Beware Of False Prophets

Kari Marie Werth, August 17, 2021

Hi Georgi,

I hope you are well, I just wanted to let you know I was urged to go Live on Youtube yesterday after not being on there for months – after reading your latest post out loud. I included my own thoughts about the channeling and put your website in the description. Travis happened to be on at the moment I went Live which was interesting. Here is a link:

Sovereign Creator Coaching

Love, Kari

Dear Kari,

thank you so much for making this video and discussing this key topic which is indeed a central issue in the current intensive cleansing of humanity’s false prophets and myths – be it of the new age or religions. Thereby I am not even mentioning the false prophets in science, economics and politics who have already exposed themselves beyond any doubt and must be purged from the ascending Gaia in the coming days. Humanity has now reached the maximal level of insanity and we passed the other day the test of intolerability. This would say, that we are on the cusp of the planetary shift that will begin with our ascension.

The perfect coordination of the Higher Realms rendered today another convincing proof when Gabriele sent me a new unexpected personal message from Pallas Athene announcing that I have reached the summit after an exhaustive marathon hiking. I received this message shortly after I awoke this morning with suffocation, could hardly breathe, as I have never felt the density of this reality as oppressive as at this very moment.

Dearest Georgi!

Is it not the case that the last steps to the summit are so arduous, the exhaustion and the previous effort so great that every muscle aches and breathing seems almost impossible? But at the same time, the sky is already so wide, open and within your reach that your focus is only on it.

This is the image we give you today, unbidden, to make these last days more bearable. Don’t they say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

With great love

Pallas Athena

I feel poignantly the despair of the people under the inhuman lockdown, I process incessantly their fears that relentlessly flow through my fields and I know that there is nowhere I can go to escape them. I am not even going to swim in the sea although we have a heatwave with 37 degrees Celsius as I was told by my soul that the seawater is now absorbing all the dark energies released from humanity and will very soon be used as fuel for the upcoming terra-forming events which Pallas Athene announced unequivocally in her latest message. The mountain rivers and creeks are however still clean and free of these dark emotional energies that are being released from humanity these final days under the constant barrage of Source downloads.

Hence your live video discussion today was absolutely essential and necessary at this crucial point in time. You have clearly heard the clarion call of your soul and have taken action for which I commend you. I asked Travis for a comment on your video as a participant in this discussion so that I can publish it tomorrow with your video.

Enjoy now the day, you have done a great job.

With love and light



The Rapid Collapse of the 3D Matrix and the Financial System

Georgi, thank you for writing back! The Clarion Call was indeed strong; I felt negative forces trying to stop me. I could barely charge my phone and the first Live got disconnected. But I kept pushing forward and asking for help from the White Brotherhood and also the archangels. My friend Kenny was at my house; he’s been reading your website for a long time now and he was amazed that there were people online watching the Live at the exact moment I got on. Plus Travis was also present, what felt like great support and a sign that it was meant to be. I have a very special disdain for false prophets and the confusion they cause and the darkness they perpetuate. Someone brought up Lisa Renee’s energetic synthesis which I feel is a great source of confusion and complication which never culminates in anything.

Today is crazy Georgi, so I can relate to how horrible you feel and I send you Love and comfort. I have been depressed today. My friend Neil wrote me that he hates this month so far and has been attacked a lot. It’s all so interesting. I could go on. I was just on the phone with Verizon and trying to complete a transaction. My card would not work and then it tripped the fraud prevention. Then I had to confirm the charge over the phone and they said my card would work but it did not. Then I went into the bank and the woman manually re-activated my card, then I called the very kind male representative back who had given me his personal cell phone number, and the card was declined twice more! He then said “I don’t know what’s going on today. Nothing is running quickly. I’ve had calls from customers that I haven’t heard from in years asking me what is going on with their devices. He said people are saying its the heat but how could the heat cause this?”

I just chuckled because I can’t explain to him but I know people are beginning to notice that nothing is working the same.

I truly am in awe that you brought up the oceans being a container for the dark energies. I have felt very repelled by all oceans lately. However, Georgi!!! I just went to the Colorado River last week and OMG- it was so pure and high vibe! It was such a blessing! I will send you a video of me in it! It’s clear and sparkling Georgi! We are so close to breaking through. I feel it.

I feel the despair too. I keep driving around trying to go to stores but feel blocked and kept out. And one last thing that is hugely significant to me.

Last week, my friend went with me to the Colorado river and we rented a small condo. He brought his new puppy much to my frustration but he had to because the owners ended up having to hand him off earlier than he had planned. So we had my dogs and this very young puppy in a small space and it was hectic at times. I ended up having a very huge emotional “alchemical reaction” the size of which I haven’t had in a long time. My friend also had a few very emotional outbursts.

I didn’t realize until I read your site that you said we had gone through another battle to get that message out there in the form of an alchemical reaction!

