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Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 2, 2021

Esoteric forecasts are like Turkish coffee fortune-telling. My wife was excellent at that as she is a gifted seer and an old soul. I still cannot comprehend why she rejects my spiritual ideas.

Ultimately, my wife gave up her Turkish coffee fortune-telling in which she was highly successful so that even politicians came to her to tell them about the future perils of their dubious careers. The reason was that during the reading she could enter the personality structure of the clients and walk around like in an open exhibition which she then very vividly described with precise symbols. She was really good at that.

The problem was that most of her clients had a very dark negative personality structure and she regularly got trapped in their fear-based energies and felt increasingly uncomfortable with time. It was surely the right decision to give up her fortune-telling with Turkish coffee but then she couldn’t find the proper substitute with esoteric readings.

For me, Turkish coffee fortune-telling is a higher spiritual version of the famous Rorschach test in failed modern psychology. It is a canvas upon which one can project any idea or desire, which is then regularly misused by agnostic psychologists and psychiatrists for their weird diagnoses.

The difference between these kinds of indirect readings and the forecasts I make about future energetic events is that I only analyse the quality of the energies that flow through my fields as the human nexus to the source and Logos God and never try to explore the future through other people or clients as many followers of Dolores Cannon’s quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT) currently do at the expense of growing disenchantment of the public about their inadequate forecasts. Dolores was the last one who was good at that but she was also much more intelligent and educated than her followers.

The problem of all these self-proclaimed seers is that they have no proper education and have never bothered to study the foundations of the New Gnosis of humanity which actually begins with Plotin and then goes through the various theosophic teachings of the 19th century before it degenerated to the current new age obfuscators of spiritual content while self-indulging in the guru syndrome as you can observe ubiquitously on all esoteric websites and videos.

There are so many young ambitious men and women who, as soon as they can spell esotericism, or even before that, decide that they are called to proselytise humanity as to fish for followers that give them dubious stability and security in their shaky existence as spiritual beings in a hostile environment. This is the origin of the guru-complex or guru-syndrome, as I call it, and I can make a huge list of such gurus, the names of which you may know.

But none of these self-proclaimed gurus make any efforts to study some of the more sophisticated presentations of what is happening on this planet currently in order to gauge their personal watches with that of the multiverse and eventually find out that their watches have stopped ticking a long time ago. They do not even go back and read or listen to what they have said 10 – 15 years ago or even longer.

For instance, if Magenta Pixie would listen to what she has channeled in the past and compare it with the hallucinations she is channeling nowadays, she would be able to diagnose herself that she is now suffering from a systemic mental madness, to which also many other channelers have become a victim after brainless channeling for many years without any critical discernment. And this warning is even more true for all those lost souls who are addicted to such false prophets and watch every video these people regularly publish on the Internet to feed their illusory fame.

If Sri and Kira, who regularly boast to have been millionaires before choosing their spiritual career and still regret committing this sacrifice – at least they give this impression to me in their discourses – would bother to check all the numerous false forecasts they have made in the past and don’t make any sense in the first place, they would surely fell into a huge personal shock of self-realisation how blatantly wrong they have been all the time: That their spiritual efforts have no merit whatsoever as also the dwindling visitors’ numbers of their videos show recently because the people begin to awaken and to discern the truth from spiritual deception, much to the chagrin of the two.

With a little honesty and self-critical assessment, they would have easily registered that their current messages are full of deliberate obfuscations in total ignorance of the true nature of energy which they have never bothered really to study. They need this spiritual charlatanism to keep the dwindling number of their followers as they have nothing else of value to say. I wonder why Sri, against his better inner knowing, fell prey to this disastrous esoteric practice of his partner Kira who also suffers from a primadonna (diva) complex, which is the heightened version of the guru syndrome.

By the way, Kira was possessed by a demon who viciously attacked me on August 21st, 2020 when we were cleansing all dark entities from the Atlantean past that were harbored in human vessels after we had already eliminated the multidimensional rogue Atlantean clique end of March. I have described the whole episode very precisely in my energy report, however without mentioning her name:

Follow-Up on the Shift August 15th – August 23rd, 2020

After that Kira became a little bit more of the light but as her personality structure is thoroughly contaminated by the dark Atlantean energies of treason and betrayal based on spiritual high-esteem as the basic human fear that is most common among new agers, she got even worse in distorting the energetic facts as to make an impression.

She seems to be also very fond of Atlantis, no wonder why, and has no clue that we eliminated the Atlantean past as it is incompatible with the 5D energies of New Lemuria= New Earth. This brings into focus the real spiritual ignorance of these people.

