispensable for my further explanations and your understanding of the impending ascension process.

The current 3D matrix of human experience on the earth is a very low vibrating system. It is the creation of the higher frequency energies of the Source and is fully embedded in the latter through the conditions of constructive and destructive interference. As long as the incarnation experiment on the earth existed in this particular form, the condition of constructive interference for this model was guaranteed as a whole, and only conditions of local destructive interference with the higher dimensional energies were allowed within this 3D model to keep the energy flow and the seeming change of material forms which humans interpret as a historical evolution within the inherent limitations of their ego-minds (false historicism as an evolution theory).

At this place, I must discuss in a very popular manner these two concepts of the wave theory that the reader can also find in physical textbooks or even in Wikipedia. In advance, I must introduce the most important knowledge that the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law imparts to humanity: The visible universe that is perceivable to the very limited human senses has only two dimensions: – space s and frequency f, defined also as absolute time f in the new theory.

Since all systems in All-That-Is are wave systems, the wave is paradigmatic in this respect as it only has space as amplitude A and wavelength λ (= period T) and frequency f as absolute time f:

Figure 2:

Please observe that in the image above, we have the wavelength given on the horizontal axis, and in the image below the horizontal axis measures the linear time t which is another convincing proof that linear time t and space (wavelength λ) are the same quantity (see the discussion below).

We have the same situation when the distance (space) between celestial objects is given in lightyears in cosmology and astronomy, while the latter term is actually a measurement of linear time t.

This fundamental inconsistency in the current physical definitions of space s and linear time t has been completely overlooked in present-day false physics and has significantly contributed to its obfuscation and the inability of physicists and scientists to comprehend the nature of energy = All-That-Is = the physical world. That is why this article is of such paramount importance as nobody will ascend with false ideas about the nature of space and time (space-time) as these ideas determine the illusion of the current 3D matrix that must be overcome in the first place.

Both physical quantities, space s and absolute time f are reciprocal, that is to say, they are canonically conjugated. This would say that when space increases, the frequency decreases and vice versa. This elasticity of All-That-Is was first discovered by myself and is the foundation of the theory of the Universal Law (UL). All known physical laws in conventional physics are derived from the Universal Law as I have proved extensively in Volume I and Volume II on more than 1200 pages. This should be known to all readers to avoid any unqualified comments.

The Physics and Science of the UL is the only valid science on the earth and throughout the entire multiverse – it has been given to me and humanity by the Source and can be validated by any scientific evidence accessible to the limited human minds as well as by any new evidence that is yet to be discovered when humans will expand their awareness. Therefore, it is the Science of Ascension, and only individuals who have comprehended the basic tenets of this theory, e.g. as discussed here, will have any chance to ascend in the current End Time.

This already explains why most newagers who display an appalling ignorance of science and abstract thinking have no chance to ascend in the first wave of highly evolved human individuals, who will trigger the planetary shift and will have to study the Science and Gnosis of the UL first so that they qualify for ascension at a later date.

To make it simpler, even at the expense of challenging all the current false, preconceived ideas that all humans and in particular all scientists cherish about their visible reality, here is another basic scientific truth that everyone should grasp if one wants to ascend:

Linear time t and space s are the same, they are tautologies, pleonasms of the same physical quantity (see Figure 2 above). They have been introduced into the human worldview (Weltanschauung) through wrong definitions in physics. Precisely, when physics emerged first with Galilei’s experiment on gravitation, scientists adopted these conventional beliefs without properly defining them in a strictly mathematical manner. This was the reason for the Fall from Grace of present-day physics and science from their inception.

Physics does not know until now what is time, what is space, what is mass, what is charge, what is energy, etc. – it has confounded all its foundational terms that are the basis of such disciplines as classical mechanics, electromagnetism, wave theory, theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, etc. That is why physics which is considered to be the most exact science is fake science and this is true to an even greater extent for all other sciences on earth. Even current mathematics is false science and this has been known since the Foundation Crisis of mathematics was first established in 1931, which I resolved in 1995.

Humans know virtually nothing and all they believe to know is an illusion. Period!

