The Fulminant Evolution and Expansion of All New PAT Members on the Eve of the Shift

Tanya Arabadzhi and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 12, 2021

Hi dear George,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am writing to you again because I feel the need to share some of my thoughts on a subject that is very important to everyone, it is “the freedom” of the individual or rather the free will. I was prompted to write this text by a situation that happened to me the other day and which I thought about more deeply later. I’m not usually good at writing, not at all, but this time my soul pushed me to do it in a very strong way, so I couldn’t stop myself. You are very good at conveying your thoughts through your articles on an energetic level as well. I hope I can be as clear as you in my explanations.

So, the other day I got a ticket because my parking ticket had expired. I saw the ticket stuck on the windscreen, read it and from 3D’s point of view, it all looked ‘right’, but was it really? I was neither angry nor disturbed by the fine (these feelings are not part of my being anymore), but I felt another feeling.

It was as if I moved into another dimension in an instant because the first thought that came into my mind was that getting a parking ticket was not right. I asked myself, why should someone else make the decision whether to give me a ticket or not, because my ticket was over the time limit? Or any other decision, such as a fine if you don’t wear a mask, and there are a thousand other examples?

It seemed to me to be a completely inappropriate and strange situation as if I had just arrived on this planet without knowing “the rules” of the game. I felt that the Earth is for everyone and everyone is free to go where they want, to be as they want, to park where they want, and do whatever they want. The Earth where free will is respected.

I realised that I was perceiving the new Earth from another dimension. I felt myself merging with other timelines at much higher vibrations. In the last few months, this feeling of freedom has grown in me exponentially to this point. People should start to think more about what freedom really is, but not just from a 3D point of view. By now, all earthly structures like school, work, politics are completely obsolete and don’t work. I have always excluded myself from the context of this pandemic, masks, vaccines, which is a mockery of the people. None of this affects me at all, so I live in this situation very peacefully. Feeling free is an inner state, and it doesn’t come from outside or from someone. I feel sorry for the people who live in deepest fear every day, and I hope that they too will soon come to their senses.

We have to respect everyone’s timing and in the meantime do our light work. I understand that it is the time of the separation of the wheat from the chaff, as you also said.

On the new Earth, everyone will be free, and I am not talking about anarchy, as so many might think, but about an awareness of the union of all and that we are all One, so no one will want to abuse another being and Mother Earth or even the animals, these wonderful creatures. Obviously, only those humans who are ready at the frequency level will move to the new Earth, the rest will not be able to access the higher dimensions, but I think all your readers and the PAT members know this.

Last night I started reading your book translated into Italian “The New Gnosis” translated by Daniela Lupo to whom I am deeply grateful, even though I do not know her.  I immediately felt in tune with the energy that emanated. After reading about 30 pages, I felt so full of energy that I couldn’t sleep until 2 a.m. I felt a vortex in my head. I felt a whirlwind in my head and so much information coming in at a tremendous speed, I don’t know if you know what I mean. It’s as if you have access to a myriad of information of all kinds but your physical brain is so limited that it can’t decipher it even though you are aware that on another level you know how to read this information. This has only happened to me once but not as intensely.

Anyway, today I woke up in a very good mood and happy, because my soul feels that something great is coming, and I hope as you say that it will show up in a more concrete way very soon. (This is true – there is a huge opening and a breakthrough today. NB, George)

I’ve been reading your latest articles and saw that you posted our conversation for which I thank you. I hope it will help the readers to better understand themselves and their ascension symptoms, which are very intense at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long email. In this auspicious period, there are new sensations every day, new changes in knowledge.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.



Dear Tanya,

it’s excellent that you put your thoughts in a written form, this is so important as you energize them in this way and also streamline them. This is what I am doing for years now. You are now experiencing the same sensation with which I live since I was 21 years old and experienced my soul catharsis in Bulgaria in 1972 and then became a dissident forever. Since then I reject all forms of oppression and rules on this planet and the latest message from Sophia Love which I published yesterday sums it up one more time in simple words. This earth is a prison-planet and all the rules of behaviour are the rules of the dungeon.

