World Liberation Drive 2021

Continued from Part 1: The World Liberation Drive

Brad “Scales of Justice” Barber, January 3, 2021

Spent a wonderful night in Park City, UT with my mother and her husband. Mask detail was interesting as he is older and very concerned.  It’s amazing how the virus is dangerous from twenty feet in the living room, but so much less from four feet at the dining table when food’s present. I get it. Maybe saying that Joe Biden was an owned Communist wasn’t the best thing in the presence of my liberal Mom, but you know, he is one. Pass the meatballs!!

I drove the next day to Boise, Idaho to stay with two great friends for a couple of days.  It was nice to catch up in-person. I asked to see the “cheesiest” thing in Boise and we ended up finding a massive potato building being leased out as an Air Bnb. For $150 a night. Legendary cheese.

I did drive around my childhood birthplace of Salt Lake City, UT before leaving Utah. I was going to relieve myself on the Mormon Temple downtown but it was completely fenced off and undergoing what looked like a billion-dollar renovation at the time. Pretty fitting as the masses starve.

On the drive to Idaho, I had time to think and research the rest of the message I received the day before.  “Halifax” is where the Bank of Nova Scotia was founded and is one of the banks that always rigs the precious metals markets.  Maybe it’s an upcoming Ponzi implosion candidate to finally break the chains.  Then I assume “Lexicon Drive” basically meant the full message had been received, has been the complete body of work.  What an interesting group of songs to make up a message I knew I was receiving!  Who writes a song called Halifax?  Has to be a thriller.

I was in Boise for the first day that global markets reopened on Monday from when I left, and the instant message was beautiful.  It was one of the biggest blowouts of junior silver mining stocks I had seen in months and validating the purpose of the voyage in the first place.  At least one of them.

Here are a couple of silver stocks that morning as the whole sector blew wide open. Thanks, guys for making me look extra good.

My friend and I had a great discussion and we ended up talking about my father and some of the strange things that he has said happened to him. I was going to drive through the area he grew up in a couple of days and I felt there was some major healing to take place with my trip.  My father has talked about beings he’s seen and talked to and even about being offered money and much else. He was at the Crossroads and I think I know some of the decisions that were made.  But it seems the same decisions have been made by most. I knew in 2011 I could make as much money as I wanted in the markets, but when I saw Warren Buffett telling the whole world to buy banks from his bathtub, I thought it was pure evil and denounced it. That’s when I was shown the magic.

We brought up the Devil and many concepts of selling one’s soul.

The Devil called me five minutes later after I left the room.  He was trying to sell an auto warranty package for a car that no longer existed.

So just so you know now, The Devil is in Ohio and selling auto warranty packages.  But then I saw that the same number had tried to call me and left a message earlier. It appears the Devil was also selling Health Insurance. Crafty bastard!!

I headed off on my way to Mordor and started in with a new album my friend heard about. It turned out to be the perfect new energy I needed to get all the way to LA.  The album “Moving Backwards” by the band Wheel. It’s rare, the first album from any band is that good, but these guys are nailing it. The lyrics say what needs to be said and the tunes get it done with incredible mind-opening rhythms.

“The gallows are in demand.  And there will be no omission.  There’s nowhere to hide.  From the storm that’s coming.

I also liked their line, “So try to piss on your bonfire, we will never relent.”

It’s awesome to hear and see the bands emerge I’ve been waiting for since I developed my Bands That Should Exist project.  It was a dry desert of sound for a few years. I bring up these bands and their music as they love you. They truly love you and your mind and are concerned about your future.  But like someone brilliant posted on a meme the other day, “It’s not time to wake the sheep anymore, It’s time to wake the lions.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the metals and stock markets gave the same message that George did in his own life.

The Stargate For the Shift Early 2021 Is Fully Opened

I feel it every single day and have for so long.  There was a vicious shot across the bow and all the old energy tried to attract fund flows as the FATMAAN stocks attracted cash.  That’s the acronym for Ponzi technology in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, etc.  Silver miners got wrecked then launched into the stratosphere the rest of the week.

