The Fifth Ray: The Green Flame of Healing, Clarity of Mind, Science and Manifestation

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 16, 2021

While I am an Elohim soul on the blue flame of Divine God’s Will, I am also on the green flame of truth, clarity of mind, healing at all levels through bringing the Divine Mind on this planet, and a master of creation. I am also on the yellow flame of illumination as the new world spiritual teacher.

It is true that Mother Mary is always with me, as well as Hilarion. I consider him to be one of my incarnations but I cannot prove it 100%. He is surely my patron. As I wrote in my previous energy report, he initiated me first in 1978 when I was 27 years old in Macedonia, North Greece, while I visited the birthplace of my father, Gianniza, former Endgi Vardar.

There, I experienced an accident that transcended me to higher dimensions and expanded my awareness and inner knowledge tremendously. This was a mental prerequisite for the later discovery of the Universal Law as since then my world view became entirely holistic. I could easily detach from all irrelevant details that distract all other people’s minds and make them easy prey to the current incarnation illusion. I began to see the essence of All-That-Is as nobody else.

The small town of Gianniza is built upon the ruins of the capital of the former Macedonian Empire of Philip and Alexander, the Great, Pela. Contemporary portraits of Alexander from that time, as preserved today, reveal that he looks very much like me when I was his age (He died when he was 34 years old.).

When I visited Pela, which once belonged to Bulgarian Macedonia under the Turkish Empire and was predominantly populated with Bulgarian-speaking Macedonians, all Greeks who now live there, spoke to me in Greek as I looked very much like the young people in this town. They didn’t believe that I didn’t understand Greek, but when I responded in Bulgarian, some of them could communicate with me in Macedonian-Bulgarian which was forbidden by the Greek authorities rigorously since WW2 so that most native Macedonians had forgotten it. This was at the time of the Cold war and I was one of the few Bulgarians that the Greeks had met as we were confined not to travel abroad as this is the case now under the lockdown.

Hilarion initiated me for a second time when I visited Crete with my family in 1994 for a holiday and made a tour with a rented car to the nearby mountains where his ethereal temple is situated (see below). Without going into details, I had a very mystical experience on that particular day and transcended again this reality to visit Hilarion’s temple and be activated one more time with the knowledge of science that is being taught at his temple by the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood.

Shortly after I returned to Munich from this holiday, I began to discover the Universal Law, which actually happened on another miraculous journey on an island in the Caribic Sea. I lived there for 2 weeks between earth and heaven, but more so in heaven, and had no clue what was happening to me.  I had an injury of the tendon of my left thigh while playing soccer with some young Italians in the club that was deliberately induced by my HS so that I was compelled to sit all day long beside the pool in the heat as I had great pain walking around.

Lying idle all day long, I was forced by my HS to write down all the physical equations I knew very well by heart from my examination in physics for an entry at the university in Bulgaria which I passed with the highest note in the country but had in the meantime, more than 20 years later, more or less forgotten. Hence it was a miracle that I remembered these equations so well. I was writing the physical equations on a small notebook I somehow possessed and began presenting them in the new space-time symbolism. I was channeled all the time, rather inspired maximally, and spent my sojourn on this tropical island in a state of trance.

Back to Munich, Germany, I immediately checked with my textbooks on physics and the discovery of the Universal Law commenced to soon become the most spectacular intellectual adventure in the history of mankind as I have captured it in my book:

Gnosis as a Personal Experience

These are the kinds of higher-dimensional miracles we shall now begin to experience en masse in the coming days.

Hilarion came to me 2 years ago in Diano Marina, Italy and we had a conversation. He told me that he is now living in the healing centre of light above this place and waiting for me to arrive. I joked with him and told him that St. Germain said the same thing some time ago and that they should resolve the matter of who actually lives in the healing centre of light and is responsible for it so that there will be no unpleasant evictions. After we laughed wholeheartedly, Hilarion told me in a very solemn way: “You will be a great healer!” “I know that”, I responded. “No, you don’t understand.”, insisted Hilarion: “You will be the greatest healer ever on this planet and I am preparing you for that.”

This conversation happened one month before my threefold flame of life was upgraded and connected to all threefold flames and heart chakras of all humans in preparation for the shift and what will come after that.

