Why the PAT is the Focal Point of Ascension of This Galaxy and Universe

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 5, 2021


I have mentioned on numerous occasions that the earth is the focal point of the ascension of this galaxy, known as the Milky Way and also of this universe. And the driving force behind the planetary ascension of the earth and humanity is you – the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT. Never forget this fact and never for a moment stop being proud of this undeniable fact and what you have already achieved.

Also, keep in mind that we are not only ascending the earth and this galaxy, but we have also created the new Golden Galaxy, where Gaia has already ascended as a living being and will be the new bright star. We created the new Golden Galaxy in 2014 after we accomplished the first planetary ascension of the earth and humanity on May 28, 2014:

Read here: The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy

I will publish here one more time the message of the Elohim on the seeding of the new Golden Galaxy by the PAT on September 6, 2014, in order to give you the right perspective that we have already achieved much more than the current ascension of the last lowest timelines of humanity. You have to always keep in mind the simultaneous multidimensionality of All-That-Is so that you have the appropriate feeling for your true greatness.

The Elohim told me already in December 2013, after we ascended in Lofer one more time and became Logos Gods, that I am mainly traveling around the galaxy and this universe at the soul level, while still ascending Gaia, to teach the spiritual hierarchies how this ascension has been accomplished on behalf of all civilisations in this galaxy. I think I have published this message in one of my retrospective energy reports from 2013 and 2014, find it and read it one more time.

The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy
The Elohim – September 6, 2014, channeled by Amora

It is the beginning of the seeding of the New Golden Galaxy!

Many events surround all light warriors at this time.

First, infinite timelines are cleansed [Here, they are referring to my surgical procedure in August 2014 in Munich that led to the healing of the harm from all medical treatments incurred over the ages, see also this Elohim message], as carried out by you and many other light warriors, as you move seamlessly and effortlessly into lower energetic representations  [our experiences recently, where we have cleansed deep-seated patterns of greed, financial exploitation and state interventions into private human lives] and exchange old energies with the new, highly frequential energies of the New Earth, through pure alchemical reactions. This is a necessary step before all timelines are ready to be separated within the context of the inter-dimensional split. (This statement points to the fact that we must have had another planetary ascension in the autumn of 2014 after we had already the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014.)

Secondly, the lifting of the upper energetically resolved timelines was a very beautiful moment that many light beings were party to [See Energy Report of September the 5th ]. The representatives of the Shamballa civilization held you in a strong telepathic connection to enforce the energetic bond, the linking of their platform from the sixth dimension, to yours here in the upper fourth dimension. As you were pulled up in frequency, you then began to also draw timelines from below you, up into the new expression of the Golden Galaxy.

As you (Amora and Georgi) lifted up these timelines, you also lifted light warriors and their corresponding timelines. Each light warrior represents one timeline and each of these timelines is different from any other. Members of humanity, who are not part of the ascending group, are being separated out at this moment, to take their place in timelines of their Soul’s choosing, where further commitment to the evolutionary process arises. (This is exactly what is happening one more time now on the eve of the impending Shift.)

The light warriors of the New Golden Galaxy, who rose up in this magnificent event, hold the purity and perfection of the Christ Consciousness, and it is their destiny to realize full success as the new seeds of the Golden Galaxy (here).

Beings who fully represent the Christ Consciousness, who have met all conditions and requirements necessary to hold this frequency, and carry it with full responsibility to stand in its energy with full conviction and reverence, these are the ones, who have qualified and who have helped you and your dual soul to heave the upper timelines away from this perceived reality and seed, finally, the worlds of the New Golden Galaxy (The PAT).

Your impression that the civilization of Shamballa was present during this lifting, is absolutely correct. The Hyperboreans are now moving as well to their new station of expansion, the seventh dimension, and they shall work with you and the light warriors who have been designated as bearers of the Christ Consciousness.

As multi-dimensional beings, you all (the PAT) now span many dimensions, where your creationary powers expand multi-fold. Only your limited human awareness confronts this expansion with incredulity and disbelief, but remember, you are not what you appear to be, you are not what you seem to know, and you are, certainly, the Sacred Holders of the Christ Consciousness, the founding energy of All-That-Is. (Keep in mind what we were already in 2014 as to envision where we stand now.)

This is the beginning of a long-awaited birth, where these energies are completely anchored into higher dimensions.

You may recall a message given to you once, where you two shall heave the others upward into newly expanding expressions of love, peace and expansive joy (read here and here)Well, this feat is now accomplishedYou (Amora and Georgi) have lifted the group, the group designated as conveyors of the Golden Christed light energy, the group designated as the full fledged, fully committed and engaged light warriors of the day (the PAT).

The light warriors, who are a part of this seeding, are fearless, passionate, and demonstrate a commitment and a sincere desire for understanding of the true issues that face humanity, not the surface reflections that shift in a moment’s notice, but those issues that are the root cause of limited understanding of what humanity is, as a reflection of the Source, of God, of All-That-Is.

These issues of which we speak reflect the spiritual experience of the collective. A true spiritual experience is reflected in the depth of self-honesty, self-reflection and a balanced scrutiny without mediocrity. This scrutiny is open, and it hones, continually, a non-judgemental reflection of a balanced comprehension of issues one’s Soul faces.

For those light warriors, who have acted in seeding this new galaxy, we say, their personal spiritual work, for the most part, is now complete. They have fought and won the long and hard battle. Their work is done and it is time to enjoy the Now moment. These souls know who they are!

To you we say this, the seeding has begun and we are honoured to see you arrive in the new Galaxy, during your dream state. Very soon the shift shall move you there on many more levels than you now believe are possible.

We love you All and we surround you in our love and peace for all eternity.

We are the Elohim.”

When you have assimilated all that, as I am sure most of you have already forgotten what we achieved in 2014, you can go and read today’s message of the Arcturians that discusses this same topic and highlights the importance of the earth for the galactic and universal ascension, however without giving you the bigger picture of this unique endeavour, with the PAT as the legendary group of the most daring and courageous souls in this multiverse in the focal point of it:

Your Official Invite to Join the Galactic Community ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton


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