The Path Ahead Is Yours

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 2, 2021

Just for the record: We are now striding with giant steps towards immortality – towards eternal life – in this ultimate incarnation. Everything that happens between now and then is absolutely irrelevant in the bigger picture. Do not forget that.

Therefore, do not get addicted to my posts as this is the old way of thinking in terms of human dependencies. My publications have always had the objective to stimulate constructive creative discussions with you. When such contributions are missing on your part, then it turns into a sterile monologue. It becomes a one-way road that does not lead to ascension. Because ascension can only happen from within.

While ascension is entirely an individual process, it is always part of the collective dance of all souls upward to higher dimensions. We are all together in this movement. However, it takes two to tango.

Please understand, I am not a solo dancer. I am not even particularly interested in being the leader of the round dance. I prefer to enjoy the company of equals. This would say that I expect my equals to display equal creativity as myself and bring forward the results of their creations. Nobody will ascend being carried piggyback on the creative shoulders of the captain of the PAT. That I can assure.

Instead of expecting me to regularly write what has just happened or will come next, begin to attune to the conspicuous silence of the ongoing Shift which is now happening every day with massive bouts of source energy downloads as was the case yesterday. If you don’t feel these ascension waves personally, then you are in trouble and no post on my part would help you. I hope this is well understood.

Now consider the following fact: We, i.e. these ascending timelines, the earth, and humanity, have already left irreversibly the old 3D matrix behind. It doesn’t exist anymore as an energetic entity. It only exists as a collective illusion in the derailed perception of those humans who still cling to it and are totally closed to the current ascension process. These are the agnostic masses and the half-awakened alternative thinkers who are still mesmerized by this crumbling 3D reality and are perpetuating their lamentations (The AlexJoneses of today); they are the eternal fence straddlers, who are unfortunately still in bigger numbers at this point in time than I would have liked to see. Let it be.

While we are all tired to witness this heavy, bleak greyness that surrounds us in the gestalt of masqueraded fearful, brainless zombies and dysfunctional crumbling societal structures, know that the invisible energetic reality around us has already been transformed beyond recognition. The new upper 4D and 5D matrix, in which we now dwell as individual bubbles, is more flexible and malleable than ever before.

Instead of decades, the shifts are now happening in days or even moments as was the case yesterday. Since January 23, we are in a constant upward spiral of ever more refined higher frequency energies of ascension and this is what many PAT members are clearly sensing now.

For those of you who do not sense these energies, all my publications will have little meaning, for you are then fixated on what is not happening. But this is not the world I live in and I can only recommend you to leave this sterile, illusory, crumbling world immediately.

In the coming days, these shifts to higher frequency levels will continue unabated until we finally reach the threshold of a global phase transition. This is what I describe as the Shift with a capital letter “S”. How this will occur and what will happen then, is anybody’s guess and I urge you to activate your imagination and generate the highest version of what you want to be on the new earth.

This is the only way how the ascension is happening now.


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