The Shift as I’m Seeing It

How Humanity Will Expand Its Awareness After the Shift

Elliot Lakeland, May 2, 2021

The Shift

Hello Georgi! I wanted to share some thoughts and observations with you, a variety of things around the shift.

I had my friend channel the Pleiadian Monad the other day as he has some skill in this. We got a good connection, and I asked them a few questions about ascension as they see it. They confirmed they felt it as very close/happening, and that there would be a tangible moment of shift at some point when consciousness reaches a certain threshold. They don’t know when exactly as we don’t. They also said that it’s very possible some of us will transfigure around then, though it may take some time for most people to realise the shift has even happened. But awake people will be able to make extensive use of it.

I know this information is fairly general, but I just wanted to confirm with them based on your vision of the ascension. It pretty much lined up.

I myself have definitely felt big changes happening. The energy has been full on some days, difficult, but it’s smooth today. I’ve many times had memories appear of my life and a deep sadness that I could not love as my true nature at those times.

While lying in bed a couple of days ago, I realised how the PAT will do/be the shift – the energy was cycling and transforming very fast in my body, like a supercomputer doing alchemy, and I saw how the PAT as a group mind will transform lower energy to bliss consciousness faster and faster, till it reaches a threshold and becomes many many times quicker as a more coherent and superconductive group mind is built. And that’ll be the curtain on this stage of it. We’re already moving towards that in leaps and bounds.

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Also literally in the last two days, I’ve seen a 400% or so increase in people speaking out against the covid narrative, deep state deception, etc. on Facebook. It’s extremely heartening, and much to do with the ability of people to intuitively detect truth and to want to speak it. I still see a lot of people caught in the lies of the media etc.

One thing I realised about this is that many people, even some star seeds and high potential beings, are too unfamiliar with the sense of true free inner harmony that comes from soul-aligned thought, and rather mistake the illusory safety feeling of not breaking their comfort zone as truth. The cabal abuses this intensely, so it comes down to this lack of inner clarity, of which the key aspect is agnosticism, belief in death, and fear. Something you’ve addressed extensively.

It’s so clear to me now, and this is the edifice all the old matrix is built on. What a shame if it were to be exposed huh? This lie of lies. And I do believe it’ll take a shakeup to break open their comfort zones. This is the soul catharsis you’re talking about. I believe we will see global events initiating this more and more.

These days sitting in the sun feels so amazing. I’ve also felt that the earth is becoming more alive, interactive, and the spirit of it is waking up. Feels like the dawn, the dawn of real magic.

The contrasts of this time are so ludicrous, haha. The glory of the real new world, the stubborn fearful stupidity, and judgment of much of humanity. The bright eyes of the light warriors of the first and last hour. Fuck em, we’re doing this live.

Thanks Georgi,

Love and vibes from Waiheke, New Zealand


Raising Human Awareness

Greetings all. In this report I’ll endeavour to communicate a few key things I’ve realised in my own ascension process, and regarding many of the next wave of potential ascension candidates.

It’ll be somewhat freeform as I like my spiraling tangents, so bear with me. Structure, but not of the conventional sort.

I’ll start with a little context. I’m Elliot Lakeland, 31 year old PATer from New Zealand. Nearly a decade ago I consciously felt the calling of my soul, and took it up. A few years later I had my first gradual realisation of unity consciousness, and since then I’ve slowly, day by day, transformed the traumas and blockages of my body. Opening myself increasingly to the current of Life that is my soul and the truth. I’m still working on it. Haha, but much progress has been made and comparatively little blockages remain.

Let’s get into the meat of it. Since a year ago I’ve been daily watching people live stream on a website called twitch ( It was originally for gamers but now people stream all kinds of things, politics included.

I’ve had the chance to observe a few interesting individuals up close and get some insight into the collective.

So – many of the potential ascension candidates are actually agnostics. That is they basically believe in the assumptions of mainstream science – the universe is dead physical matter and consciousness is a chance event. A mystery. The thing is, the people I’m referring to are relatively high vibe because they are star seeds and old souls. They also have some wisdom, in certain areas. Their heart chakras are partially opened. They actually are energetically sensitive, but they lack a framework to clearly understand and use the information they get from psychic and empathic abilities.

This is because they do not believe in the soul, and/or the unified nature of reality is unclear to them.

Let’s back up a bit. Here are my thoughts – it seems like both for the next wave of candidates, and the collective in general who have a chance to ascend, many of them have these similar mental blocks. Being agnostic, basically science believers, and all that comes with that. That represents an utterly enormous amount of consciousness energy that is yet trapped by the mental block of empirical belief.

I’m not even talking here about young souls, but about mature and old souls who are actually relatively powerful. Think if all these beautiful fools got around to actively participating in the ascension. Leap made. So let’s get into how that could be done.

