Energy Report: The Arcturians Confirm the Start of the Collective Soul Catharsis

The Shift Is Most Likely to Occur Around Spring Equinox

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 23, 2021

Well, it didn’t take very long for the Arcturians to fully confirm my four energy forecasts from the last week:

Today, they are announcing Huge Downloads Leading to Mass Awakenings, all of which will be completed by March Equinox: “…You can expect for all of them to be complete by the time you reach the March Equinox.

It can’t get any better in terms of the precision of my energy forecasts. The reason for that is that all these downloads flow first through my hugely expanded personal field that now encompasses the whole earth and much more and surely the entire ascending humanity through my threefold flame of life and heart chakra that are direct protuberation and extended expression of the Source itself.

The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

Yesterday, Monday, February 22, marked another massive download of source energy accompanied by global cleansing of predominantly old Atlantean energies of treason and betrayal that are still carried by all humans. This is an ongoing global cleansing or enormous intensity and personal sacrifice on my part, after I single-handedly expunged the multidimensional rogue Atlantean clique in March last year and then defeated and exterminated on June 10, 2020, with the help of the GF, all the big ugly evilest reptilians that imposed the current lockdown on all politicians and countries.

For one whole year, I am now cleansing daily these basic dark energetic patterns of treason and betrayal that have dominated human behavour since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria and are at the core of all wars, human strife, calamities, genocide, and ongoing destruction of this civilization for eons of time.

The energies of treason and betrayal are deeply rooted in the personality structure of all human beings, also in almost all lightworkers in the new age as you can recognize them by their behavior, no matter how lofty their esoteric aspirations may pretend to be. This is the most serious issue in this last phase prior to the Shift. The eradication of these very dark and very insidious energies that can perfectly camouflage themselves as pseudo-spiritual virtues is the main target of the current soul catharsis that began last week with the active descent of the souls of all ascending candidates in the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human chests in close proximity to their heart and throat chakras.

Saturday, February 20, 2021, was a solitary peak in the release of nasty energies of treason and betrayal followed by a beautiful respite and a major shift for me on Sunday as I  wrote on that day.  However, this pause was very short-lived and on Monday it was followed by a similar nasty episode as Saturday when I thought, I would die from asphyxia while going through the birthing canal of the ascending humanity, which I am now lifting to the new ascending timelines where they can experience the best ascension scenario with me as the new world spiritual teacher and the PAT as the embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ.

This is how we create the Shift now and the emergence of the new earth on this planet.

While I was writing the latest article today, which is another major contribution to our active preparation for the Shift (with regard to the invocation I have asked the PAT to make as to trigger the necessary alchemical reaction leading to a profound change in human behavior towards more sanity and courage), Pepe wrote to me:

Dear Georgi,

have you read the today’s channeling from the Arcturians? It’s totally spot on with your energy forecast. 

There has been another huge Shift yesterday, it was very unpleasant. Today seems to be much more refined, but I can feel the downloads already pouring in…

Much love.

With regards,

J. Fleischman

To which I responded as follows:

Dear Pepe,

I just read it as before that I wrote an article which I have just published – a beautiful story there.

This is another great confirmation and I will tell you why:

Yesterday was as bad a day as Saturday about which I published a report and you commented. The same type of cleansing and activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul that marks the beginning of the collective soul catharsis. It almost devastated me as it did on Saturday.

Then around 8:30 pm (CET) I got very tired and was taken away till 10 pm. When I woke up I had the most incredible ascension test run with a deafening high-pitched tone, the energies have moved from the heart chakra, where I felt a huge pressure and asphyxia the whole day up to the crown chakra. I sat for an hour on the balcony to chill down and knew that this is my ascension happening now, at this very moment, and that everything I am doing is perfect and the right thing, even when the energies are so devastating and disheartening. I felt to have almost arrived at the city of light which is now not only above me, where I live, in the middle of its interception with this reality, but also within me as it should be.

I will probably publish this message of the Arcturians with a foreword.

With love and light


And here is the message of the Arcturians of today that captures everything I have written so far and confirms it in a brilliant way as it should be. First and foremost, the most likely date for the Shift, which will be around Spring Equinox in March.

Huge Downloads Leading to Mass Awakenings ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been taking you slowly through the paces, so to speak, preparing you, little by little, for the larger downloads that we feel you are ready for at this time. You are ready to receive these downloads because we, and our cohorts in the higher realms, have been softening you up. We have been readying you for the avalanche of energies that are now imminent for all of you.

There has been enough receptivity to what we all have been offering to consider humanity in your intermediate phase in terms of what you are capable of handling now. It is always important to recognize that the slow and steady pace is what serves you most, and it also allows you to savor each step that you take in the positive direction you are all moving.

Now, these downloads will go directly into your energy fields, and they will allow you to filter more of what you don’t want. They will help to keep you free from interference from others who use whatever techniques they have at their disposal to lower your vibration and to infiltrate your energy fields with what does not serve you any longer. Now, in case you are wondering why we didn’t do this sooner, it is because your higher selves wanted you to have certain experiences that you have now had, experiences you do not need to keep having.

(This is a circumscription of the descent of the soul in the human bodies and the triggering of the collective soul catharsis which I have explained in great depth in a series of articles during the last 4 months, N.B. George)

You are ready now to have a pure experience of all of the positive energies that are present. You are ready to have a better experience of your reality, no matter what you are creating. You have done enough, and you have suffered enough, and you have asked for this protective type of filtration system (What better protective type of filtration system than the descent of the I AM Presence in the human body of the incarnated personality? N.B. George). We are, of course, going to work with your guides and your higher selves to ensure that these energies are not only received but properly utilized by all of you there on Earth, regardless of whether the individual is awake or not.

We know that this will lead to mass awakenings and that all of you who have been awake for a while will have more friends and colleagues to play with as a result. We are very excited about these downloads, and you can expect for all of them to be complete by the time you reach the March Equinox. Take care of yourselves, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water to prepare yourselves for what is coming, because it is more energy than you are accustomed to receiving, and in our opinion, these downloads are coming right on time for all of you there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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