What to Expect in the Next Few Days

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 11, 2021


On February 27, 2021, I decided that enough is enough and wrote a decree under the title “How to Create the Desired Outcome“, which many of you have made in the meantime as being reported to me. This decree was very simple, as simplicity is the mother of all effective creation and change:

The lockdown will not be allowed to continue more than a year and the next season of the year which is spring, beginning March 20/21, 2021, will be without masks and lockdown.“

This simple and very powerful decree automatically implies that major events must occur around the anniversary date of the lockdown, March 9th/10th, and definitely before the Spring Equinox, that is to say, tomorrow and till the end of this week, around the powerful full moon portal and with the greatest probability next week around the spring equinox on Saturday/Sunday, March 20/21.

When this decree was made, there were no signs of a visible change in the draconian lockdown worldwide. Only a few days later, all of a sudden and completely unexpected, 16 US states abolished the mask obligation in a coordinated fashion. You may argue that this is not much but just think about the synchronicity with our decree and the huge psychological effect on the masses.

On March 4th, a new reader of my website asked me about the probable date of the abolition of all masks in the USA and worldwide. I responded as follows:

“I think it is significant that after the PAT made the decree, 16 US states have decided to abolish the masks. Before that nobody believed that it was possible. Of course, there is still a lot of resistance but the dam is broken and nobody can stop the abolition of the masks and the disclosure of the scamdemic. This is how we create now on a global scale, you must admit. 

By the way, do you know that I introduced, created the new word “scamdemic” already a year ago as the first author, it’s documented in my articles, and have you seen lately how many people and writers use it without even knowing that it comes from me? This is another sign that we create the new reality now in a very powerful manner. 

Let us see what will come next. The show has just commenced and it will be full of surprises.”

Then from March 5th to March 8th we had a prolonged episode of massive downloads of source energies and intense cleansing of the collective that was really unique in nastiness and maximal intensity in my whole career as the chief cleanser on duty for two decades. Simultaneously, we made some incredible shifts and reached the highest rungs of the ascension ladder.

I did not specifically report on that, but when the PAT was attacked by the carriers of these dark energies that have been released and made most people reel from their visible and palpable manifestation and began to decompensate and attack the PAT, the most powerful beacons of light on this planet, I felt obliged to make you aware of that:

Massive Surge of Human Darkness on the Eve of the Shift and How to Overcome it – Individual PAT Strategies

I gathered the observations for this article from the reactions of the German readers to my pivotal article on the corrupt collective soul of the German nation.

It was a kind of a test balloon to check where we stand in the activation process of the soul catharsis. And I was not disappointed, the level of viciousness in the comments of the German readers convinced me that we have reached the threshold level for the shift and the upcoming revelations.

That is why I was so happy when Yvonne from Germany who is a very sensitive and objective observer of the collective mood in Germany and by default of the Western world, wrote to me today about her assessment of our total separation and sealing of our fields from all evil human patterns that explode like vulcanic lava from the infested fields of the Germans and cause havoc even to the animals. And how they bounce back from our fields and hit the originators of these dark energies. This is how the soul catharsis will operate at the soul level when it is fully activated during the shift:

Stay True to Yourself, Resonate With Me and the PAT, and You Will Ascend into the Light – Part 2: The Innocent Now Shakes Itself Free in a Massive Way

As you can see, we are fully in trend with what is currently happening on these ascending timelines and humanity on a global scale.

To this, I must add that on March 9th I experienced in the afternoon the most powerful ascension wave ever, beginning around 5 pm CET and then peaking around 8 pm. I was then taken away for 2 hours till 10 pm and who knows what I did in the Higher Realms but it felt very important given the urgency with which they took me away from this reality. When I woke up, I was smashed by the energies and felt like a blob on the floor. Even a shower could not help much and then I went to bed again.

Fortunately, this night I slept comparatively calmly and had a pivotal recurrent dream, the first in a very long time. I dreamed that I am writing messages to the PAT and all the other people in conventional terms explaining to them what is happening now and they could not understand anything. Then I decided to use the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law and began to write short and very precise messages using the exact terms of this Axiomatics.

All of a sudden all humans understood what I wanted to relay to them and I felt a huge relief and joy. I leave it up to you to interpret this dream but I can tell you that the point in time when the breakthrough of the new theory and gnosis of the UL will be possible is now approaching with giant steps.

There can be no true revelations unless they are based on the solid foundation of an impeccable categorical system of true scientific knowledge. As I have proved beyond any doubt that all current human science is fake science and all political doctrines and daily beliefs that determine human life on this planet are lies and utter illusion – this website is the best collection of all the possible proofs for this statement in the world – the only true authority that will have the unquestionable reputation to make the upcoming revelations – the dreadful and the more joyful ones – will be based on this website and the PAT, with me as the captain of the PAT and the discoverer of the Universal Law.

