How to Create New Timelines of Ascension For Humanity

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 11, 2021

Since the beginning of November, and definitely after the US election, I have decided to enter a very intensive telepathic contact with the awakening portion of humanity, predominantly in the USA as the dynamics is particularly pronounced in this country. The masses in Europa are still slumbering.

I began to use all my energetic repertoire to raise the frequencies and consciousness of these people. I searched for new forums where these awakening people could freely express their opinions and where I could gauge the level of emotional indignation that was rising in their inner fields as they have been confronted, after the gargantuan election fraud, increasingly with the insidious and callous lies and deceptions of the political elite, the fake MSM, the obnoxious corporate America of the big tech giants, and the radical leftist camp.

The latter crystallized into the crucible for all incarnated human personalities whose souls have no chance to ascend in the current End Time and are at the beginning of another even more gruesome incarnation cycle than the one they are now leaving behind. They know that at the soul level and that is why their nastiness now peaks to heaven.

I began to enter in numerous virtual discussions with the awakening portion of America, which I defined in previous articles as “Bannon&Co” alluding to the audience of War Room. I also frequented a few more popular sites and watched a great number of videos from a similar walk of life who define themselves as patriots.

Coming from Europe and having experienced first hand what a dangerous walk on a tight rope it is between being a benevolent patriot and an arsonic nationalist, I have a natural and automatic suspicion regarding the behavior and mental sanity of such individuals.

Indeed, the more I delved into their weird world of convoluted ideas and opinions, garnished with a typical lack of any self-reflection, I realized what immense educational work lies before us before these people can become responsible members of an enlightened, ascending, transgalactic civilisation, toward which this humanity inevitably strides.

Then I employed my well-proven method of soul inter-counselling and began to lead very vivid fictitious discussions with these people, in which I pointed out the numerous inconsistencies and outright contradictions in their mode of thinking and disjoint opinions.

Since I am now alone, Amora had to go back to Canada to fix some family issues, but first and foremost, to bring her bright light to the North American continent and mitigate the growing separation and confrontation in the society there, I have plenty of time to lead such virtual discussions, very often in a loud voice.

At some point, I began to ask myself, why am I doing these futile efforts as these people cannot be reached with any logical and enlightened arguments? This conclusion was confirmed by a number of attempts to establish a written exchange of opinions with such people.

At some point, I concluded that I must be crazy or stupid to continue dealing with these intransigent people on the eve of my ascension, who while self-righteously praising their American patriotism as a virtue didn’t hesitate for a moment to glorify all the numerous wars, civil wars and brutal interventions which their Empire of Evil has conducted the world over since WW2 and has caused infinite destruction, misery, and loss of millions of innocent lives of Non-Americans.

This aspect is never a topic in the discussions of American patriots. The only thing that matters to these people is the glorification of their heroism. When I listen to their conversations, I have the impression that the American nation consists only of heroes on the side of the patriots and of traitors in the opposite camp. I wonder how they still live together and my guess is, they won’t. That is why there must be a separation between these two irreconcilable groups at the societal level very soon and the USA will crumble as a nation.

I got quite depressed by these observations and wanted to quit. But then my soul urged me with her inimitable pitiless manner to continue this exercise and not give up as it does not matter what these people say and think now: As long as I establish telepathic contact with them and communicate with them at the soul level, they will begin to change and evolve rapidly though invisibly for me and, at the beginning, also for them.

I have never understood why the illumination of humanity must be always so unpleasant and nerve-wracking.

As I have given up opposing the inner impulses of my soul because I have made the experience that at the end I am always the one who suffers, I continued with my soul inter-counseling and intercourses with the awakening “patriots” of America, with whose unprocessed behaviour and ideas, I am afraid, we will have to deal very soon much more intensively when they enter the ascension scene.

I was asking myself why should I continue dealing with these low vibrating people with their disparate, illogical, discordant, and rather myopic world views?

Then my soul told me that this is part of the creation of new timelines where these people will be able to move very soon after the Shift and experience an expanded awareness.

Only after that can they qualify for an understanding of the holistic weltanschauung of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law.

You must have noticed that in my recent publications I very often speak of the necessity of all ascending humans to experience a significant upgrade of their consciousness – a leap in consciousness – as with their current mired minds and obfuscated brains, they will go nowhere.