Whatever our future spiritual abilities will be as ascended masters, they must be acquired in hard work during this incarnation. The activation of my threefold flame triggered the worst broncho-pneumonitis I reported at that time.

As soon as I finished with this initiation, I began cleansing Southern France and down to Spain and Portugal, Fatima from the study centre of Sanremo and ascension temple which I created in the summer of 2019.

Then I went to Austria to begin with my mortal battle with the multidimensional Atlantean rogue clique which actually lasted more than half a year after my return to Italy on March 10, exactly when the lockdown began. After these dark entities were expelled from this earth, all the Atlantean timelines were severed and a new earth was created in April 2020.

Soon after that, I began another fierce battle with the big ugly evilest reptilians which we eliminated on June 10, but the dark attacks continued on me until the end of 2020, when I finally eliminated all of them on the eve of the New Year, so that we can experience the Shift this year.

Since 2019, and very intensely since the autumn of 2020, I am activating the threefold flames of all ascension candidates in preparation for the shift and their soul catharsis when they will recognize for the first time the unvarnished truth and will begin with the long-expected revelations. This will trigger a major healing process on all levels so that in a second step the true process of collective ascension in a state of unconditional love can begin.

This is how the circle is closed to the present day when the green flame was now fully activated and is flooding humanity in an overwhelming and relentless manner triggering some very dark reactions in all humans as Pepe wrote to me today:

“Dear Georgi,

I can fully attest to the intensity of today (April 15, and the previous days), where I was overwhelmed by quite a deep, stingy depression and knew something big is afoot. Today was especially abhorrent. The very tips of my fingers are getting crushed. Never have I been more repulsed by the obnoxious nastiness permeating through this reality. It’s time to go home!

Much love.


The actual green wave of purification fire of the mental bodies of all humans and in particular of their body elementals, as you can read below, commenced on Wednesday, the day of the week when this flame is amplified and then peaked on Thursday, April 14, as I reported.

I will republish below excerpts from the book of Aurelia Jones “The Seven Sacred Flames” on the green flame and on Hilarion so that you have a better idea of what is going on at this very moment with humanity and this planet on the verge of the Shift and the beginning of the individual ascensions.

Main God qualities and actions of the Fifth Ray:

Healing at all levels, truth, constancy, creation through manifestation, God’s abundance through the immaculate heart of Mary.

Day when is amplified: Wednesday

Corresponding Chakra: Third Eye

Color: Green

Corresponding Stones: Emerald, Jade, Chrysoprase, Ruby Zozyte.

Chohan of the Fifth Ray: Master Hilarion

His Retreat: The Temple of Truth, Crete, Greece.

Archangels of the Fifth Ray with Divine Complement:

Raphael and Mother Mary

Their Retreat: Temple of Healing, Fatima, Portugal.

Elohim of the Fifth Ray with Divine Complement:

Cyclopea and Virginia

Their Retreat: Altain Range, China.

About Master Hilarion, A True Master of the Healing Arts

Master Hilarion comes with wonderful energy and embodies pure, unconditional love. He is ever ready to assist us in our growth and goal of returning from whence we came. One of his primary focuses is that of Healing, reaching out to all who desire his assistance. His healing is all-encompassing and includes the healing of the physical body, as well as the healing of emotions, the mind, and Spirit. He is also a teacher of Truth and Science.

Hilarion and his Brotherhood are the self-appointed guardians of those blessed children of Earth who have devoted their lives to further the cause of Science, the secrets of Nature, and the alchemy of the Fifth Ray.

Embodiments of Master Hilarion

– Hilarion was the high priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis and he transported the Flame of Truth to Greece a short time before the sinking of the continent. The focus of truth he established became the focal point of the Oracle of Delphi, a place where the high initiates of that temple acted as messengers of God under the sponsorship of Pallas Athena for hundreds of years.