Read also here: Why There Are No Viruses

There is nobody else – this is what the two ascended masters from the White Brotherhood Deunov and Aivanov told us last year:

Germany – The Painful Awakening of the Drowsy Behemoth

Now consider all these arguments when you read the latest channeling from Sophia Love below, which discusses what will happen this week and predicts huge and sweeping changes and revelations. While the medium has no profound knowledge in politics, economics, and all the necessary cognitive and energetic changes that are now occurring with humanity because she is not in the most intense phase of the LBP as I mentioned to her some time ago, she, nonetheless, grasps the current enslavement of humanity by the PTW better than most sources I know of and her discussions can be even compared with what I have written on this topic:

An Open Lecture to All Alternative Agnostic, Blind Thinkers: “Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?”

Why We Had to Eliminate the Reptilians (Draco) From the Earth on June 10, 2020

Yesterday I felt really well for the first time in years. Synchronicities and miracles abound showing me that we have already entered the new 5D earth. What a difference it is to feel like a normal human being, even when you know you are not.

A Message From “ONE” – GET READY TO FLY!

Sophia Love, March 8, 2021

Humanity as toddlers after the Shift in a state of full-fledged soul catharsis


I have a beautiful conversation from earlier this morning to share with you today. It’s being rushed out while it is still in my heart and mind, as the visual was mesmerizing. I think you’ll really enjoy this one.

We are heading towards the middle of March and the “fortnight” moment that was used in one of the last conversations with One. It was said that we would have some obvious disclosure information before a “fortnight” in time, which is the end of this week, I believe either Thursday or Friday. We’ll see.


March 8th, 2021
3:45 AM

It is the One.

There are things to say. These things concern your liberty. These things concern your well-being, your health, your life as a human being in this year of 2021.

For it is all set to change, about to be altered, and in some ways, unrecognizable from that which you have known thus far. You have never been free. Not in recent memory. Not truly.

You’ve experienced the appearance of freedom within a very structured existence, operating within somewhat invisible walls. These walls put in place by society, by governments, by invisible rulers pulling unseen strings.

The subtle shift from invisible control into visible, actual visceral restraint and programming with masks, lockdowns and injections was only possible because of that initial and invisible control already in place.

What is shocking and abhorrent to the portion of the population who are awake now (e.g. the PAT, NB, George), does not feel that different actually, to those who are still drowsy. The voice of authority, granting rules and permissions and instructions, is one they do not regard as evil or manipulative, but instead comforting and necessary.

It will not be until the truth is made clear, apparent and unquestionable, that this changes for them. The source of this information will come from, indeed must come from, an authority who is deeply trusted.

(We, the PAT, and me as the captain of the PAT being the embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ are the only authority on this planet that represents the Divine Intervention from the Source for the earth as it has been given to us last year, and as Logos Gods since 2013. Forget about JFK junior whom this naive medium suggests below. There will be no revelations and no sweeping changes that will not be oversighted by us as the new Logos Gods, even when the practical work may be done by politicians and military, together with the alt-media. Nothing else will make sense according to the logic of this planetary ascension, the chief architect and executor of which the PAT is. NB, George)

This will not be a fellow human with a “different opinion”, but from a voice holding power and weight. Someone they naturally trust. The cage of bars is every bit as real, now, as ever. It is about to be not only unlocked, but dissolved. What remains, once it is gone, is self-authority.

(Here the source of this message validates my arguments from above. The truth and the revelations can only come from us as ascended masters. NB, George)

The idea of true liberty bears with it, great responsibility. It is not a “get out of jail free” card. It is a statement of authentic self-rule.

(There can be no authentic self-rule on the earth unless some anointed humans ascend and demonstrate to the rest of humanity what it is to be a sovereign Creator God of their reality. NB, George)

What is occurring, and right now, is the human version of the elephant story. This story we’ve spoken of before. It is worth mentioning that she wraps that chain around her own leg willingly, and without thought, not because she is impaired in some way. She is quite intelligent. She believes and therefore desires what she considers to be normal and necessary. She has not yet experienced life without the weight of the chain, and does not desire to.

It’s not an option for her, because she’s never considered or seen it. It’s not actually real for her. Without the chain, she cannot rest, and therefore she replaces it herself when the trainer forgets. She has a peaceful night’s sleep once she does.

This partially explains what happens now, on earth, with the split in the human race. It explains why it is possible to introduce tighter restrictions, and more invasive (to some) sounding actions and have them met with compliance and even insistence that they happen. The race wants relief from this terrifying disease that’s been inflicted upon them. For many, relief can only show up in the hands of some outside and more powerful voice of authority. From someone trusted, someone who has a vested interest in their well-being.

This divide in the race is not because one side wants different outcomes than another side. It is because one side believes that the path to those outcomes must include adherence to recommended methods given by specific and very authoritative voices. While another side has come to trust other voices and messages, an internally spoken authority that replaces the current mouthpiece and resonates in a deeper way.

These are not new voices, yet they’ve grown louder and more insistent now and are drowning out the more prominent mouthpieces.