All human sciences, be they physics, biosciences, medicine, and all so-called social sciences, are false science – they are wrong categorical systems of knowledge as they do not contain any true knowledge of who we truly are and how the reality we live in and experience as Nature is actually created as they are agnostic and do not consider the existence of our human souls as the creators of all reality.

Hence humans are profoundly ignorant and all they believe to know are false beliefs, false mental concepts that are a serious hindrance to ascension as they are powerful energetic systems that support the current illusory 3D matrix and are incompatible with the energies of the new 5D earth. This gives you a clue as to how much humanity must change and evolve before it qualifies for ascension and why not many people will ascend in this lifetime.

The recent fake coronavirus epidemic and the lockdown of the entire gullible and subservient human race who believed this greatest lie and crime on humankind proved it in a stark way. Except for a few scientists with partial objections, there was nobody, except myself, to raise his competent voice and prove unequivocally that there are no viruses in nature and that the whole genocide on humanity that was caused by the criminal governments and the hidden elites with the subsequent compulsory vaccinations, was based on a scientific fraud that was unanimously accepted by the ignorant masses as there were no honest and educated specialists to inform them that:

1) not a single virus has ever been isolated;

2) there is not a single post-mortem case that proves unequivocally that the patient has died due to macroscopic and histological damages of the organism (e.g. pneumonia in the case of the coronavirus), caused by a virus that has been isolated in the organism.

In addition, scientists have failed to develop any theory that explains how viruses destroy the human cells and the body as pathogens, while at the same time, they replicate in these same cells in perfect harmony (symbiosis) within the regulation of the cell metabolism by using symbiotically the various genetic mechanisms of these very cells, the regulation of which, by the way, scientists are still unable to explain.

That is why when the pandemic was announced, all the governments forbid all post-mortem examinations as the dark cabal didn’t want their deception to be exposed easily and the corrupt doctors complied fully, with some notable exceptions.

I have proved all these facts in my seminal textbook on  The General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine. As the new Biophysics, it is the only consistent theory of biosciences and medicine that exists on this planet. It integrates and explains all empirical findings and scientific evidence accumulated in the history of these sciences without any contradiction. This theory can be only understood by a scientist, who has profound knowledge of physics, especially of the new physics of the UL, and also profound knowledge in all biosciences, such as biology, genetics, immunology, pharmacology, biochemistry, medicine, clinical research as biostatistics, etc. Currently, there is no such scientist on this planet, except, of course, the author.

This achievement is still considered impossible by all theoreticians, while bio-scientists fail to explain any experimental fact they observe in a consistent theoretical manner without running into numerous contradictions. One only needs to read any textbook on bio-sciences, pharmacology, or medicine (e.g., internal medicine) to convince oneself of the validity of my statements. One only finds scattered unfounded models and hypotheses in such textbooks and not a single firm and unequivocal statement that is truthful. This is another aspect of failed human science that is currently neglected by all specialists and the critical laymen who are overwhelmed by this profound confusion of false scientific thinking.

I know that I am digressing from my topic but I used this recent example only to illustrate how false all human beliefs are, be they scientific or trivial, and that nobody will ascend with such false beliefs that are incompatible with the energies of truth of the higher dimensions. Therefore, there must be a significant upgrade of human intelligence and awareness, actually of the entire incarnated personality as a sentient energetic system, and below I shall discuss why and how these changes must come with the shift.

It is important to note at this place that the cardinal blunder to confound space s and linear time t as distinct quantities in science, e.g. by introducing the redundant physical quantity velocity v= s/t, was by design, and I haven’t figured yet out whether the dark evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire, the Powers That Were, which we have already eliminated from this earth or our souls are responsible for this deliberate obfuscation of all human minds, except mine.

This mental confusion of humanity is the key cognitive blunder that keeps the illusion of this 3D holographic model alive, based entirely on the extension of the three-dimensional space-time as the only true reality. In truth, 3D space-time is the illusory product of the currently very limited human senses that keep this false matrix alive, and I have discussed the underlying physiological mechanisms extensively in my books and articles.

