Stay True to Yourself, Resonate With Me and the PAT, and You Will Ascend into the Light – Part 1

Tanya Arabadzhi and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 10, 2021

This is the time of the separation of the wheat from the chaff – on the cusp of the global Shift. The true light warriors now take the lead and the others, the imposters, the light proles, are revealed for what they are.

While I harvested some very vicious and toxic comments from German readers for my article on the light proles, which was the best proof of how spot on it was, the real Starseeds use this opportunity, the posts on our website, to show one more time why they will be the true spiritual leaders of humanity after the Shift.

In the following, I will illustrate this with my correspondence today with two young ladies who are now virtually exploding into the light, together with us, the PAT, and demonstrate what is possible for every honest, sovereign, and authentic seaker of spiritual truths at this most auspicious time.

A few days ago I was contacted by Tanya Arabadzhi, a young Bulgarian lady from my native town Plovdiv, Bulgaria, who lives and works in Italy. She is a single mother who also takes care of her daughter and is a Starseed from the Pleiades. Her innermost desire is to become a healer of humans and animals as she wrote to me. She found me through an article that was published on a popular esoteric Italian website.

We exchanged a few emails in Bulgarian and Italian and settled for English with the help of Deepl Translator as Tanya wants to also learn English perfectly and I told her that many readers of mine have easily learned English by simply reading my website.

Then we had a chat on skype as I wanted to finally speak Bulgarian. The last time I spoke my native language was in 2005. Tanya and I discussed a plethora of spiritual topics as she is very curious and highly motivated and wants to learn as much and as quickly as possible. I wished all lightworkers shared her curiosity but this is where the difference between the true light gestalts and light proles runs very deep.

In the end, I told Tanya to stay with us, with our website and the PAT as this is the most reliable, truthful, and authentic source of knowledge from which she can learn so much, also about what is happening now daily with the ascension process and thus raise her vibrations very quickly. I have seen it with so many members of the PAT in the last ten years and it is not an exaggeration when I  say that you cannot find anywhere on this planet so many ascended masters at one place as around this website.

However, even I didn’t expect that Tanya will have such a striking success within such a short period of time, although I knew that she is a highly evolved soul and capable of achieving anything she desires.

Here is our correspondence of today that says more than a whole library of esoteric books.

Hi George,

how are you doing? I want to tell you briefly what happened to me the other day after our skype call.

The next day I had gotten quiet to do a short meditation. I was thinking about the temple I told you about (The temple for the healing of the souls that I would like to build one day), but until that moment I could never imagine what it would be like. Instead, the other day while I was meditating, I thought of it and in front of my eyes appeared a dome of a light purple color, inside it in the center, there was a huge purple stone that emanated the energies of the purple flame. The dome was transparent, you could see everything inside.

Then other domes appeared to me with the other colors of the flames, everything happened in a very spontaneous way without forcing the brain in the slightest. Practically, I saw five transparent domes arranged in a circle and connected to each other, in the center of each one, there was a large stone with the corresponding color of the flame with the energies it emanated. It came out of the dome and connected to the source but in an energetic form and not solid.

In the middle of all the domes making a circle, there was an iridescent white beam of light, which was the strongest of all and that was the light from the source. It was an amazing thing.

Later, I saw another dome that covered all the other ones and it was huge, transparent, white in color. It looked like it had several floors and in one of them, I saw a pond and beautiful vegetation. I saw animals and I was very happy because I guessed that there will be many animals of almost all species there and many people who want to be healed will come here, people who will learn to talk and interact with animals, it will be like a kind of pet therapy farm.

When I came out of the mediation, I was so happy to have seen this. Have you ever seen anything like that? What do you think? It was an amazing thing.

I don’t always understand what I see. Apart from this beautiful vision, these days I feel the energies and it often happens to me that I change my mood. This night I was also attacked by entities but I managed to get rid of them. I read several of your articles, I like all of them the way they are written, I have already told you, but I feel completely in tune with everything you write. When I read your site, I feel that my seventh chakra opens up, I feel the strong energies that your writings emanate and this is a very positive sign for me. I hope this period will end soon because I often feel confused, then luckily everything settles down.

Hope you are well, tell me if you want anything.

Have a wonderful day.



Dear Tanya,

thank you very much for your comprehensive report of your visions of the healing temples of the violet (purple) and other flames. You are now fully opening to your soul and she gives you information about what you are already doing at the soul level and what you are creating.  You are a healer and this will be your future mission and I also promised you that it will come much quicker than you expected.

I also assured you that if you stay with me and study my writings and attune to my vibrations and that of the PAT, you will make a huge leap in your spiritual evolution and your vibrations will skyrocket. I have seen it with many PAT members over the years and this is as certain to come as the “Amen in the church”, to quote a German saying.

If you are attacked by some dark entities, which I personally no longer see and feel since the beginning of this year after I fought one last decisive battle with them on December 29th last year and purged them from these ascending timelines, then you should follow my instructions how to get rid of such parasites:

Continue with your spiritual activities in the direction we discussed on skype and you will be amazed by what you will be able to achieve very soon. This is now the new normal and very soon this will be acknowledged by the entire world when the healing and study centres of light manifest here in Italy and you can come here in Liguria from Northern Italy and begin with your true healing mission. No more work for the Orion slave system to get some worthless paper notes in order to survive.

I am proud of you as my countrywoman coming from my beloved birthplace Plovdiv, where we shall soon manifest another city of light as it is ready and only waits to appear when the Bulgarians are ready for that.

With love and light



You don’t know how happy I am to have met you and to know that there is a person who understands me completely. I feel like I’ve found something I’ve been looking for for a long time. I couldn’t leave you anymore, after finding a person with this high spirituality and that he is a fellow countryman and even from my hometown.

Thank you for the support and strength you give me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…


Dear Tanya,

it’s entirely my pleasure, you are the only Bulgarian I know who is truly at this spiritual level to communicate with me and participate in the light work of the PAT. I am more than happy to support you but essentially you are doing the light work yourself.

I use to say that I do not want to have any students because a real teacher must teach them all to become masters and makes himself superfluous. The really good teacher is the one who does not have any students as they are all masters. I prefer to communicate with masters and learn from them something than teaching students who never progress. After all, a good teacher is measured by the number of masters he has helped to become and not by the number of his eternal students who follow him devotedly.

Just stay confident and believe in yourself and everything will unfold according to your most beautiful dreams, sooner than you can imagine it.

With love and light


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