Everything is now culminating. Please enjoy my video of my Colorado River “baptism”

Love Kari


Dear Kari,

I am glad that you brought the collapse of the financial system. I and other people I know make the same experiences that the banking system is no longer functioning and this is on purpose. The dark cabal are preparing in their last desperate move the introduction of a new digital currency to fully enslave humanity and are now abolishing cash in many store chains by also introducing face recognition. They will not succeed as everything they do is against the new energies of ascension, it is oppressive and will be abolished anytime from now on by a destructive interference according to the Universal Law on the behavior of wave systems. All systems in All-That-Is are wave systems. Then we shall introduce the Astral Currency after my ascension and the signs are excellent that this will happen this year. This will be the first greatest practical success of our mission that will profoundly change life on earth.

I am glad that you also mention Liza Renee. She is the most pretentious fraudulent writer in the New Age. She makes it all up. She is not in the LBP and is not touched by any of the incoming Source energies of change and body transformation. She is the typical representative of the Atlantean energies of treason and betrayal that have infested the New Age since its inception, also with the help of many agents provocateurs of the dark secret services such as Cobra and the like. I recently wrote to Liza Renee and told her that she is as false as a three-dollar banknote and that nothing that she writes makes any sense. She is using her pretentious pseudo-intellectuality like AI and is doing a great disservice to the small enlightened portion of humanity. I warned her that I am observing her very closely and she will not belong to the new earth.

I must do this from time to time as one of my obligations is to supervise the small enlightened community of the new age and stop the worst forms of spiritual fraud there. I have stopped so far several dozens of channellers from receiving dark messages in the last decade as this happened with Magenta Pixie 4 years ago when she stopped channeling for more than half a year after I made her aware that she was channelling a very dark source.

Together with Magenta Pixie, who is now suffering from systemic madness after she resumed channelling these very dark messages, these are the two most prominent and despicable examples of false female New Age prophets. Not to forget this creepy guy Michael Love who only publishes in capital letters false messages from the Pleiades to fake their importance and also makes it all up. I have no understanding why these false prophets are being republished on so many other websites by editors who are supposed to be intelligent enough to know it better. Or probably not.

In these last days prior to the Shift, we observe an unprecedented devolution of the human mind and common sense which I already diagnosed 6 years ago and this is the surest sign that we need Divine Intervention to end up this human misery with my Ascension that will trigger the Shift and a new Renaissance of the Divine Mind. Let us hope that this will happen this month and the latest message of Pallas Athene is very reassuring that this may indeed be the case. It is only a matter of days now and this will be the greatest event in the history of mankind and this prison planet that will change human life forever. Then the PAT will become the new spiritual spearhead of humanity, together with me and my twin flame who will ascend with me and will then be revealed to humanity.

In this sense, continue with your excellent education work, this is what you will be doing exclusively very soon and this is your personal mission for what you have incarnated here at this most auspicious time.

I am still waiting for a response from Travis but if it does not come today, I will publish your video without it and will add his response later on.

With love and light



Dear George,

I am just now seeing your latest post with Kari and your email. Yesterday morning, my partner and I began a somewhat spontaneous road trip from Fort Collins, Colorado. In the afternoon, we arrived in Moab, Utah at Arches National Park, where we watched the sunset at the iconic “delicate arch”. Someone nearby took the photo of us (attached) while we sat overlooking a long line of people having turns in this huge natural doorway. The other photo is of me on the trail near the summit, with the sun setting over my head.

This morning, we plan to explore a little more in the park and then continue to Sedona, Arizona (a place we love) where we will have a few days’ hiking in the red rocks, before looping back home through southern Colorado. This trip is a sorely needed hiatus from the collective narrative. So far this August, it has felt as if hovering at the edge of the higher dimensions, while the story of the public remains a persistent nuisance, of which we are all very tired.

My partner works for United Airlines. I am sure you have heard of that company’s latest psychopathic efforts as an attempted leader of corporate culture. In my view, the nefarious ones have egregiously overstepped now, and their desperation will soon cost them everything. Yet it astonishes me what we have witnessed so far, and I’m sure many wonder: What next in this weird theater of Earth?

Still, it all appears divinely orchestrated to finally stir the latent among us. As a collective, humanity must learn and make the efforts to arise. As for my own fate, I entrust the Creator.

To Kari’s video and your exchange with her, I can only add that I agree wholeheartedly with the commentary on the minefield of deception that is this entire inverted reality we endure. I feel in my heart and hold to the vision that even this deep confusion can be eradicated by an energy wave like a simple breath from God, that forever alters every consciousness in its field, saturating us all in a new bandwidth of frequencies. Perhaps then, those who shall make the ascension transition will exist unobstructed, with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts and minds resonant to the constructive interference of Source. Then: A new story, a new beginning, for which I believe it will all have been worth it.




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