That is why the shift must come as to make this situation obvious to all the people. That is why now the oppression of the ruling cabal has become so blatant and obvious for all the people to see and experience it first hand. If you would have told the people only a few months ago that they were slaves of invisible evil ETs and that they do not know it as they have become so comfortable with their prison, they would have lynched you. This is what I am experiencing for 30 years since I started writing and throughout all my life as an Elohim soul with a close connection to my monad and the Source. Now the situation is changing rapidly and the people begin to listen to us all of a sudden.

That is why it has to get so bad with the current lockdown before it gets better because the people have to experience the pain of this prison-planet first hand before they recognize that have always lived in a prison.

Then there must be a shift and total transformation of the human energetic system – the body-mind-emotions-spirit system and it begins with a total reshuffling of the chakra system and the activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body and the descent of the I AM Presence so that the people can begin to think as clearly as you do now.

And if you observe it from a neutral point of view, these ideas which you share with me are also new to you, at least in this clarity, and this is the most reliable indicator of how far you have advanced only in the last few days since you met me and began with the studies of my works.

Your opening of the crown chakra and what I call the left brain portal, the direct connection to your soul and monad, is now running with full force and you can feel it. If I would have promised you this development in advance, which I actually did as far as I remember, you would not have believed me and you would not have even imagined what I meant by that.

Now extrapolate your fulminant experiences and expansion with the upcoming energies, whereas you are a highly evolved soul and the process of opening and expansion of your fields and chakras runs much faster than in most other ascension candidates, and you have a fair idea of what will happen with the masses of ascension candidates when the Shift arrives and their souls descent with full force into their bodies and will activate the soul catharsis.

The latter term assesses the total transformation of the energetic human system, the total dismantling of the human ego and all the past obsolete ideas and belief systems, and their substitution with the Spirit of the Divine Mind, which we already integrated on the earth in 2017. I have written so much about that but it is worth mentioning it one more time. Due to the intensity and the speed with which this process is now running, the term “soul catharsis” is the best one you can find in human language.

This total deconstruction of the human race as ego-driven fearful slave-robotoids and their quick evolution into truly sentient beings with a full and open connection to their souls and the Source will unleash the long-expected spiritual revolution and evolution of the human race, which I expect to begin this month. You have given me the opportunity with this email to reflect one more time on it and as you may guess, I will also publish this conversation of ours.

I told you in our first conversation that the changes are coming now fast and furious and by the end of this year you will not recognize either this humanity or this planet. You couldn’t envision it yet, but now you know it and this gives you a measure of how much you have progressed only in the last few days. It’s mind-boggling.

Follow me and the PAT, and you will experience soon big miracles. And this advice holds true for all the ascension candidates who should drop all the prejudices and old false beliefs from the new age, stop criticizing me and the PAT for not being such dumbed-down humans as they are, and just follow us without resistance, without any empty critics from a 3D position as they are no longer valid. This is how we will lead you out of this self-afflicted hell and open for you the portals to the new earth.

We have entered the new 5D earth today, with the beginning of the new moon portal which will peak tomorrow around 11 am in Italy.

We have just created a new clean slate and this is the beginning of the manifestation of the new 5D earth. It’s happening now.

Buckle up as the ascension rocket has been ignited and the launch has just occurred.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I just wanted to confirm that today is really auspicious and I can feel the intimate telepathic connection of my HS ecstatically heralding the far-reaching changes that are about to manifest anytime now and reverse the course of (d)evolution of the human race. I could really barely contain my excitement. You can literally feel how this reality is now rapidly fading away and the palpable bifurcation catapults us into the endless ecstasy and bliss.

There was another huge wave about two hours ago which knocked me off my feet and I’m all wobbly.

It was really nice to hear from Rumi once again as I wondered what happened to him as he deactivated his FB a few years ago and we lost contact.

Much love

With regards,

J. Fleischman


Dear Pepe,

this is exactly how it feels today and I hope the PAT feels it too.



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