Notably, the Arcturians picked up on this theme and channeled a few messages in the past few months stressing the necessity of all ascending humans to acquire an expanded awareness in order to be able to evolve.

For somebody like myself who is very versatile in logical and axiomatic thinking and is able to see immediately the essence of any informational content, I still cannot avoid being amazed, over and over again, how dysfunctional the minds of most people are, even when being made aware of this deficiency, and with what stubbornness they cling to their outdated and inappropriate world views while continuing to reproduce irrelevant intellectual results with the tenacity of full-fledged morons.

This is the only kind of human intellectuality one can experience on this planet in the current End Time and this situation is anything but encouraging.

I have been plagued for many years with this experience in communication with the new age self-proclaimed gurus whose intellectual hostility is proverbial until I realized the overarching plan of the Higher Realms for the earth and this brought a lot of peace to my mind:

The entire new age was conceptualized by the higher realms and our souls as a bunch of losers and spiritual deceivers to generate the necessary disappointment and disillusionment in the rest of the old souls and star seeds so that you grow with this challenge and thus develop a strong inner longing to acquire these gifts and much more for yourself when the time is ripe for that and the real gambit for this planet begins.

Esoteric Tidbits

Then I realized all of a sudden that my annihilating conclusion about the intellectual depravity of the human race is actually fostering in me the insatiable desire to raise the frequencies of the mental fields of all humans and to install in them energetically a higher level of holistic congruence of spiritual ideas because I am so tired and frustrated waiting for humanity to finally awaken and grasp the UL. Thus my deep disappointment with the human mental condition is now transforming the ascending candidates in a powerful alchemical reaction into a new human race with a higher level of human intelligence and awareness which shall arrive with the shift.

Likewise, our longing for our true home in the higher realms fuels our ascension. Unfulfilled desires are the vehicle of our transfiguration. The greater the nostalgia, the bigger the pull to the 5D, and higher dimensions.

This is essentially the main theme with which I am dealing these days in solitude while preparing for my transfiguration that runs parallel to these seemingly aberrant intellectual exercises.

That is why I was very pleasantly surprised to read today the message of the Arcturians. I could fully identify with it as this is what I am doing now – I am creating new timelines of higher dimensional realities by employing all my energetic arsenal, where these babblers will find a new environment to finally begin creating something meaningful and not just polluting the air with their verbal trash.

Chaos & Calamity Helped Create New Timelines ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited to bring you this transmission because it should serve as a beacon of hope to those of you who are struggling at this time.

You all have been given an opportunity to get very creative at this time, and those of you who are creative and who do work with energy have been leading the collective of humanity, and most of them are unaware of the fact that you have been guiding them into newly created timelines. These timelines are about bringing humanity to a higher level of consciousness and to a more unified state.

And those of you who are a part of the awakened collective have seized the opportunity to bring this set of timelines into the physical realm. You have done it with the help of beings and collectives in the higher realms, but you had to be the ones to live through all of the chaos and all of the calamity, all of the heartbreak, all of the fear, and all of the sadness, as well as the rage and the anger that is present there on Earth in order to be inspired to create something new, something better, something more inclusive.

You know, as we do, that humanity’s ascension is going to be a group effort and that you are the ones who are going to be doing the majority of the creating, of the leading, of the offering of higher vibrational thoughts, ideas, and concepts. You have been inspired by the lack of leadership that you have gotten from those who have been in leadership positions, and you are getting better and better at creating and living the example of those who are awake. You are going to feel like a warm, comfortable blanket on a very cold day to those who have not been able to access the higher-frequency energies and do something positive with them.

You are going to find that the people around you who were never interested in anything spiritual will be coming to you and asking you for your thoughts, your assistance, and even your comfort as they go through their own awakening experiences. And you will be there not only to comfort them in their time of need, but you will also have these beautiful realities, that strung together, form wonderful new timelines. And you can invite your fellow humans to join you in the light, and that is how it is done, that is how you are doing it, and that is how you will continue to do it because that’s why you are there on Earth at this time. (Here the Arcturians refer to the cities of light that will represent higher dimensional timelines but will have interceptions with this material 4D reality where the awakening humans can explore new forms of social life.)

And when you have enough people looking for a purpose, looking for a mission, looking to be of service, eventually enough of those people find the way to help humankind that is perfect for them, and they light up to all who have any ability to sense that light.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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