Hence human perception and all human senses need a significant upgrade in the upcoming shift that will also eradicate almost all false human ideas that are distorted energetic manifestations of Spirit coming from the Source and thus extremely powerful energetic patterns in their dark toxicity. Only then will the external reality also transform in a phase transition and the New Earth can appear.

I shall show below that neither space nor time exists in the higher dimensions and only individuals who firmly grasp this truth will qualify for ascension. The others will continue perpetuating their 3D illusion and being entangled in their 3D karmic experiences as incarnated human beings. Therefore, there must be a huge upgrade in the human incarnated personality as a sentient energetic system and it will affect in the first place its perception and comprehension of the illusion of the current concepts of space and time, which nowadays nobody really questions. To this, more will be said below.

Only after I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and developed its new physical and mathematical theory, could I unravel this greatest of all human illusions. Space and linear time regarded as separate entities in science and daily life is the foundation of the greatest human illusion that sustains this 3D reality which all awakened humans now long to overcome once and for all as its toxicity has become unbearable in the last few years when the fake coronavirus pandemic was imposed on humanity by the dark cabal with the aim of its total enslavement and mass genocide. To achieve that, humans have to correct firstly their false conceptions of space and time (watch also these 4 videos). As you see, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

From this elaboration, it follows that space s = linear time t is reciprocal to frequency f, respectively, absolute time f:

s = t = 1/ or f = 1/s = 1/t

Space and absolute time are the only physical dimensions that can be measured and distinguished in physics. All other dimensions in the SI system are derivatives of these and can be eliminated. This is another huge blunder of present-day fake physics that must be corrected in the minds of all people and scientists if they will have any chance to ascend.

For further reading on this topic, I recommend my foundational book on the new Human Gnosis of the UL: New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, and my latest textbook on physics “Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law“.

Before, I proceed with my elaboration, here is another basic scientific truth of the UL that is indispensable for a proper understanding of what we shall experience when the shift occurs and a few selected individuals will ascend to the Source, only to return as ascended masters and the new spiritual leaders of the ascending humanity. The UL is an equation of energy and proves that the amount of energy exchanged is only proportional to the frequency as this well-known equation of electromagnetism reveals:

E = hf

where h is the famous Planck’s constant. This formula is a specific application of the UL for the electromagnetic spectrum which I define as photon space-time as it measures the energy of photons in dependence of their frequency.

The current 3D holographic matrix we live in has very low frequencies. It consists essentially of infinite fear patterns that build the energetic edifice of our current reality. These fear patterns are first created by humans in their emotional and mental fields and then are emanated in the energetic atmosphere of the earth where they overlap with time and gain momentum due to constructive interferences.

People begin to absorb these fear patterns from the dark 3D matrix as soon as they are born. They determine their character and behaviour decisively in an unconscious manner as most people never challenge these fear-based thought patterns throughout their whole life. Rather they follow them like Pavlov’s dog follows its conditional reflexes. These negative fear-based patterns are now being radically eradicated by Source energies through destructive interference and cause numerous symptoms as I shall explain below.

Of course, many of these fear patterns which are distinct energetic wave systems have been inserted into the earth and humanity by the many evil ETs who were allowed to take temporary control over this planet and its population to increase the degree of separation from the soul and the Source.

Fears are energetic patterns that decrease the collective frequencies (vibrations) of the human population and are the only most effective means of the dark ETs and their human stooges to enslave humanity as many humans now experience for the first time in a conscious manner after I opened their threefold flames of life beginning in July 2019.

The fully activated threefold flame of life plays a key role in the current ascension process and my discussion below, and I urge all my readers to read very carefully the article below, in which I explain its energetic function, especially because the existence and the role of this novel chakra that connects all humans to the Source are completely unknown to all newagers and half-awakened humans. They have no clue that the threefold flame of life is the motor of human evolution to ascended beings. That is why they do not understand the ascension process properly and substitute their ignorance with disgusting esoteric phantasmagoria that only disqualifies this movement as a spiritual spearhead of humanity and hamper their LBP leading to ascension.

