Energetic Principles of the Ascension Test Runs in Selected Light Warriors Prior to the Shift

Helga Heinemann and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 8, 2021


September 7, 2021

Dear Georgi,

I had a dream during the night that I would like to share with you:

I was lying in my bed on the left side of my body, apparently asleep, when suddenly strong vibrations and waves flowed through my body. The noise (the high-pitched tone caused by the opening of the left brain portal in all light warriors in the advanced stage of the LBP, read my articles to this phenomenon, NB, George), which is always around my head, became more intense but not unpleasant. Then I was lifted up and hovered above my bed for a moment, thinking, here we go, here we go. From the outside, I saw myself in a white cloud. Then I was back in bed. Shortly afterwards it started all over again. I think it happened three times.

Lying in bed again, I tried to get up to go to the bathroom. Somehow I managed, but more floating than walking.

I opened the door, and before I hit the light switch, I saw a bright shiny wall in the bathroom, and everything looked very different.

Dream ending.

I can still feel the excitement.

Maybe it was the answer to my question about how everything was going to work out.

All love



September 7, 2021

Dear Helga,

This was not a dream, in reality, you experienced a decisive ascension test run, which seemed like a dream to you. What happens in such moments is actually impossible for the human mind to comprehend and express in words. The processes are far too complex and the limited human mind cannot process them because it was not designed to do so. It was only created to perceive this 3D illusion as the only reality and to maintain it as a social level.

Nevertheless, I will try to give you a simple but clear interpretation, because I have had the same experience several times and have thought about it a lot. As you know, in the LBP (light body process) the frequencies of all bodies are raised step by step to reach the 5D and higher dimensional frequencies. This applies to the mental, emotional and physical bodies, as well as the associated chakras. The physical body vibrates at the lowest frequencies and it takes the longest to raise it to the 5D. This happens as the astral body that already vibrates at these higher frequencies, begins to expand and enters into symbiosis with the body elemental. Both systems form the energetic foundation upon which the crystalline body develops and gradually merges with the organic body.

Normally, the body elemental is a separate intelligent higher dimensional software programme with unique soul essence that functions largely independent of the incarnated soul fragment, but must endure and largely correct all the abuses that this fragment inflicts upon the body as a human ego, such as alcoholism, gluttony, drug and narcotic abuse, tattoos, to name a few common abuses, in order for the human to stay alive and complete his karmic experiences.

In most incarnated personalities there is a gap between the energetic behaviour of the soul fragment, especially towards the body as an instrument of experience in the 3D illusion, and the body elemental, which is responsible for the whole biological and energetic regulation of the organism; the latter is tremendously complex, as I have cursorily illustrated in my textbook on the General Theory of Biological Regulation. The soul fragment reduces its experiences in the incarnate state largely to the social behaviour of the human being, which, as we see nowadays, can be very destructive.

This is why the LBP is so demanding because it presupposes a harmonious coexistence between the soul fragment and the body elemental in that the human mind, freed from the harmful ego (hence the dismantling of the ego through the soul catharsis at the beginning of the LBP as I have written), begins to fully appreciate and acts upon the concerns of the body. The more the LBP progresses, the more intensely the body elemental must be integrated into the process of transformation into the crystalline light body.

In the advanced stage of the LBP, the soul fragment and the body elemental function as an integrated software programme to raise the frequencies of the physical body, which also plays a central role in the demanding light work of the PAT (the Planetary Ascension Team) to cleanse the darkness of the people and the Earth in order to enable ascension, for these dark energies must also flow through the body elemental until they are recycled into the Tao.

Hence the many physical symptoms and pains that we experience daily, and of which the habitual lightworkers who prattle much about ascension haven’t a clue and for a long time made fun of us for doing everything wrong. This has now changed as more and more lightworkers join the LBP. There is no other way and I have written a lot about this.

This aspect of the LBP has not been understood at all by the New Age, the lightworkers do not even recognise it as an issue and problem because they themselves are only at the beginning of their LBP and have no experience with these tremendous energies. Thus they do not know the role of the body elemental in the LBP and ascension at all.

I was recently made aware of this topic again for a good reason and what I am explaining to you here is an excerpt from the information I have received on this from my soul so far, whereby I am only at the beginning.

In the case of your specific experience that night, an ascension test run was made upon you, actually three times to be sure. Your soul began to raise the frequencies of your astral body, much like the test drivers in a rally fire up their engines before starting, without driving off, to test if they can run at maximum speeds. In your case, the joint software programme of the soul fragment and the body elemental was activated to the maximum and the frequencies of these two programmes were raised until your physical body began to vibrate at the 5D frequencies already, but without making the phase transition to the crystalline light body.

Your astral body, which is a conventional simplified version of the new crystalline light body, is already vibrating with these frequencies, and now also as a developed light body, it began to transmit these frequencies to the physical body with the help of the body elemental, which you felt as a perceptible increase in the frequencies (vibrations) of your physical body. All this had to be done with the mind largely switched off, as it is still vibrating with the frequencies of fear and would only have interfered negatively with this process. Therefore, it seemed to you as if you had experienced your ascension test run in a dream state.

Now, as soon as the physical body reaches the threshold where the phase transition to the light body can take place, like water, which when it reaches the boiling point, turns into steam, the astral body, which in your case is already fully formed into the crystalline light body, leaves the physical body and the body elemental makes sure that the physical body cools down and normalises, otherwise it will undergo its phase transition into the light body and will ascend forever. For this reason, you were floating above the bed in your astral body and could observe this ascension test run from above.

I have had the same experience a few times and I know how it feels. The interesting thing is that in your case this ascension test run was repeated 3 times in a row. I assume that your soul and guides wanted to make sure that you were really ready for ascension.

This subject is very complex and includes other energetic aspects that will be a much-discussed topic very soon, the more so as there is a great knowledge deficit in esoteric circles at the moment, which will also be the main reason why most of them will not ascend with us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour – because they are not yet ready and still have a lot to learn, but so far refuse to do so and remain in ignorance, as you can read and observe everywhere on all esoteric sites.

I hope that this explanation has helped you to better understand the implications of your experience and also to gain the certainty that you are well prepared for the Ascension.

I just have to mention that we took another significant leap into the global ascension process yesterday and that night.

All love



Dear Georgi,

what a surprising answer, I really didn’t expect that.

What would we all do without our captain (of the PAT)?

I will have to read it more often to understand it.

Maybe questions will come up, then I’ll write to you.

All the best



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