Many people may actually like to know that how they feel is directly correlated to the global action of energy suppression in the metals markets. I can always feel it before the moves happen.  Combined with everything else, it’s really overwhelming at times.  There’s a reason I’ve spent six years teaching many in the New Age and in regular finance and investing about metals and the rig job that controls everything.  But it doesn’t seem it matters much.

What is most rare at this point is that silver is leading gold. This does not happen very often and is validating everything we are all looking for. But gold is now at the compression point. With bitcoin blowing out as I write this, it will be interesting to see what the next week brings with flows of energy and with visible Ponzi government concepts coming to a head on January the 6th.

Here’s the chart of gold:

Your and my short term health may rely on what happens with that chart formation.  I’d prefer an explosion in January.  As we all would.  But short term dips would all be bought and break out later anyways.  I just don’t know how much longer I can handle the intensity of this.  It hurts.

I drove west and south through all of Oregon where literally nothing exists and then crossed over the Cascade Mountains by Crater Lake down to stay in Grant’s Pass on the Rogue River.  I went from a complete high desert with no one in sight for four hours to having snow piled 4 to 5 feet above my truck on the leeward side of the mountains from the snowplows. After white-knuckling it for several hours on the ice, I got some good sleep. The smell of this area close to the Redwoods is amazing and I would visit again any time.

And now I entered Mordor through the North from Crescent City. The drive down highway 101 into San Francisco was so incredible and one of my all-time favorites.  The Redwoods are so majestic and the booming waves of the coast there were magnificent.  It’s amazing so few people live in this area. I could live there.  I like rain. I did visit to ask the Ents to awaken a bit quicker and assist this process.  The trees aren’t prone to listening to my requests. But I tried.

As I approached San Francisco I felt a bit of nerves building as I was finally amongst the seven county virus lockdowns and major restrictions.  No one in Eastern Utah wore a mask when they walked in the gas station stores.  Same for much of Southern Idaho. Obviously much different in the heavily populated areas, but I could feel the tension rising in CA as I drew near. I envisioned the Gestapo standing at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge scanning everyone’s papers.  Right as I began to worry about my trip, right on cue, my phone cut out and the song I was listening to started over.  I took it as an immediate cue to not worry and keep trucking on. I had read so much about San Fran that it was tough to not feel some anxiety over this one.

The next magical unknown, that I was assuming would reveal itself later, happened after staying the night right near the Apple campus in Cupertino. And this was later highlighted by George’s article, but I was already guessing it before.

Do You Feel the Shift?

The end is what particularly highlighted what I was feeling about everything upon reflection of the last couple of days. It all had to do with the communication center and social networking companies in California through the rest of my drive to LA. I passed Google, Apple, Facebook, and eventually Twitter.  Some codes needed to be delivered and I’m the one to do it, I guess.  I received the ultimate confirmation from a friend who sent me a message. He knew of my trip and first article but didn’t know what else I was up to. He sent a message saying “ready to drop the worm in the apple basket.”  Well, the worm has been dropped.

As I drove into San Francisco area, the silver miners were going nuts and many of the leaders were starting to show themselves.  The four horsemen of the Ponzi Silver Apocalypse started to breakout. The acronym I’m giving them is CHAF.  Let’s chaf(e) their asses, boys.  It’s shown on this Tweet by Gold Ventures who is great to watch if you’re not aware.  I trade it better than he does actually, but he’s awesome and very giving of his time.  The junior silver miners not so visible are going ballistic.  Yassssss!!!!

It is pretty humbling to see the energy released during the first week of my drive.  It’s everything and more than I ever could have hoped, and we’re just getting started.  It’s Our Game now, though the next couple of weeks will be interesting and I’m making zero predictions.  Scotiabank is the name for the Bank of Nova Scotia.  Fortuna mines is FSM on the list there.  I drove past Fortuna and Scotia, CA at the same time as this Tweet was sent on metals leaders breaking out.  Yes, I have as much fun in my mind as possible with all of this.