– Hilarion was embodied as Saul of Tarsus who later became the Apostle Paul in the time of the ministry of Jesus. He is known for his spiritual encounters with Christ in that embodiment. (Since Apostle Paul didn’t exist but was a fictitious split personality of Apollonius of Tyana, we may assume that Hilarion was also Apollonius of Tyana, who was a famous healer and whose historical existence is beyond any doubt. N.B. George)

As Saint Hilarion (290-371 AD), he was the founder of monasticism in Palestine. He spent twenty years in the desert in preparation for his mission before he performed his first miracle. Crowds would gather to be healed from disease and unknown spirits. His life was filled with miracles of healing for everyone who came to see him and he made his ascension in that Life. His gifts of healing were very much those of an adept.

He built the reputation of a truly great healer, able to bring souls to a spiritual resolution and understanding of their problems. He was also able to heal with the touch of a hand or the command: “Be thou made whole.”

He walked in the shadow of his “I AM Presence,” being humble before God and his fellowmen. He gave God the glory for the miracles of healing performed through him. At the conclusion of his work and wondrous life, Master Hilarion finally made his Ascension in 371 AD.

The Temple of Truth

In the etheric realm over the beautiful Island of Crete, surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you will find the Temple of Truth, focus of Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, and the Brotherhood of Truth, who serve with him in this particular branch of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The temple is very much like the Grecian temples with many gracefully carved columns of large proportions. It looks like the beautiful Parthenon erected so long ago to the beloved Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth, who is the cosmic patroness of this Brotherhood. The brothers wear pure white robes. Within this retreat exists one of the most ancient school rooms of the planet dedicated to the training of students and disciples in the magnetizing of Universal energy. They also teach students scientific and mathematical precision by which suns, planets and individual atoms are created and sustained.

This Brotherhood is appointed as the guardian presence of those on Earth who devote their lives to furthering the cause of Science in the treatment of disease and imbalances, whatever form they take. If invited and welcomed, they also assist doctors, nurses, and missionaries with their work.

The Temple of Truth plays host to the great spiritual teachers of many ages who left their imprint of love and service upon the Earth. This is the temple where the full momentum of Truth from the Heart of God is focused on Earth for distribution worldwide. Those who earnestly desire to know and understand “truth” become the students of the Brotherhood at Crete.

In that retreat, a great audience chamber has become the place where the Master Jesus, along with the ascended representatives of former great religions which have blessed mankind throughout the ages, are given the opportunity to teach many souls.

They teach those who either no longer believe in God as such, or through disillusionment and bitter experiences with incompetent religious teachers in whom they had placed their trust, have experienced deceptions and betrayal. These have lost their faith and conviction in God and the Supreme Intelligence that governs the Universe.

Jesus endeavors in that retreat to present these souls with the knowledge of “Universal Truths” to restore their faith, hope, trust, and belief in their own divinity and the divinity of the Father/Mother God.

About Healing

Nearly all health problems, no matter what form they take or whatever name they have been given by the medical establishment, are caused by a lack of harmony, imbalances, and unresolved issues, past or present, in the emotional body. In order to heal the body, you must first heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances. When harmony in the emotional body is restored, the body will align easily and the healing you seek will become permanent.

When you wish to heal yourself or assist others, it is important that you first connect with your own “I AM Presence” and your “Higher Mental Body,” and the “IAM Presence” of the person you wish to assist. Express love and gratitude for your and their existence and the lessons life’s experience is teaching you both. Then call upon the Law of Forgiveness for any transgressions of the Law of Love and for the neglect that has been displayed towards your Divine Essence.

Commune deeply with your Divine Source, the Governor of your lifestream that is always waiting for your recognition to assist you. Speak to it as you would to your very closest friend. Pour your love into all your bodies and thank your body elemental for its assistance. Call on the Law of Forgiveness for whatever has been the cause and core of your inharmony and call upon the transmutation powers of the Violet Flame with great love, intensity, and gratitude.

For healing assistance, visualize the luminous presence of Jesus/Sananda, Master Hilarion, Mother Mary, or other Ascended Masters blazing white light or the color required in your auric field. For energy, use the color blue; for love and comfort, use pink; for peace, use gold and pink; for illumination, use yellow; and for healing, use emerald green, pink, or violet. Although the main color for healing is green, all colors and all flames have wondrous healing properties.

Four Lady Masters govern the healing activities on Earth. They are Mary, the mother of Jesus/Sananda, Nada, the beloved twin flame of Jesus/Sananda, Meta, the daughter of Sanat Kumara, and Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion.

