The Disgrace of the American Patriots

Patrick Amoroso, January 18, 2021

Dear Patrick,

can you write an essay under the title ‘The Disgrace of the American Patriots” as an American citizen? They have all given up hope and are unable to see and understand what is happening now as they are such cowards and deficient personalities. Go to Alex Jones, Natural News, Bannon War room, etc., watch also Alex Jones interview with Steve Pieczenik, it is hilarious, and check the BS they are now writing and saying. Veritable dark children of the Empire of Evil.

Can’t learn anything. Dastardly Cowards!

I could have written it myself but I am fed up with threshing on the Americans, if you like to write it and express your disgust, this will be an important article when they realize how wrong they have been all along. This is the right psychological moment to expose the depravity of all American patriots and why they would not have achieved anything on their own but had to be saved by the military.

With love and light



Ok and thanks. When I was a lone wolf challenging the fabricated and bogus Bush Wars against Iraq for over two years during 2005-2007 on a leftist media platform, I would often ask myself where are the truth-tellers on the Right. There were none except for Justin Raimondo (recently deceased) over at He and I conversed through email a few times.

You are quite correct that the forerunners of the Trump crowd never gave serious scrutiny to the Evil done in their name.

Of course, before this was all finished, unmarked helicopters buzzed my house for two years.


The dilemma posed by the imploding conditions now manifesting across the American political-financial-societal institutions is proof positive that the ELITIST concept of the Nation-State as an organizing and collective ethos for the benevolent aspirations of humanity IS hereby NOW defunct.

The Creation of Nation States and Constitution to Deter You From Your Core Truth

The American Republic, the latest model of governance in the historical march towards libertarian emancipation from the shackles of a feudalistic order based upon the lineages of the Monarchistic and Ecclesiastic models imposed by the combined institutions of millennia-old patronage is now at this very moment cascading towards its ultimate conclusion in the week convening January 19, 2021.

What was once proclaimed as the “Mankind’s Last Best Hope“, the USA, has been marginalized to the sidelines of history despite its lofty proclamations and testaments put forth in a charter by the ELITES of the day for unbridled economic concentration and the granting of proprietary human rights to a post-revolutionary society of an emerging Nation-State.

This faulty concept of the granting of Human Rights to Beings who are truly sovereign souls of a much higher order obfuscates the very essence of the divine and soul-inspired KNOWING in what Dr. dissertations write about HUMAN GNOSIS. It is this transcendental understanding which is remiss in humanity today resulting in a dichotomy of perception and causing the ultimate alienation not only as a collective but more importantly to the individual soul. In the spiritual parlance, such a conundrum of the human consciousness is often referred to as dualistic perception.

The disquisition to follow will reveal how this spiritual void is manifested in the idealistic intentions of those who claim to be Trump supporters or who might be euphemistically termed the American Patriots.

The Disgrace of the American Patriots

The term MAGA or what is commonly referred to as the Make America Great Trump supporters are the latest manifestation of those who claim to be righteously inclined to thwart the policies of the Democrats. To be certain, the Democratic Party of modern-day America is Orwellian to the extreme and manipulated and controlled by the minions engaged in the Evil In Our Midst.

The Biden crowd concurs with the total acceptance of the Corona scamdemic, mandatory mask-wearing and the soon to follow required vaccinations. These insane political measures would be followed by a host of other ill-fated policies of an authoritarian regime clouded in the collective mindset of Identity Politics.

Identity Politics is a term that describes a political approach wherein people of a particular ethnicity, religion, race, social background, class or other identifying factor develop political agendas and organize based upon the interests of their own group. (Wikipedia Source)

As a consequence, the Democratic Policy presents a hodgepodge of narrow agenda related policies whose ultimate consequence is to please everyone. This myopic concentration of diverse interests results in bribery, blackmailing and is used by the Elite Cabal to further their interests of power concentration utilizing the millennia aged tactic of “Divide and Conquer“. Divide the Masses and YOU, (ELITES) Conquer.

Enter the Patriots or what Hillary Clinton refers to as “The Deplorables”. This cross-section of Red State Republicans are a composite of Trump supporters and are challenging the illicit and stolen presidential election by the Democrats supported by substantial and credible evidence. That story in and of itself is a narrative that cannot be disputed given the statistical analysis of in-depth investigations of the last two months.

