Visions on My Mission After Opening the Ascension Portal 555

Gabriele Schmitz, 8. Mai 2021


Below I will publish the remarkable visions of Gabriele regarding her future mission as an ascended master. They are an excellent template for all of you who also reckon with your ascension after the imminent Shift to consider and follow. With the successful opening of the very powerful 555-Portal, we are very close to this ultimate event that will change the reality on the earth with one fell swoop forever.

Similar to our joint effort on the receipt of Pallas Athene’s best message on the shift, this energy report of Gabriele also has a short prehistory that shows how interconnected the endeavours of all light warriors and ascended masters in spe are during these days in the final preparation for the Shift.

How I Shifted Through the 555-Portal

May 7, 2021

Dear Georg!

I read with great interest the above report in which PAT members shared their experiences.

Something seems to have happened to me too, because since yesterday I have been receiving clear images in my meditations, which I can permanently recall again and again. I am very happy about that! …

Best wishes to you from

Gabriele, Germany


Dear Gabriele,

these are fantastic experiences and I am very happy for you and your newfound clarity about your mission. What more could you ask for at this time?

I would love to publish your energetic experiences if you feel like elaborating a little on what you have already written. Only by sharing our inner experiences can we support each other and help those who are still undecided to find their way too.

Many kind regards also to Michael



Dear Georg,

I will try it tomorrow morning, at the moment my soul is still doing somersaults!

I read the whole article to Michael and he was very happy about Dalila’s and Marie’s comment on his essays …

Wish you a pleasant evening and a restful night.

Kind regards



Dear Gabriele,

I am not surprised that your “soul is still doing somersaults!”. At the moment (May 7, between 5 pm and midnight) there is an emotional monster wave going on as if all emotions are being heated up to the boiling point. I am feeling it extremely, with the intensity being at the forefront for me, as my emotions are balanced, but the current intensity is hard to bear…

Thank you for your willingness to describe your experience on the 555 portal in more detail.

Kind regards



Dear Georg,

Thank you for your evening’s mail and the energy update, which confirmed me.

Well rested and in a high vibration, I started first thing this morning with the text about my meditation experiences, which then completely took on a life of its own, as you can see when you read it…

I wish you a blessed day and a beautiful weekend. It seems to be getting warmer and sunnier at last.

Kind regards from

Gabriele & Michael


My visions after the 555 portal

I have been meditating daily for a long time and very quickly receive the energetic connection, which I perceive as a stream of energy flowing through my crown chakra. The intensity is variable, but I am always very balanced and strengthened afterwards. I have particularly intense experiences in joint meditations, be it in light services at our home, with friends or, as since January, in guided Zoom meditations in a highly vibrating team. Since I ask for the protection of Archangel Michael before each meditation, I can let myself fall completely.

Just before the lockdown, I first received a visual image during a powerful meditation with 10 friends in which I was placed in front of a microphone in front of a group of people by an angelic being and I heard the clear instruction ‘Speak, about God and the world!’ I carried this image inside me for a few months and under lockdown conditions, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to do it, until the moment Michael’s son suggested to his father that he start a spiritual YouTube channel. Michael declined, but it was immediately clear to me that this was the way to fulfil the mission I had received. And so my first video was created shortly before the winter solstice of 2020 on the channel ‘The Compass in Your Heart‘. After 7 episodes of content dictated by my HS, I intuitively knew that this stage had come to an end.

In a private meditation a short time later, Pallas Athena told me that she would speak through me and that’s exactly what happened. I sat down all alone in front of the camera, pressed recording and I spoke her words. All sense of time was gone, her energies flooded through me and I felt a strong excitement and at some point I turned the camera off, knowing that something very special had happened to me. Then, as I watched the video, I was again caught up in her energies and I again reacted as emotionally as I had in the video itself.

Michael and I watched the video again together later. He sensed my uncertainty about whether I should upload it at all and suggested that I sleep on it. In the evening I asked my spiritual guidance to send me the answer the next morning, as it had happened so many times before. I was all the more surprised that there was nothing, nothing at all, and I knew that I had to make my decision alone. I uploaded the video and was grateful for the first positive comments, which were a kind of confirmation. Later that afternoon I realised that it had been an initiation for me, a divine test that I had passed and I felt incredibly good and relieved.

With the 4th video ‘Pallas Athene speaks about ascension’ you then, dear Georg, came into play by giving a recommendation for this video to Max and it came to our so fruitful collaboration as you described on your HP.

After the portal day 555 on Wednesday, I experienced on Thursday in the joint Zoom Meditation in the team that I received a clear image immediately after the attunement and since the same thing happened to me on Thursday, it is obvious that my ‘inner vision’ was unlocked.

Here I would first like to describe the image I received on 6.5:

In our meditation together at noon, I saw Mother Earth, but not as a planet as we know it, instead, she was perfect white light and radiated powerful white-golden rays of light. Several, one could almost say many, illuminated people floated around her at the height of the equator, holding each other’s hands and this light radiation from Mother Earth immediately went into the heart chakras of the people, who in turn only radiated love back and their love was also passed on to all the people through their hands and everyone was connected with each other.

It was a very happy picture and I knew that the ascension had taken place.

Then in the joint midday meditation on 7.5. what was shown to me was of a very personal nature and consequently so emotional that my tears flowed continuously.

My connection with Pallas Athena has so far been through the emotional level. But on Friday I saw everything in clear images that I can recall before my inner eyes at any time.

I was in the etheric temple area above the island of Crete. The temple complex is very large, is located above the interior and reaches far from east to west and I perceived it as a unity but divided. In the western part I saw the temples of healing and consecration with strong green radiation, which by the way I perceived in the whole complex. I also briefly perceived Hilarion and EE Raphael as well as a large legion of angels here.

In the eastern area, I saw the Temple of Truth, similar to the Acropolis in Athens but much larger and more powerful and also with emerald green radiation. In front of it, Pallas Athena welcomed me and she looked very different from the statues and pictures that always show her with a helmet and some kind of armour. Her radiation was powerful, but at the same time infinitely loving, which I perceived especially in her gentle beautiful face and from her heart chakra, but also surrounded her entire body. She wore a kind of green tunic that covered her shoulders, was tight at the waist and then fell softly to the floor. Both the waist and the hem were embroidered with this typical pattern in gold, which is square and then gets narrower and narrower towards the inside, just like I have seen on many dresses sold everywhere in Crete.

She greeted me in a way like a mother hugs her daughter whom she has not seen for a long time and it was an extremely touching moment for me. I knew that I had completed my ascension and that I would be there working with her in a great way for the benefit of all humanity.

It was very, very difficult for me to come back from that meditation and the image has been with me ever since and I know with my inner knowing: I am expected there in the near future and that moves me very much and my anticipation is enormous.


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