The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

This is the eschatological purpose of the entire incarnation process on Gaia – a painful gradual separation from the Whole over many incarnations and a sudden return to normalcy during the ascension – this time by taking the physical body as an immortal crystalline body into the higher realms and thus overcoming death.

The 3D matrix on Earth is essentially a holographic space-time system where the manifestation of such fear patterns can only happen in the space-time continuum as 3D forms with volume and substance. These forms can only exist in space and linear time as solid objects if they are not directly interacting with the higher frequencies energies from the 5th dimension up to the Source, otherwise, they will be quickly destroyed by destructive interference as their frequencies are incompatible and out-of-phase with the latter.

This is the proverbial energetic quarantine under which humanity and Gaia have existed for a very long time. The problem with this quarantine is that it allows the entire 3D holographic matrix of the earth and humanity to evolve hermetically only from within. One can also say that humanity and this earth have existed in a state of energetic incest almost fully separated from the entire multiverse where all other systems are open and easily accessible.

The earth, and less so all incarnated humans, fulfill the condition of a closed system which is another basic wrong concept in present-day false physics. This fact also explains the perverted incestual sexual behaviour of all dark entities, be they of human or non-human origin because, in a holographic model, each part contains the whole as an element and imitates it. Contrary to most humans who are still sparks of God even when they are closed for their souls, all dark entities are completely severed from their God’s spark, and this is the main reason why they need to sponge on human energies all the time. This is a huge topic for another time.

I have proved that the concept of closed systems which physicists ubiquitously employ to derive many particular laws and applications in their failed physics is blatantly wrong and is only derived from their intuitive perception of being severed from their souls and living in a closed, energetically separated reality.

The key knowledge one can gain from this discussion is that when dark low-vibrating systems such as human or extraterrestrial fear patterns interact with each other in the current closed 3D matrix, they tend to overlap through local constructive interference and increase the amplitude (space) of their waves. Simultaneously they are also lowering their frequencies as space and frequency behave reciprocally. This is the actual energetic mechanism of how space-time forms manifest as material objects with extension and how such holographic space-time models of incarnation are created in the first place.

Figure 3:

Hence a closed holographic 3D model has the inherent tendency to constantly lower its frequencies and this is the mechanism of how humanity lowered its vibrations, descended to lower dimensions and fully separated from the Source. The human incarnation experiment on earth is the densest and darkest place to be in the entire multiverse and this fact also elucidates the gargantuan light work which selected, highly evolved light beings in human gestalt are performing to liberate humanity and guarantee the success of the planetary ascension process. This light work began on a global scale during the Harmonic Convergence in the summer of 1987, which I felt in a very deep manner.

I am speaking here in the first place of the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team), the captain of which I am, as I know intimately well the challenges these light warriors of the first and the last hour have to endure to save humanity. Unfortunately, this happens in the absence of any recognition or gratefulness on the part of all the other newagers who should have known better, but prefer to go through life with eyes wide shut only to appease their unduly spiritual high-esteem of self-proclaimed gurus who parade and produce on a conveyor belt irrelevant videos, messages, and seminars in impeccable physical condition because they are not affected by the mighty energies of transformation and planetary ascension that flow through our bodies and fields and is the main topic of this article.

Most newagers have not fully entered their LBP as they have not dealt with their spiritual vices, in the first place with their insincerity and recidivistic spiritual deceptions, including the perpetual faking of channelled messages to make themselves special and attract clients, and will not ascend any time soon. This is a serious warning on my part.

As I said, the energies with the highest frequencies from the Source have no space. This already follows from the basic physical truth that frequency and space are reciprocal quantities – when the frequency reaches infinity, the space reaches zero. This is, by the way, also the mathematical definition of the continuum of all numbers:

f ∞, s 0

In the long run, the condition of local constructive interference between low vibrating systems such as human fears, in the absence of direct interactions with higher frequency systems, leads to a gradual decrease in the frequencies of such closed systems and the holographic matrix of incarnation descends energetically. The amplitudes of the waves grow and the frequency diminishes while the spatial expressions of these material forms become more pronounced and stable for the time being (see Figure 3 above).

