Do You Feel the Shift?

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 1, 2021

We survived the year 2020 – annus horribilis. What a miracle! All other miracles that we expect to come in the next few days will be measured by this one.

Do you feel the Shift? I do. Until the very last moment of December, I have been activating the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body, in all ascending candidates while cleansing their deepest fears, of which they probably do not have the faintest idea.

It was a very unpleasant exercise as my body was all the time in a state of maximal adrenergic activation (as under atropin blockage), with dry mouth and a constant sense of asphyxia. One has to experience this state to know how unpleasant it is.

It occurs normally very rarely and lasts for a very short period of time – in moments of acute physical danger when the flight reaction is activated and the person flees in order to escape the danger. Then this condition of maximal adrenalin release stops and the human body returns to the normal state of homeostasis. The person that has escaped the danger, as a rule, never contemplates on this biological condition.

However, it is extremely exhausting when you are under such maximal adrenergic activation for days and at the same time have to feel all the deepest human fears of humanity that now loom high and flow ruthlessly through your fields. I expected this to happen when I reported 10 days of maximal downloads of source energies beginning on Dec 22. There is nothing you can read in the esoteric literature about such energetic phenomena.

At the same time, I was gauging the emotional, mental, and psychological effects of this world soul catharsis which I enabled in the human population by watching some representative alt-forums where the mood of the ordinary awakening people can be fully expressed without the despicable political correctness and the false ideas of the anchors what journalism should look like suppress this human liberation.

In my opinion, Bannon’s War Room (and less so Newsmax TV) is the best place to observe firsthand the rapid awakening of the masses, the growing outrage about the lies and deceit of the ruling elite, and the corrupt institutions of the crumbling republic. What is still rather annoying, is the blind nationalism that still sparks in these people as a pseudo-ethical rectification for their growing discontent and dissent with the old matrix in the agnostic absence of higher spiritual ideals.

But this will come next when the shift takes place and we ascend and become the new spiritual leaders of humanity.

I do not watch any alternative European channels as there is none of true value and because I know that the social unrest and change will first begin in the USA as it is in the direst condition among all Western countries and must crumble first. I have predicted this already years ago when I opened this website and everybody, except the PAT, thought I was crazy as at that time the USA was the unchallenged world power. Now even the sparrows from the roofs are twittering what is coming and luckily they cannot be censored by the tech giants.

The next culmination point of confrontation between light and darkness, between the awakening masses and the dark evil corrupt elite will happen on January 6 when the elector votes will be discussed in Congress and Senat and already many representatives (allegedly over 100) and one senator have announced that they will challenge the election results. What will happen then is anybody’s guess.

Especially how the Vice-president who is vested with great constitutional power will decide in this case. Will he show courage or chicken? I consider him a very weak person with a servile mentality and it will be interesting to see if his servitude to his boss Trump will prevail or that to the dark ruling cabal from where he originally comes. He will be the litmus test for my activation of the threefold flame of life, but I am not sure if he is a future ascension candidate and thus affected by this energetic transformation that now runs with full force. These are interesting questions.

The next focal point is January 14 when the new president will be announced but this is too far for me to guess what will happen by then.

I do expect the Shift to occur between now and the 10/11th of January based on my estimation of the intensity of the downloads of source energies that reached humanity through us as the transmitters.

What I am contemplating now, and please take this prediction with a grain of salt, is what will happen during the shift. I have always expected from the very beginning that there will be a massive qualitative transformation of the energetic reality on the earth that will affect everybody but many closed individuals may decide to reject it in their narrow world view and continue living blindly in the old crumbling matrix.

The others, the ascending portion of humanity, which you can find in Bannon’s war room, will automatically gravitate towards the new 4D realities that will emerge with the shift and will comingle with the existing 3D reality. This will lead to a visible separation of the two worlds which also Adronis announced for 2021.

What I am getting now is that the Shift will not affect only the human race but will be accompanied by terra-forming events, the scope of which is very difficult to predict. However, there is no doubt that there will be some huge catastrophes where many humans will leave the earth through physical death experience. They will provide the energetic fuel for the shift as this is how the planetary ascension functions according to the propulsion multistage rocket model.

At the same time, these catastrophes will augment the shock of the masses already triggered by the global energetic transformation they will be watching in front of their eyes in total disbelief. The ascension candidates must be transported into a state of total despair and hopelessness in order to shut down their human egos and surrender to the omnipotence and omniscience of the soul.

