How I Create the Shift

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 7, 2021

On Easter Sunday, I was hiking on the hills and was completely alone as all the masqueraded Italians were at home and could finally afford to get rid of their masks and “mangiare” – the most frequent word used in this language. I could talk and even rant with my soul and preferred to do that in Bulgarian as to be able to use some flowery expressions you will not find in any other language, probably with the exception of Serbian. But this is still debatable and the two peoples have not yet come to a unanimous conclusion who has the dirtiest expressions.

I was complaining to my soul why I am not getting any explicit messages regarding the ascension process, neither from the Elohim nor from any Ascended Masters or higher dimensional beings as we used to receive them every day in the past.

Then I heard very clearly for the first time my soul speaking loudly to me.

Normally I receive my messages as immediate knowing in my mind, the ideas and sentences simply emerge in my consciousness while I am using automatic typing on the computer so that I am able to channel up to 10 pages in an hour as I am quite quick in typing. As a rule, I do not know what I will write when I sit down in front of my laptop and the ideas begin to pour like Niagara falls.

Most of the time, I have to tame my thoughts as I type the sentences one after the other because they come simultaneously to me, but again this is the kind of mental discipline I am exercising now for many years and I am very good at that. The exercise makes the master, in everything.

I have known this all along and I am sure all humans know that too when they are young and unspoiled but then they forget it when they grow up and begin to attend schools, universities, courses, and seminaries to learn nothing of value instead of sitting at home and exercising writing and thinking in intimate solitude with their souls. This is, in the meantime, too strenuous for most people.

However, I never receive personal messages or what I should and should not do or stereotype advices on what the PAT or other lightworkers should personally take care of, you know, the usual crap you read in the new age scene.

All my messages are axiomatically organized in a rather abstract manner and the red thread of my thought process can be traced back a quarter of a century ago when I first developed the new Axiomatics. I then apply this axiomatic thought process to any topic and invariantly come to important conclusions, I haven’t fully considered before I started with the channeling.

I cannot complain about this kind of open communication with my soul, quite on the contrary – I consider it the most unique form of channeling I know on this planet as it is entirely shaped by my logical axiomatic mind that does not allow any deviations, circumlocutions or contradictions you can find in great abundance in all other channeling messages, only if one makes the efforts to analyze them in an axiomatic manner as I always do.

What I was asking up on the hills with a bird view over the valley and the bay of Diano Marina was: Why am I not getting anymore precise daily messages on the ongoing process with regard to the regular waves and portals we go through as was the case in 2014 when we first ascended Gaia on May 28, as captured in my retrospective energy reports from August till the end of October last year?

This was my personal concern as I felt the pressure upon my shoulders as the captain of the PAT in this auspicious End Time shortly before the Shift where the human confusion, especially among the few lightworkers, is now peaking to heaven and hinders their ascension process. And here is what my soul told me in plain words:

You do not get any messages because you are the director of the planetary ascension process and what you decide will happen always when all the universal alignments are ready for it to happen and then you will know it. Why do you want meaningless messages? No other higher dimensional authority will ever give you any message or instruction as it will infringe upon your free will as the chief architect of the ascension process and you know that. That is why you follow your personal creations so diligently and consistently over the years with my full support. There is nothing to ask and nothing to learn as you know everything you need to know and question “when it will happen” is only important from your limited human perspective of linear time, which I know you hate and which you will soon put aside.”

I must admit that I was not particularly impressed by what I heard as I knew that already but the fact that I could hear it made a big difference and brought a blissful relaxation to my mind.

I had reached the top of the hill from where I had a beautiful panoramic view over the whole valley and the elegant spire of the church of Cervo under my feet resembling a toy building as in this photo. However, I was much higher and the church and the village looked unreally small:

This is the area where the healing centre of light has an interception with this reality and where I had a clear vision last year that the PAT was celebrating its ascension in a joyful gathering on a big terrace of a crystalline palace with a view over Cervo, the Mediterranean sea and the valley of the bay of Diano Marina.