This is the principal energetic mechanism of how this earth and humanity descended to such low frequencies during the current incarnation experiment. During the time of Lemuria, the matrix was vibrating at upper 4D and lower 5D levels, and many physical forms were much more fluid and malleable than now.

Man speaks also of densities – the lower the frequencies, the higher the density, but this is a very confusing and treacherous term if one does not understand the new physics of the UL. It is very often misused in the light workers’ community who display an appalling ignorance of science and physics and juggle with pseudo-scientific terms only to make themselves important. They attract their clients, as the bought and paid medical doctors did during the coronavirus lockdown, by resorting to psychological extorsion of their fears through false pretensions.

The term “dense” refers in this case to the low frequencies of solid space-time forms. Such space-time forms are essentially empty of energy or contain a very low amount of energy as it is proportional to the frequency according to the Universal Equation E =EA f (see also the equation for photon energy above E = hf).

In present-day false physics, the density is defined through gravitation and volume – the higher the gravitational force and the smaller the volume, the greater the density. In Wikipedia, we read that density is a “measurement that compares the amount of matter an object has to its volume.” However, I have proved that matter is an entirely wrong concept and is usually used as a synonym for mass. The mass, itself, does not exist as a separate physical quantity. It is an energy relationship measured with the gravitational force, the way it is defined in present-day failed physics. Read also the following publications for further explanation:

In popular language, this would say that the current 3D matrix of humanity is dense in terms of solid space-time forms as material objects with mass and matter, but mostly empty of energy as they operate as almost closed systems and do not have any free energy exchange with the higher frequency energies of the higher realms.

Especially in these last days before the shift, the life force of the 3D matrix has been sucked out and this is felt poignantly by all awakened people and potential ascension candidates. The dark ones who fully identify with the matrix are incapable of such intuitive sensations and only feel deep frustration when their nefarious plans fail due to a lack of energetic support. After all, all life is being driven by the energies of the soul and the Source, no matter whether one rejects this fact as is the case with the dark ruling cabal and their ETs masterminds in human form, or accepts it as a spiritual being.

These higher dimensional energies have infinitely more energetic density per volume or, as pure energy of the Source, do not need to have any volume (space-time) at all, but can create one whenever it is necessary. This new knowledge already gives you a clue as to why this matrix can so easily be abolished by destructive interference when it is opened and begins to interact intensively with the highest vibrational energies coming from the Source that are flowing through the hugely expanded fields of the light warriors of the PAT. They have completed their LBP and have raised the frequencies of their bodies and fields high enough to accommodate the Source energies with a minimum of symptoms.

Just for the record, we broke through the quarantine of the current dark 3D matrix a few weeks ago and now the Source energies are flowing relentlessly into our earth holographic model and dissolve the dense low-frequency patterns alchemically with a breath-taking pace.

The power of the alchemical reaction of advanced human souls is not at all understood in the light workers’ community. I, therefore, recommend that they read this message of the Elohim, which they gave us a few years ago as the alchemical reaction is closely associated with the UL and can only be accomplished by people who understand its theory:

The Elohim: The Essence and Power of the Human Alchemical Reaction


Of course, this presentation is a didactical simplification for the reader to gain some deeper insights into the nature of energy and how it principally operates in physical terms as everything is energy – the multiverse = All-That-Is is energy:

Multiverse = All-That-Is = Energy

In reality, all incarnated humans are both low-vibrating holographic 3D systems as organic bodies and multidimensional entities as emotional and mental beings. Both Spirit as human intelligence and awareness and all emotions are higher dimensional systems that essentially come from the Source. That is why they have no form and space but can be anywhere and everywhere, and if necessary can obtain any space-time form and gestalt. This is the direction towards which humanity strides and will make one first giant step when the planetary shift happens.

The space-time of the current 3D matrix is the creation of Source energies and is manifested through the limited minds of the people. This truth should be repeated as a mantra and internalized by all humans who want to fully awaken and ascend, that is, they must throw their ego-minds into the rubbish bin of their 3D history and start thinking anew, from scratch, with the help of the new Axiomatics and Science of the UL.