The Body Elemental

Everyone in human form has at its service a “body elemental” of great intelligence that animates and controls the mechanism of their physical body. From time to time, it becomes antagonistic toward the form it is assigned to when there is abuse and no love for the body or gratitude towards the body elemental for the dedicated and faithful service it renders.

The body elemental is often required to serve the energy of the same lifestream from the time of the first embodiment upon planet Earth until the soul attains Ascension.

This body elemental has often been compelled by the Lords of Karma to activate and maintain the physical body it has been assigned to each time the soul takes a new incarnation. It is the body elemental that assists the beating of your heart, activates your nervous system, and takes care of the proper functions of the organs and all systems. It can be reprimanded when any portion of the physical body ceases to function properly.

The truth is that because of the misuse of free will and the lack of mastery and love over the uncontrolled emotional, mental, etheric, and physical bodies of the soul, these energies create chaos in the physical body. The body elemental is then forced to work very hard to repair such repetitive damage, without ever receiving recognition or gratitude from the soul it serves so faithfully.

The same as you like to receive recognition and gratitude for services that you render to other human beings, it is important that you acknowledge your body elemental daily, sending waves of Love, Golden Light, and endless Gratitude. This attitude creates an affinity between you, the body elemental, and your physical form for more harmony and better health.

The hierarchs of the body elementals are the Elohim Hercules and Amazonia of the First Ray of God’s Will.

(This is very important to know as the Elohim told me already years ago that I am the Elohim Hercules, which is supported by my very athletic body and the fact that on the 1st ray. In this case, my twin flame is Amazonia and she must also be a fierce light warrior like me.

I have though always wondered when I was reading the Greek Mythology, why Hercules was so good-natured to accept doing all these stupid 12 labors for nothing. Now I know – this is the story of my life, wondering why I decided to accept my reckless mission in this incarnation as the chief cleanser of the Augean stables of Gaia and humanity and the captain of the PAT, and a plethora of other duties as reported on this website.

The Elohim told me again already in 2013, that I have taken over so many energetic duties on my shoulders when the other light warriors failed, that all the AM were in awe. The Elohim stressed that without this inhuman achievement on my part, the ascension of Gaia and humanity would have failed as many times in the past.

That is why I am the director of the planetary ascension at the soul level and an absolutely sovereign Creator with my twin flame as Elohim of the 3rd cause. For this reason, I create now all the new ascending timelines which humanity will experience with me as the new world spiritual leader as I took them to these timelines.)

Your body elemental is approximately three to four feet tall and takes on your look with the perfections and imperfections you have created. It often dresses like you. It often stands on your shoulder and those who are able to see elementals often see the body elemental of each person. Your body elemental is longing to out-picture divine perfection in your body again.

Before the fall in consciousness, the body elemental of each human did not know imperfection and was trained to maintain your body in perfect health, beauty, and elegance. With the misuse of free will and the creation of karma, the body elemental was forced to integrate into the physical body the energies of the karmic debts you have incurred through lack of love, self-hatred, violence, and negligence in thoughts, actions, and feelings. We ask you, beloveds, to express much gratitude, deep love, and compassion for your body elemental.

Your body elemental will also make its ascension with you and truly desires to assist you fully in this process. This means it will graduate to a higher level of service, which all body elemental desire for their evolution.

Transmission from the Beloved Hilarion Master of healing, Truth, and science

It is with much joy and eagerness that I bring the blessings and love of the Temple of Truth to all those who will connect with and study this material. The Brotherhood of Crete also joins me to amplify the energies and thought forms being created as you read and open your heart to receive the “truths” contained and expressed herein.

Perceive them as opportunities for transformation and tools for enlightenment. Thank you Aurelia for giving me the opportunity to express myself in your writings!

We have been observing humanity for a very long time, and now we observe carefully how our teachings are received by each one coming in contact with them and what each of you do with these “Pearls of Wisdom and Knowledge.” So much teaching has been given to humanity in the past in various forms and through various channels, and so little has been fully understood, used and integrated.

Many of you are ever so interested in the next teaching or the next transmission of Light offered and so on. Some of you read one book after the other, but your consciousness does not attain the level of spiritual learning it was meant to arouse within you. As soon as you receive one or several of these pearls you feel temporarily exalted, but you quickly put it aside to attend the next occupation or read the next book. You more often than not forget the wisdom that has come your way within less than an hour or a day.

