Huge Schift – Massive Downloads of Source Energies on February 17/18, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 18, 2021

Yesterday afternoon (CET), immediately after I published my very important energy forecast on the impending shift, a monster wave hit me and the earth. It was as if the HR were waiting for me to finish with my energy report that my HS channeled in a very compelling manner, to begin with the confirmation regarding the imminence of this event.

It was the most violent and smashing wave I have experienced in a long time. I could barely walk and move, my whole body was in pain. It was as if I was carrying tons of weight. Again, I am sure that this massive download of source energies has to do with huge changes in the magnetic field of the earth as also my coordination was vastly impaired.

The downloads continued throughout the whole night with an excruciating headache and stabbing pain in my right eye socket. I had to get up at 3 am to take a painkiller (novalgin), use an icepack and take a hot shower to mitigate somewhat the pain. It got a little bit better around 5:30 am and then I could sleep for another 2 hours.

Today, the headache and the downloads continue unabated. I heard from some PAT members that they have also been hit by this wave, which in itself is nothing new to us, but the time of its occurrence after the publication of the energy report is insofar remarkable as when I wrote it, I had an ecstatic feeling that the Shift has commenced. Of course, this positive feeling was drowned soon thereafter in pain but this is how ascension works for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour.

This reminds me of a German idiot who commented on my previous report on the energies for February and March in its German translation. He wrote: We do not need to feel any energetic waves as the GF has placed huge crystals in the earth and they make the ascension for us. This is the kind of human cretinism we must deal with these days from all those for whom we undergo this ordeal in order to save/lift their asses.

Therefore, I do not mind having a terrible headache a few more days but then the Shift will come sooner and made an end to this human insanity that is much more difficult to bear than the physical pains that the ascension waves bring to us.

In order to understand that this was an extraordinary event, here is a video of the volcano Etna in Sicily which erupted yesterday at the same time. This tells you that we are also dealing with some forceful terraforming events of which we shall see much more in the near future. There is no way that the shift will come without some huge natural catastrophes as these dark, stale energies must be released from Gaia and her grids:



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