This dichotomic energetic nature of all humans – as low-vibrating organic species and as infinite, multidimensional higher-vibrating souls – is the fulcrum from which this earth and humanity will be heaved to the 5th dimension and higher. This is what is happening now at a breathtaking pace in this last phase of the ascension process, and the principal energetic mechanism of this transformation is the simultaneous creation of conditions of destructive and constructive interference. This is the most difficult part to understand as it involves everything – the personality of the individual and the entire world we live in. The people need badly holistic axiomatic thinking to grasp it.

We, the evolved humans on this planet, are the agents of all change and evolution. There are no other external forces that are directly involved in the current ascension process of the earth and humanity, which, by the way, affects the entire multiverse as it also ascends.

The Galactic Federation does exist, simply because this multiverse is teeming with advanced civilisations. Many of us have parallel incarnations in such civilisations. But they have no say in how the ascension process is accomplished on the ground as this is OUR creation. That is why we are here. This should be stated unequivocally to avoid any misunderstanding.

Currently, one can read many channelings that are allegedly coming from higher dimensional sources, from the Galactic Federation, ascended masters, or angels that purport to be doing huge light work on our behalf to redeem us from this dark matrix of enslavement. One only needs to scroll through such stupid messages that merely reflect the stupidity of the channellers and to attune to their low vibrations to know that these are mostly dark 4D sources from the astral plane that can now easily reach many humans as this matrix already vibrates at 4D levels. How easy is it to usurp a name, given the fact that names do not make any sense and do not exist in the 5th and higher dimensions, to mire these gullible subservient newagers and contaminate the ascension process with inferior versions? The current new-age community is a veritable disgrace, it is the negation of human intelligence, and this should be stated with emphasis at this place.

None of these sources bothers to explain the energetic processes leading to the ascension from a physical scientific point of view, simply because these dark sources from the astral plane do not have any such knowledge, just like their new age mediums are scientific ignoramuses, and only want to make themselves relevant. The 4D astral plane is the vanity fair of the multiverse. Now that this matrix vibrates at upper 4D, even though it still presents itself as a 3D reality due to inertia, most newagers have become even more vane and susceptible to human vices than in the past and this is the greatest hindrance to their evolution. When the shift comes, they will experience a total fiasco and this day of reckoning is very close.

All change on this earth comes from humans who have already ascended and only exist on the earth as avatars as this is the case with me and my group, the PAT (not all of them though). They have raised their frequencies so high that they can be conduits of the Source energies that now rapidly dissolve the 3D matrix through destructive interference. We are also the agents that process all darkness as energy cannot get lost according to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, which is an application of the UL. We recycle all low-vibrating fear-based energies of this matrix and send them to the Source (Tao) according to the turnstile mechanism for further processing (message from the Elohim to us).

This whole dissolution of the 3D matrix happens within our fields and bodies and that is why we experience various symptoms and disabilities as we are exposed to both the higher frequencies of the Source that transform this matrix as well as to the low-vibrating fears we constantly eradicate and this inhuman endeavour causes so much stress and pain on our physical bodies. This is a huge splits – we are with one leg in the old crumbling matrix and with the other leg on the New Earth that is now emerging, and this explains why our physical bodies suffer so much these days.

It also explains the very intense emotional fluctuations we experience in association with the highest-ever vibrations of the physical body which is being prepared for its ascension.

There are no more dark attacks as some newagers tend to interpret the source of these symptoms and sensations as most dark entities were either eliminated from the earth and its astral plane by us or are so weakened when they are in human bodies that they cannot do any harm anymore. That is why all the politicians are failing now.

The negative side of these final processes before the shift (phase transition) and the manifestation of the New Earth is that the darkness looms high one last time and is poignantly perceived by us before it is fully dissolved and disappears. It is, indeed, a very challenging time.

In Figure 3, we saw that the low-vibrating fear waves of the matrix tend to expand in the 3D space as external manifestations by increasing their amplitude and wavelength (space). At the same time, they decrease their frequency and thus their energy as the energy is proportional to the frequency Ef.

In this last phase, the dark cabal has to double and triple down their efforts to install their dark nefarious plans in our reality and thus suppress the ascension process of a substantial portion of humanity. They also need these surges in darkness to take as many incarnated souls as possible on the descending old earth as their potential slaves because they know that they will not ascend.