For instance, Kira noticed that I had to protect myself when I was attacked by her demon by stabbing him immediately in the heart and thus eliminated him from her body. However, as she had identified herself for so long with this demon, she interpreted my attack on him as a dark attack on herself as she mentioned the next day in another session. No word about being thankful that I have redeemed her from her demon. This illuminates how profoundly wrong all the esoteric interpretations of these self-proclaimed gurus are, only to make an impression and feed their spiritual high-esteem.

Before anyone accuses me of superficial or malicious critics, I must mention that I follow Sri and Kira for many years very closely, last but not least because both Sophia and Amora were initially very much impressed by the two before they more or less joined my critical assessment. And please observe that the two were much better years ago and made some important contributions when they were still more honest seekers of spiritual truths and had not degenerated to meaningless gurus as is the case now.

These are just two examples and I can go on and on with further examples that reflect the mentality of the new agers whose raison d’être is essentially based on the ability to make correct forecasts for all those spiritual beings on the planet who have the intimate desire to know what is awaiting them but have chosen at the soul level for whatever reasons not to display any spiritual gifts in this last incarnation, such as channeling.

Essentially, such deliberate spiritual deprivations are chosen by many old souls in order to enable their incarnated personalities to progress spiritually quicker in a state of total spiritual frustration and not fall into the booby trap of the guru-syndrome, which is the common dark heritage from the Atlantean time, where these same people embraced the energies of treason and betrayal at the spiritual level and eventually destroyed this civilisation.

Most of these dark-tainted people still have these spiritual gifts, but they continue using them in a very insincere and manipulative manner and thus not only mire many sincere spiritual seekers of the truth but also delude themselves that they are more evolved than the rest and should be the leaders of humanity. Their utter delusion will be fully revealed after the shift.

Insofar, the new age gurus are fulfilling their dialectical mission to foster the spiritual abilities of their followers so that they can surpass them, just as the dark elite is now presenting the ugly image of their god-like complex for the masses to see in order to overcome in revulsion their master-servant complex, and finally liberate themselves from eons of unconscious enslavement.

With this preliminary elucidation, I naturally come to the last but one message, which the Arcturians gave on the eve of the New Year, Access Your Spiritual Gifts, Skills & Abilities because it is of great import for you:

“We are very pleased to announce that humanity has taken another giant leap forward in the evolution of your consciousness, as you have granted yourselves greater access to the skills, gifts, and abilities that have been lying dormant within you and that are ready to be revealed to the world. If there is something that you have always wanted to access, but have been unable to access up until now, you would do well to put your focus on that particular gift that you want to develop.

The reason humankind has granted itself greater access to those abilities to tap into other consciousness is because of how confused and dismayed many of you have become with what you are being told by others. The failure of the others to come through for you generated a gigantic collective desire for better direct access, and now is the time for you all to open up and receive those skills that you have always wanted to have yourselves.

Do you get it?

The entire new age was conceptualized by the higher realms and our souls as a bunch of losers and spiritual deceivers to generate the necessary disappointment and disillusionment in the rest of the old souls and star seeds so that you grow with this challenge and thus develop a strong inner longing to acquire these gifts and much more for yourself when the time is ripe for that and the real gambit for this planet begins.

Until now, what we have seen so far from the new age were amateur-like, petty games of all those dark-tainted but spiritually capable souls who came from Atlantis. They must first experience their spiritual fiasco when they realize that other publically less exposed old souls will ascend first with the shift while they have to continue processing and cleansing their old Atlantean past for many years to come after their guru-ego has been fully crashed seeing other people ascend before them.

You can never cheat God, your soul. You can only cheat so much yourself and thus postpone your personal evolution. In the time of the unvarnished truth that will arrive on the earth with the shift, this simple spiritual maxim will become the key revelation.

In other words, while you are about to end your frustration about your failing spiritual gifts, these people like Magenta Pixie, Sri and Kira, and all the other usual suspects will begin first with their frustration, immediately after the shift, so that they can acquire such spiritual gifts in the distant future after having finished with their inner work.

Read the whole message as it is one of the most revealing the Arcturians have given in a very long time. It fits perfectly well into their first message from this year:

We have been excited for all of you there on Earth, because we knew that you would come to this point in your time as humans where you would be able to create a sort of dividing line between the year 2020 and the year 2021… And so, as you enter into a new cycle around your beautiful sun, consider what you want to let go of in the new year. Do you want to let go of negative thinking? Do you want to let go of low self-esteem? Do you want to let go of limitations? …

You are there to lead, not to follow. You are there to create, not to live out someone else’s predictions. And you are there to define what 2021 is going to be about for you, not to be defined by who you have been and what has happened in your life. We want you to discover just how powerful you are in this new year, and we want you to feel more of Source Energy flowing to you and through you, as you get closer to knowing yourselves as your fifth-dimensional higher selves…

In other words, start creating your reality in a sovereign manner as I have been advocating on this website for many years. I have never sought any followers or pupils and have never offered any paid courses although I have infinitely more to say and teach than all these charlatans put together.