For many, but not all, you go on about your life without ever allowing your consciousness to stay still or contemplate long enough what you have just read or head to integrate the full blessing and transformation of consciousness that any true teaching of Light is meant to create. In fact, any true teaching that you receive or read about if received lightly and not contemplated from the perspective of the heart, and not allowed to literally create the miracles of Love it is meant to generate within you, becomes clutter in your mind instead of a blessing.

For example, if you read this material only once for curiosity’s sake, without absorbing and integrating the “Pearls of Truth and Wisdom” it contains to advance the evolution of your consciousness, you will not gain from your investment the deep impact and gifts presented to you. Our teachings are not comic books, dear ones; they are not meant to simply entertain you for a moment.

The teachings of the Ascended Masters contain cosmic truths meant to pull you out of the spiritual slumber you have been in for thousands of years. They are meant to assist you in the restoration of the consciousness of your divinity and the restoration of all the spiritual gifts lying dormant within the deep recesses of your hearts which you have allowed to dwindle to almost nothing. They are meant to assist you to forge enough spiritual mastery to make of you “ascended beings,” able to join the rank of the immortals with all the benefits that come with it. They are meant to assist you to reach all the goals for your incarnation.

As Saint Hilarion, I did not have much human education and I did not receive any direct teachings of truth from my guides and masters as you have been so privileged to receive in the last century, particularly in the last two decades, in such abundance. A great part of my life was spent as a hermit in the desert, seeking daily, and moment-to-moment, with an intense burning desire in my heart to reconnect and externalize the God within, that wondrous Flame of Love that is the I AM Presence living within the Sacred Heart of each soul.

I invested over 20 years contemplating the qualities of that Sacred Heart and becoming it before my gifts returned to me. And when they externalized, it was because I had invested much time in contemplating my true nature as a divine being that I had embodied the great momentum of my Divine Essence. Then theGod within allowed me to use my newfound mastery and gifts to heal all those who came to me the rest of that incarnation. And believe me, they came by the thousands. I made my glorious ascension in the Light from that lifetime, soon after my transition to the other side of the veil.

I chose to leave all worldly pursuits in that life to seek the “only one” of true value to me. My devotion, my determination, my constancy, and my unwavering faith that I would attain the goal of my incarnation bore the fruit of my quest and changed the course of my evolution forever. I was offered my Ascension at the conclusion of that Life, and sometime after, I was offered the privilege of holding the Office of the Chohan of the Flame of Healing for the planet.

This is the precious message I want to convey to all of you today, that to become a”Master of Light” and free yourself from all your human shackles and limitations requires investment in Self. Once you have found the teachings or the books that give you the inspiration and the tools to make your Ascension, you no longer need to shop for more. You need to get busy applying the wisdom from the material and information you already have and forge your mastery with it.

Come to us in the retreats during your sleep time. I promise that you will be well received; it will be our great pleasure to teach you and to coach you in the areas you have alignments to make or weaknesses to conquer. We will be happy to become part of your support team on your evolutionary pathway. We have vast pools of knowledge and truth on various subjects of interest, especially on healing and science that we would like to share with you. Those who come are most fascinated with the information and wisdom they can acquire by frequenting our retreat.

All of the Chohans of the Rays and the Brotherhoods of Lightwork very closely with Adama (the twin flame of Amora) and the Lemurian Brotherhood of Telos. In fact, at the inner levels, they have been guides and helpers of humanity for a long time. Before many of us made our Ascension, it was the Lemurians of Telos who were our closest and most dedicated guides and spiritual mentors. Now we have joined their teams and we all work together for the wondrous and noble cause of uplifting humanity into its Ascension in the Light along with Mother Earth. Together, we are dedicated and determined to manifest the return of Life on the surface of the planet as it was during the former Great Golden Ages.

I am Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, holding my cup of Love and Healing to you. Will you accept it? Will you prepare your heart and consciousness, diligently and with constancy, to discover the God within, the greatness of who you are, and the wonders that are awaiting you if you apply yourself to attain what we have attained? Are you willing to do whatever it will take?

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