In this way, the dark ones weaken constantly their power position – they are practically sawing on the branch on which they sit. This is known to our souls and the Source and we exploit this energetic circumstance. The Source is flooding through our bodies and fields the matrix and the dark ones, including their heinous plans as thought patterns, with the highest possible vibrating waves that enter in a destructive interference with the low-frequency wave patterns of the dark ones.

How is this physically accomplished? According to wave theory, the high vibrations of the Source build solitons, standing wave patterns which also form a lower vibrating modulating wave in a secondary manner. This phenomenon is well known and widely used in radio transmissions as this image below illustrates.

The initial FM wave from the Source is slightly modulated in its frequency and then this dilution of frequency energy is used to build a superimposed modulating wave with peaks and troughs as a signal that is carried by the AM soliton waves of the Source. It is then the signal wave that manifests in the 3D matrix and interacts with the low-vibrating waves of its fear patterns as thoughts and emotions, but also as social phenomena. This interaction is currently entirely based on the condition of destructive interference as Figure 4 illustrates:

Figure 4:

The low-frequency signal of the Source wave superimposes the fear wave out-of-phase, i.e. under the condition of destructive interference. The signal wave of the Source has infinitely more energy within as it is carried by the highest frequency waves of the Source, and, as we have learned, the energy is proportional to the frequency. The fear pattern wave is then immediately dissolved by the signal wave of the Source and its original energy is transmuted through our fields into the Tao for further processing.

This example illustrates the power of the Source energies and why they can dissolve any dark pattern instantaneously. This is what the Elohim define as an alchemical reaction as it affects the entire matrix immediately and cleanses it. I have participated in so many such alchemical reactions with a global, even universal impact so that I know how it feels and what distress it causes to the human body. It is like hitting a brick wall. But this is the most effective and only possible energetic mechanism how to eliminate human and planetary darkness, raise the frequencies of the matrix, and prepare it for the upcoming global shift.

This cleansing process runs for more than 3 decades for me in a conscious manner. While its physical mode of action remains invariant, the intensity of the cleansing has now reached an unprecedented peak in January after a constant crescendo of intensities in the second half of 2023. It heralds the imminent phase transition as a planetary shift and the manifestation of the New Earth, initially as a new energetic reality that will exist parallel to the old 3D matrix in a state of accelerating collapse.

Here, I have described the physical mechanism of dissolution of the old matrix and its substitution with a higher vibrating new reality based on the condition of destructive and constructive interference as we know it from the wave theory. It could be only truly understood after I discovered the UL and proved that All-That-Is consists only of waves with frequency and energy. Before that, terrible confusion reigned in physics.

Hence every destruction due to wave interference is connected to an equivalent construction also through interference. This is how the old 3D matrix is dissolved and the new earth is being installed in our reality.

We are now in its most intense phase, and I can see the performance of these processes with my 3rd eye all the time, just as I can see the constant fluctuations of my fields consisting of infinite very dense codes assimilating hieroglyphs and geometric structures all the time as projections, for instance, on the wall.

My personal field is a protuberance field of the Source that encompasses the entire earth and extends into infinity. It was fully established and anchored in 2016 as I have reported on numerous occasions and helped, for instance, Trump to win the elections and Brexit to succeed, among many other creations that significantly determined the course of the ascension scenario on our ascending timelines and explains why we are so close to the shift now.

This permanent process of creation and destruction runs since many decades and I have discussed it extensively in my pivotal book The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction from 2010.

All dark patterns of this 3D matrix are now being dissolved through destructive interference, no matter how complex their structure is. This is true for all fear-based patterns in the human bodies and fields as well as in the collective atmosphere of the earth, and also for all false thought patterns individually and collectively.

As I have proved above, there is not a single idea that humans have created or adopted that is not essentially flawed and must be abolished through destructive interference as they are incompatible with the 5D energies of the New Earth and the higher dimensions to which some selected individuals will ascend (7D to 9D, and the Source, 12th dimension for me as an Elohim soul).