I was serving in beautiful silver trays delicious appetizers to the guests and was pouring exquisite ruby sparkling champagne that tasted more like ambrosia than wine. It was a beautiful glimpse into the future that is already a reality for all our ascended soul fragments as the new Logos Gods of Gaia.

The Food of the Gods on Olympus (1530), majolica dish attributed to Nicola da Urbino

My rant in Bulgarian lasted for almost an hour and I noticed that I began to find pleasure in it, while at the beginning my indignation about the unbearable conditions of the lockdown prevailed. I knew that I am in the flow and whatever I say and conclude will leave an indelible energetic imprint on the ascension scenario in the days to come.

I returned back home singing with joy and didn’t even notice how tired my knees were from the steep downslope hike.

The next day I decided to put my insights during my hike in an article that will serve as a guideline on how each PAT member can create his/her individual ascension timeline and take as many humans as possible to a much higher timeline that will represent the long-expected Shift and our liberation from the shackles of the crumbling old 3D matrix.

Important Reminders in the Current End Time of Total Confusion of Conflicting Esoteric Predictions

We no longer need anybody to tell us when and how this Shift will occur as we are the only architects that create it. That is why we have incarnated at this time because we are the strongest and the most creative souls because true creativity always goes hand in hand with real strength.

And guess what, immediately after I published my article, the confirmations began to arrive in form of really good messages that fully reflected my decision to take firmly my destiny and that of humanity in my hands and heave them above the current limitations of the lockdown into a new reality which already exists as a Platonic idea in my mind. Not to speak of the positive sentiment some seasoned light warriors and PAT members shared with after they had read the article. They all feel how close we are now to the Shift.

Here are the messages that came yesterday after I published my article. The first message I received, was an email from Sophia and there is no link:

Sophia – Practical ways to speed the process

It is the One.

Not only are you about to witness the miraculous, but you are about to simultaneously experience the miraculous. Together, as a single organism. Individually, in your unique fashion.

What approaches next in your Ascension journey is a bit of a ride. It is one that you’ve not taken before. Not while in form and not in conjunction with the planetary body on which you rest. There are not adequate descriptions to describe this. You will be inventing them once it is complete.

What may be helpful now is to discuss the fear element. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the new. Fear of change. These three elements – unknown, new and change – do not necessitate fear. They will be more successfully and satisfactorily met with anticipation.

The resulting world on which you will find yourself will be one of peace, harmonious interaction, receptivity and growth. These are attributes to be celebrated and you will, more than likely, quickly adjust. Just wait until you see your new world.

It will help you to navigate this moment with a sense of joy. Imagine a child in the days and weeks before Christmas. Regardless of what is happening at each moment, he or she remains in a good mood because of what is about to happen. Sometimes it is almost too much, and emotions get out of hand. Yet always there remains a knowing that in a matter of days – good things are coming.

This will be more than Christmas morning for you. This will be waking up to every aspect of life upgraded.

Try to envision a sense of strength physically, purpose mentally, peace spiritually and bliss emotionally. There is a vibrancy, an aliveness and drive that accompanies the frequency shift you are undertaking. Everything will experience a sense of internal direction that is self-driven, rather than manipulated from someplace or someone else.

It makes sense that your bodies are reacting now, as well as the rest of you. As a whole, you are experiencing the shift. It is both gradual and sudden.

There is no way to declare the precise 3D moment in which it will occur. This will happen when all of you decide. This will happen in the perfect moment and according to divine timing.

What also may help is the knowing that there is not one person or one source that ultimately determines the “timing”. That source you seek or expect exists within the whole itself. It does not stand outside of the whole. It is the whole.

(This statement should be read very carefully, it refers only to external sources but within the ground crew of light warriors, essentially the PAT, there is a strict spiritual hierarchy and a director, a captain of the PAT, who ultimately makes the decision, similar to the captain on any ship after he may discuss the situation with the crew, make no mistake about that. N.B. George)

Although you may perceive what you call “divine intervention”, this too will depend on point of view and will occur in concert with the choice of the whole.

All sides work together for this Ascension. There is a reality beneath the headlines, where all of you are following the same script and knowing the final act. It is that reality which drives your life as played out now.

