The New Biophysics of the Universal Law

N. L. and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 22, 2021

Hello Georgi,

It has been some time since I last wrote to you. I hope you would be able to help me with some questions I have regarding health when it comes to alternative therapies, supplements and foods.

During my life I have always been on the lookout for alternative health therapies that are both accessible (not just for the rich and monopolized by the medical industry), are highly effective, and work from a “do no harm” Principle so that one does not damage one’s own or other person’s health in ignorance.

When reading the list of side effects on many medications for example I feel that if I would be a doctor I would still not be able to prescribe these knowing that my patient could be one of those that suffer these bad consequences. And a short-term side effect by definition also affects the patient long-term, so it seems like an illusion just to speak of limited side effects.

I am well aware that health Is more than just food, treatments, and supplements so it’s not a golden pill that I am after. He who needs them often has been doing some self-harm with his habits so health would be a matter of changing them and not just adding treatments.

During the years I have come across some techniques or supplements that seem to fit the criteria I am looking for yet at the same time I am totally ignorant as to how they would work since I hope there would be a unifying principle to be found.

The people supplying (or having discovered) them, offer quite elaborate explanations but it is the Universal Law (cell-stimulating or cell-inhibiting) as the guiding principle behind their success that I am interested in.

I have personally tried all of the substances below and even treated others with some of them.

I will sum them up and I hope that you could point out if the success these therapies claim, bear any relation to the Universal Law, and thus have as you say cell-stimulating effects and most importantly, can do no harm.

1. Vitamin C high dose

2. Vitamin D high dose

3. MMS1 (the controversial miracle supplement), yet that I feel not to be as innocent as some people claim.

4. Oral cannabis oil (THC and CBD) as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, cancer treatment, Parkinson, etc… Works very well, if they can deal with the mental aspect of it.

5. DMSO (a quite special therapeutic agent that works wonders used transdermally for many (pain and inflammation) and can be used even orally)

6. Gum terpentine spirit (oral and transdermal)

7. Iodine

8.Then there are books about magnetism and the poles having both stimulating or inhibiting effects, same for light therapies (DINSHAH) who reduced all compounds to it primary 12 colors using spectrometry and treated people with this claiming very high success for all human conditions. His lab was eventually burned to the ground and he was imprisoned, his books were burned. Simplified, he used the red spectrum for activating/stimulating and the blue one for cooling/disinfecting.

Most of these remedies are of course ridiculed or labeled “not proven” by medical experts.

9. Vitamin A is also somewhat controversial since it seems to be promoted a lot for its curing effects, yet I also heard it being added to rat poison. There is even a book on the market warning about its effects when taken often.

10. Nystatin I read about in your book? Are there alternatives to polyenes (nystatin) in the natural world? Here you need a doctor’s prescription for it. Is Nystatin safe enough to use without a doctor’s supervision? I found a site selling it for animals saying it increases performance considerably in race pigeons as a nice side effect.

Did you ever publish a list of optimal foods, or elements and their effect that can be used as a guide? Or a list of cell inhibiting compounds/ foods that people should avoid? Is there a way to calculate the effect myself using a formula or does one need to be a chemist to understand this?

I know you are a very busy man, so if you find the time and interest to answer I thank you in advance. I assume many of your readers would be interested in hearing more about good living practices that are stimulating to achieving and maintaining our optimal nature.

All the best to you,


Dear N.,

it is amazing that you have found out the greatest problem of modern pharmacology, pharmaceutical industry, and medicine and why these sciences have totally failed: Why they are not capable of healing the people and why all the so-called “experts” do not get it. I am the only scientist and expert worldwide that can answer your questions in an impeccable scientific manner.

In fact, all your questions are fully answered in my pivotal textbook:

Vol III: The General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine

And herein lies my problem as I am struggling with how to present to you my answers to your questions so that you can grasp them and then apply them independently.

