Pallas Athene – How to Navigate Through the Turbulences of the Current Shift

Gabriele Schmitz, June 17, 2021

Transcript of the message from Pallas Athena of 17.6.2021

I am Pallas Athena and I greet you on this very sunny and warm morning so close to the summer solstice. I have told you that I will be in touch whenever there is news to report. Beforehand I asked Gabriele to get permission from a spiritual friend to include the energy pictures she took yesterday and the day before yesterday in this video to show you how strongly the energies are flowing into this planet Earth from the cosmos at the moment. They are changing Lady Gaia and they are changing each and every one of you. Many will not perceive it in this sense, but those who can perceive it, perceive changes in their environment and in themselves.

I would like to remind you today that you simply look back. A few weeks are enough to see your own development and what has happened to you during this time. You will see and above all feel that changes have taken place, especially in your body, but also in your consciousness.

Perhaps the bond of forgetfulness that you have carried with you from birth has been somewhat removed. Perhaps some or all of the abilities you have acquired in past lives have come to light. I can assure you that this process will continue. Day by day changes will happen to you if you pay attention.

The inner changes, such as being able to use your past life skills, are just as real as what is happening in the outer world. And whenever you go out, have to go out into this world, you will be able to see and feel the changes in the people you meet. Sometimes you will also be confronted with incomprehensible human reactions from your fellow human beings.

That is the change. We are, so to speak, in the middle of the shift, the ascension process. Not everyone can handle these incoming energies. Sometimes energies boil over and you see it in the aggressive behaviour of your fellow human beings.

Take it as a sure sign that change is happening. For everything negative will now dissolve, because it cannot bear these energies from the Source, the light-filled, divine energies. And so sometimes the ugly face of darkness shows itself to you.

You must learn to deal with it, for it will intensify in the time to come. You will see negativity on the outside. You will also see breakdowns in your systems. Everything is coming to light and it will not always be pretty and it will cause reactions that can be quite unpleasant.

For this purpose I would like to give you a few rules of conduct.

It is imperative that you protect yourselves. Call upon the protection of Archangel Michael before you leave your home and go out into the world. Put on his cloak of light. You should make sure that your own energy fields are cleansed. The protection is one thing and the other is to apply the Violet Flame of my beloved Saint Germain that he has taught you to use. Cleanse your energy bodies when you feel energies that are not appropriate. Cleanse your home in the same way. Let the Violet Flame blaze. It can set you free and you know of this ability that it has. It is up to you to call upon the Violet Flame.

I have also told you that I am a member of the Karmic Council. At the moment all the members of the Karmic Council have their hands full because they are sorting out the wheat from the chaff as it was foretold in the Bible. Not everyone will be able to go along with this ascension. But I also want to tell you that no soul is lost. It just may not have taken advantage of this opportunity that would have been available to it in this life. More opportunities will come for them, even though it will take many ages and many lifetimes. But the divine spark never goes out.

For those where this divine flame has been fully kindled, the tasks will now become apparent, for you as Lightbearers have the task of receiving the Light that flows in from the Cosmos, to channel it through your bodies and also into Mother Earth to assist her in her process. You also have the task of directing the light into the world. You do not have to take any action. Just take your awareness that you are light into the world when you leave the house, when you have encounters with people. That is our wish for today. Let your light shine and by doing so you will change the world.

You can always ask for our support, especially now that the Karmic Council is meeting with these new members from the Spiritual Hierarchy. You can contact the Karmic Council in the form of requests, petitions. What petitions may the spirit world grant you? Write them down, give them to us and ask for them, as we have said again and again, and you will receive. Ask that your abilities be unlocked. Ask for your tasks to be revealed now so that you can work according to your plan that is in your heart.

Try to keep in touch with your Higher Self every hour of the day. Then you will be on the right path. You will always be in the right place at the right time. We have always said that. And we have also always said that it is up to you to take action.

It will continue with these powerful energies until the moment of shift manifests. Be prepared for it. We have said you will recognise this moment. Then it is important to come to the centre. We have already explained this to you. For you will perceive, see and feel things that will challenge you from one moment to the next. This moment is not far away, it can happen every day. And so align yourselves with it.

I will continue to accompany you, as I did today, and I will also remind you what to do. Everything has been said for today. We have a lot to do in the Karmic Council to keep the balance for the Earth.

So I say goodbye to you today and in the knowledge that you always have our help available. Thank you until our next video.

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