The extreme focus on division, separation, good guys or bad guys is part of the show. There are some excellent and experienced actors for this show. It creates a mesmerizing and convincing performance.

What you’ll find shocking perhaps will be the lies that have been told. These include some major and world-changing events. There is no way to prepare for these. Their uncovering will expose the depths of this matrix of control in a way that would not otherwise be believed.

What becomes more productive than anything else now, is a sense of unity. Oneness is the end result of this shift as all facets of it only accelerate the process.

(Any statement of unity should be interpreted very carefully. When you ascend with your timeline during the Shift, you took only a few souls from the actual population and the rest of the bodies are filled in with new walk-ins. But since this is your timeline, you are responsible for the whole population on it, therefore you should support this unity idea. However, one should not interpret statements of unity with saving all current souls as we are shedding off every moment so many lower timelines with souls that will not ascend. The static point of view – one body, one soul forever – is absolutely false from a gnostic and energetic point of view as it reflects the wrong old linear way of thinking and does not consider the multidimensionality of All-That-Is. This is what I constantly admonish with regard to all new agers who do not grasp this concept and therefore are not ready to ascend as ascension means first and foremost multidimensionality. N.B. George)

What happens individually for you all now is a definition of oneness, but personally. (There you have it)

There will be situations in your life that bring forth the necessity to see a loved one or at least a very close one in a new light. This will occur, somehow, for each of you.

Know that your interactions now, housemates now, situations now, and location now have been specifically chosen for this time. You are meant to be right where you are, with exactly who you are, for the coming shift. “Meant” to be, not because an outside force or source decided it was so, but because you did.

You will experience this shift, have chosen to experience this shift, in the most optimal fashion possible. This means that you’ll achieve the greatest benefit from it. You chose and were chosen to be here for this. It is an honor and a massive undertaking for you to be. This will yield both intense participation and unequalled joy.

Some will call it a “reward”, and in a sense, the word fits. It is an earned result and you’ll know the effort necessary intimately. You know it now.

This evolution and Ascension are both happening now, and before you now.

It is not something to wait for. It is something to do.

There is a state of mind that will speed up the process and it includes assistance, unity, awareness and acceptance. Oneness is inevitable and true. It already exists.

(The state of mind that is most conducive to ascension and making the shift according to your desires as an already ascended light warrior still in a physical vessel is to know that you are personally and entirely responsible for the timeline you choose to make the shift and this is what I am advocating here and in my previous article. N.B. George)

What you are actually doing is waking up to that fact. In this sense, even the more spiritually “enlightened” among you have yet to grasp it in fullness.

As has been said before – all of you are in for a surprise. It is called “The Great Awakening” with good reason. No one is left behind and there are truths beneath the fabric of your current reality that assure this is so.

(Again “no one is left behind” means that when we make the shift all souls that are on our new ascended timeline are also ascension candidates and this will evoke the impression that no one is left behind. I can assure you that we have left so many souls behind during all the portals and innumerous MPR we have experienced in the last ten years that it is mind-boggling. The unity thought is correct in the state of ascension as we have left the old paradigm of separation, but this idea does not refer to the constant separations of timelines and souls during the ascension process according to the propulsion multistage rocket model I have discussed on numerous occasions. N.B. George)

In whatever way possible to muster, conjure unity in your days. The broadcasting of that singular frequency will permeate the whole and organically move you closer to the finish line.

It will be reached when you all get there together, and not a moment before.

You will see, dear human, you will see.

That is all.

Thank you.


We created our personal ascension portals here in Italy exactly one year ago, end of March, early April 2020. Since then we have reinforced and expanded them on numerous occasions. I am, for instance, inextricably connected to the Temple of Ascension in Sanremo which I built almost 2 years ago and all the ascension masters, together with Serapis Bay, from the Luxor Temple of Ascension in Egypt, have been invited by me to come to Sanremo and where I live in San Bartolomeo and promote the global ascension from here. And guess what – they are with me all the time for the last year or so.