The frequency supports and encourages internal authority as well as propels it. This frequency shift increases its vibration, and the pressure that is expelled as it does so, changes hearts and minds.

(Here the source alludes to the impending soul catharsis that will begin with the full activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul, and the full descend of the I AM Presence in all ascending candidates. The “internal authority”, this source is speaking of, is the I AM Presence of the soul in the human body within the activated threefold flame of life. NB, George)

“Change” is the operative word here. For it must be remembered that for each of you, the options and decisions will differ, and they cannot be laid out by another as more or less “correct”.

(This statement indicates that each ascension candidates will go after the global shift to his unique destination, some may even ascend to the 7th dimension, others to the 5th dimension and many will still stay at the highest levels of the 4th dimension but with access to new technologies and means for creation. NB, George)

The decision as to which choice is highest and best is an individual one. It will be made that way. These incoming frequencies demand that and allow that.

(This is what I am feeling very strongly now. NB, George)

Where this conversation began, is about the concept of true liberty. This truth will not be something that can be stopped. Herein lies the secret. It is why your oppressors always and ultimately fail at total control. It is not possible for one soul to completely own another. It will never be possible.

(Read one more time about the fountain of freedom (and here) that will bestow true liberty to all ascending humans, which we created in 2019 in Europe and Northern America. NB, George)

There is a great deal of posturing and play and appearance of ownership. There is surface evidence for slavery and it is compelling. Yet, it is not complete, and not possible. It is a powerful illusion, intentionally operated, to convince you of its reality.

Why does JFK Jr. keep going through my head?

Because you see him as a potential voice of authority. You are seeing pieces fit into this puzzle, and you wonder how or who could pull off such a switch, as to mesmerize and reveal the truth to the sleeping and drowsy ones. JFK Jr. seems to be the right candidate for this, does he not?

(Please observe that the source does not confirm JFK Jr as the right candidate to promote the revelations after the shift, it only states a rhetoric question to force his medium to begin thinking in a more critical and enlightened way. NB, George)

I tell you this – you are poised now to witness a massive turnaround and upheaval in society, authority and information. This upsets what has been seen as trustworthy, and puts something new in its place. Inquiry. Wonder. A belief in the miraculous. A resurgence of faith in the goodness of people.

(Nothing truly new and spiritually revolutionary can come out of old politicians, therefore forget Trump and all the Kennedy clan that was as corrupt as any politician can be, but only from us – the new ascended masters and custodians of Gaia and humanity. We will be the ones to begin performing miracles and convince the masses to leave their current jail and begin with their liberation from within. NB, George.)

These revelations come coupled with horror, as truths are exposed around the depths of depravity and destruction taking place under the control of those who’ve held the reins until now. It is a costly realization.

Yet, not unlike the birth of a child with accompanying labor pains, a worthy one. One worth doing. Once it occurs, one you could not imagine going forward without.

Liberty will be understood once the chains are seen. Once seen, they dissolve and there is a feeling of “unbound” that accompanies their dissolution.

Liberty will be the initial term for what happens next. As indeed you are being liberated from a constructed reality that hindered your sight.

Freedom comes next, and it is a heady term. There will be many crashes as none of you are used to the speeds at which you can fly. Your wings have been clipped until now. You will not succumb because of these crashes but will learn from them. You will help each other and learn together the possibilities and nuances of freedom. Limitless is not a term you’ve understood. You will discover it next.

So much of your life and history has been held in chains that it will feel confusing for you and look chaotic.

Imagine* a room full of toddlers, wall to wall, all attempting to take their first few steps at the same time. There will be bumps, bruises and crashes a-plenty. Yet, the internal motivation to walk will fore the process for them all, and they will not stop, not ever, until they can run. And they will figure out how to do so without crashing into one another. It will become, eventually and beautifully, an orchestrated movement filled with joy and the rush of adrenaline as they now can move, on their own, upright and strong.

(This is a beautiful and somewhat sarcastic picture of the PAT as babysitters of the human toddlers that will emerge after the shift and the soul catharsis. NB, George)

This room of crashing toddlers eventually morphs into a sea of smiling angels – moving effortlessly around each other, with each other, and in perfect synchronicity.

This is where you go, dear human. This is where you are heading. This is the realization of true freedom, and this is the experience of achieving liberty.

You are about to witness a miracle.

( I, surely, hope we can experience that… NB, George)


You are about to achieve such heights and depths of your being that the brief chaos introducing this moment will be all but forgotten in its glory.

(This passage announces the huge metamorphosis that humans will undergo during the shift as energetic systems (read here, NB, George)

Hang on to your hats, while you let go of your grip on all that you knew to be real. You’ll want your hands in the air for this part of the ride. No worries, for you can fly.

You are in for such a treat.

How can humanity learn to fly if they will continue listening to their old politicians about the revelations to come? This is profound idiocy to which all half-baked esotericists, mainly of Anglo-Saxon origin, have now been seduced by their week minds. NB, George)

That is all.

Thank you.

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