This huge cleansing and streamlining program is now running at maximal speed and the results will be seen soon. The transformation is very tedious, not only for the physical body but also for the collective as we observe at the political stage. Wars, atrocities and aggression are rampant now and it seems as if there will be no end to this dreadful reality. However, it is the darkest before the dawn.

The most oppressive element of these final processes before the shift and our ascension is the lack of any vital force in this 3D matrix. It is dead and this weighs heavily on the psyche and causes a  lot of depression in the more awakened people. As I explained above, this is by design.

The Source, together with us as ascended avatars, are squeezing the dark forces now to throw everything they possess into this final battle and thus weaken the already scanty dark energies they have at their disposal as I explained from a physical point of view above. The more these dark ones try, the worse and weaker their position gets.

However, due to the sluggishness of this 3D matrix, our strength as bearers of light cannot be demonstrated yet, although it is highly effective in the higher realms from where all change comes. This is the most difficult time for us as the motor that drives the ascension process and I hope this article, with its impeccable scientific content and numerous ramifications for daily life, will shed light on the process and strengthen the confidence of the ascending portion of humanity that all is well and our success is guaranteed.

In this respect, my severe criticism of the light workers’ community has the aim of nudging them to acknowledge their deficiencies and existing problems and overcome them quickly so that they can also ascend. The first thing they have to admit is that they are not the gurus, teachers and healers of humanity as they now boast to be and greedily ask for a lot of money for their worthless seminars and healing sessions. This is the final exaggeration of their human vices, which they have still to process so that they can follow us and eventually ascend in the future.

Finally, I want to clarify one more time the most difficult aspect of the ascension process that touches upon the profound transformation of the individual human personality during the shift. As  I explained above, this 3D matrix is created by us at the soul level in the limited way we have furnished our incarnated personalities as biological beings with certain cognitive attributes, such as the human senses. The latter are, indeed, very limited, even the animals have much more evolved senses and are more closely connected to the higher realms, from where they have incarnated as collective ascended masters on the earth to help us. I think in the first place of cats and dogs whose collective souls come from Sirius.

The limited spectrum of perception of our vision and our hearing which is only a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum proves it beyond any doubt. Our current idea of space-time is based entirely on these systemic deficiencies of our sensual and cognitive apparatus.  These ideas create the limited 3D matrix humans perceive and live in while modulating it according to their limited preconceived ideas.

This all has to change and will change when the shift arrives and a few outstanding personalities such as the author ascend and demonstrate the inherent pristine abilities of every soul in an excarnated and incarnated state. In this context, I must mention that my ascension will trigger the shift as I shall expand my fields into infinity = the Source and will release so much energy from the Source that will drive the planetary shift. I have always known this outcome and have received numerous messages from the Elohim over the years that elucidate this event. One only needs to read them.

From this, we can deduce that when the shift happens all ascension candidates will experience a huge upgrade of their senses, that is, a huge expansion of their sensual and cognitive abilities, such as enhanced intuition, activation of the 3rd eye, simultaneous perceptions of events in different realities and dimensions, etc. In the first place, the human perception of space and time will change profoundly – the people will acknowledge their systemic flaw in interpreting space and linear time as distinct entities and will recognize their illusory character. This alone will trigger a veritable revolution in the worldview (Weltanschauung) of all ascension candidates.

Those humans, who will not ascend in this lifetime and will instead descend with the old earth into higher densities and a bigger separation from the Source than now, will receive no upgrade of their senses and awareness, and this will be the line of separation of the two humanities – the ascending ones from those who will continue with their gruesome incarnation cycle on the old earth. This is what I expect to happen any moment from now on, although linear time is an illusion and we only move discretely from one timeline to the next one.

That is why my discussion of the major tenets of the new Science and Gnosis of the UL are so important for all ascension candidates in the context of the upcoming planetary shift as they pave the way to their true evolution which can begin now. However, they must overcome their rejection of the UL first and embrace it as the most precious knowledge they have ever encountered in their lifetime – in all their lives on this planet that is now ascending into the light thanks to me and my group of light warriors of the first and last hour – the PAT.


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