Today, I activated the Wave of Truth of the Green Flame

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 15, 2021

Today, I have activated the wave of truth that is now reaching all the people and will trigger the Shift. My emotional field is under maximum tension, the energies are extremely biting and unpleasant, and my skin is burning. The usual stabbing pain in the right eye socket was also there most of the time due to massive downloads of Source energies.

I have also meditated and could see a massive green wave literally pouring from the sky, it is the wave of truth, clarity of thought, and science. I feel Hilarion who is my patron as AM all the time around me. He is the Chohan of the green flame of clarity of mind, science, and healing. He initiated me first in 1978 in Macedonia, Northern Greece, and then one more time during a very mystical experience in the mountains of Kreta in his ethereal temple over this island in 1994, where higher-dimensional sciences are being taught by many ascended masters. Shortly thereafter I discovered the Universal Law.

All humans, I repeat, all humans know now only lies and half-truths, as this was confirmed to me in the last few days one more time in a very convincing manner and this includes even the best representatives of humanity.

The basic feature of being human on this planet is to live with lies, half-lies, and deception uncritically that are then interpreted as the only legitimate reality. There is no inner conscience in all humans.  I have met so far only a hand full of light warriors of the first and the last hour from the PAT who are capable of discerning this inner deceptiveness of the human character and have made a decent effort in their lives to rectify it within their fields in tedious inner work. This includes in the first place the establishing of the clarity of the divine mind, the Logos, the Universal Law.

This is the despicable heritage of treason and betrayal of Atlantis that is still predominant in the human psyche as I constantly admonish in my articles. All Atlantean timelines were severed from the new ascending earth in March last year, exactly a year ago. This happened after I eliminated single-handedly the multidimensional Atlantean rogue clique after half a year of most ferocious battles in Austria and Italy as this was confirmed by the Elohim:

Melchizedek Acknowledges the New Study and Spiritual Centres in Italy and Our Lightwork

The Atlantean energies of treason and betrayal are, however, deeply rooted in all humans and particularly deeply in the new agers because they are fully unaware of their inherent darkness due to their unduly high esteem, which is the most common basic fear in most half-enlightened, pseudo-spiritual people one can meet nowadays.

These dark aspects of the human character will be eradicated with this new wave of truth, which I triggered today in a powerful alchemical reaction. This wave of truth is bringing in the first place the green flame of healing, clarity of mind, and truthful axiomatic, scientific thinking that until now does not exist on this planet and is not even an acknowledged goal for all humans.

Only then can the pink wave of love, which we first triggered on March 15 and then activated with the shift on April 11 during the moon portal, fully unfold. No love can thrive before the full truth has been fully established on this planet.

This is the shock wave of revelations that is being announced by all sources and is now coming for everyone on this planet to experience first hand. All the people will recognize all of a sudden that they have always resorted to lies, half-lies, and half-truths in their lives, wittingly and unwittingly.

Like the deceased ones when they first go to the astral plane and know all of a sudden all the crimes and bad deeds they have committed during this life and are immediately devastated in a state of expanded awareness by the remorse of the soul about what they have done as human beings. I explained this aspect of the afterlife to Patrick in my article from last July in order to properly describe what will happen during and after the Shift.

Moving Towards The Shift

Given the energy intensity today, I can assure you that we are moving at full speed towards the shift. I feel very clearly that we will soon reach the culmination point where everything will erupt outwards all of a sudden. There is no stopping, the process is now irreversible and the Shift is inevitable. It is only a matter of days.


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