I also received the annual yearly review of the future from James Dines of The Dines Letter right as I neared San Fran.  His office is in San Fran.  On a linear basis with national states intact, James Dines should have been the President of the United States for the last 50 years. Everything he has said would happen has happened and he has helped thousands of people better themselves in so many areas as an adviser. Not just in finance, but in health and many other areas.  He last appeared on TV in 2005 and said to sell your houses as a housing crash was coming.  They never invited him back on TV. He also recommended buying houses back in 2011 after the crash.  Now he has a global sell on real estate for the first time in history. I wish his work wasn’t based on being agnostic but it’s what he has done and God bless him for his service.

Here are some of the quotes from his recent analysis.

“Historically, the current crisis actually began in the depths of the so-called Great Depression, after the 1929 crash, when President Roosevelt mandated that the world’s top economists were to see it that there never again be a “Great Depression.”  The resulting overprinting of unbacked currency…

With that goal having failed miserably, it’s time to trash all economic theory since 1929 and start again, believe the unbelievable or not.”

The current economic crash in 2020 was the second down wave, again confounding government economists worldwide who believe a “second Great Depression is impossible.”  It’s not over yet, and the next economic down wave will be the killer wave.  And the sequence will not be over until we have a sound currency again, or a very different economy as dictated by a police state.

Pretty interesting to hear from an investing legend as we already have designed the new currency as related to Universal Law and Ascension.

The New “Astral” Currency Is Coming – International Edition

I.N.F.E.R. – Interdimensional Network for Financial Energy Remuneration

Dines recommends Bitcoin as an investment, but he’s smart enough to know it’s not the answer.

A point of no return for currencies is inevitable on the current path. Worldwide.”

At the same time, Dines is talking of all the medical advancements and gene editing technology and seeing the potential.  He is the only one I know of outside of metaphysical realms that is predicting the coming Age of Immortality. So the Gorilla in the Room is always Consciousness. Always.

The band Leprous has an amazing album out called “Pitfalls.”  It fulfilled my Band That Should Exist concept of “The Holy Fail,” which was a person who drank from the Holy Grail and found infinite life but got scammed all day no matter what he/she tried and couldn’t take it. That’s it. That’s where we are at checkmate.  Leprous lyrics even hauntingly said, “I no longer feel safe in my bed.”  And he’s right.  It’s all hijacked and done.

Dines posted a beautiful quote that is why I do everything I do and push as hard as I have no matter what other people think.  Thoreau, once jailed, was asked, “Why are you Here?”  Thoreau answered, “why are you out there?”

Dines also posted an amazing chart that you will not see anywhere and is at the core of everything.  All charts showing the Demonic values at play are all missing one key factor.  Money supply.  Here’s the chart of the S&P measured properly in different ways.

The gold market is the same as the existence of paper gold.  The price measure billions of ounces of fake paper gold in it. So the real price is drastically higher. The price of Bitcoin is showing the true currency failure but it’s now going to be targeted, attacked, and paper over into so many different products to “water” it down that who knows.  On this timeline, of course.

This whole trip has come down to communication and the messages being distributed worldwide. And I’m in the heart of it for a reason. I personally receive such crazy communication and can read and channel based on watching repetitions in words and markets and fake news headlines. I also know that every word that is spoken through someone is a message from God or yourself as part of God as it were. Unfortunately, it usually is just used to be able to know how far up someone’s ass their head is. Still a gift.

For now, I’m here a few more days in Social Media Hell and we’ll see what happens. We watched the New Year’s Eve ball drop from Times Square the other night.  The commercial from Google before the highlight event was one of the evilest things I’ve ever seen.  The general populace, and for that fact, almost everyone, has no chance vs. this Demon Octopus until different messages can be sent and received.  I know I am here to make that happen.  In whatever way. In whatever fashion.

I did get the chance to drive through one of my boyhood idol’s playgrounds. Clint Eastwood and Carmel and the Monterrey Peninsula.  The drive on Highway 1 along the coast from there is unreal.

Clint was the ultimate purveyor of justice in his movies and I’ve always felt the same about life since I discovered the Fraud.  It was an honor to go through the area and see Justice begin to be served in metals markets and everywhere beyond as I rode my trail.  After looking up the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I changed the name of my mule from “The Pale Rider.”  The black horseman represented the scales of justice and is everything I know and am.  My truck has now been named “The Black Mule”.  And Hell followed with him?

Let’s see what happens next with five days left on the journey.

With all love, honor, and respect.


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