Let me explain: This textbook is based on 10, 000 scientific publications and numerous voluminous textbooks on biology, biochemistry, immunology, structural research, medicine, statistics, clinical research etc., and 3000 publications were used directly as references by myself to write this book. It is a completely new scientific theory that consistently and without any contradictions explains all the phenomena observed in organic matter. There has never been anything like that in bio-sciences before and no specialist believes that this is possible. This is the current stand.

Until now there has been no such theory but only scattered facts as you may know. The methodological approach to biosciences is entirely descriptive and full of speculations and apparent contradictions. You may check any standard textbook on bio-sciences and medicine to convince yourself. Hence the new General Theory of Biological Regulation of the UL is the greatest scientific achievement in the history of human science together with the Physical and Mathematical Theory of the UL.

There is no bioscientist or expert in this field that covers this vast area of established scientific knowledge as to understand it even remotely from a conventional point of view.

On top of it, this textbook, or rather new theory, is entirely based on the physical and mathematical theory of the UL as presented in volume I and volume II:

Therefore, there is no scientist currently on this planet that has the knowledge and the intelligence to understand it as he must be an expert in bio-sciences, medicine, pharmacology, clinical research, statistics and also expert in physics and mathematics and have fully grasped the new physical theory of the UL that is such a high-vibrating, holistic-abstract approach that no human mind can keep this way of thinking even for a second. I am now speaking from personal experience.

Let me illustrate this with the following example. When I finished writing volume III on the General Theory of Biological regulation in 1998, I gave the manuscript to my good acquaintance Professor Adam who was at that time a Prorektor of the Munich University and a renowned scholar worldwide. He was an MD and pharmacologist and brought the best prerequisites to understand the book. I wanted to involve him at that time in the propagation of this new theory as I knew about its revolutionary character and was naive enough to believe that other experts are genuine and honest researchers and will make the effort to understand and embrace it for its obvious advantages – being a huge leap in human cognition as this will become evident this year when I ascend and introduce the UL to humanity.

Professor Adam read the manuscript and gave it back to me with the explanation that he has understood only 50%. This book is written in an axiomatic manner and every sentence in it is logically connected to all other statements in the book so that if you have understood the new theory you have to comprehend the book 100%. If you have only understood 90% of it, you have failed. That high is the bar to jump.

And now you ask me to answer your questions that cover all the major topics I discuss in this book and I am in great difficulties how to explain them to you so that you understand me. At the same time, you deserve to know, given the fact that you as a non-specialist have found out on your own what is wrong with these sciences where all the other specialists have badly failed.

Take, for instance, the so-called “dipole model” which is a quantum physical model to explain and predict the pharmacological effects of all drugs and other substances administered in the human body. This is one of my greatest discoveries and achievements in bio-science and I am particularly proud of it. Although the model is fairly simple because I have reduced it in my presentation deliberately for the use of bioscientists, in order to properly apply it, for instance, for their needs in pharmacology, you need to know how the entire cell and body metabolism operates with thousands of biochemical moieties in infinite interlinked metabolic pathways and also consider the structural properties of all these chemical substances, in order to correctly use and interpret it. That in itself is almost an impossible task.

That is why I am the only one who can properly apply this model to analyze the pharmacological, i.e. the healing or toxic effects of any drug administered to the human body as I recently did this with some new COVID drugs which Trump praised unduly shortly before he left office:

With the dipole model, you can indeed answer most of your questions on your own, which is the best thing to do, but you have to study it first and understand it in the broader context:

Read Volume III, Chapter 2.1 The Dipole Model, page 1o4

When I developed this model and realized its prognostic power, I was stunned. At that time, I had my institute for clinical research in Munich and had numerous contacts in the pharmaceutical industry at the highest levels, in research and management. I knew this industry like nobody else and could easily calculate that if this new theoretical model is fully applied to R&D, it would save the pharmaceutical industry worldwide at least one trillion USD in 10 years.

At that time, the annual turnover of this industry was about one trillion worldwide. Not to mention that I proved that 90% of all drugs developed and sold on the market are cell-inhibiting as you have already read and thus increase morbidity and mortality.