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The disinformation presented by the Main Street Media (MSM) is so pervasive at this juncture tendered by newscasters, politicians and Biden supported pundits that its ultimate goal is to enslave, disempower and plunder the entire USA population in one last desperate ploy of enormity. The ELITES have given full support to the Corrupt Democratic Establishment.

For a certainty, the Patriots on the right recognize the evil intentions of the Democratic Party but due to an inability to transcend their consciousness beyond the confines of a dualistic thinking consensus, they fall prey to FEAR.

FEAR, as I have often stated is the most destructive human sentiment in the Universe. If one is held hostage to the tentacles of a spiritually-debilitating fear, then you are unable to think in a logical, rational, and cohesive manner. It is at times like this that we are forced to confront our long-held beliefs about institutions consolidating their grasp on not only the collective consciousness of humanity but more importantly OUR OWN SOUL and a question arises:

“Do we have the internal fortitude, and spiritual strength to examine, scrutinize and ultimately shed allegiances that undermine our innate divinity as sparks of a transcendental, conscious, sublime and universal-divine energy in order to know oneself?

Ultimately, this awareness is self-love and was once expressed by a first-century Galilean spiritual teacher by these words: “The Kingdom of God is within you.“

The American Patriots often embellish the fact and announce their Christian heritage with undue restraint. However, in their haste to demand immediate recognition that something must be done NOW, they fall prey to their FEARS and an illusionary perception overwhelms their soul-inspired stance of sustaining patience with conscious results bordering on insane theories of imminent dangers.

It is here that they fail the litmus test of a truly awakened and elevated consciousness by arbitrarily choosing FEAR. This denies them from fully and transcendentally understanding the current inauguration impasse from their divinely-inspired intuition and thus causes an ego-driven mentality to take hold with faulty conclusions clouding their consciousness.

A prime example of this forfeiture to the ego is the demonstrable antics of the personage of Alex Jones. Jones is a modern-day prophet whose online revelations are viewed by many American Patriots. Jones is a recognized American Patriot who despite his bombastic rhetoric driven by his ego-based personality truly does discern the devilish challenges posed by the extreme left to the faltering American Republic.

Steve Pieczenik, a former White House operative serving under numerous White House Administrations and Alex Jones engaged in a verbal slugfest of rudeness and exasperation while Jones seems to whimper about all the eventualities and potentialities if Trump does not act NOW but does not believe at the same time that he will act as Steve Pieczenik assures him. Mental schizophrenia in the purest form. To quote Dr. Stankov, watching this farcical exercise in absurdity is hilarious!

However, such fallacious reasoning does not end there.

Fellow American Patriots Mike Adams at and former Trump insider Steve Bannon at  take it to another level of consummate absurdity by suggesting that the Chinese are about to invade the continental USA.

I must admit as Dr. Stankov did previously that I went into a fit of uncontrollable laughter given the fact that the USA has 900 overseas bases many of which are in close striking distance to mainland China, while the Chinese military deploys a single military post in a puny African nation.

One can readily discern that the American Patriots shoot themselves in the foot by engaging in such nonsensical rhetoric. These examples actually undermine their righteous cause which is legitimate BUT in the final analysis, they could never bring to completion the American nightmare and rectify the Evil Empire with their poisoned minds.

Why so? Simply because THEY are not awakened to the Higher Intuitive Comprehension derived from a Soul-based inspiration and thus are prone to the very same dualistic thinking mode that the Democrats also exercise against them.

Both political parties are hostage to their encompassing faulty logic devoid of any semblance of a spiritually-based foundation and awakening transcendental Higher Consciousness.

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They need enemies and by doing so, the American Patriots and self-acclaimed heroes, who in their cowardice have lost all hope in their salvation and have already abandoned their cause, must be rescued by the American Military under the full and autonomous control of President Trump who incidentally is fulfilling the divine directive as stipulated by Dr. Georgi Stankov in his recent disquisitions.

How the US Election Tomorrow Will Affect Our Ascension Scenario

Alas, the interdimensional shift and ensuing Ascension of the PAT is the REAL Narrative, known by the few but about to be experienced by the many.


Alex Jones’ and Mike Adam’s schizophrenia in full display on the eve of the resolution. Cowardice and lack of faith, driven by fear are the source of all mental disorders:



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