My goal has always been to motivate as many people as possible to become ascended masters so that I can enjoy their company and not feel so lonely on this planet. I think I have achieved this objective. Nowhere else will you find more ascended masters than around this website. And why?

Because none of you was my follower in the strict sense of the new age mentality but an individual critical light warrior. We are only connected to each other through the common goal of ascending this darkest and densest planet in this universe and thus became the Planetary Ascension Team, the most glorious group of highly evolved souls on this planet and probably in the entire multiverse.

This universe can only ascend when Gaia has ascended as it is the focal point of this universal ascension as also the Arcturians admit:

“We are a part of this universal shift in consciousness that humankind is at the center of there on Earth (And the PAT is the driving force of humanity’s and Gaia’s ascension). You all have the biggest leap forward to make, and that is why there is so much attention on you at this time. That is why you have so many helpers, so many interested parties, and it is also why you are struggling there on Earth.

Indeed, ask for help now to acquire all your pristine spiritual gifts and become the new spiritual leaders as ascended masters. This time has arrived.

Immediately after I finished with this article, our female PAT member from Czechia Iva wrote the following to me, as if she had read my thoughts:

“For many years, I have been keeping some kind of vision about myself after the shift. I can fly, or let’s say levitate, I can even teletransport myself and, mainly, I speak to masses, perhaps directly or through the tv. I am ready for that. I think many PAT members and lightworkers are ready for that as they will go through the shift as well.

Now I presume that there is not enough collective energy to rise up and meet in the quantum field of the shift before electoral dealings on Jan 6. In the meantime, we can sit down being aware ( I am purposely not writing “enjoy” as there is nothing interesting and enjoyable in 3D) of what is happening within/around us and looking forward to meeting each other in the energy of Love and Compassion.”

Finally, let me finish my article about esoteric forecasts, the Achilles heel of the new age movement, with another forecast we received months ago.

As you remember, already in July last year I had a discussion with Patrick about what must come so that humanity can evolve and described the upcoming shift as I saw it at that time and as I have seen it for more than 2 decades with growing precision. And please do not forget that we have accomplished the planetary ascension many times in the past, the first time on May 28, 2014, and thus have a vast experience at the soul level that now trickles down into our human consciousness as we raise our frequencies.

After I published this article we had an extensive discussion with Amora about the shift and what will happen. She received very precise advice from her guides that we should keep an eye on Ron Head as he will receive a message on the shift at the appropriate time.

After that, he received the most meaningless message ever and we were stunned and began to doubt Amora’s information given to her by her guides: “You Never Say Anything“. Unfortunately, I cannot quote this message as this guy has deleted the copy and paste function on his website. I suspect he is a crypto-autist. You have to go to his website and read it for yourself to get the cosmic sarcasm.

Then Ron didn’t channel anything for almost half a year and I had given up on him. Then all of a sudden he came up with a very short but succinct message on December 16, 2020, on the same day when the first great shift during the Winter Solstice stargate happened as I immediately reported.

I would recommend you to read his message as it tells you everything about the impending shift with a few words. That is why I value this channeler notwithstanding all his personal antics. The most important forecast is the following:

Between now (December 16, 2020) and the early days of your new calendar year, massive unprecedented change will occur. We have told you over and again that it will possibly be very hard for you to experience. You have also replied, “Bring it on.” Be prepared to help those around you to cope…. This will be a short, but radical shift. Much has gone into preparation. Much help will be available both from your material surroundings and from the higher. Do not force yourself to refrain from accepting such.”

Here again, you have the recommendation: Start asking for the activation of all your ascended master’s spiritual and energetic gifts, as expanded awareness, bilocation, teleportation, levitation, perfect telepathy, immediate creation, healing abilities, etc. Don’t be modest. All the 5D gifts you will embody as ascended masters after the shift will help humanity overcome the shift with less stress and damage and move forward on the pathway of collective ascension in the future. By asking consciously and deliberately to receive your spiritual gifts, you are helping yourself and the entire humanity.

And this is all that matters when the shift comes.

And to top it, the Creator came immediately after I completed the editing of this article with the following message on the first day of this auspicious year of 2021:

“How long do you wish to stay bottled up in your old ways of thinking, feeling and acting? The flow of The Universe is beckoning you to come forth and experience an ever-growing, ever-changing stream of reality with you at the helm. Step forward, take your place and begin your creation.” ~ Creator


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