The Universal Law is an infinite true logic key. Practically speaking, even with only a basic understanding like myself, and with your unity energy, you can create powerful arguments to penetrate the mental blocks of the sleeping collective. Particularly the candidates, who are actually on a deep level desperately asking to awaken, even if they don’t know it consciously.

Here’s a few examples of my own arguments. These are aimed at showing that reality is energy=awareness, because all the stupid behaviour of these sleepers is based on ignorance of this.

This one I came up with while talking to my cousin, a lifelong agnostic:

Basically what science is saying is that, from a mysterious initial event, the universe as we know it began. It’s made of unaware matter and energy. Dead stuff, and according to various mathematical laws, came eventually to form stars, planets, and then us. ‘Life’.

However because everything else is unaware, dead, and it’s seen that damaging the brain affects consciousness, it’s assumed that consciousness is some accident of the body, random, and has no basis in reality apart from the temporary body.

Ok. So everything we can observe shows that energy is endlessly transforming between forms. Light into plants, food into energy etc. These changes are qualitative changes of it’s vibration and structure. But nowhere does anything other arise than different forms of energy, of which matter is one. All things are that one thing, which scientist are saying is unaware.

So how does a completely new, unrelated thing arise from a completely different thing? How’s life arise from only death? This is what empiricists are really saying about awareness. Somehow it came from nothing, no cause that is. That makes no sense, because unawareness (dead matter) can never arrange itself in any way, logically, and somehow Be awareness. That is a huge logical fallacy. In fact, if one thing in the universe is aware, everything must be aware. That is because awareness is not a quality of energy that could be otherwise, like hot, cold etc. Awareness is the essence of energy as observed from our own experience. Therefore all the universe is awareness.

I didn’t expect it but this argument worked. My cousin agreed. Very surprising if you knew how into science he was but it shows that in the new energies we can reach people who stubbornly resisted before. Now they want it huh. They can smell the pie and they want a bite. The best parts of the sleeping collective can feel your divine energy and are now starting to respond and reach back.

Visually it’s like the fields of higher energies are already reaching them, activating them, and arguments like this are like wires that reach right into their system and unlock a much higher connection to source. That night I dreamed of him shedding many layers of grief and depression from the past.

Here’s another approach.

Somewhere along the line science made this tenet of eliminating the scientists’ own consciousness from the variables considered in experiments. Even quantum physics still deals just with the crude concept of whether an event was observed, and not the living consciousness of the observers.

That’s ludicrous and here’s why. Consciousness is the only thing that we’ll ever experience. Literally we can only know experience. Experience is knowing. And experience is consciousness. It’s our entire universe. And even a concept of an external separate world is actually a thought in consciousness. A thoughtform. In fact we all have feeling, thoughts, and every belief is just that, forms in consciousness. So why are we discounting the only real experience we have to try and understand reality? Utterly upside down.

Just saying something like this may be enough to get through to someone. I’m not presenting a complete list here, just a couple examples of how the simple, penetrating logic of the universal law, the actual truth, can be used creatively to form useful arguments.

You don’t have to come at people guns blazing. As I mentioned before – the next wave of candidates, even the many agnostic ones, are already somewhat energetically sensitive and desiring awakening. I found surprising success talking about things like capitalism with them, which we could all agree is a rapacious horror, and segueing into the Universal Law. If someone is already listening to you with respect, you can show them how the Universal Law provides a framework that can include all these previously mysterious, neglected or un-integrated realms of their experience.

Dreams, energy perception, gnostic info, the subtle sense that life is actually good and so on. These sleepers have naturally high soul vibrations. They’re aware of a lot of things but lack a unifying intellectual framework because of the belief in fake science. More clearly, they lack axiomatic thinking. And axiomatic thinking is simple to learn because it’s natural. It’s the truth in language form.

To conclude, there’s a lot of juicy plums ripe for the picking. The energetic work we’ve all been stalwart conduits for has opened the way, many ways, and I’ve been surprised to find people eager to learn and ascend. I see the main block is the belief in empiricism, and therefore in death, and this is tremendously limiting global consciousness and is a critical pillar of the dark matrix. It’s also complete bullshit and that can be proven logically.

Well, just sharing some inspiration about how that might be done. It’s happening on every level, energetically, and I think we’ll see it happen more directly in the coming days. The next wave is starting to reach back, to open, and assist us getting through to them. They can feel the truth of themselves, the true nature of Life, Bliss, Infinity wanting to come through. So they’ll help you help them.

It’s like that Sufi line, ‘I was a treasure, and I wanted to be found.’

Hope my rambles have been of use to you!

Love and light,


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