This is the moment when the souls of the ascension candidates will actually descend into their seat in the threefold flame of life and the actual soul catharsis will begin. Until now we experience only the superficial awakening and revolt of the masses but the deeper soul-energetic transformation is yet to come. Keep this in mind.

This will also be the moment when the ascending candidates will fall into utter confusion and desperation and will need badly our advice and explanation as the new spiritual teachers and leaders. This topic has been exhaustively discussed on this website, and the Arcturians have also talked a lot about this social aspect of our mission after the shift, therefore I assume it is well understood by all my readers and does not need any further elaboration.

The natural catastrophes that will accompany the shift will hit particularly hard the USA for a variety of reasons. As its economy is already in gridlock due to the lockdown, this country will not be able to cope with these huge challenges. This will necessitate the announcement of martial law.

As both candidates are very divisive personalities and deeply hated by the opposite camp, it is highly likely that a military junta will take over the government for a while, also shutting down the corrupt and inefficient legislative and judicial powers after they have exposed themselves during this rigged election. Eventually, the military will also dissolve all the three-letter dark secret agencies.

This development was also predicted as highly probable by Adronis, which is unusual as higher dimensional beings seldom make such precise predictions. But the more I think about it while analysing the actual political situation in the USA, the more I begin to agree with this alternative.

This is irrelevant for us, the future ascended masters, as we shall then begin with our multidimensional global mission, but it is still important for you to consider what may or may not happen on the ground within the old crumbling 3D matrix after the shift.

There is one curious aspect of the upcoming shift about which I was recently made aware by Helga, our long-standing PAT member from Germany. I have also thought about this possibility in the past and therefore want to share it with you as to stimulate your imagination.

If the revelations are supposed to come fast and furious in the first several months of this year and will lead to big changes in the social and economic structure of human society, then we must expect that new forms of mass media will emerge out of nowhere, precisely must be ready to appear as they are created by us already at the soul level.

One possibility is that a remote multidimensional control over all the MSM will be enforced worldwide by the HR, that is to say, by us as ascended masters. We can then disseminate all kinds of truthful information from the Akasha Chronics about what has happened on this planet for all the people to know.

There can be no ascension unless humanity learns about all the lies and deceptions that have led to the current situation where humans have become slaves of the evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire that usurped this planet and treated its incarnated human population like cattle as this has now been clearly demonstrated during the current lockdown that was forced upon humanity by the ugly evilest big reptilians we expelled from this earth on June 10.

When the people realize this shocking fact, they will demonstrate in the millions on the streets in outrage and indignation. What happened in 1989 in East Germany and Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell will be a pale example of what is yet to come.

Given the gnostic ignorance and total inexperience of all the journalists nowadays, be they alternative or mainstream, about the alien card and the ascension process on the earth, I do not see any possibility how these revelations can be filtered by these incompetent, uninformed, and very fearful people and their official outlets.

It is even extremely difficult for many enlightened people from the new age to find the proper approach and tone in presenting the real condition on the earth so that there will be no ambiguities.

The old media cannot be the source of the new enlightened teachings that will come with the shift and will be preceded by the revelations. Humanity will need new sources of information and I am amazed how little the new agers are thinking about these logical revolutionary developments after the shift – because they do not think at all as I find out, time and again, when I enter a conversation with them.

Therefore, the only solution is our Divine Intervention in the mass media and their takeover by us. This is again supported by Adronis who indicated that all the internet tech giants and fake news channels that are now exerting massive censorship on all truth publications will quickly cease to exist and will be substituted by new more advanced organisations of truthful spiritual information. This has always been my vision and I have written about it in the past.

Now Helga informed me that:

on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 5 p.m., there was a huge glitch in the transmission of the Tagesschau, the main news block of the first German state TV channel ARD, i.e. it could not be shown and was completely cancelled. The MSM are already reporting about it, and ARD is in need of explanation. This has apparently never happened before.”

And then she made a very lucid suggestion about what might happen during or after the shift which I whole-heartedly embrace:

“What if this happens more often now, maybe even at 8 p.m., when all Germans are sitting magnetized in front of the screen? And instead of the usual news, YOU appear on the screen and explain the world to the people. In video II (on free photon energy) one can see you already large on a screen. Maybe there are already TV failures in other countries.”

Why not? After the shift, we will definitely not bake small buns (kleine Brötchen backen) as the Germans say, but huge loaves of bread to feed humanity spiritually and practically (through the abundance of the new miraculous technologies which we shall introduce) as Jesus allegedly once did.

Nourishment for your imagination to create the future you want to experience this year.


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