Bjoern Kurt and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 5, 2021


Hi dear George, 

It has been a while that I felt urged to write you and today my thoughts seem to be ready, the time available and since we have a perfect triple five constellation day  (5.5.2021 = 5 + 5 + 5) I seize the moment to express some thoughts on the aspect of trinity.

I have been following your webpage ever since and I feel honoured to be part of the readership from your very early days back in Bavaria. What a journey!

The frequencies are rising and rising and many of the past weeks have been physically distressful with all of the symptoms as left brain pressure and all other ailments connected with the growth in the light body.

The societal pressure becomes unbearable unless you hit the metaphysical pause button and remind yourself that you are in the dreaming phase of your physical life where we are allowed to process all those experiences necessary to the progress of the evolution. Be it here on earth or in all of the galaxy. with the so valuable work with the threefold flame in our hearts, it is a soothing moment to connect to our inner divine essence. Thank you so much!

The rupture in society about Covid vaccines runs deep. As Michael Herrmann has stated very precisely the fracture of opinion about the belief in this Covid vaccine is appalling and clearly shows how much our society has shifted.

From the early onset of the French Revolution philosophers claimed that “Liberty-Equality-Fraternity” leads man to a new paradigm where the individual self-empowerment is key to his liberty. This trinity of values was the backbone of the humanistic approach and had help to shape our society up to the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Maybe even at an earlier stage with the proclamation of the consumerism, the paradigm of values shifted from Liberty-Equality-Fraternity to Comfort-Security-Sustainability as noted Rem Koolhaas, a famous dutch architect in 2011.  With the Rising of the pandemic scam of Corona, it is a pathetic fall from grace to realize that liberty and freedom has now after all become an empty shell of words and a “fake” comfort zone is created by inviting the global population into the honey trap of a vaccine proclaimed to provide security.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The politics of cancellation and indignation where the claim for freedom and self-empowerment is now being scolded as non-solidary egoistical people. I notice that I can no longer say what I truly think because the fear-based opposition of my fellow human beings has turned from ignorance to following the holy grail of the health ministry. The vaccine.

Yesterday I came across a YouTuber in the german spiritual scene and where I resonate with him is his quote. The pandemic has been created in order to get people vaccinated. As you deeply explored this already in numerous articles on your website I do not need to proceed any further. However, I was intrigued by his video which I include. It is in German and roughly 19min long. I do not want to steal your time and I know there is some crap in it but I found it somehow remarkable that the vaccine is leaving a kind “spiritual branding” which may even last for several incarnations.

In my humble opinion, the divine aspect of God within us is not alterable but I was pondering about his claim that this change of messenger RNA is in fact the preparation of the digital human which would end up in a kind of spiritual Cyberborg and become downloadable to a silicium-based carrier substance. If this is true we are two steps away from the reality of the movie “The Matrix”.

As the tension rises it becomes clear that there is NO bubble, NO alternative is left but to put all the emphasis on the ascension process. The past few months I had a chance to witness my own soul catharsis only to come back more determined and beyond the illusion of the identification with this existence.

In love and light – Be Safe

Greetings from Switzerland


PS: The fracture that runs through society is now making clear who are the ones with a developed consciousness and there goes the process where the wheat gets separated from the chaff. As one friend of mine said. No one with a nearly developed consciousness does not see through the veil of deception that this vaccine is holding in the aftermath and therefore no one wants to get such a vaccine. A vaccine against a virus that does not exist.


Dear Bjoern,

glad to hear from you again and thank you for sharing your opinion on the current situation which we have already exhaustively discussed in the past so that it is difficult to find something new to share, except probably our rising disgust about the atrocities of the ruling cabal that are bent on to establish the NWO along the biological trail and our peaking dismay about the reckless, cowardly behaviour of the vast majorities of the human sheeple that follow their fears like Pavlov’s reflexes and fall into the abyss of deceptions of the dark ones like suicidal lemmings.

I am also fed up to hear all the bogus stories of ignorant pseudo-alternative cretins who ride the wave of fear with fake scientific stories of what these vaccines can allegedly do to the human genetic code, to the DNA, RNA, messenger RNA, etc, and when you ask these people what these substances actually do in the cell and how they relate to the biological regulation of the body in connection with the energetic regulation of the soul and the body elemental, which in reality nobody knows, including myself, the author of the only existing General Theory of Biological Regulation on this planet, you will reap blank responses.

These pseudo-intellectual escapades of scientific cretins are just as dangerous as the current insidious narrative of the ruling cabal as they vastly, and very effectively, contribute to the overall confusion that only serves the goals of the latter and increases the level of enslavement through the augmentation of collective fears. This has nothing to do with true revelations and is only part of the old toxic matrix of illusion that is now being destroyed forever.

The only thing that one can say about the current vaccines is to ask the following simple question:

“If there are no viruses in nature, what are these vaccines for?” 

The answer is:

“They are means to commit global human genocide under the disguise of current failed medicine and medical system about which I am talking now for more than a quarter of a century. Vaccines are simply just as toxic as 90% of all the drugs as cell-inhibiting agents and increase significantly the mortality and morbidity in all patients when compared to placebo or no vaccine as we can already read in the news how many people die from these vaccines. 

I have conclusively calculated, based on impeccable results from clinical trials, that since WW2 when modern criminal pharmacy and pharmacology emerged, such cell-inhibiting drugs have prematurely killed more than half a billion people compared to placebo or no treatment. This number is thousands of times bigger than all the fake deaths from the non-existent coronavirus in current fake statistics published by the equally criminal fake MSM.”

That’s all. It is time for these brain-dead people and those who watch their videos to finally get it and understand that this is another wrong pathway of human illusion that only leads to further enslavement.

I am particularly disappointed that after I am preaching the right scientific approach of the UL to bioscience and medicine for so long, such old readers like you still come up with such irrelevant, ill-guides stories and are obviously influenced by them, otherwise you will not refer to them in your email. This conclusion is valid notwithstanding your P.S. which you sent to me after I finished with my response here that offsets somewhat some of my more critical comments. If we go with this tempo, when will mankind acquire the clarity of the divine mind that the new humanity desperately needs to eventually be able to ascend in the indefinite future?

With love and light


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