PAT’s Time to Ignite the Supernova of Ascension

Louise Boscott, August 19, 2021

The time is now, 
So take a bow. 
You've made it this far, 
You'r a shining  star. 

Transmuting lower energy fields 
All around us and within 
So that our Earth and all our kin 
have the choice to ascend. 

It's getting rough, 
It's getting tough.  
It's time to say I've had enough 
For we are sovereign creators. 

So all join hands my friends 
and shine your light bright  
Together  we are one
As bright as the great Central  Sun.

We see all truths behind the lies. 
As foundations crumble 
The vibrations rise.

Higher and higher,  
Longer and stronger, 
Bolder and brighter, 
Together united. 

Filled with divine love
And so it is done ....
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