The Creation of the Portal and Temple of Ascension in San Remo

And here is another affirmative message from my friends, the Arcturians from the 9th dimension, where I have an incarnation as an Elohim soul too.

New Ascension Simulation Portals ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in the process of opening new portals all around your planet that will give you a taste of what your ascension experience will be like when you tune in to the energies coming through these portals. We know that many of you feel ready to complete your ascension now, to move on from the fourth-dimensional Earth, and we can appreciate that desire. However, we invite you to appreciate what a monumental leap forward this will be for humankind.

The amount of energy that it will take to complete your shift in consciousness is enormous. We, and other collectives like us, are working on discovering how to make the transition as easy and joyous as we possibly can for all of you. And when we say ‘all of you,’ we mean all of humanity. Sometimes we are speaking directly to those of you in the awakened collective, but this transmission is about all of humankind, because we know that your ascension will not be possible without all of you playing your part.

And so, these ascension simulation portals will give all of us a better idea of what it will take to support all of humanity in that time of the greatest leap forward in consciousness that can be made in this universe. The reason why you are experiencing so much turmoil and so much chaos there on your world at this time is because of the shift. You are constantly readying yourselves for its completion, and all of us in the higher realms are always looking for ways to make the transition easier on every single human being, plant, animal, and even the planet herself.

You are shifting together, and you do need as much support as you can possibly get to make such a giant leap forward. These portals will be open very soon, and all you have to do in order to receive the energies is be open yourselves. Tell the universe you are ready to experience the simulation, and then relax and put yourselves in an open and receptive state. Those of us in the higher realms will take care of the rest, and those of you who are receiving this transmission will be doing your part in helping to further humanity’s ascension, which we know is something you are all very interested in experiencing. This simulation that you will have access to very soon is for now the next best thing.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


This channeler below and his messages have prehistory I discussed in the past. We were told already in the summer of 2020 to keep an eye on him as he will announce the shift. Ron Head is channeling very rarely. He channeled a message on the shift on December 16, 2020, then was silent till February 28, 2021 when he announced the ending of the preparation phase for the shift and now for the third time. Hence, there is no inflation of meaningless content with this guy as with most other channelers.

The Council: Blessings Be

Ron Head

For several years we have been giving you messages that have been meant to prepare you for great change. Our last message was no exception.

Now the time has arrived to tell you that the “things behind the scenes” and “soon” stages, the necessary preparation, are behind you. What has been done will now begin to be revealed. It will be absolutely necessary that you be prepared to remain calm. This alone will serve to help many who are unprepared to weather the storm that will be unavoidable.

Everything must and will change. The promised world, the world you have prayed for will appear. But such massive change will shake many to their cores. Do not be of that number. You have been prepared. The light will be. The dark will not. But much will be hard to acknowledge. Truth must be known.

(The source refers here to the shift and the emergence of the ascended reality as it is impossible for this 3D matrix to evolve so rapidly from within. Therefore, when the shift happens, there will be two realities co-existing side by side on the earth – the new ascended timelines we have created and the old matrix as a rapidly waning reality that will intercept so that we, the ascended ones, can reach the people and guide and enlighten them. But we will live in the new reality and will be free of all the restrictions and lockdown that will still exist in the old matrix until the people there realize what is going on and revolt and move to our ascended timelines. This relationship between the old matrix and the new ascended reality after the shift is the most difficult for all new agers to comprehend as they think in a linear fashion and cannot imagine the quantum leap of reality change that will take place with the Shift. N.B. George)

Great joy will follow. This was and is our promise. We do not promise what cannot be delivered. Your everyday will come to resemble what you call science fiction. You will receive all that has been kept from you and all that has been taken from you.

(It will feel like science fiction as the new ascended timelines to which we shall move during the Shift are already lower 5D where immediate creation will be possible and many of the new technologies we are talking about exist as we have created them already at the soul level. We do not need to introduce any new technologies in the old cumbersome way in form of D&R. This is another aspect of the Shift that is very poorly understood. N.B. George)

The “strongest of the strong” came to weather the worst of the worst. And your reward will be the best of the best. (Sounds like the PAT, N.B. George)

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