At that time, I was still naive enough to believe that my colleagues were sincere people and genuine curious scientists and really wanted to help heal humanity. Little did I know that this whole industry that began after WW2 on a global scale has only one goal – to exterminate humanity in the End Time.

I could not convince a single expert and got into huge trouble. They didn’t kill me for one single reason – I am an Elohim soul and divinely protected and no other humans or evil ET beings can harm me. But they killed hundreds of critical colleagues and experts in the USA and elsewhere for much less, e.g for criticizing the deadly vaccines.

Is the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Regulatory Cartel Assassinating Physicians?

I pulled the rug away from under the feet of the entire pharmaceutical industry and exposed it as one gargantuan genocide program that is still running full steam. I would have been the first one to be killed for that.

At some point, I realized how hopelessly this whole endeavor was and had to retreat as at that time I realized the full gnostic picture – we are in the final mortal battle between Gog and Magog, between Good and Evil and it cannot be resolved with 3D means but with higher dimensional transformation.

Soon thereafter I became the captain of the PAT and took personal responsibility for the planetary ascension and that of a portion of humanity as this website gives testimony to the fullest.

I also created the new 5D-7D healing and study centres of light in Italy where the new Biophysics of the UL will be taught and this will terminate once and for all the entire pharmaceutical industry and this ongoing genocide on humanity. This is well known from my website and the crowdfunding website.

The dipole model is the most potent weapon to destroy this evil medical scam to which we also owe the current coronavirus scamdemic and the lockdown. But the people must first grasp it and here is where humanity fails now as most humans are totally dumbed down and have never learned in their whole life how to think logically, axiomatically in scientific and also in daily terms.

For instance, you ask me about Vitamin A and the controversary about its effects. Now if you understand the dipole model, you can apply it yourself and answer your question.


If you look at retinol and all its derivatives as Vitamin A complex, you can easily see that they all have a long polyene chain which already defines this substance as cell-stimulating. It is very similar to Nystatin, Amphotericin and the whole group of polyenes which I patented in the EU, England, and in the USA as being the most potent immunostimulating drugs ( With regard to Nystatin read also this article Introduction to Nystatin):


But in order to implement the dipole model in an impeccable scientific manner, you also need to know why these long polyene chains have this cell-stimulating effect. It is closely related to the structure of all cell membranes as lipid bilayers of great complexity and variety and then you need to evaluate this in the bigger context of how the cells are being energetically regulated through action potentials, a fact which is completely unknown in present-day bio-sciences and was first discovered by myself.

Read also: Thoughts – Part I

Here you need to understand fully the new physical and mathematical theory of the UL and apply it to organic matter, to the regulation of the cells and the organic body as a conglomeration thereof. And at this point, it gets very complicated, believe me.

That is why I cannot answer any of your questions sufficiently enough so that this answer will serve you in your investigations as you will miss the theoretical foundation and then you will not be able to use this knowledge on your own to investigate other drugs and their positive or harmful effects – their cell-stimulating or cell-inhibiting effects. Besides, you must also consider the entire pharmacodynamics of each chemical moiety in the organism to evaluate their potential toxicity, which is a special science per se and only very few experts understand it. I can testify that as a seasoned clinical researcher.

That is why it will not serve you well if I give you disjoint answers to your questions that may satisfy you in the first moment, but will not help you at all understand the bigger picture. From your questions, I assume that this is precisely your ultimate goal.

That is why I can only advise you to start studying volume III, even if you do not understand everything but depart from the new knowledge of the UL that everything is energy and that there is nothing else and that the human body is the most sophisticated technology of our souls; further that the whole body regulation is actually driven by extremely intelligent higher dimensional programs, which we may define as “body elemental”. Also that very soon we will not use any chemical moieties as drugs to heal the people but only higher dimensional frequency treatments, also in form of crystals, first in the new healing centre of light here in Italy and then in many similar multidimensional centres worldwide which we will open in the coming years as ascended masters.

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